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Today was training and the Inbox of Mayhem (seriously, coordinating 150 people sending in forms, and telling them, 'no sign it properly,' 'no, you can't do that,' and recording their answers and forwarding on queries and ... argh. Tomorrow promises to be no better. At least I'm busy?

Went to the travel agent yesterday to discuss flights home. Scary and sad and exciting and stressful and all sorts of things. Flights via the US including a two week stop over flying in and out of New York is ... financially doable. Though it is frightening to commit to dates in five months time when my job situation is a little precarious. But then if I don't book this at this price (and I have to book flights home at some point anyway) and potentially miss out on a trip in the US I will kick myself ... so uh, early July? Anyone Boston/New York/DC-ish want to catch up? ;)

I meant to go to bed early tonight. As you can see that has gone so well. As it always does.

Have some Festivids recs:

High School Never Ends (The West Wing) - hilarious mash-up of song and fandom. I love it.

Paper covers rock (The West Wing) - a really well done Hoynes-centric vid that covers the period after his resignation. Slightly sinister in tone. It's really cool.

TV Taught Me How to Feel (Community) - Abed-centric vid. Great song choice, even if it s an insanely earworm-y Marina and the Diamonds song. Abed <3

Space Oddity (Community) - Troy and Abed vid. Interesting song choice with the Bowie but it really does work. God, I love them.

Float On (Finding Nemo) - oh it's just adorable. It's one of my least favourite Pixar movies (except for the turtles, who are awesome),but this makes me wonder if I should give it another go.

Blue (Hot Fuzz) - awesome editing, badass White Stripes song choice, just love it.

Friends (How I Met Your Mother) - great clip choices, and it just works so well. <3

Teenage Dirtbag (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) - the most perfect song choice, and great editing on top. Awesome.

Columbus & Talahasee (Zombieland) - zombie killing to ZZ Top. Great song choice and tonnes of fun.

Resistance (Star Trek: TNG) - vid with Picard and Data set during First Contact. Lots to think about and just a great song choice. I need to watch this again.

Oh, I saw Black Swan on Monday. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. I liked it, thought it was visceral and interesting, but I wasn't blown away. Natalie was really good though.
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I'd been thinking I hadn't watched many vids recently, and then lo, it was VividCon and that was rectified in abundance.

Great vids this year, but two in particular really got to me:

American Tune by [ profile] greensilver (The West Wing, ensemble).

This vid brought tears to my eyes. It's a perfect song fit with great editing and just combining all that was awesome, heart-breaking and wonderful about this show. I am sad my DVDs are a couple of continents away right now. If you loved the show, you should watch this.

Bachelorette by [ profile] obsessive24 (Buffy, Buffy centric).

Great editing that really fits the song and just flows beautifully, and it has a nuanced argument behind it about women and the society they live in. Thoughtful and a pleasure to watch. Also, one of the more impressive opening shots I've seen.
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I'm tired and really rather rambly but I wanted to comment.

The West Wing: Here Today )


My life amuses me.
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I finally caught my first West Wing S7 ep.

The West Wing: Mr. Frost )
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My Veronica Mars S1 DVDs arrived! There was much rejoicing and much love for Amazon. I've watched the up to "Meet John Smith" and I have quite a few thoughts about the re-watch but I'm putting together a Word doc and I'll post them all at once. There are some things I'm just noticing now that I adore, and some (small) things that I don't like so much. *cough*Troy*cough*


West Wing is over. *sniff* We haven't seen S7 here yet ( and I really hope we do, but who knows with TV One) but I've been reading finale reactions and such and two really cool things I've found are [ profile] _jems_'s retrospective cap post (image heavy) which has some really great moments. Also, there's [ profile] dianora2's thank yous which say so much about what made me love the show. *sniff* I think it was time for it to go, but still, I just love those characters so much. Here's hoping Studio 60 makes up some way for the loss.

Talking of Studio 60, I've also been reading about the Upfronts and it seems there's good news for VMars but Studio 60 was put up against CSI and Grey's? Wow. Tough time slot. I hope NBC shuffle things a little bit there. I think torrents might tempt me with this show. Now, I only need some hard drive space. ;)


House ('Clueless') rocked this week (pancakes!) but I only caught the last half of Grey's and I wasn't that sorry. Huh.


I don't talk sport on here too often, but go Arsenal in the Champions League Final tomorrow! I thought about catching the first half at a pub before work, but it would only be the first half and I'd be going alone. Also, 6am is pretty early, even for Thierry. Damn he better not go anywhere.
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So, my day's been pretty good, work was pretty interesting and I finally bought my Mum a Mother's Day gift but my day got exponentially better when I came home and opened LJ. <3

Wherein Tali flails over the VMars S2 finale and the second to last *ever* episode of The West Wing - neither of which she has seen, but which she dearly wants to )

And while I'm talking TV, some thoughts about some eps I've actually seen.

House 2x14: Sex Kills )

Grey's Anatomy: Begin the Begin )
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Must be quick as I really should not still be up right now.

