Jan. 30th, 2010 04:17 pm
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Meme stolen from [ profile] woolly_socks:

Put your itunes/media player/whatever on shuffle.
Upload the first ten songs that come up for your flist.

I admit I skipped a couple of songs that were by the same artist and also a couple of other songs. ;)

The Shins - Caring is Creepy
Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up On Me
Santogold - Creator
Green Day - When I Come Around
Jay-Z - DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)
Belle and Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
The Perishers - Sway
Mike Doughty - I Hear the Bells (my iTunes was clearly feeling a little VMars-y)
X-Men the Animated Series: Opening Credits (yes, really. I loved that cartoon, it started my X-Men geekery)
Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle

I am a little amazed there are not Muse or Rollings Stones songs there.

I am sitting in bed because it's cold, but eating ice-cream. In my defense it's Hagen-Dazs Cookie Dough ice-cream, so I think that's understandable. ;)

Haircut was a success. There is far less hair on my head and it feels good.

Also, if you haven't seen the Charlie Brooker clip from this week's Newswipe that skewers news stories and how they're presented, you should. It is all sorts of awesome. I embed it below.

I <3 Charlie Brooker )

My plans for the evening involve the internet ... and that's really about it. Happiness.
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There is late afternoon sun in my living room!

This weekend has been awesome weather wise. I can't remember the last day I comfortably spent basically all day in short sleeves. I used to think I didn't really have a season preference, but late Spring/Summer, you win. Suunshiinne.

I have been mainlining Veronica Mars S2. I've known what's happened for ages, years even, but I just hadn't got around to getting the DVDs myself and then my local video store had them. \o/

My S2 Veronica Mars thoughts )

I also caught SGA 4x11, and honestly? Eh. I liked Daniel and Rodney a lot, but other than that, I have no real strong thoughts, just indifference. I think Gero's done better.
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DUDE. Pervez Musharraf went on The Daily Show? DUDE.

It was a really cool interview actually. Jon did ask some hard questions and was also thoughtful and polite and well Jon Stewart, so therefore completely awesome. It was a much better interview than you'd be likely to get from a 'serious' news show.

I don't know quite why I'm this o.O about this, but I am. Of course, Musharraf could be doing to rounds promoting his book, but still, The Daily Show? Awesome.

I really need a Daily Show or Jon icon.

Also, due to the wonders of the internet and fandom I saw the VMars Season 3 opener! (Bless you, broadband). I wasn't blown away, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Finally, if someone's keeping track of the Harry Hair Debate. I'm definitely in the 'Dude. No' camp. I liked the emo hair. See? I do still have HP love. It's just ... sporadic at the moment.

And yeah, okay, one more thing. NBC's website is streaming Studio60 eps -which is the only way I can catch them as I'm really not so much with the hard-drive space, so no torrents for me - and that is cool, except if you live outside the US you can't access them, which is not so cool. I understand why, but I still sigh.

Edit because I don't want to do a whole new post:

Keith Richards, black coat, 'You Got the Silver' last Wednesday in Boston. Oh, YouTube, you've got my heart. The quality leaves a little to be desired but ... Keith. Black coat. 'You Got the Silver' *flails in perpetuity*

Tony Blair says that terrorism has not resulted from his or the US's foreign policy. (Link via [ profile] blythley). The quote is near the end of the article, but honestly WTF?!
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I have been pimping VMars to my flat-mate and I have been suceeding admirably (she watched five eps today alone, and three without me even being there to prod her, in fact, she's really been prodding me) and after the WoCD kiss I asked if it took her by surprise.

Her: When did that happen!? (referring to the V/L)
Me: *grins* Well, it started with the limo flashback ... and then there was Logan's smile of admiration in 'An Echolls Family Christmas' ... bonded over abandonment issues ... *goes on for a while*
Her: o.O You really are insane.
Me: Oh, yes. You're just realising that now?
Her: Oh no, I've always known, I just know you well enough to tell you now.



