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Tonight I have stayed in with chili, chocolate and Coke and watched some actually quite awesome TV. Great Daily Show episode, Winter Olympics with a gold medal montage which had me almost teary, Johnny Depp on Jonathon Ross and now drunk rock stars (including Matt and Dom) at the NME Awards. So drunk. There must be a lot of alcohol on those tables.

New temp job continues to go pretty well. I've found my feet anyway. Must not get carried away with the slightly better pay though, I need to be saving for traveling, and it still is only a temp job.

Finally got a hold of Outrageous Fortune S5 and stayed in bed most of last Sunday watching it.

Outrageous Fortune Season 5 )

Also, I finally saw the Robyn Sparkles episode of HIMYM. So awesome.
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I did stay up and watch the Golden Globes last night, for reasons passing understanding, but I bailed after the Best Series Drama because sleep was quickly becoming a more important need. I survived relatively well today considering

Brief thoughts )

Note to self: Just, don't read the ASkars/Kate Bosworth threads, there lies the crazy comments.



Sherlock Holmes: Not amazing, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. RDJ and Jude were all sorts of awesome and I loved the soundtrack, but then it was Hans Zimmer, whose soundtracks I seem to be drawn to. It had some very similar notes to the PotC soundtracks actually.

Dollhouse 2x12 )

Avenue Q: Some friends and I went to see the Saturday matinee and it was so, so good. I already knew some of the songs (and omg 'The Internet is For Porn' is so good live) but the rest was just as great. I would definitely recommend it.


This meme amused me. Gacked most recently from [ profile] musesfool

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark ? after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add THREE more guys to the list.

Um, there's a lot of bolded text under here ...  )


I got offered a month extension on my temp contract, which is good, I guess, but I think I do need to look for something else. I really like the crazy people I work with, but it's not really what I'm interested in, and I keep watching my friends book holidays in Europe and with this current job, I'm just not going to be able to do that. I came here to live in London, but also to see Europe, so I'll have a look around and maybe talk to my recruiter. *sigh*

The episode I just watched of Law and Order: UK was actually pretty damn good, and there was Jamie and Freema. Very pretty.

Also, wow the ITV News reports from Haiti are just, yeah. Need to remember to donate when I get paid.
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Bad: Got home from work at 10:30 tonight. *sigh*

Good: Friend who is living in the UK is in Christchurch at the moment and has said she'll call me tomorrow night, which is awesome. Not quite as awesome as if I could have gone down, but awesome none the less.

Bad: Reading more articles about people on their OE in the UK returning home. Considering other options like Ireland, Canada, or leaving it six months and see if things improve. *sigh* Is it bad that the thing that bugs me the (second) most is that I've told everyone (including my boss) that I'm going, and what they'll think if I put it off?

Good: My friend was recently in Australia and located a Garrison Uniform John Sheppard! I have been wanting a Sheppard action figure for ages, and just could not find one here. He's awesome! I would also like to point out this was organised over Twitter. Who says it doesn't have its uses? ;)

Plastic!John and friend hang out )

Edit: Good: The Daily Show was on tonight. *happy sigh*
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I spent the day at a web conference, Webstock, in fact, and dude, it's awesome. I went last year and loved it and I thankfully got the opportunity to go again this year and it just makes you feel so positive about the internet and what you can do with it and what people are doing with it now.

Also, tremendously geeky event. Lots of Twittering (including one whole conversation on Imperial Star Destroyer vs USS Enterprise that a speaker started), more than one presentation referenced WoW, there was also a zombie apocalpyse, a non-fandom description of \o/, the stupidity of You Tube comments and one entire presentation on what it meant to be a geek/nerd/dork by the guy who wrote the awesome article, N.A.D.D. (Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder). And coffee, lots of really good free coffee.

Watching Rachel Maddow clips to fill in The Daily Show withdrawal. Seriously. It's only a week, but I miss you, Jon. I do love Rachel though. I should watch her online much more often.

I also have this niggling feeling about my Grand Plans for an OE this year. I'm just wondering whether this year is really the best time to do this with all the stuff I've been hearing/reading (yeah, I probably haven't helped myself on this one) about the economy and job situation. I really do feel quite strongly about needing to go out, but I just wonder if it might not work out quite as well as I think. *sigh* Being an adult is hard.
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*yawns* I worked eight hours today, and have a week of work ahead of me. Joy. However, I came home and watched SGA 514 and it has brought me joy.