I spent the weekend at my friends’ wedding in Golden Bay and had an awesome time. The weather was gorgeous, where we were staying was right on a beautiful beach, I met some great people who I wish I’d got to know better and it was just a great weekend. I drank a little more than I had intended being almost surrounded by people I didn’t know too well, but that was pretty fun too.

Randomly, the night sky is just so, so beautiful when you’re away from any major cities.

The real goodbyes have started now though. The wedding was the first one, now it’s all packing and goodbyes. Ah well. I know I’m making the right decision but hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.

Warning: Chances are there are going to be a lot of these "OMG, Moving!' posts this week. I haven't moved in 17 years. It's going to start freaking me out. Bear with me.


Watched the Superbowl today with Dad at a sports bar. I had a great time. I was cheering for the Seahawks, but in the end the Steelers probably deserved to win, though the score should have been closer. Seattle were pretty unlucky with some of the calls they got and except for the last quarter, they had played a damn good game.


New TV! * twirls *

Grey’s Anatomy, I didn’t realise how much I missed you.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head )

Tomorrow: House!


Matthew Perry is signed up for the latest Sorkin/Schlamme enterprise.

I know there were reports he had turned it down, but this article, and others I've seen, seem pretty sure he has signed up. Excellent! I really loved him in his guest-starring roles in TWW. It looks like an interesting show. New!Sorkin, mmm.
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1. NBC cancelling The West Wing after 7 seasons.

This might sound a little blasphemous as I recently said this was my favourite TV show ever, but I'm actually kinda glad about this. The end of the Bartlet Presidency seems like a logical place to end it and the show has passed its prime. Now, I just hope Wells and co gives the show an ending it deserves because I fear what could happen. Just, say no to helicopters, Mr Wells.

2.I have been assimilated. A very charming salesman turned up at my door today and convinced me to change to a Telecom cellphone. It made sense, I swear. Really. Although I do feel a little bit like I'm lettting the Vodafone side down and have sold out. Also, I'll miss my Nokia 3315. It's old, but it's served me well.

3.You know the cheap flight I was so happy to get? I'm still happy but something I didn't think about at the time is that it's leaving Monday afternoon and all of my family will be at work at that time and won't be there to see me off. My Dad is a bit disappointed about that. *sighs* I still can't handle disappointing him, even if it's something like that.

I still don't think it's hit me that I'm really leaving, and how much I'll be winging it when I get there. Probably no job, no real permanent residence, just a friend's couch. Exciting, sure, but scary as all hell.

4. I was in a rather gloomy mood tonight, due to really small, stupid things, like the above. So I decided I'd push that a little further and watch Finding Neverland again. I still cry. I love that movie. So much.

5. Fic rec: A Million Light Years From Home by [ profile] musesfool. Firefly/HP crossover. Sirius on board Serenity. How can you say no, really? It's just wonderfully written too.
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I'm back and I had a great time.

Auckland in general )

Big Day Out )

I also booked my flight to Wellington today. *wibble * Monday 13 February. I really am going. However, I did manage to snap up a really cheap flight, which was great.


A couple of extra Top 5 lists that [ profile] penelopeblack asked me for:

Top 5 Things I love about House and Wilson )

Top 5 icons I have uploaded )


Random Fannish Things:

1. I watched a few eps of S4 SG-1 yesterday and oh, love. The eps included ‘Window of Opportunity’ and that ep really is a classic. However, I had forgotten how Jack/Sam ‘shippy this season actually is. I enjoyed it quite a lot really, more than I thought I would. I still don't have a Stargate OTP though. Jack/Sam, Sam/Daniel, Jack/Daniel. Daniel/Janet, Janet/Sam, I like it all.

2. The West Wing: In God We Trust )

3. I'm so glad The West Wing finished earlier tonight because I've gotten hooked on The L Word, which I manage to catch the last 30 minutes of if they air TWW at 11:10. I love Shane. So very much. Katherine Moening is gorgeous. I also have a bit of a soft-spot for Alice, Dana and Carmen.

4. Brain still hijacked by Veronica and Logan.
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You know what I love?

Indulgent smiles. *

Just those little smiles that characters get on their faces when looking at other characters, or reacting to something another character has said. Usually they're looking away or looking down but it's a look that's full of affection and they're wonderful. I was watching ‘Mandatory Minimums’ tonight – which by the by, I didn’t realise how much I absolutely loved - and there’s this small smile that Sam gives Josh when he makes a wise-crack about Maine being a state with lots of Hispanics. I just melt inside.

See also: Wilson’s smile at House at the start of ‘Damned If You Do’ when he pulls the funny face at Cuddy. In fact, Wilson is a master of the indulgent smile.

I’m sure there’s also a Veronica and Logan one, but I can’t for the life of me remember which episode it’s in .

* They're not always indulgent, but a lot of times they are.


1. Mr and Mrs. Smith still works the second time you watch it. I thought it might lose some of it’s ‘ooh, pretty’ appeal, but it really doesn’t. It is what it is. Very pretty people attempting to kill each other with some pretty good dialogue and some vague semblance of a plot. I might have to buy it.