I have developed a new obsession interest in the form of the Rolling Stones, due to the marvelous pimpage of [ profile] tangleofthorns. Just, Keith! Mick! Microphone sharing! Singing love songs to guitars! <3!

I've always thought RPS was a line I would flirt with; occassionaly read a little (see: The Liberation of Katie Holmes) but not really cross. Oh, how naive I was.


YouTube really is quite addictive. There are Carmen Sandiego clips! I loved that show when I was a kid. There was history, and geography ... and boy was I destined to be a geek. Still, <3

Also, Voltron credits! Another show I adored as a (much smaller) kid. (Link via [ profile] moony).


House: Sleeping Dogs Lie )


Note to self: It's just really, really not worth the stress. You know that. Just, accept it and what will be, will be. Stop caring so damn much. It's really rather irritating and a little pathetic. Let the denial go. Please? You have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. No, really.

ETA: I've edited this post far more times than is strictly neccessary, but I do have a fic rec. This Is What Happened (post S2 finale, Logan/Veronica) by [ profile] buffyx. Just a really lovely post-S2 fic. I would love their relationship to progress just like this.It won't, of course, but this is just gorgeous. Eee. OTP.
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I watched a lot of TV tonight, but it made me happy. Three good eps of Veronica Mars (including 'An Echolls Family Christmas, which I just, adore with all my heart) and an ep of Grey's Anatomy that was far better than last week's. Not at it's best, but I didn't think about going up to my room in the middle of it either.

Grey's Anatomy: Break On Through )

Also, one spoilery comment about the OC S3 finale.

... )


Sometimes, when you're patient with Google, it's really rather nice to you. *pets it*

OMG broadband never leave me!

*frustrated muttering*

I'm 23 today. *meep*
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My Veronica Mars S1 DVDs arrived! There was much rejoicing and much love for Amazon. I've watched the up to "Meet John Smith" and I have quite a few thoughts about the re-watch but I'm putting together a Word doc and I'll post them all at once. There are some things I'm just noticing now that I adore, and some (small) things that I don't like so much. *cough*Troy*cough*


West Wing is over. *sniff* We haven't seen S7 here yet ( and I really hope we do, but who knows with TV One) but I've been reading finale reactions and such and two really cool things I've found are [ profile] _jems_'s retrospective cap post (image heavy) which has some really great moments. Also, there's [ profile] dianora2's thank yous which say so much about what made me love the show. *sniff* I think it was time for it to go, but still, I just love those characters so much. Here's hoping Studio 60 makes up some way for the loss.

Talking of Studio 60, I've also been reading about the Upfronts and it seems there's good news for VMars but Studio 60 was put up against CSI and Grey's? Wow. Tough time slot. I hope NBC shuffle things a little bit there. I think torrents might tempt me with this show. Now, I only need some hard drive space. ;)


House ('Clueless') rocked this week (pancakes!) but I only caught the last half of Grey's and I wasn't that sorry. Huh.


I don't talk sport on here too often, but go Arsenal in the Champions League Final tomorrow! I thought about catching the first half at a pub before work, but it would only be the first half and I'd be going alone. Also, 6am is pretty early, even for Thierry. Damn he better not go anywhere.
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So, those clips I was wanting to see? I've seen them.

... )

So, yeah. Feeling pretty awesome right now. More emotional than I thought I would, but awesome. It's kind of sad that TV clips have this kind of effect on me, but I wouldn't change it.

*draws little hearts around fandom and Veronica Mars*
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So, my day's been pretty good, work was pretty interesting and I finally bought my Mum a Mother's Day gift but my day got exponentially better when I came home and opened LJ. <3

Wherein Tali flails over the VMars S2 finale and the second to last *ever* episode of The West Wing - neither of which she has seen, but which she dearly wants to )

And while I'm talking TV, some thoughts about some eps I've actually seen.