SGA: The Prodigal )

As for things that don't bring so much joy, like general elections. Eh. I didn't start to get really depressed about the result until I started thinking about the probable National cabinet. Ugh. I'm also sad the Greens didn't do better (though c'mon the special votes which mean they might get one more seat) and surprised that ACT got 5. Dude.

Two good things did come about. No NZ First. And Grant Robertson beat Stephen Franks in Wellington Central.

Anyway, should get an early night, otherwise tomorrow will be even less fun than it is already shaping up to be.

Yuletide: successfully signed up for. Kinda scary what fandoms I offered, but I do find it interesting how I go back to the same fandoms for requests. Quite excited about it now though. :D

Icons: Not so much.
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I have thai coconut, chili and lime prawns, bok choi and rice and it is awesome. Strangely I have political blogger Ezra Klein to thank for this, as he posted this prawn recipe and then I got a serious craving. So glad I tramped to the supermarket to get them. Somedays, I can actually cook things. \o/

Weekend was very low key and I spent basically all day Sunday reading. I am reading a lot more books at the moment, and this pleases me because the last few years I have rather failed in that department. I just finished Douglas Coupland's Microserfs and now I've moved onto Jack Goldsmith's The Terror Presidency, both are well worth reading.

On top of this, what had the capacity to be a crappy work day, wasn't all that bad.

Now Bones and then new Dr.Who.

Edit: "Elephants are not purple. This is wrong." Oh, Bones. <3 Ten minutes in and this episode is already awesome.
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Yuletide: Done!
Work: Done for 12 days! Fuck, yes.
Christmas Shopping: Er ... will be done tomorrow, hopefully?
John Sheppard: Awesome beyond the telling.
Joe Flanigan: Still the prettiest.

Also, I just re-downloaded Google Earth. Oh. Oh. See this is why I both love and fear Google.

However, I do have a January to-do list for work. Yes, already. I'm really trying not to think about it.

Not at work for 12 days. OMG YES. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I don't hate my job, but I was just at the limit of what I could stand. I need to plan big leave for the middle of next year. Oh, yes.

I could totally get used to this surfing the net while curled up in bed thing ... oh, laptops.

I kind of want a SGA moodtheme but I don't know if I could part with the Doctors.
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Today? Work is eh. I can't organise things. At all. But I did catch up with my friend who was in Wellington for the day and that was awesome.

In other news, [ profile] sheafrotherdon's 'Hush! John and Rodney are Sleeping' Challenge is awesome. So cute. So just what I needed right now. *snuggles them*

Random links:

Daily Show writer, Rachel Axler's strike diary in the New York Times.

Daily Show writer, Steve Bodow, in the New York Daily News.

21 good books that need to be made into great films, right now. (via The AV Club). I love their Jonathon Strange and Mr Norell casting too. Iam Holm would be fricking perfect. Would be interesting to see how they'd make a movie work though.

And it's partner, 20 Good Books made into not-so-good films.

Also, I bought an RFK biography from a second hand book-store, which I'm going to add to the Biographies I Really Mean To Read pile on my bookshelf. I seem to be collecting them about all sorts of historical figures I find fascinating, in the hope that one day I'll actually get around to reading them and not just flick through them. I have one on Lenin, now one on RFK ... all I need now is Alan Turing, Robert Oppenheimer and many, many others. (Pile might have been a little misleading a term).
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I had a pretty crappy day at work. I was over-tired because I was up until *cough*3am*cough* trying to figure out a network card driver issue and on top of that I spent most of my day doing a rather monotonous task (OMG if I ever have to edit another footer) which had some rather crazy time-pressure, and I kept getting requests to do other things and cranky e-mails which made me feel like I wasn't doing my job properly, which to be fair is someone else's who I'm filling in for, and I already think I'm blowing it ... yeah, anyway, crappy day.

And then I came home and watched 'Tao of Rodney.'

*flail* )

I'm feeling a lot better now. ;)

I really thought that fandom was overselling the gay on this show, but dude, they so aren't.

(I also caught 'Echoes' which wasn't quite as flail-inducing, except for the fact that Sheppard and Rodney followed each other around the entire time).

Oh, I adore these mood icons sometimes. *stares*
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I keep meaning to post and just, not. I said to myself I'd use this more, and comment more, and be on IM more, but it's not really happening. Shocker.

My day has been okay. My pay raise went through, yay! And a back-dated one at that. Mmmm. MacBook, thou shall be mine! But there's still so much to do at work, and eh.

