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Suits 2x10 )

Fangirl Friday last night was great. Politics, hockey, comics and lots of excellent travel advice. <3 you guys.

Not a lot planned this weekend except dinner with my friend tonight. Although I am going to need to leave the house to find breakfast at some point. My pantry is a little bare.

But first I can see me losing some time to Tumblr. Suits summer finale, Jeff Carter's day with the Cup ...

EDIT: I meant to include VVC recs! (so I can close some tabs)

It's All Coming Back to Me Now by [personal profile] trelkez. (Captain America comics, Steve/Bucky)

I am pretty new to Cap comics but I did love this. All the feelings. (And yes it is a vid to the Celine Dion song).

Lateralus by [ profile] rhoboat (Fringe)

The visuals in this and the way it's tied together is just stunning.

Girl in the War by [ profile] amnisias (Justified, Loretta)

Loretta vid! And to a great Josh Ritter song too.

How I Got Over by [personal profile] heresluck (The Wire, S4)

Just stunning S4 vid. The song choice is perfect and oh god, it brought back the season all over again. So well done.
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On Sunday I was achieving things until about 2pm when I fell down a Harvey and Donna feelings hole on Tumblr and never recovered … yeah I don’t know either. Stupid S2 and their stupid faces. I need hockey to come back and distract me.

blah blah feelings )

Seriously Season 2, this is all your fault. I was not prepared for this!

The little snippets I'm hearing about the summer finale has me all '!!!' too.

Talking of hockey, Marek and Wysh were back (and geeky and talking a lot about London), and I might actually be legitimately disappointed if Mike Richards doesn’t turn up in Jeff Carter’s ‘day with the Cup’ photos or vice-versa. I do find the fact he did actually give the Cup at lifejacket pretty adorable though.

And to relate these two topics! Because I can, watch me. There might be some words in a GDocs near you where Donna is a Rangers fan and her and Harvey discuss what a good/hot goalie Hank is? You know, MAYBE because this is apparently what my brain does now.

I blame Sarah Rafferty and her tweets with Michael Del Zotto.

I also just saw posts with VividCon recs on my flist. Oh dear. There goes my evening. Heresluck made a Wire vid? *squeak*

But I will apply for that job first. I will. Already applied for one today and I have an interview on Thursday, which is a good thing. Would love to have something sorted before I go to Europe ... which is in three weeks today! \o/

Okay, lies I watched this Tony vid (which I don't think is technically a VVC vid so shush) because it's set to a cover of maybe my favourite Radiohead song and well ... Tony. All my Tony feelings. It's a really great vid.

And if you haven't seen it yet there's an Avengers gag reel out and it's pretty great.
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1. Fringe hiatus is killing me - but one week to go \o/. I did give in and check out some of the filming photos (and !!!!) but I'm still very in the dark about what they're doing, as without context (especially with a show as WTF as Fringe can be) its all guess work anyway - so that's something.

2. Vid rec: Mad World by [personal profile] beccatoria - (Fringe, gen) OMG this vid!! The parallels and the sadness and oh, this snow, and Peter and Olivia and Walter. It's so awesomely done.

3. The Green Lantern Wonder-Con footage is actually pretty awesome. After being less than impressed by the trailer, I'm now quite looking forward to it and all its CGI-tastic glory. Also, the GL oath is still awesome.

Kylie's Comic Book Movie 2011 Anticipation Index: (from highest to lowest)

1. X-Men: First Class - despite everything telling me not to. No, Brett Ratner, I still haven't forgiven you.
2. Green Lantern
3. Captain America: The First Avenger - the weedy!Steve CGI is kinda scary (not in a good way), but it does have the hilarious moment in the trailer when it looks like Howard Stark is checking Steve out once he's been Super Soldiered.
4. Thor - I should like it, and yet every trailer and poster leaves me cold.

I think that's all of the main ones.

4. The govt shutdown thing in the US is getting awfully close. I understand why it's happening (and vaguely remember The West Wing ep) but part of me is still "WTF?! You're shutting the federal govt down because you've run out of money. How do you let that happen?!"

