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I'm hooooome.

Well I got home yesterday after 38 hours of airports and flights - including a lovely 11 hour stopover in Incheon Airport in Seoul. I got a few things done (wash all the clothes, actually have food in the house) before sleeping for 11 hours. So needed that.

While I'll miss people I left in the UK a lot and in some ways being back in London felt like I never left - I'm happy to be back. It's nice to be back in my own bed and Wellington is looking pretty gorgeous in the sunshine. Also positive job things happened while I was away. I had a semi-interview via skype while in Barcelona and got offered another job too. I am still trying to finalise some things but it's looking positive.

Europe - in bullet points )

There will be photos. Eventually. These things always take me time.

Let the tv catch-up begin. Being in the UK meant I mostly kept up with The Thick of It (Malcolm I missed you so) and Downton Abbey but other than that ... ahaha no.

Why I started with H50 I'm not quite sure, but I did.

oy - which is to say 3.01 and 3.02 )

I also haven't really kept up with LJ/DW so that's another thing on the online to-do list. I uh ... sort of kept up with Tumblr as my queue of pictures of Gabriel Macht's face might attest. *cough*

Also just in time for Get Together this weekend! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone but I really need to do my Sportsnight pimp. I need to channel my feelings about Dan Rydell .... <333

And uh Yuletide noms are happening already? Dude. Time flies.
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I'm quite possibly on a sugar high from too much Aero Orange chocolate. So good. Damn you Sainsburys specials.

I went to see Thor on Monday:

Thoughts - admittedly a lot about how awesome Loki was )

I had some further Fringe thoughts now I'm over the OMGWTF of the finale but I might try and make them a bit more coherent before I post. I'm not really feeling it right now.

I have actually achieved something this week and booked my final few day's accomodation in New York and started packing away the things I need to ship home tonight, which isn't quite as impressive as it sounds as it basically involved moving stuff from one box to another. I am having bank account dilemmas though. I just need to make a decision and stick to it, but I am wavering. A lot.

I also got distracted by Josh and Diane being ridiculously adorable on the Cannes red carpet tonight.

How adorable? Well this adorable )

And how distracted? So distracted. There was a lot of refreshing of various things. Procrastinating is so my Olympic sport.

Have fallen behind on Dr Who. Now two episodes down. Must catch up before I leave iPlayer behind.

I am up to date with Game of Thrones though. Still enjoying it, but maybe not as much as at the start, but can't really put my finger on why. It's since I've started reading the book actually, but they're really doing a good job of the adaption ... I'm not sure. Arya still rocks all before her though.
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Amsterdam was awesome. Quite different from my last trip but in the best way. Very relaxed, amazing weather, crazy Dutch people. I had a great time.

However then it took me 2 hours to get home from Gatwick, but at least I had this waiting for me at home:

Fringe: The Last Sam Weiss )

Still have to watch Game of Thrones, Dr Who and Community (in that order, I imagine) but I also have to do some things with my day.

Have started reading "Game of Thrones" too, which sort of spoils the tv show I guess, but loving the book so far. Although I must admit I find Danerys quite a bit more engaging on the screen than on the page. It's interesting.

Berlin tickets booked too. \o/

As for the big news that went down overnight. I was awake to see it happen on Twitter and watch the address, and wow. Did not see that coming. Symbolically, it's huge and I can imagine it must bring a sense a closure to people. I'm not sure i have a lot else to say. Good week for Barack Obama.
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Back from 4 days in Paris and sleeping decent hours, to coming home, having unpacked no bags, and being up and on the net still at 2am. Inevitable, I guess.

Paris was awesome. Took a ridiculous amount of photos, saw the Lourve, Notre Dame, Versailles (!!), the Pompidou Centre, walked around a lot, and it was even sunny for a day and half or so. Enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, and as soon as I got on the tube to come home tonight I missed the crazy Paris metro - if not the Parisian drivers.