House 2x14: Sex Kills )

Grey's Anatomy: Begin the Begin )
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I spent a lot of my weekend watching DVDs with my flatmate. Last night we watched the rather unlikely pairing of '13 Going On 30' and 'Requiem for a Dream' and I was very impressed by the latter, which I hadn't seen before. And this afternoon we watched 'Closer' and the first disc of OC S1. *cough* As soon as we finished the first ep she said, 'well, now we just have to watch the next one,' and I just laughed and agreed. Damn show sucked me right back in. Marissa was even likeable in 'The Model Home'! 'The Debut' fell a little flat but, Anna! Sometimes I look at those DVDs and wonder why I brought them, but today reminded me why. For a while there, I actually really liked these characters. Hmmm. I wonder if I should get the S2 DVDs out and give it a full watch-through.

Continuing with the DVD theme, I've finally seen Kenneth Branagh's version of 'Much Ado About Nothing' which I've been wanting to see forever, and not just since I became slightly enamoured with Robert Sean Leonard. I ... liked a lot of it. Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson rocked, as did Richard Briers and Denzel Washington. RSL bugged me a little, and I'm not quite sure why, it might have been the character more than anything. Keanu ... well, the less said the better really but I've seen worse from him. Overall, I enjoyed it and I really should read the play.

I'm also thinking some rather unpleasant thoughts about the VMars season finale, which I really hope don't pan out. Really. But they're there now. Hanging around. *tries to swat them away*

However, I would just like to reaffirm my love for my iPod and it's abilities as a portable hard drive, meaning I could circumvent my computer issues and see the L/V clips from recent episodes. There was much glee.

Now, I really meant to tidy my room today.
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Things I 'Achieved' Today:

* Rediscovered my Josh Lyman love after watching 'Crackpots and These Women.'
* Drank a lot of Coke.
* Read more VMars fic and looked at more VMars picspams than would probably be considered healthy.

And that's it, really.

I didn't end up going to Armageddon today. I just didn't have the motivation, even though if I'd looked at the programme, I would have seen that Jewel Staite was doing a panel today. So, I kind of wish I had. However, since Summer Glau hasn't been able to make it, Jewel is doing another panel with Claudia Christian tomorrow at 11am. I'm sorely tempted (Jewel!) and it's not like I have any other plans tomorrow.

If the Studio 60 draft pilot script that's floating around the 'net is a fake, it's a damn impressive one. If it's got some truth behind it, then whee! I'm already fannish about it and I can totally see Brad Whitford and Matthew Perry in the lead roles. New Sorkin makes me happy.

TV3 still haven't scheduled S2 of BSG. Grrr. Also, no news on Prime and the new season of Dr Who. Grrr. Or TV2 and S2 of Veronica Mars, though the fact that they have the page still up on their website is probably a good sign, and it'll probably come on when The OC gives up the Friday 7:30pm timeslot. A good couple of months then. *sigh*

I'm craving chocolate chip cookies, or cookies-and-cream ice-cream. But it's really a bit of a walk to the closest place that's going to be open at midnight to sell them to me.

I'm also craving Bring it On for some reason. Mmm, Eliza. *goes off to probably fall asleep watching it*
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I haven't really had the best of days (let's just say that stairs and shelves don't seem to like me and I lose rather important things far too easily) but the Internet has brought me joy in the form of the latest ep reports of VMars ([ profile] _jems_'s here with huge and fucking gorgeous picspam) and House ([ profile] shrift's here).

I did type up a little more detailed reaction for VMars but really what both come down to is: *flail*

I love these shows and their totally screwed-up characters.

So, yeah, my mood has improved a little bit.

There was also BBC Pride and Prejudice tonight, and that is never a bad thing. I just love Jennifer Ehle and Benjamin Whitrow, among all the other wonderful performances. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Bennett remain two of my absolute favourite literary characters and P&P one of my favourite books.

I'm still annoyed at myself for losing things so easily, but it's not the end of the world. It's just I've been there three days.

Also, because it's been a while,and I'm curious, a meme:

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt guilty asking a close LJ friend a question that should be obvious? Here's your chance. If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.
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I just turned off my TV and heard someone singing in the distance. That someone? Mick Jagger.

