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I watched these in a specific order last night:

The Newsroom 1.04 )

Political Animals 1.01 )

Trying to watch some more Breaking Bad but not finding it that easy to marathon.

Still have a Suits thing. Someone tell me not to combine Harvey and the NY Rangers into a fic. It's tempting ... very tempting.

In non-TV news:

I didn't get the job I really wanted. They liked me, they thought I'd be a good fit but they had a better candidate. Which sucks, but what can you do? So, back to applying. Have a pre-interview coffee (yeah apparently that's a thing now) and a meeting with a recruitment company tomorrow.

Took advantage of the sun today to take a walk along Oriental Bay and have some gelato. Somedays you're kind of awesome, Wellington.
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Fringe: The End of All Things )

Undecided about whether to see Ides of March or Moneyball tomorrow. Maybe. But I do also need to do some things that I avoided today. *sigh* Today I queued up for $20 Arts Festival tickets and went to an interesting theatre show that was kind of an adaption of Hamlet - and kind of about performing Hamlet. Also, there was a Great Dane.

On a total The National kick at the moment. Bought some more of their songs this morning. So good. I was also looking through YT clips and this version of Mr. November (favourite song) is interesting if only for the fact that Matt Berninger manages to keep singing while being fall-down drunk. Literally. He falls down.
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So now there's a new H50 sneak-peek (embedded under the cut) and Tumblr isn't respecting Read More cuts, so OMG - spoiler thoughts )

And have a few of pictures of Alex looking awesome at the sunset premiere. Seriously dude, a black suit and shirt? Are you trying to kill me? )

Other than that, I have a job! A temporary job! But it's something and it pays okay. However now I have started flat-hunting and fuck, I did not miss that at all. More rejection. Yay. I did however just answer an ad which mentioned zombie apocalypses, coffee, tofu burgers and Jurassic Park ... amazing.
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So, I'm now in Wellington. Oh, I've missed this ridiculous city. In the taxi on the way into the city it really felt like coming home. I mean, I'll always be from Christchurch, but Wellington is definitely more like home now. I missed so much about, and a lot of that is food-centric, which I didn't expect, but I probably should have. I was walking around on Wednesday making a mental list of places I needed to eat.

I've had one job interview (on the day I arrived no less), but I didn't get it, so I've been looking at temping (again) and other roles. We'll see what happens, I guess. I also need to flat hunt, but I'd like to get the job thing underway first. If any locals know of anything going, whether that be flats of jobs, let me know.

Otherwise, it's been all H50. I've now seen all of Season 1 and oh god, they are all so ridiculous and pretty and I love them. Steve especially. Yeah, that's a shocker. I've always had a small thing about Navy SEALs (I think there was a documentary I watched when I was a kid, I have no idea, I'm also fascinated by aircraft carriers), and this fandom has made it so much worse.

There's some really quite good episodes in the season, but also some ones which well, was the Puff Daddy one really necessary? This show can stunt cast like no ones business.

There was also this promo, which Tumblr had a collective freak out about, which well, just watch it. Steve, you are so precious. And insane. So insane. I saw a comment in someone's LJ about how he actually might have less common-sense that John Sheppard, and I think that's true. Who even thought that was possible?

Two fic recs:

This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) (35814 words) by faviconleupagus

Mafia AU - and it's glorious. Danny is amazing as a mob boss and Steve is well, Steve, so a BAMF. The way the S1 plot is altered is so well done, and the twists and turns had me on the edge of my uh, bed. It's a long read - but so, so worth it.

Ho'oponopono (17092 words) by faviconember_firedrake

Steve/Danny. Danny is caught in a Groundhog Day/Window of Opportunity like scenario. So well done, and the characterisation is spot-on.

(Yay for the AO3 share button).

I would also like to say that I am in no way thinking about making a Steve/Danny vid to a pretty cheesy pop song. Except, that I totally am. It works just too, too well.

And there's still fic bunnies. Oh god, this show.