Back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

Fringe: Concentrate and Ask Again )

I could rant a little about Fringe fandom here but to be honest, blah. I think I'm going to make a conscious decision to keep away from it for a few days, which is going to mean no Tumblr, but that's probably not a bad thing. I'm getting too close to it, I think.

I also watched the D&D ep of Community before I went away. It was good, but not quite as amazing as I had hoped sadly. I may have been building it up too much in my head.

Random: I have 10 O'Clock live tickets for next week! I will finally see a Charlie Brooker show live! *dances*
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Today was training and the Inbox of Mayhem (seriously, coordinating 150 people sending in forms, and telling them, 'no sign it properly,' 'no, you can't do that,' and recording their answers and forwarding on queries and ... argh. Tomorrow promises to be no better. At least I'm busy?

Went to the travel agent yesterday to discuss flights home. Scary and sad and exciting and stressful and all sorts of things. Flights via the US including a two week stop over flying in and out of New York is ... financially doable. Though it is frightening to commit to dates in five months time when my job situation is a little precarious. But then if I don't book this at this price (and I have to book flights home at some point anyway) and potentially miss out on a trip in the US I will kick myself ... so uh, early July? Anyone Boston/New York/DC-ish want to catch up? ;)

I meant to go to bed early tonight. As you can see that has gone so well. As it always does.

Have some Festivids recs:

High School Never Ends (The West Wing) - hilarious mash-up of song and fandom. I love it.

Paper covers rock (The West Wing) - a really well done Hoynes-centric vid that covers the period after his resignation. Slightly sinister in tone. It's really cool.

TV Taught Me How to Feel (Community) - Abed-centric vid. Great song choice, even if it s an insanely earworm-y Marina and the Diamonds song. Abed <3

Space Oddity (Community) - Troy and Abed vid. Interesting song choice with the Bowie but it really does work. God, I love them.

Float On (Finding Nemo) - oh it's just adorable. It's one of my least favourite Pixar movies (except for the turtles, who are awesome),but this makes me wonder if I should give it another go.

Blue (Hot Fuzz) - awesome editing, badass White Stripes song choice, just love it.

Friends (How I Met Your Mother) - great clip choices, and it just works so well. <3

Teenage Dirtbag (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) - the most perfect song choice, and great editing on top. Awesome.

Columbus & Talahasee (Zombieland) - zombie killing to ZZ Top. Great song choice and tonnes of fun.

Resistance (Star Trek: TNG) - vid with Picard and Data set during First Contact. Lots to think about and just a great song choice. I need to watch this again.

Oh, I saw Black Swan on Monday. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. I liked it, thought it was visceral and interesting, but I wasn't blown away. Natalie was really good though.
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Fringe: The Firefly )

Not enough <3's in the world.

And there was also this:

Community: Asian Population Studies )

Now, um, I should get up, I guess? Find coffee, breakfast. I was thinking of going out (must get a quote for flights home at some point) but I think that can wait until tomorrow.

And I finally got around to booking Paris! Going in two weeks time for four days! Wonder how much my friend can take of the Art Galleries, Museums and Commentary of Random Facts Kylie Remembers From that Awesome French Revolution Class She Took ... tour. Versailles! Have only wanted to go since I was ten looking at a picture in an encyclopaedia. <3 I'm sure the Eiffel Tower is awesome, dudes, but Versailles!
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I'm back! Sort of. Currently using my flatmate's laptop, so don't have access to all my files/programs but do have sweet, sweet internet.

I had a good but exhausting time (and saw a lot more of rural Belgium than I had planned, long story and Edinburgh is OMG awesome) but don't think I have a huuuge post in me just yet. We'll see how I go.

I've also been distracted by the fact there was a 7.0 earthquake in my hometown yesterday evening (my time). Everyone is fine, my parents' and brother's houses are fine, but it was a little fraught there for a while, hearing the news while on the tarmac at Edinburgh airport, not being able to use my phone for over an hour, and then trying to get someone to respond (parents need to charge their phone more). I finally talked to my brother when I was on the train back from Gatwick (*hearts cellphones*) and while he didn't know where my parents were initially (they went for a walk idk), they turned up.