I have this post in my head about sci-fi and how I react differently to it in books in comparison to tv, as I just finished two William Gibson books (yay reading) and one was Neuromancer, which is supposed to be a classic sci-fi text, and which I certainly enjoyed, but didn't love, and that made me think about my reaction to most sci-fi books as opposed to more strictly fantasy books, and how that again differs from sci-fi tv.

oh hell, I've already started writing it (not spoiler-y for any of the books mentioned) )

Also, a large number of SGA episodes may have just 'fallen' into my possession. I believe I'm starting mid S2 and will no doubt skip around a bit, because my brain works like that sometimes. It's probably something I'll regret, but eh. It makes things interesting.

Random thoughts on 'Critical Mass' 'Grace Under Pressure' 'The Tower' and randomly 'Adrfit.' SGA in general really )

I wouldn't say I'm totally hooked, but then, I'm not about to stop watching either. :p

Finally, your political geek link of the day: The US 2008 Budget in a zoom-able, number filled, crest-tastic graphic. Honestly, just fascinating, and the numbers are mind boggling. Especially those DoD ones. Dude. o.O
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I don't know why I'm still sitting at my computer after midnight, or why I thought now was a good time to update, but anyway. I should really be sleeping, as I really need to get some things done at work tomorrow. Honestly. It's insane. So much to do and I'm procrastinating like hell, which is just going to backfire in the end, but I can't seem to stop.

All in all its been a bit of frustrating day, but I came home to ice-cream, beer and a pretty awesome Daily Show, and that's helped a little bit. What's really going to help, is actually getting stuff done tomorrow, and trying to stop obsessing about things that are really out of my control and just need to be let to be what they are, whatever that is.

The first Big Day Out announcement was today, and it's going to a pretty weird show. Rage Against the Machine, Bjork and Arcade Fire are headlining so far, with other bands like Shihad, LCD Soundsystem (who I wouldn't mind hearing some more of), The Phoenix Foundation and The Clean. I think I'll probably go (I have a friend who literally jumped up and down when she heard Bjork was coming, and another with whom I've gone to the last two with and it's been awesome), and Arcade Fire would be very cool to see. I'm sure there will be other bands worth seeing, but my initial reaction isn't,'OMG must go!'

Also considering bandom's size, I thought the Wikipedia entries on the bands' members would be more stunningly comprehensive ... not that I was looking them up or anything you understand. I can't help if I'm curious. ;)
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I had a very eh day at work today, and to be honest, I can't see the next, oh, six weeks getting any better. (Just, who the fuck thought I could take over her job for six weeks. Honestly). However, I got home and there was beer, curry, LJ and The Daily Show, and I'm feeling a lot better. More relaxed anyway.

Stuff Tali Has Enjoyed Recently:

- I watched The Corporation last night, and wow that was scary/depressing/fascinating. An awesome documentary actually and I definitely recommend it. I also borrowed the 2-disc set from my friend with the ridiculous amount of extras, which I'm really looking forward to getting into.

- I also located DVDs of Blackpool aka Six Hours of David Tennant and his Scottish Accent. Guh. I liked it, and the musical aspects were really well done, but there's something that held me back from really loving it, and it might be Sarah Parish, who while I have no doubt is an excellent actress, vaguely annoys me. But, David Tennant was wonderful and Scottish. Mmmm.

- I finally saw The Bourne Ultimatum over the weekend too, and I really enjoyed it. No travel-sickness! I don't know if the camera work was gentler on this movie compared to The Bourne Supremacy, or if I was just used to it, but it didn't annoy me nearly as much. The movie was just paced wonderfully too. David Strathairn is awesome. *nods* (And he narrated a series on the US Supreme Court! *loves*)

- West Wing tribute video with clips from blooper reels and interviews and it made me totally nostalgic and feel like I really need to catch up on S6-7 and have a West Wing marathon. (link via [ profile] dianora2

- Finally, I stumbled upon Stephen Colbert's interview with Charlie Rose on YouTube, and OMG love! I don't think I actually have seen him intreviewed when not in character, and while Charlie Rose kind of annoyed me as an interviewer, the interview was awesome. He's so softly spoken and polite, and intelligent, and adorable! I already had a pretty high estimation of the guy before seeing this, but it still went up.

Between him and Jon Stewart, I, just, yeah. <3!
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I actually left work sick today. Okay, I left work like an hour before I was supposed to, but it still counts! Kinda. I just feel so incredibly blocked up. Sinus headache and just, ugh.