Yay for September though. Fringe, Community, The Good Wife are all back, and well, this ridiculous show is too. There should be icons.
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It's been a wonderful day outside, (I mean windy, but hey, Wellington) but apart from a short walk to get coffee and food I have decided to spend a day being entertained by the internet. It's been a while, and I've been quite social the last few weeks, so it's been nice actually.

Had an insane but fun day yesterday at the Cuba St Carnival. OMG so many people! It was a much nicer day than forecast so everyone was out and about. I did catch some cool acts though (Bonaparte, Olmecha Supreme, Ladi6 and Batacuda) and I watched the parade from a roof above Courtney Place. Which rocked. I really wish I'd remembered to bring my real camera instead of just replying on my okay-but-not-great camera phone.

Also, day #2 of Webstock was as much fun as the first, if not more so as Friday afternoon had many awesome presentations, including one by Matt Jones of Dopplr which I'll seriously consider linking to when it goes online as it was amazing. The geekery continued and I managed to get a hard copy of the cool Google Chrome comic as well. It is a little sad how happy this made me.

BSG:Deadlock )

I haven't got to the second ep of Dollhouse ep, but I'm in no huge hurry. On that topic though, [ profile] musesfool posted a link to what is apparently the original Pilot script and wow, if it is, then it underwent one hell of a re-write. The original reads a lot more Joss than the re-write and I can see why it was done in a way, but on the whole I think the original one was a lot better. *sigh* Fox.

Also, [ profile] phoebesmum posted a link to the Black Cab Sessions which I'd heard of but never watched the videos. Very cool, especially those of Amanda Palmer ('Creep' with a ukelele) and The National.

The Amanda Palmer one was so awesome I thought it made up my mind re my Kills vs Amanda Palmer dilemma, but sadly I think I have to work late the night of the Amanda Palmer gig, so I think The Kills it is. Last night did remind how much live music is one of the best things ever.

Random embeds:

Awesome economic crisis visualisation and Conan and Stephen dance-off! )

Random link:

James Jean illustrations on wine bottles!

Random music:

This song that is playing now is such a John Sheppard song, I'm almost tempted to vid it, but there are a couple of lines that are a trifle problematic. "Great white hope" hmm, yeah. It's rocketing up my top tracks on iTunes though. Currently third equal with "New Born" by Muse. You should listen to it.
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15%?! All I'm seeing is incoherent posts of glee, and I must know why. I must!

Also, all this weekend, every time I've gone outside it's started raining harder, and every time I go inside it stops. I think someone is sending me some sort of message. Also, apparently Wellington discovered Winter. This isn't wonderful news, but really, it was starting to get a little worrying there for a while. All this, sun, in June. WTF?

However, now I have to go back into it, and yes, it's raining. Awesome.

Oceans Thirteen review, in short )

No George icon either. For shame, self. For shame.
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And you thought I wouldn't post on this ep as well? Heh. I just waited a day.

Heroes: Parasite )

And because I seem to be sliding the way of obsession, I just watched this promo for 1x19 on YouTube and have some brief thoughts )

*marks April 23 on calendar and waits impatiently*

The weather here over the last two days has suddenly taken a turn for the Winter. Jerseys, and I'm sitting here with a blanket over my knees and pondering making myself some tea to keep warm. WTF Wellington. Earlier this week I was walking around in short sleeves.

I've always wanted to have a go at this, and I haven't done a writing meme for a while. So, here goes nothing.

You post a "five" topic, list, category, whatever, in my comments section. Examples: "Five Things Roslin Has Wanted to Say to Adama So Very, Very Much", "Five Times Wilson Actually Fell on the Floor Laughing at House", etc. Then, in a separate post, I'll post my answers to your Top Five comment.
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I kept meaning to post for the last couple of weeks and just never quite got there. I meant to at least post about the US elections and Rumsfeld's resignation and all sorts of things, because really if I have an obsessive fandom at the moment that's not the Rolling Stones, it's US politics (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert included), but no, that didn't happen.

I also haven't been watching a lot of TV (as really, there is nothing on here) but I have been reading TWoP re-caps and the like for VMars, Grey's and Studio 60. Not so much BSG (trying to stay kind of spoiler free) and House (really not sure why, it may have to do with the House re-capper). I have been reading posts on the flist though. Supernatural really did eat fandom, huh?