Some of the photos have been pretty insane. Places I know and used to walk past in the CBD all the time are collapsed. Thankfully it happened at night, so most people were asleep and there have been no reports of fatalities. The city was lucky all things considered. Still, pretty scary, and for me, it has made me feel really far away.

Look after yourself, Christchurch.
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I have felt better it must be said. Leaving drinks were really nice, and I left at a decent time and didn't think I'd drunk that much. Clearly, I was mistaken. *winces* It was probably the scotch that my boss bought me that did it. It was only polite to finish it. ;)

Anyway, have most things sorted before I go on my European adventure. Need to clean laptop, triple check tickets and passports, and tidy my room and then I am off. Eeep. *obsessively checks Picadilly line status*

Which is to say, I won't be around much for the next week, and potentially longer than that as my laptop will be at the Apple store for at least a week past that. *clings to it* I will have access to my flatmate's laptop, but I doubt I'll be checking things as much.

Hope you all have wonderful weekend/weeks. :D

Unrelatedly, my Muse ticket arrived today! I was a little worried they were going to arrive when I was away. They're very pretty. I haven't been in a really Muse-y mood recently (which might disagree with, but when there are 163 Muse songs in your iTunes, and when you listen to your library on shuffle most of the time, you're going to hit a Muse song every now and then), but I am excited to be going to a gig at Wembley. it should be epic.

Tidying now, really.

It was bucketing down at first practice today. I know it's Spa and the weather is unpredictable, but could we maybe aim for light rain and not torrential, Belgium? Perhaps? Cheers.
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Good news: Strikes are off. I have a holiday!
Bad news: I don’t have a job past Monday!

Yes, really. Funding issues mean that my last day will be Monday. This Monday just gone I was told I probably had a month, which wasn't great, but I had time to prepare and then yesterday, "oh sorry, not so much. This Monday. Sorry about that." My bosses did try to change it, but it didn’t work. I mean, I’m a temp and I get it’s precarious, they are within their rights to terminate my contract that quickly but still, it sucks hard. So fucking hard.

My boss gave me a very nice card and chocolates today (really good champagne truffles even) to say sorry. He’s awesome. I'll miss him.

My recruiter. Less awesome. Not returning my call. I have other options to try but still, you'd think she'd be in touch.

Anyway, happier things.

I caught up on True Blood's latest two eps, and they weren't as bad as I thought )

Mad Men is still pending. Should do something about that.

I wasn't going to mention Josh. Really. And then this happened:

I was innocently looking at this Cinematical post (okay, perhaps not that innocently as it’s about the title sequence in a movie I very well knew he was in, but anyway), and the YouTube clip that went with it wasn’t just the title sequence (which is pretty awesome btw) but the first ten minutes of the movie. About two minutes in … hi Josh with an electric guitar!

Clip below, guitar starts around 2.12 )

Seriously, when I wrote the list of things he could do/have done to make my crush worse, * I wasn’t seriously considering that he would actually, you know, have done them. You have to hit a ceiling with the awesome eventually, Mr Jackson, and I'm still waiting for it.

I sadly probably have Kristen Stewart fans to thank for this as she’s in the movie too and that’s probably the reason someone loaded in onto YouTube in the fist place.

* I'm cautiously adding to the list the coin trick Peter does in Fringe (t's really quite hot in an odd way), but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Josh did actually do it. Bastard is clearly that awesome.


- (via [ profile] aurora_84) Awesome Fringe vid by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl. It's gen and full of Olivia kick ass awesomeness, amazing editing and I think would serve as a great pimp vid into the fandom. So, go watch it. ;)

- You've probably seen it by now, but [ profile] hackthis's post: How to Dress Your Man/Character: An Informal Tutorial Heavy on the PicSpam for Inception fandom is so cool. Lots of information on men's suits and totally reminded me that I really need to do that waistcoat picspam I keep meaning to do.