I'm not a huge Stones fan, but it's still pretty cool that they're in Wellington tonight. My friend went to their concert in Auckland and loved it. I never realised how close to the stadium I actually lived.

I'm settling into the flat, my stuff is all here now (DVDs! *hugs*) and I spent a very pleasant Easter weekend hanging out with Mum who came up. My computer still has a few issues (needs a network card) but apart from that, it's all going along quite nicely. Books are in bookshelves, pictures are slowly being put on walls and DVDs are piled precariously high. I really should get a rack for them.

I watched Oceans Eleven again last night, and I still, after many, many viewings, can't get over the poker scene and all the Danny/Rusty. Oh, it's beautiful. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, suits, awesome conversations and long smoldering looks. Mmm, makes me happy. I need fic. It does make me a little bitter about O12 though, ah well, here's hoping O13 is full of Danny/Rusty goodness.

I'm also really in the mood for some dark, angsty post-show L/V. Or just any post-show L/V. Don't quite know why.

Bleh. I'm so incredibly blocked up right now. Damn colds.
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I caught the end of the BAFTA awards last night and I was going to turn it off after I saw that Brokeback won but I was comfortable and had a cat on my lap so I kept it on - I'm really glad I did.

Now I admit I usually watch award shows to see who won and see the pretty and (sometimes) talented people in their pretty clothes but the speech that Lord Putnam (the Academy Fellowhsip recepient) gave made the night for me - and not just because of his shout out to George Clooney, although that was both cool and cute - it was that he actually made me feel positive about the media of film and reminded me of how it can touch people's lives. I readily admit that I'm a sap, but it actually made me tear up a little. It was really a beautiful speech. Usually the 'lifetime acheivement' recepients are when you go for a walk to the fridge but this really rocked. I didn't even know who David Putnam was until last night.

One other thing, I know I just recently said I really don't get the Jake Gyllenhaal thing (and I still don't get the OMG, hot!) But, the surprised look he had on his face when he won was very cute.


Grey's Anatomy still rocks and was part of a rather awesome night of TV last night - thanks to my friend's subscription to UKTV. 'Yes, Minister' (Nigel Hawthorne *sniff*) followed by 'Judge John Deed' (still can't get over the Martin Shaw obsession and still don't really know why. I'd seen this ep before too and still watched the whole thing despite the small overlap with Grey's), and then Grey's Anatomy. I just really love all the characters ... with the exception of Meredith, who's okay but annoying, but does stragnely get less annoying in the proximity of McDreamy. Why? I don't know, but she does. Also, Alex has started to grow on me. Damn it. I knew it was going to happen.


Couch Baron's latest VMars recap? Left me grinning like the obsessed girl I am. Random thoughts )


As for RL, things are going okay. Flats are really hard to find this time of year, which I should have predicted, but it's going okay. The weather's been, for the most part, beautiful (warm summer nights *loves*) and Wellington is awesome.
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The Internet was good to me yesterday:

1. I got my (metaphorical) hands on the latest ep of House Need to Know )

2. I found a really interesting thread about the Logan/Veronica relationship in S2.

3. I finally found out where the L/V arm touch was and got a clip of it. (Ruskie Business, for the curious).

4. I got a new L/V moodthememade by [ profile] nighfall_icons/[ profile] nordmaedchen. Which I decided I needed at 1:30 this morning. *facepalm*

5. Did I mention that my brain is still hijakced by Logan and Veronica, and occasionally Weevil?

6. Scans from the latest Nightwing. Comics, I do still love you really, I just really can't afford to buy you right now. I miss you. spoilers )

Random Television Thoughts:

1. I watched the pilot of Commander-in-Chief and ... eh. It was okay. Not too bad in places. I'll keep watching, if only for the fact that I'm a politics junkie. I think any US politics show is going to suffer with me as I'll always compare it to TWW, which is unfair, but that's the way it is.