However, the last ep of House involved Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard and John Laroquette on a road trip!? There is no bad there. I still have ridiculous love for Laroquette's one episode appearance in TWW. Ridiculous love. I may have to watch that ep today.

I usually go for a wander around town on Saturday and track down a coffee, but the weather is a little iffy and I'm already hyper due to the chocolate I had for breakfast (yes, I know, believe me, I know). Honestly Wellington, I love you really, and I don't regret my move for a second, but your climate? Can suck rather hard some days. It's November!

I ended up staying up till 4:30am last night, because this wiki ate my brain. (link via [ profile] polonius). It's about tropes used in TV and to some degree anime and it was in turns hilarious and fascinating and I just couldn't stop clicking the links. Damn you internet.

Also due to the internet's wonder I got to see the documentary Jesus Camp last night. Yeah ... I may have yelled at the TV a lot. Just OMGWTF. They're just kids!

Finally, Casino Royale needs to be out here now. 7 December is too far away.
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I just turned off my TV and heard someone singing in the distance. That someone? Mick Jagger.

I'm not a huge Stones fan, but it's still pretty cool that they're in Wellington tonight. My friend went to their concert in Auckland and loved it. I never realised how close to the stadium I actually lived.

I'm settling into the flat, my stuff is all here now (DVDs! *hugs*) and I spent a very pleasant Easter weekend hanging out with Mum who came up. My computer still has a few issues (needs a network card) but apart from that, it's all going along quite nicely. Books are in bookshelves, pictures are slowly being put on walls and DVDs are piled precariously high. I really should get a rack for them.

I watched Oceans Eleven again last night, and I still, after many, many viewings, can't get over the poker scene and all the Danny/Rusty. Oh, it's beautiful. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, suits, awesome conversations and long smoldering looks. Mmm, makes me happy. I need fic. It does make me a little bitter about O12 though, ah well, here's hoping O13 is full of Danny/Rusty goodness.

I'm also really in the mood for some dark, angsty post-show L/V. Or just any post-show L/V. Don't quite know why.

Bleh. I'm so incredibly blocked up right now. Damn colds.
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So ... I got offered a job this morning. (At 830 this morning, but that's by the by). I start in just under two weeks. Eep! I mean sure, yay because I really hoped I'd get this, but also eep. I'm still a litle dazed to be honest.

It's also left me at a loss with what to do with most of my day. I was going to spend it lookng at the paper and chasing up jobs, but now I don't have to do that. Wow. So instead? I surfed the net and danced around the house with my iPod. *cough*

The two pillars of my first two months in Wellington - finding a flat and findng a job - are now gone. I repeat, wow. It's a weird feeling.


Also, random thoughts on the latest NZ-aired ep of House.

House 110: Failure to Communicate )

And a couple on Grey's Antaomy:

Grey's Anatomy 210: Much Too Much )

Also, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in France with three supercars = comedy gold.
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I write this entry from my new flat, via the flat's beautiful broadband connection. I haven't had the opportunity to play with it properly as I still don't have my computer with me (I'm using a borrowed laptop) and I'm not totally sure about the limit situation, but still, broadband whee!

Moving went fine. I really love the room, I've been really lucky with the furniture that's been left and it has a great view, which I will upload pictures of when I get my own computer back next weekend. I have only seen one (of, I believe seven) of my new flatmates since I moved in about nine hours ago, but I was told by the guy whose room I've taken that that is situation normal.

I thought I had more to say, but it seems the point of this entry really was 'broadband and my own room, whee!'

Dare I start the flist catch-up? ;)

Edit: I dared. Fandom? I love you. Illiad fic, Logan/Veronica, House/Wilson, Toby ... it's all wonderful.
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I came on here to research some jobs and maybe write a cover letter or two. Really.

What I've actually done is catch up on the news, read some political blogs and most importantly catch up on the new House ep via Shrift's always delightful House recap.

House 215: Clueless )

Also, I may have a flat sorted out (with broadband even) and I got a lot of things done today. Go me!