5. I should pimp AO3 more on here, or at least mention it occasionally. :p We now have email subscriptions on the AO3! You should come check them out. The coders have done some awesome work on them. :D

6. I've been playing with FF4 recently, but I think I'm going to go back to Chrome for a while. Both of them chew memory in different ways, but I'm at least used to the way Chrome does it and it doesn't seem to aggravate my processor as much.

Now, I have to get up early. Milton Keynes roadtrip tomorrow (long story, it's sort of ironic), and Brighton on Sunday. The sea! What the British call a beach (note: not what a Kiwi would)! I may even get to see it in the sunshine. ;)

I joke about British weather but it was awesome today. Blue skies, sunshine, I walked home at 8pm in short sleeves and sunglasses. Love it. \o/
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I tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible because I wanted to leave it uncut, so hopefully it's worked out okay, but I really needed to get this off my chest:

Dear (certain parts of) Fringe fandom,

What is with this Peter vs. Olivia stuff? Seriously. Either its ‘Olivia is too perfect and Peter is being sidelined and trampled on’ or ‘Peter sucks! He should have instantly known! And will never be good enough for Olivia!!’

Can’t we just accept that they are both awesome imperfect human characters who have both been through a lot in the past season? Most of which has been beyond their control?

Yes, Peter was a little stupid.
Yes, I think there are explanations for it.
Yes, Olivia has every right to be pissed, heart-broken and violated.
Yes, Peter has every right to feel heart-broken, betrayed and manipulated.

It sucks to be both of them right now.

Whether you want them together romantically or not, they should be kick-ass and saving the universe(s) together, damn it. No need to take sides. No need to blame. I mean I don’t necessarily like ‘ship wars but I can sort of get where they’re coming from, this I just don’t get. Friends taking sides after a break-up? Is that a good comparison? I don’t even know.

Is it just that I haven’t been in this deep with an open-canon TV fandom for a few years?

Yours in bafflement and exasperation,

K – who is for an awesome kick-ass Olivia and Peter and if they want to make out occasionally then that’s okay too.


I had a Matchbox 20 song in my head for far too long yesterday because of this Fringe vid. It’s awesome though, despite my slight dislike of the music choice (which can sometimes affect my enjoyment of a vid and sometimes not) and it's a happy team vid, which Fringe fandom needs for all manner of reasons.

Also, the always awesome [ profile] obsessive24 vidded to Fringe too. Follow the Cops Back Home. Placebo! Peter/Olivia/Altlivia! Ow, my heart. Awesome vid though, and awesome song.


Community: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas )


Yuletide? Christmas shopping? La la la la.
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I always like this meme:

1. Reply to this post with 'give me a letter' (or something similar) and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] aurora_84 gave me the letter J. Which was more difficult than I was expecting. As it turns out I don't have that many J songs. *resists the urge to do the maths to figure out what % of songs in iTunes start with J*

The White Stripes - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover) - one of my favourite White Stripes tracks, and just an awesome cover.

Paul Oakenfold - James Bond Theme - dancy James Bond theme. From the fairly horrendous movie Die Another Day but it's catchy and I have a soft spot for dance remixes of James Bond music. (see The Propellerheads' version of On Her Majesty's Secret Service - so awesome).

Kasabian - Julie and the Moth Man - slightly random track from the Underdog EP. Interesting lyrics, but infectious in the way Kasabian can be. (I get to see them at Isle of Wight - yay! They were awesome live when I saw them at BDO). (.m4a)

The Black Keys - Just Got To Be - awesome guitar and a nice blues-y feel.

David Bowie - The Jean Genie - you can't really go wrong with Bowie from this era.

Also, randomly because I listened to these tracks today at work and was reminded how much I love them:

The Wombats - Kill the Director

Catchy as hell and just such great lyrics. Though I'm a acting like I'm in an Eastenders episode / If this is a rom-com kill the director / ... and so with the angst of a teenage band / here's another song about a gender I'll never understand / ... this is no Bridget Jones ...