2. Also, Wednesday brought NZ the start of Lost S2. Man of Science, Man of Faith )

3. While documenting what was actually on the video tapes we have piled next to our tv (so I can decide which ones I'm stealing away with me) I found the ones that had 'Bad Wolf' and 'A Parting of Ways' on them. Both of them (but APoW especially) get better every time I see them. Just, awesome. Jack/Rose/Doctor! <3

Real Life:

1. Packing. Goodbyes. Procrastinating from packing. Freaking out. Self doubt. Frustration.


1. Which Star-Trek Character Am I? )

2. I really want to do the 'seven songs' meme before I go. I've been meaning to share some songs for ages.

Edit: I just completely forgot how to spell Wednesday. As in, I had to look in a dictionary. Yeah, today's going to be a good brain day.
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I leave in 12 days! *freaks out, more than a little*

I actually applied for some jobs today and the clean-up continued - albeit a little slowly. I started tackling Uni notes and that was a little depressing. I still look back on my University career (and I do hope to continue it at some point) with a lot of dissatisfaction. That last year still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, for more than one reason. I could have done so much better and the way I handled the studying overseas thing just annoys me to think about. Gah. Must let it go.

Going to a wedding this weeked. The first one I've been to since I was about 10 and the first one that actually involves friends of mine. It might be a bit of a weird weekend but promises to be interesting if nothing else.


1. Oscar noms reaction - because I've always cared and I don't really know why )

2. I really don’t get the Jake Gyllenhaal love. Not that he’s a bad actor (although dude, The Day After Tomorrow was way boring – but that wasn’t his fault) it’s just the ‘OMG, he’s so hot!’ I really don’t get it.

3. Rescue Me finished up tonight *sniff* It's a show that's really grown on me. (Lou, Franco <3) Also, if Logan Echolls ever needed competition for Suckiest Life of a TV Character, Tommy Gavin could give him a real run for his money.

4. However, next week is when all the 'good' shows are coming back/debuting! Lost, Grey's Anatomy (George!), Commander in Chief (which I'm going to give a go), Desperate Housewives (to try again this year, or not?), and most importantly, House! (Though I may *cough* have seen rather a lot of the new season already). All I'm waiting for now are the new season of BSG and to see if TV2 are going to play VMars S2 at some point this year.

5. Death Cab's 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed' could almost have been written about Remus and Sirius, Post-Azkababn. It's really quite eerie how well the song fits.

6. I think Veronica Mars (character or show) subconsciously led to me choosing a particular top for the wedding when I was shopping the other day. The connection is pretty tentative but it's there.

7. I sat down to watch maybe two episodes of Sports Night to cheer myself up after watching Apt Pupil (way unsettling, and it takes quite a bit to make me feel like that when watching a movie) and ended up watching an entire disc. 'Neigbourhood park all covered in cheese' just never stops being funny.

8. I know a lot of House crossovers have been done with characters coming to House in the clinic but has anyone ever considered doing one with House and Logan? The snark. Oh god, the snark. I shiver happily just thinking about it.

9.TV2 have been playing Gilmore Girls repeats at 5:30 each weeknight and really, why was I not watching this show before?
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Off to Auckland for a couple of days to visit a friend and go to Big Day Out.

I'm exicted (OMG! Franz Ferdinand!) but also a little apprehensive to be honest. It'll be my first time in the city(ies) where almost a third of the country lives.

Got a little bit of thinking bit to do too. Hmmm. But then, when don't I?

PS: Veronica and Logan have hijacked my brain. Again. Damn them. Why must their relationship be pretty, screwed-up, angsty, snarky and cute? It's a recipie for ... obsession, really. If you're me.

PPS: After reading the new episode summary, I reiterate that I really hope that the VMars writers know what they're doing.
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I meant to do so much more today. Hell, I meant to do so much more this week. I've sorted through my CD and comic collections getting rid of the stuff I really don't want in preparation for moving. I have the magazines and books to go but really, they're not the problem. It's everything else in my room that I don't enjoy sorting through that's going to be the problem. Sorting through Uni notes can be enjoyable but are a little tinged by other thoughts. I was reading a random piece of paper I printed off last year and really, really missed studying for a while there. *wistful sigh* I've made my decision, really.