I shall now happily contemplate all things House/Wilson as I walk back down the hill to my friend's house.
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I had another job interview today and I think it went pretty well and the place I'd work is awesome, but I won't know anything for over a week, which is frustrating, but that's the way these things work. I'm also looking at coffee-shop jobs for money, which I need as my temporary job has ended, but again with the waiting, which have I mentioned that I'm bad at? ;)

The flat situation is as it ever was unfortunately. My friend is really far too understanding. I've been staying with her nearly 7 weeks now. Fuck, 7 weeks. That's insane.

Fandom wise:

- I found a Serneity poster for $1 after walking into a video store on a whim. *glee*

- Armageddon - which is usually a fairly poor excuse for a fantasy/sci-fi/anime con in Wellington - has Jewel Staite and Summer Glau coming this year! I'll totally go, I only wish I had someone to drag along and share my geeky glee.

- Tess and Isabel-less Ocean's 13! *more glee* However ...

- I've missed three eps of GA and totally given up on Lost. *sighs*
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An update of sorts:

I have a job for a couple of weeks helping out in an environmental campaign's office, which I found by chance through my friend. It's pretty cool, but temporary.

I have a 'real' job interview on Tuesday. *panics* I'm so happy I got the interview though. Still in the process of applying for lots of 'real' jobs.

Recruitment companies seem to be very little use at all, at least to me.

I still haven't found a flat. It's just such a mission this time of year and so frustrating. For most of the week I thought I might have one, but it seems that's fallen through, which sucks. I'm going to get off this in a minute and make some calls. *sighs* You can't help thinking, 'what's wrong with me?' Also, while I know there is no pressure to leave my friend's flat, I can't help but feeling it anyway. I'll have been staying with her a month on Monday.

On the upside, my iPod has now decided to work again after throwing a tantrum yesterday. *hugs it*


I just did a quick fandom check and it put a goofy grin on my face. I can't wait till I have a flat and my own internet connection, so I can get back to reading my flist. I miss you guys.

House, why must you be so awesome and House/Wilson-y when I can't possibly download your wonderful episodes? Why?


I love university libraries. I'm so going back to do my Masters at some point.
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So, the amount of time it takes for me to really miss my computer and DVDs? About a week and a half.

It's actually been a pretty good day but I just really missed those two things. I'd love to sit down with one of my DVDs right about now. The house I'm staying in is without a DVD player and while I am extremely grateful to my friend for letting me stay there, I miss my DVD player and my computer (House episodes I need to download!) I feel kind of bad about that, but there it is.

Also, one of the reasons I want to find a flat quickly? So I can have a permanent address to join the Wellington Public Library. It's not my only motivation, or even my main one, but it's definitely there.

I also place flats that have broadband connections way higher up on my preference list. Not that having a preference really factors into finding a flat in Wellington right now.

Basically, the moral of this? I am a spoiled and impatient fangirl.


I'm going through a total Raymond E Feist phase. I know he's really not the best fantasy writer out there (his more recent stuff anyway, 'Magician' really is a great book) but I'm just in love with some of his characters, sometimes for reasons I can't articulate. For example, my almost obsessive fascination with Magnus in the Conclave of Shadows series. I really don't know why. I also really think some of the characters in his books need to form the Fathers-You-Can't-Possibly-Live-Up-To Support Group. Dude, it can't be easy.

Random squee - spoilery through 'King of Foxes' )

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I caught the end of the BAFTA awards last night and I was going to turn it off after I saw that Brokeback won but I was comfortable and had a cat on my lap so I kept it on - I'm really glad I did.

Now I admit I usually watch award shows to see who won and see the pretty and (sometimes) talented people in their pretty clothes but the speech that Lord Putnam (the Academy Fellowhsip recepient) gave made the night for me - and not just because of his shout out to George Clooney, although that was both cool and cute - it was that he actually made me feel positive about the media of film and reminded me of how it can touch people's lives. I readily admit that I'm a sap, but it actually made me tear up a little. It was really a beautiful speech. Usually the 'lifetime acheivement' recepients are when you go for a walk to the fridge but this really rocked. I didn't even know who David Putnam was until last night.