So I came home and watched an entire disc of MASH episodes. *loves*

I'm in two minds about whether to go to work tomorrow if I still feel like this, because I actually got quite a bit done today, and I do have cold and flu drugs (much use they seem to be to me) but realistically, going to work will probably just make it worse, but then I will feel guilty if I don't go to work, because there is stuff I have to do!

Oh, life she is hard. Also, that paragraph made me sound quite dedicated to my job, which is entertaining. says I'm a Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

I actually thought that test was rather eh, but those percentages are actually probably about right. Maybe not the bottom one though. Or that title.

Also, I went to see Die Hard 4.0 last night, and did you know that Bruce Willis can overcome the laws of physics with the power of his mind? He can. Really. *solemn nod* (Translation: The stunts were insane, but it was entertaining, especially the banter, which as my friends and I discussed, is what actually makes a Die Hard movie. A PG-13 rating does not).
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1. There was no Daily Show tonight. :( However, C4 did play the Tom Cruise is in the closet episode of South Park instead. So awesome. I love that ep an insane amount, and it was Emmy nominated, which is just hilarious.

2. The Wellington Film Festival just ended and I managed to get to four films, which is four more than last year. Go me!

Helvetica which was a documentary about the font of the same name and really fascinating.
Manufacturing Dissent, another documentary but this one about Michael Moore and his manipulation of facts in his films, made by people who were actually fans. It was interesting, but I thought their case was a little flimsy. They made some good points certainly, but I walked out thinking 'well, you've told me I shouldn't trust Michael Moore, why should I trust you guys?'
Death at a Funeral which was a hilarious British comedy starring Matthew MacFadyen, Keeley Hawes and Alan Tudyk (Wash! And he holds a leaf at one point, and I totally muttered 'I am a leaf on the wind' to myself in the theatre). It was awesome.
The Long Goodbye which was a 1973 Robert Altman movie. I just basically wanted to see another Altman film, and I liked this one quite a lot. Elliot Gould was pretty damn awesome in it.

3. Muse has announced Australia dates, but no NZ ones yet. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, even if they just come to Auckland, because I would totally fly up there to see them again.

4. I'm pimping out S3 Dr.Who to some friends of mine and last night we watched '42' through 'Blink'. Oh, show. Could you rock more? I was just blown away all over again by the last three especially.

5. Relatedly, this Dr Who vid is rather incredible. Muse + Dr.Who = Much love. And the editing is very effective. (Clips through all of S3. Link via [ profile] slodwick).

6. Some of those bandom boys are awfully pretty ... I did not just say that.

7. Snowball scene in 'Inauguration'. (Link via [ profile] musesfool). Oh, West Wing. I love this scene so much and it even gave me a crazy Toby, CJ/Danny bunny. WTF?

8. Finally, I'm reading Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing on the Campiagn Trail '72 because it's been a while since I've read some non-fiction, and well, I'm a political geek. This quote gave me chills:

"It was a nervous thing to consider: Not just four more years of Nixon, but Nixon's last four years in politics - completely unshackled, for the first time in his life, from any need to worry about who might vote for him the next time around. .... When he stands at his White House window and looks out at an anti-war demonstration, he doesn't see dissenters, he sees criminals." (Fawcett Popular Library, 1973, p393)

... yeah.

Hmm, and here was me thinking I didn't have a lot to say. Should really be in bed though, as my day tomorrow is very meeting-tastic. How did I get a job that required me to attend all sorts of meetings? Honestly. Craziness.
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It's been a pretty good day, really. I felt relatively competent at my job and got stuff done, my workmates put on a very nice morning-tea for me and bought me some awesome presents (Axis of Evil puppet set and a Smush Bush) and then I went for a rather pleasant drink with some friends after work.

However now? I'm tired and just wish I could turn my brain off.

Roll on my 25th year.
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My day has mostly been pretty eh. I woke up at 3am in a panic because I thought I'd forgotten to organise something at work (I went in to work to check, I hadn't), I then slept badly and every time I wanted a shower this morning someone else was in there and I was just tired and grumpy, and reading about the Republican Debate (total WTF on the abortion and evolution questions, and having debates this fucking early) made me angy and I was angry at myself and just, eh.

However, I decided to make myself some real food and ended up making the best tasting vegetarian curry I've made in quite a while (patience makes a difference when cooking, who'd have thunk it?) and reading Dave's Long Box, which is a hilarious comics blog I found via [ profile] kphoebe's always delightful [ profile] girlsreadcomic.

