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The Hobbit )

Year end TV meme )

La la la Yuletide. I meant to do things today but ended up drinking beer at lunch time and talking D&D as I'm gong to start playing again for the first time since 2005. There may have been a discussion about the alignment of the British Museum vs MoMA ... maybe. I love geeks.

Driveby rec:

The Legality of Being Human series by [ profile] warmlightforallmankind (Derek/Stiles, Mike/Harvey)
AU where Stiles is Harvey's half-brother and it actually works pretty well and there is lots of awesome banter.
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Do I need to start this with my traditional greeting oh 'haha, oh wow I should be in bed?' or do you think we can take it as read now?

Mad Men: The Beautiful Girls )

I really do love this show.

I've seen a few posts about what people are going to be watching this new (US) TV season.

Returning shows:

Fringe - Shocker. It's not Thursday yet, is it? Damn.
Bones- sort of depending on how I feel. I'll watch a few episodes anyway. Hodgins will compel me if nothing else.
Community - need to see S1 first but I'm definitely keen
Big Bang Theory - I keep forgetting to watch it regularly. Must remember. In general, I tend to find it a lot harder to keep up with comedies than dramas. Mostly I think because I don't watch too many of them.
Gossip Girl - now two eps behind, but curiosity will get the better of me. Also, Chace Crawford.

In terms of new shows: I'm interested in Boardwalk Empire and despite myself The Event, even though it is absolutely another FlashForward waiting to happen. I like watching things crash and burn. I also await to see what show fandom welcomes with open arms, because there will be one.

I need to catch up on White Collar at some point too. I stopped after the disappointing 2.02 and forgot to keep watching. Also, the Treme pilot is still unwatched. David Simon, self, David Simon. Watch. It.

And there's some sort of Merlin show on BBC at the moment as well. ;) So much TV, so little time. (I've heard Chuck is very good ... and four seasons old. Oy. Later).

RL wise, my interview today went well, I think. Don't think I said anything too horrendously stupid. There is a second interview (*sigh*) which hopefully I'll hear about tomorrow. Fingers crossed anyway. I really want this job like woah.

Now, to tell myself that now is not at all an appropriate time to start watching One Week.

I can also see me possibly getting interested in hockey this year. I blame this on conversations with my ex-workmate (huge Canadiens fan), my own curiosity, certain people on my friends list and more than one actor (yes, more than just the one you're thinking of, but to be honest, fair call) I like going on about it.
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Meme via [ profile] pocky_slash.

Comment and I'll give you a letter. Then you write ten things you groove on that start with that letter.

She gave me the letter S.

The Rolling Stones, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Sportsnight, Sirius Black, Sam Vimes, Scallops, Starbuck, Serenity and Sneakers )

That was a little random. Fun though.


I was playing around with my layout and now it has turtles! No doubt I'll get sick of it fairly quickly, but at the moment it amuses me. I don't know why I love turtles so much, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Finding Nemo.

I caught my first ep in ages of SGA and I must say ... eh. Jewel Staite was even in it, but I was rather underwhelmed.

I also caught the second ep of the US version of The Office and ... yeah. I did like the rather cute ending, but other than that it was just okay. I'm willing to give it a chance though.

*flees downstairs to escape flatmate's loud music and banging and watch something random*
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Heh. I just finished my Yuletide sign-up and apparently I was feeling rather gutsty tonight as I signed up to write quite a few more fandoms than I had planned, and with a large majority I said I'd write any character. That could be interesting. Ah well. It'll be fun. Until like a day before deadline when no doubt I'll be asking myself why I thought this was a good idea.

NZ TV is very bereft of good programmes right now. There is literally no programme apart from occasionally the news that I am going out of my way to watch and the new US seasons won't get here until after Summer. My TV watching has fallen the way of the DVD. However ... I might have asked for an external hard-drive for Christmas. So pretty! So much space!

Fandom wise my brain has mostly been going: Stones! BSG! Stones! VMars! Stones! And House, Grey's and Studio 60 (which I haven't even seen one episode of) are kinda playing around on the very far reaches.

However, I did just re-read the first three trades of 'Planetary' again recently and now I really, really want the fourth and the library didn't want to lend it to me (ie: some bastard already has it out). This could be dangerous. I have to remember not to walk past the comics store this weekend.
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Grey's Anatomy: What Have I Done to Deserve This? )

Tonight's House (Euphoria Pt 1) continued it's awesome trend. I don't have a lot to say other than, I love this show and Omar and Hugh, you rock.