One other thing, I know I just recently said I really don't get the Jake Gyllenhaal thing (and I still don't get the OMG, hot!) But, the surprised look he had on his face when he won was very cute.


Grey's Anatomy still rocks and was part of a rather awesome night of TV last night - thanks to my friend's subscription to UKTV. 'Yes, Minister' (Nigel Hawthorne *sniff*) followed by 'Judge John Deed' (still can't get over the Martin Shaw obsession and still don't really know why. I'd seen this ep before too and still watched the whole thing despite the small overlap with Grey's), and then Grey's Anatomy. I just really love all the characters ... with the exception of Meredith, who's okay but annoying, but does stragnely get less annoying in the proximity of McDreamy. Why? I don't know, but she does. Also, Alex has started to grow on me. Damn it. I knew it was going to happen.


Couch Baron's latest VMars recap? Left me grinning like the obsessed girl I am. Random thoughts )


As for RL, things are going okay. Flats are really hard to find this time of year, which I should have predicted, but it's going okay. The weather's been, for the most part, beautiful (warm summer nights *loves*) and Wellington is awesome.
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I'm sitting in a room with blank walls, an empty bookcase and lots of boxes. I still don't think it's really hit me and I don't think it will till I land in Wellington tomorrow.

I went for a walk before. Just around my neigbourhood and towards town. It's such a beautiful night but as I was walking about I knew I was making the right call. I love Christchurch, and I will miss it (and especially the family and friends I'm leaving behind) but it's time to move on. I know it is. Here's hoping it all works out okay. ;)

The fannish part of me is totally going 'OMG, my shows!' I don't know how many I'm going to be able to catch up there, but there are more important things really, Brain. Really. *cough*

Also, thank god for iPods because due to their wonderfulness, I can travel with my entire music collection. <3

I'll really miss my computer though. It's staying here until I find a flat of my own and my parents bring most of my stuff up. (My kingdom for a laptop!) Often, to take my mind off things, I'll clean out computer files, or watch TV clips and vids, so it might be a little interesting not having it there after a while. A couple of days is fine, but a few weeks? *clings*

Anyway, for that reason, I think my access to a computer is going to be pretty sporadic, at least for a couple of weeks. I don't know the internet situation in my friend's flat where I'll be staying, so I'm pretty sure I'll be mostly counting on Internet cafes. I will be regularly checking e-mail and I'll try and keep as update as I can with LJ and post occasionally, but I don't know how realisitic a goal that's going to be. It's all pretty up in the air, which is a phrase that can sum up quite a lot in my life right now. ;) It's scary but also quite freeing.

I can't think of what else to say. I was planning on making this whole 'what I'll miss about Christchurch' post, but I don't think I'll do that now.

It's weird the small things that start you angsting thinking though. Tomorrow I'll take my the key to my parent's house off my key-ring. I'll change my LJ location info. It's the small things.

I'm actually quite strangely calm. I don't think I will be tomorrow. ;)


Random Fannish Thought:

Just to jump on a fandom bandwagon, I am a new convert of the Church of Tennant. ;) I recently caught most of the 'Casanova' mini-series starring David Tennant and Peter O'Toole and it was awesome. Very entertaining but I was crying at the end. Gah. However, in conclusion, David Tennant = Awesome. His transgressions in GoF have totally been forgiven. I can't wait to see him in Dr. Who.
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So, I'm back from Wellington. I've actually been back for four days now and I kept meaning to post and just never quite got there.

I was sorry to go in the end. The last couple of days were a little lonely but I love the city and I will be moving there sometime early next year. I love Christchurch but I feel like there's nothing really here for me anymore, in a 'career' or even 'me' progressing sense anyway. There are of course friends and family who I will be very sorry to leave, but I think I have to do this.


I wrote these such a long time ago now but I've had them open in Semgaic for ages and I thought I might as well post them since they're already typed up:

Veronica Mars: Weapons of Class Destruction / Hot Dogs )

House: Daddy's Boy )

Easily my two favourite shows at the moment.