The Weakerthans - Watermark

I love these lyrics. So much. Speech will spill on space / our little cups of grace / ... the airports almost always empty this time of the year / so let's go play on the baggage carousel ...


Quiet weekend planned. Yay. (I will conquer you Flickr uploading, I will). And it might snow, which is way early for London. Fuck it was cold out in town tonight. Brrr.

Have reached Season 2 of Community. Still awesome. OMG paintball episode!

Fringe has still eaten my brain. Nom.

And although I am pretty disappointed Arsenal lost to Braga in the week it does mean that the Champions League game I am going to in two weeks has pretty much become must win! Now, I'm just crossing my fingers I get to see Cesc play, or at least come off the bench.

Random vid recs:

A Fringe vid dedicated to Peter's love of coffee. Yes, really. It's in so many episodes, and needless to say I adore it! Peter + coffee = OTP.

Harry Potter - Marching On. The trio (and friends) through all seven movies to date. So well done, and reminded me why I'm still so fond of these books. Clips include some very non-spoilery ones from DH Part 1.
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Good news: Strikes are off. I have a holiday!
Bad news: I don’t have a job past Monday!

Yes, really. Funding issues mean that my last day will be Monday. This Monday just gone I was told I probably had a month, which wasn't great, but I had time to prepare and then yesterday, "oh sorry, not so much. This Monday. Sorry about that." My bosses did try to change it, but it didn’t work. I mean, I’m a temp and I get it’s precarious, they are within their rights to terminate my contract that quickly but still, it sucks hard. So fucking hard.

My boss gave me a very nice card and chocolates today (really good champagne truffles even) to say sorry. He’s awesome. I'll miss him.

My recruiter. Less awesome. Not returning my call. I have other options to try but still, you'd think she'd be in touch.

Anyway, happier things.

I caught up on True Blood's latest two eps, and they weren't as bad as I thought )

Mad Men is still pending. Should do something about that.

I wasn't going to mention Josh. Really. And then this happened:

I was innocently looking at this Cinematical post (okay, perhaps not that innocently as it’s about the title sequence in a movie I very well knew he was in, but anyway), and the YouTube clip that went with it wasn’t just the title sequence (which is pretty awesome btw) but the first ten minutes of the movie. About two minutes in … hi Josh with an electric guitar!

Clip below, guitar starts around 2.12 )

Seriously, when I wrote the list of things he could do/have done to make my crush worse, * I wasn’t seriously considering that he would actually, you know, have done them. You have to hit a ceiling with the awesome eventually, Mr Jackson, and I'm still waiting for it.

I sadly probably have Kristen Stewart fans to thank for this as she’s in the movie too and that’s probably the reason someone loaded in onto YouTube in the fist place.

* I'm cautiously adding to the list the coin trick Peter does in Fringe (t's really quite hot in an odd way), but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Josh did actually do it. Bastard is clearly that awesome.


- (via [ profile] aurora_84) Awesome Fringe vid by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl. It's gen and full of Olivia kick ass awesomeness, amazing editing and I think would serve as a great pimp vid into the fandom. So, go watch it. ;)

- You've probably seen it by now, but [ profile] hackthis's post: How to Dress Your Man/Character: An Informal Tutorial Heavy on the PicSpam for Inception fandom is so cool. Lots of information on men's suits and totally reminded me that I really need to do that waistcoat picspam I keep meaning to do.

- The True Blood Rolling Stone cover I've seen linked everywhere with the naked and the blood does nothing for me. Nothing at all.

Anyway, should sleep or something. Had a pleasant evening just hanging with my flatmate and sort of watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Little planned for the weekend and I couldn't be more fine with that.
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My four day weekend is over. *sigh* I got an extra day because my work had an extra holiday. It's been nice, but being home by myself today made me think back to the months I spent unemployed and how I really don't want to go back there. Really. *wills the British economy in an upward direction*

Doctor Who: Cold Blood )

Also, it is quite possible I spent far too many hours watching NCIS episodes this long weekend. I saw a tweet from Rob who writes Topless Robot a cool geek blog, about how NCIS is the crack cocaine of procedural television, and that is so true, dude.