Also, I've never realy understood the attraction of Boston Legal, but I watched tonght's ep and really enjoyed it. I still think William Shatner is a little annoying, but Candice Bergen, James Spader and Rene Auberjonois were all awesome. Hmm.

Oh, should I be in bed.
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I watched a lot of TV tonight, but it made me happy. Three good eps of Veronica Mars (including 'An Echolls Family Christmas, which I just, adore with all my heart) and an ep of Grey's Anatomy that was far better than last week's. Not at it's best, but I didn't think about going up to my room in the middle of it either.

Grey's Anatomy: Break On Through )

Also, one spoilery comment about the OC S3 finale.

... )


Sometimes, when you're patient with Google, it's really rather nice to you. *pets it*

OMG broadband never leave me!

*frustrated muttering*

I'm 23 today. *meep*
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1. My [ profile] houserareathon entry is up. Keys (Foreman, Wilson, House, G). Meep. I haven't posted fic in ages. *frets*

2. I really need to learn to just shut up some days. Really. That shall be my aim tomorow. To think before I speak.

3. I've started watching Rescue Me and I'm really quite enjoying it. It made me cry tonight (standard disclaimer: it's not that hard). Dennis Leary deserves the GG nom he got.

4. DVD Unlimited sent me disc 1 of the new Battlestar Galactica and it took me less than 24 hours to get through. Ooh, it's pretty. Oh so pretty.

Brief BSG thoughts through 'Act of Contrition' )

5. I swear I'm almost counting down the hours till Veronica Mars on Friday.

6. My life really isn't this much about television. Really.
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Gacked from [ profile] eolivet and [ profile] daygloparker.

TV Screencap Meme: Guess the show, or if you feel like it, have a go at guessing the ep as well. Some of them are pretty easy and some of them are a little random. I'll screen comments and post answers in a couple of days; along with the reasons why I chose them, because it means I get to ramble about some TV moments I love; though not all of them were chosen for deep and meaningful reasons.

12 caps but only 11 shows )

Edit: Comments now unscreened for this.


Veronica Mars 104: The Wrath of Con )

Contains some ship spoilers for later in the season.


I'd already seen it but it aired here tonight and re-watching it reminded me of something I wanted to share.

House 118: Babies and Bathwater )


I have absolutely nothing to do tomorrow. *sighs blissfully*
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1) Dad has watched nearly all of Firefly this weekend and is lovng it. Mmm, convert. Not that I can babble fannishly to him about ships or anything, but it's one more person who will go and see 'Serenity' when it gets here. I meant to do other things but ended up watching a lot of it with him because I was reminded how wonderful it is. <3

2) The D row of the 'Alternative' section at Real Groovy proved my undoing on Saturday. I bought Death Cab for Cutie's 'Transatlanticism,' The Dresden Dolls' self-titled album and The Decemberist's album 'Picaresque.' It wasn't cheap but they're all fantastic albums.

3) I don't think I would have actually believed Bernie Eccelstone (Boss of Formula One racing, for those who aren't familiar) said 'I have a theory women look good in white, like all other domestic appliances' (paraphrased) unless I had seen the clip on the news tonight. Not that I thought he was a nice guy or anything, just that, who the hell says (or thinks, but I'm not that naive) that?! What a complete and utter ass! I stared at the TV screen aghast.

4)I haven't re-read OotP yet and haven't even pre-ordered HBP yet either. I am a bad HP fan. Also, one who is totally dreading the re-read because yeah, it's going to make me bawl. I'd like to say I'm over it completely, but I'm totally not. *sap* I will do it though, because there are all sorts of small details missing in my head which I think I'm going to need to know.

5) The new Doctor Who series is coming here soon on Prime! After all the squee I've seen about it, I can't wait to finally see it myself. Now, if only we'd get Veronica Mars and Stargate: Atlantis ...

6) House is still ruling my life. I even have fic and god forbid, vid bunnies. I've also seen the cane-grabbng scene from the Unaired Pilot (through the generosity of [ profile] darkeyedwolf) and *dies* OTP!

7) Someone in Christchurch owns a silver Aston Martin DB9. I saw it the other day and had to cross the road to make sure I wasn't imagining it and to get a better look. So pretty.

8) Australian Cricket Team: WTF?


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