1. I feel almost like a ticket hawker. In my room are 6 tickets to GoF tomorrow, 7 tickets to the Australia vs NZ ODI and 3 tickets to Auckland's Big Day Out.

Yes, Big Day Out. Franz Ferdinand! I'm quite excited because, you know, Franz Ferdinand and I've never been to Auckland before.

It's going to make for a very busy early 2006 though. Big Day Out in Auckland, a friend's wedding in the Nelson area and then probably moving. I haven't moved since I was 5. I've had the same room since I was 7 and I don't chuck things out. I have so much stuff!

2. I am the proud owner of an iPod. I got it while I was in Wellington because well, there was a whole cabenit of them looking all cute and white and semi-reasonably priced! I was powerless! Powerless I tell you. *ahem* Anyway, I have an iPod. 30gig, video capable and I love it to pieces.

I've never really understood the compulsion to name computers, cellphones and the like, but the iPod? It needs a name. I was thinking 'Jimmy' in recognition of House's sarcastic (?) nickname for Wilson, but it's a little close to my brother's name. Hmm. I'll think some more. Any ideas are welcome.

3. Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US!
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Updating from my backpackers in Wellington. I meant to update before I left but I had a small panic on Tuesday and before I knew it I had to get out the door. So, they'll be some nice and delayed reports on television shows when I get back because they're already typed up in Semagic.

So, Wellington? Rather wonderful really. I've hung out with my friend who lives up here and her really cool friends, wandered around a lot, spent too much money and made some (very small) progress on the job front. It's been a lot of fun.

On the job front, I've basically come to the conclusion that I'll have to move up here before finding a job. I'd hoped to move up here to a job but I don't know how realistic an expectation that was. The job hunt is rather a frigtening experience but I have to keep telling myself I do want this. It works, most of the time.

I don't know if being up here for so long was a great idea, especially as my friend is flying to Christchurch tomorrow and I know few other people up here, but I'll survive. I have lots of books to read and Wellington is always fun to wander around.

However, I have an appointment with a recruitment company tomorrow. Eeep. A little freaked out to be honest, but then that's not really that hard to do.

This afternoon, I finally got to see a session of Parliament live. I've wanted to do it for ages and sitting in the Public Gallery was a lot of fun actually. I was there for Question Time and then for one rather scary rant session of Tony Ryall and Paul Swain. I was geekily amused. They are just so bitchy. It's hilarious, and not at the same time. They resemble kids in a playground in just a few too many ways.

Anyway, I think I'm going to hunt down something to eat. Possibly Indian, yum.


Other people's House!squee makes me happy. I mean it, I was reading people's ep reports and grinning stupidly at the screen. I'm a dork.

a little pre-emptive House rant - could be considered spoilery )

You know the first thing I'm doing when I walk in the door on Sunday is setting up this DL.
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I finally booked my tickets for Wellington today. I've gone once a year for the past three years, mostly because I just adore the city but this time I'm going to try and check out the job market, because dude, it's finally time. I'm going insane in the job I'm in now and I think it's time I moved out and lived away from home. Christchurch is all well and good, but I need more of a change than just living on the other side of town.

I still think back to that night nearly two years ago when I just walked around Wellington at night. There was just this little warm breeze and it was beautiful. I walked for two hours, by myself, just around the waterfront and around the city, watching them lay the red carpet right down Courtney Place for the RotK premiere. I felt at peace, or something like it. It's hard to explain. Just, every time I go there I feel like that it is where I should be.

Anyway, middle of November, I'm there for five days. I'm effectively travelling alone, but I have a friend or two I can visit up there.


Veronica Mars: Mars vs Mars )

Rambling contains ship spoilers for future S1 eps.


I really was trying to get through Northern Lights this time but then I walked through Whitcoulls and saw the new Terry Pratchett book, Thud! I'm now reading that, because I am powerless before a Vimes book. My love for him is just ridiculous.

It's good so far. Not spectacular, but definitely enjoyable.

I will get back to Northern Lights though, because I'm definitely interested in where it's going. However, I have already been been side-tracked by the back-story. Inevitable really.


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