Particular highlights are the two-part review of Thor #499, and his post on Saliva Strand Syndrome - a silent killer. He even wrote a post bashing Gambit, and I laughed. (Because dude that allusion to Richard Gere is kinda apt). I like Gambit!

Oh, comics. I may not read you nearly as much any more but I shall always have a soft spot for you and your complete and utter insanity.

My evening has definitely improved.

And now I'm craving ice-cream, but can I be bothered to go down the hill and get some?

Also, do I watch Collateral (not a big fan of Tom Cruise, or Jamie Foxx, though I do like Michael Mann movies) or keep on playing on the internet?

These are questions for the ages.

Finally, I love The Daily Show. There are a couple of calls in that piece that are just awesome.
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I spent 12 hours at work today and I can't say that I'm really looking forward to work tomorrow, but since I came home I've watched the latest two eps of Dr. Who and I feel quite a bit better. Not fabulous, but definitely better.

Doctor Who: 'Runaway Bride' and 'Smith and Jones' )

I have been craving this show for weeks now and I'm so glad I grabbed these two eps.

Also, randomly, I caught up on the last two TPBs of 'Y: The Last Man' and ... wow. So much love. Now I'm really going to have to make sure I see Brian K Vaughan at Armageddon this year. Between this and 'Runaways' and 'Ex Machina' ... I just love his stuff so much.

Now, sleep. Tomorrow is another day.
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A post in list-form because I am just oh so tired and I'm seriously contemplating going to bed after I post this. Before 10:30pm. On a Friday. *shakes head at self*

1. I effectively got promoted today, which yes, is awesome, but what I'm mostly feeling at the moment is apprehension because it's going to mean spending most of my time in another building with yes, people I know, but not as well as the people I was working with and I'll miss them, and to be fair I'll still see them around, but ... argh. Also, my stress levels are going to go up like woah.

2. The iTunes Music Store is now available in New Zealand. I have already given into temptation, and there really isn't that much there yet. Oh but it's pretty though. *fears for credit card balance*

3. RL got weird last weekend. A rather awesome and fun sort of weird, but still weird. Could prove amusing. Or rather painful.

4. Yuletide? ohfuck

5. Casino Royale this weekend. Oh yes.
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You know what more DVDs need? *

A historical subtitle track like the one on Kingdom of Heaven. It went through the movie telling you the actual history of the Second Crusade and which bits of the movie were based on fact and which they'd fictionalised. That's always what I want to know after watching a movie set in a historical period I don't know a lot about! (That's not that crazy, right?) I loved it Not that I wouldn't have gone to a book and looked it up myself, but it's still a great idea. I was geekily enthralled and impressed by how much was actually based on fact. I mean, it certainly wasn't perfect but I honestly expected worse.

It's not quite as good as I remember but the ending is well done and I still have enormous amounts of love for Jeremy Irons and his voice.

* obviously if they're historically based movies. An historical track on something like X-Men 2 would be somewhat out of place really. However, a track that related it to the comicverse might, but that would just get way too confusing. 'So then there was this time that he died ... except here when he came back ... but only if you don't consider this, which isn't considered main continuity anyway.'


Then I went for a walk (to return the KoH DVD) and ended up with the 4th season of 'Blackadder' from the video store. (As well as an ex-rental copy of Closer for $10!)

So good, so hilarious and that last episode still gets me. *sniff*

Hugh Laurie just cracks me up and also reminded me why I still find it amusing to think about the legions of people that think he's so hot. I mean, don't get me wrong I see the appeal with the stubble and the eyes and no doubt he's a fantastic actor, but you see him in things like Blackadder - which is the stuff I grew up seeing him in - and it just amuses me to think of what he is now with his legions of fangirls. Of which, in all fairness, I am one. :p


I don't have work till Friday. My one and only shift of the week. Most of me is happy but there's also a part of me that knows that I'm going to be spending at least one day this week whining to myself about how I'm not actually doing anything productive.
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I love Bathurst. I've only been home from work since 6 but the last two hours of racing have just been fantastic.

Bathurst 2005 )

Australia vs World XI cricket, Japanese GP (that is one insane qualifying grid) and Bathurst! All on the same day! It's insane in a wonderful way.


As for work. I just, really, really need to learn to shut the hell up. Or at least make sure that when I say things, the people I'm talking about aren't, you know, 10ft away from me.*headdesk* They may have not heard, but I still feel bad. Nothing I can do about it now of course, but still. Gah. *hides*


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