- The True Blood Rolling Stone cover I've seen linked everywhere with the naked and the blood does nothing for me. Nothing at all.

Anyway, should sleep or something. Had a pleasant evening just hanging with my flatmate and sort of watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Little planned for the weekend and I couldn't be more fine with that.
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Feeling a bit blah, but need to go out and be social in a bit, which might be interesting. Also need to decide quickly if I want to go to Portsmouth tomorrow to see the HMS Victory and the sea. The sea! I really want to get out of London for the day, but the weather is supposed to be sort of average and maybe it would be best to leave it for a better day. I think the sea is going to win me over though ... I really miss living on the coast.

Also, I should be getting excited about Belgium/Netherlands/Scotland but there might be strikes at a few UK airports that weekend including you guessed it, the one I fly from on the Friday night. *sigh* I cannot tell you how much I hope that gets worked out because my whole week trip depends on me being in Brussels, so if is a strike, I still have to get there, and I don't want to book anything too far in advance as a back-up and then have the strike get worked out and be out a lot of money. Heathrow closed. On a Bank Holiday weekend. I .... they've got to stop that surely? *headdesk* Things like this make me wonder why I came over, and no I don't really mean that, but still, it crosses my mind. Wellington seemed so much easier.

The most recent Mad Men episode was awesome. Awesome women FTW )

It's perhaps a bad sign that the last Sherlock episode is sitting paused about a third of the way through in another tab, isn't it? I feel like I should be enjoying this so much more, and it's not that I dislike it, it just wasn't holding my attention before. *shrugs*

Wow, I need to tidy my room, but I can't see that happening somehow.

And because it's been a while and that music meme doesn't seem to be happening:

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really. And I will answer them in a comment.

Shower time now, I think. Yes.

Oh, one happy thing. I've been helping out with testing and the like for AO3, and there is a tutorial now up about running a gift exchange challenge that I wrote. :D

Random Josh Jackson link: sitting beside Big Bird being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel. Seriously. That must have been so surreal. Josh just seemed incredibly amused.
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Missed some days again. I was busy, had drama (debit card charges that were not my own, people suck), and was in Belgium for the day (first trip to the continent, <3's Europe), so I got a little distracted.

Belgium btw was awesome. I went to Bruges, and there were old buildings, cobblestone streets, nice people, good chocolate and one amazing coffee with waffles. Had a great time, and I wasn't *too* interrogated when I re-entered the UK. *sigh*

Day 08. A song that makes you fall asleep

I didn't quite know what to do with this. I don't really tend to listen to too much music when I'm sleepy, I tend to fall asleep to TV episodes I play on my laptop, but I do have a few sleepy gentle sounding songs.

Veruca Salt - Aurora

From the Tank Girl soundtrack, which is a movie I do need to see at some point. Gorgeous song.

Hubble space pictures set to 'Aurora' via YouTube and the list of days )

I watched Dr Who this morning due to all the positive comments I saw on Twitter:

Dr Who: The Pandorica Opens )

I brought chocolate covered coffee beans back from Belgium. So good, but it all ends up with me being incredibly hyped up because I eat too many.

Two good things I found my ring I though I'd lost in a pair of trousers, and I have Them Crooked Vultures tickets for 5 July. Dave Grohl! <3
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It's been a bit of a day really, mostly for reasons in my head, but it ended pleasantly with udon, Veronica Mars and then hanging out with friends which consisted of finding a very cool new bar and a covers band with a rather awesome set-list.


Veronica Mars: Ruskie Business )


I am so going to see Franz Ferdinand playing in Auckland in January. So good.

Also, my friend is trying to talk me into going to India with her, and there's really no reason I shouldn't go. India doesn't really top the list of places I want to go, but I definitely would like to go there at some point. Hmm


I've finally seen both 'Whale Rider' and 'The Shawshank Redemption' as they're two movies people have told me I really should have seen. Both were truly wonderful films. Morgan Freeman is really just all sorts of awesome.


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