Thoughts, spoilers up to Rule Fifty One )

Random things that have made me happy today:

Amy Pond vid by [ profile] kaydeefalls. Just a gorgeous look at Amy, and it reminded me again what a great songwriter Vienna Teng is.

Hi I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC 100th episode: The Musical: Action figure Iron Man! Singing! About continuity! Anyway, it's awesome. I love the guy who does these, they're so well done. Warning: the song is extremely catchy.
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I have hot cross buns, Mini Eggs, Coke and I'm watching Zodiac. Hello, Robert Downey Jr.

I've been meaning to make a post for ages, so to the numbered points.

1. I've become a little addicted to The Good Wife. Josh Charles has been so, so good in the last two eps. I was a little underwhelmed by the first ep I saw (102, I think) but I think it's really found its stride. Also, Alan Cumming and Christine Baranski are awesome. I can't wait for the next ep.

2. Arsenal vs Barcelona: leg one )

3. The Guardian April Fools Day joke was awesome: Step Outside, Posh Boy. They would actual facts win Labour some votes in some constituencies.

4. I finally found a link to a Veronica Mars V/L vid to Muse's "Feeling Good" that I've loved for ages but was only available as a Real Media file: Feeling Good by [ profile] astartexx.

5. Matt Bellamy in an Iron Man mask. !!! He's admittedly looking a trifle creepy, but I do love their love for Marvel superheroes.

6. Australian GP last week rocked. So glad I got up early to watch Jenson win. \o/ He was awesome and in the after race web forum he continued his habit of kissing BBC presenters on the cheek. God, he's adorable. Sadly I'm going to miss this week's Malaysian GP, but there is always iPlayer, and I'm going to Warwick Castle instead, so I call that a win. ;)

7. I forgot to get a [ profile] lgtbfest prompt. Bugger.

Really, really need to redo my icons. Perhaps a task for the weekend.

Edit. Knew I forgot something.

8. I caught up on Gossip Girl all in one night when I should have been sleeping. Pretty people with snark and drama, I do sort of love it. Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair and please Chace Crawford, don't ever lose the bangs )
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I've watched some really cool vids recently:

Hurricane by [ profile] laurashapiro (BSG/Farscape, Aeryn/Starbuck)

I think constructed reality vids can be a little hit or miss but this is one of the best ones I've seen, the two sources are weaved together so well, and it really brings home the similarities between Aeryn and Kara. Also, hot.

Still A Rock Star by [ profile] damned_colonial (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson)

Just made me laugh in delight and want to see the movie all over again. Technically a break-up vid, but a very amusing one. Pink works surprisingly well with the clips.

Fever by [ profile] talitha78 (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson)

Another fun Sherlock Holmes vid. Oh, they're pretty.

Also, as a result of this vid I had to go and find the song. I paid money for an Adam Lambert single, are you happy now, internet?


I didn't really mean to, but I did stay up and watch some of the Oscars, my next day at work suffered a little, but it's the Oscars, and I always watch at least a bit. This is one of the downsides to being in the UK instead of NZ; in NZ the Oscars at least happened during the day when I was at work and could keep an eye on them without losing sleep. ;)

Brief thoughts )


Iron Man 2 trailer came out on Monday!! I could not have wished for a better trailer. Well, okay, a little more Natasha and Pepper wouldn’t have hurt but still, so, so good. And RDJ looked goooood. I am so amped for this movie, in case that was subtly hidden. ;)

Embedded below with squee and exclamation point abuse )


I am amused that a majority of the comments on this Muse twitpic are about Matt's new coat, which is also admittedly, the first thing I noticed about it. Also, he seems to be growing his hair out, I approve of this, so much.

Now, I have White Collar and House waiting for me, and maybe I'll finally get around to watching the Caprica pilot.
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I'd been thinking I hadn't watched many vids recently, and then lo, it was VividCon and that was rectified in abundance.

Great vids this year, but two in particular really got to me:

American Tune by [ profile] greensilver (The West Wing, ensemble).