I've been on a total VMars kick for the last couple of days. Fic, vids, clips, you name it. So good.

Rather disjointed VMars S2 thoughts )


Interesting House meta over at [ profile] summerfling's LJ about Stacy hate and the fandom's rather contradictory attitudes towards adultery. (Spoilers for 2.10 'Failure to Communicate').

Thoughts )


People write Pureblood!Hermione stories? Okay. That seems strange to me. I must just be out of the loop on this one. However, HP fandom being the mind-bogglingly large thing that it is, that's not actually that hard.

I think I like my little MWPP-centric corner of fandom.


Good Thought: Big Day Out in a week!
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I went to see Narnia with my Dad today.

Thoughts and Ramblings )

I have to admit, the high point of the whole experience? The PotC 2 teaser trailer! So, so good. (So, so pretty). I cannot wait for that movie next year. Jack/Will/Elizabeth are totally my PotC OTP/3.


I also watched my 'Wimbledon' DVD tonight (it was only $10 and it's not that bad a movie) and oh, how I love Paul Bettany. So much. I'm also still secretly hoping that someone will write Peter/Dieter fic because it's there! And it's a very nice thought. Yes, indeed.


Battlestar Galactica: 'Colonial Day' to 'Kobol's Last Gleaming Part II' )


House and Veronica Mars are both up for Writers' Guild Awards. In the same category, but shush, I'm just happy they both got nominated for something, especially VMars.
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I spent more of my shift today being hugged and saying goodbye to people than actually working, I think. *sniff* I wasn't quite as choked up as I was on Tuesday for some reason but still, it was sad. Catching up with people turned out to be far easier than I had imagined and the goodbyes went well, all things considered. Still. *sighs* I'll miss them. It's been a pretty good five years.


I am now hopelessly spoiled for S2 of Veronica Mars and I'm happy with that. I might have some thoughts later but really, I haven't actually seen anything, so I might just hold back. I believe I became even more of a Logan fangirl in the process. Not that I'm complaining. ;)

And although Veronica Mars fandom does scare me a little (the acronyms and abbreviations alone - LoVe o.O), I must admit I am a total Logan/Veronica 'shipper, with some dabbles elsewhere.


Golden Globe Noms Reaction )
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I had my work Christmas party on Sunday and while I enjoyed myself, I forogt that this week is the last week of shifts (my work mostly shuts down from late December to early February) and that, well, I'm not going to be back there next year. I've worked there for five years (almost) and while the staff turnover is pretty crazy, there are so many people that I really won't see in the next week and that I really should have said goodbye to! Some of them I can get in touch with easily enough, and I will have a farewell party of some sort, but I'm still really pissed off at myself.

I think my problem is that I suck at goodbyes and so try and avoid them. Honestly, I look back and inwardly cringe at most of the 'goodbye' moments of my life. I over-sentimentalise them in my head and place too much importance on them, or something, and then proceed to completely avoid them with my far-too-healthy sense of denial.

In conclusion: Argh. *annoyed*


However, one thing that was good about today was the movie I saw at a free preview. It's called Joyeux Noel and it's about the Christmas Truce that happend on some fronts in 1914 during WW1. It's a truly beautiful movie. I cried and laughed in equally large amounts and it was just so well done. So poignant and so full of feeling. I definitely recommend it.


Battlestar Galactica - ' Exiles Last Hope' to 'Acts of God' )


Veronica Mars has taken over my brain (eg: it actually motivated me to make some new LJ icons). I think the chances of me not spoiling myself for S2 are about ... nil, really. It's going to be so long before we get it (if we get it) and I've never really been a patient person.

If anyone says that I really, really shouldn't (see: Serenity) I'll listen but oh, it's tempting.


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