This vid brought tears to my eyes. It's a perfect song fit with great editing and just combining all that was awesome, heart-breaking and wonderful about this show. I am sad my DVDs are a couple of continents away right now. If you loved the show, you should watch this.

Bachelorette by [ profile] obsessive24 (Buffy, Buffy centric).

Great editing that really fits the song and just flows beautifully, and it has a nuanced argument behind it about women and the society they live in. Thoughtful and a pleasure to watch. Also, one of the more impressive opening shots I've seen.
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As if I wasn't already looking forward to "The Shrine", these promo pics came along. *flail*

Also, this interview with Joe Flanigan is made of a boatload of awesome (link via [ profile] tex). He's so hilarious in this, and there are some classic quotes. ("Well, you’ve got to walk away from the blackjack table. Save the galaxy.") He lists getting a new skateboard as a highlight of Season 5, oh and "The Shrine." <3! (S5 spoilers in the interview). So much love.

I better not get my hopes up too high, this could end badly.

If you are in anyway inclined towards Doctor Who fanvids, you should totally check out [ profile] flummery's vid here. It's so, so well done and just seriously, watch it.

Random link: Batman hoodie as worn here by John Mayer, who I can totally take or leave, but the hoodie is awesome.

Random link II: Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?. Cool article on Jon and TDS in the NYTimes. Includes cute quotes about Jon from Stephen Colbert.
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I had a great weekend hanging out with friends, dressing like a cowgirl and eating fantastic Mexican food, but my living situation is still very, very ... shaky past this Saturday. I have put into place a back-up plan which I really, really don't want to have to use, but I think I'll have to. *sighs in resigned fashion* This will be going down in the books as one of my sillier decisions.

Anyway, on to the very pretty show that takes up far too much of my brain real-estate.

SGA: Outcast )

And since this post seems to have turned into John Sheppard, All the Time, a vid rec! My Vampire Heart by [ profile] keewick. Just a beautiful look at John with a focus on S4 (scenes up through 'Quarantine') and it made me look at some of the scenes in a new light. Just, gorgeous.

Okay, this song is a little too apt for this post. This song is totally going to fly up my iTunes play counts as nearly all of the songs at the top are SGA vid bunnies in one form or other. See what I said about the brain real-estate?
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Ian McKellen is performing in the RSC production of King Lear in Wellington in the middle of August. How did I not know about this sooner?! Why did I have to learn about it from the Dominion Post?!

Anyway, the tickets are rather crazily priced (but considering this is the RSC, probably not that insane) but ... I think I really have to go. I mean, I sincerely doubt Ian McKellen will be back here doing Shakespeare for a while, possibly not ever again.

Ian McKellen on stage, performing Shakespeare.

Yeah, I have to go. Even if I see it by myself. I love you credit card!

In other squeeful news, on a whim I downloaded a few vids last night. I used to be really into vidding, and even tried to do a couple of my own back when CSI and WaT were my main fandoms (wow, that was a while ago), but I haven't regularly watched them in ages. Oh, vids!

I especially loved AbsoluteDestiny's vid I Enjoy Being A Girl which features Buffy, Sydney, Veronica, Zoe and Kara kicking ass. All characters I adore. I've watched it quite a few times since last night and just, it makes me grin.

Also, it might be that it's the fandom that's bringing me the most joy right now, but I just adored [ profile] dualbunny's Dr Who vid A Place in Time. It's a transition vid between Nine and Ten. It's short, but just made me so happy.

And okay, one more Dr.Who vid. I watched this one on dear old YouTube a while back, and it's just, the smiles and the angst and the Doctors and Rose, and I know it's set to Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars' which is a song that really irritates me normally and has had so many vids done to it, but it works here so well. I will admit, it's possible that I am just a sap, but you should watch it.

I need to find some more good Dr.Who vids. I'd be interested to know if anyone's done anything interesting with Martha.

Finally, I just felt like sharing this. It's Franz Ferdinad covering Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" with just a little bit of Billy Idol and I'm enjoying it a lot right now. I possibly got this from someone on my flist, if it was you, thank you!

Now, off to buy Ocean's Thirteen tickets for tonight! George! Brad! Rusty! Danny!


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