2. The West Wing: Ninety Miles Away )

3. I will not click on spoilery posts about the latest ep of BSG.

4. I watched it nearly a month ago, but I kept forgetting to mention it in here. I watched the original version of 'The Lion in Winter' and I adored it. The dialogue was fabulous and the acting was fantastic. I also now have respect for Timothy Dalton. Weird.

5. I feel like being a sheep tonight. If anyone wants to throw any 'Top 5' List requests at me (Top 5 West Wing eps, Top 5 Songs to Listen to Before Going to Bed etc) go ahead. It looks like it could be fun.
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Actor John Spencer dead at 58.


I don't have the words.

Edit: I uploaded the only Leo icon I had left in my icons folder. The irony is a little too much, even for me. :(
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1. Battlestar Galactica

'You Can't Go Home Again' to 'Six Degrees of Separation' )

2. The West Wing

King Corn )

3. Alien

I now will no longer be plagued by the question, 'You haven't seen Alien/Aliens/Alien 3?!' *

I feel accomplished. They actually weren't too bad.

* a question asked by various male friends. It's apparently quite the offense. Who knew?

4. Veronica Mars

You think I'd know better than to just keep looking for good VMars fic when I'm very spoilerphobic about the finale? Apparently not. Authors are usually very good about spoiler warnings but sometimes ... and there are icons ... and really - you just think I'd know better?

Veronica, Logan, Lily and Duncan why must your screwed up relationships be so addictive?

TV2's 'Leave It To Beaver' Promo )

5. Without A Trace

I caught one WaT ep (Second Sight) after missing a few (7 actually). I'm kind of annoyed I missed those now. The Tricycle (TM - someone at YTDAW) is wooing me back.

Also, Poppy's still a J/S 'shipper. :D

6. History

Life after The Bomb in Kazakhstan.

Cold War history is fascinating.

I love BBC News.
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Yesterday was a little strange but also pretty awesome. I caught up with a lot of people - far more than I had originally intended as the Dux is just a magnet for people - and had a pretty good night. Feeling a little bit under the weather today but eh, it was worth it.


Veronica Mars: Betty and Veronica )


I realised a couple of weeks ago that I somehow managed to forget to watch the Angel S5 finale, even though I've managed to remember to watch every other ep. Anyway, some friends of mine hooked me up with the DVDs and I finally got to watch it.

Angel: Not Fade Away )


Also, after reading the start of the TWoP re-cap for the latest ep of TWW ... *gulps* apparently this show still has something special going by the disclaimer that headed it up. I'm torn between wanting to read it and not wanting to ruin it.


I went into the bookstore to pick up The Amber Spyglass (yep, the series has has got me in its thrall) but also picked up Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors because I read 'Chivalry' in the bookstore and OMG, love. Galahad <3


Couldn't have happened to a nicer Administration.

And then if Rove is indicted too, well then things could get interesting.

This, plus Miers, plus the shit that is going down with DeLay ... it's not really a happy time to be a conservative Republican or a Bush supporter, is it?
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I finally sat down and watched a few OC S1 eps in a row and rediscovered the love. Sandy/Kirsten, Anna, Ryan, Jimmy and Seth/Summer! <3 Also, I found out that I can really only handle Marissa when she interacts with Jimmy and I'm not sure why.


The West Wing 604: Liftoff )


Also, I tried Desperate Housewives again this week, and gave up, again.


RL = Confusing. I know, when wasn't it? But more so at the moment. *sighs*
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I had a day off today. Slept in, read and applied for a job. I've just done five days at work and now I'm looking at another seven before my next day off. Of the seven days? Four of my shifts start before 7am and of those, three start at 6am. I hate breakfasts.

Also? One day I'll learn to slow down and proof read things and not be so impatient. Today was obviously not that day. *sighs at self*


The West Wing 601: NSF Thurmont )
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So the French did vote 'no.' And with 70% turnout too. That's far higher than I thought they were going to get. That's interesting. Very interesting. However, and maybe this is just me being idealistic, naive and perhaps a little pretentious, but the news reports I've read have commented that one of the major factors has been Chirac's unpopularity. Now, shouldn't a vote like this actually be on the merits of the EU Constitution and not whehter Chirac is a crappy President? Yeah, I'm being naive, I know.

It'll definitely be interesting to see what happens in the Netherlands in the middle of the week. That would be two very serious blows if the polls are correct and the Dutch vote no too.


The European GP turned into quite the race near the end. I almost felt sorry for Kimi, I mean, crashing out whlle leading on the last lap, but they should have gone in and changed that tire. It really has been a damn good season so far. I'm impressed. There's actually a point to staying up/getting up now. Not that watching Micheal win all the time wasn't a little fun but, it got just so boring. I was so happy to see Reubens on the podium though. He's a sweetheart.


I also now own all the Sorkin-era West Wing on DVD. I got S3 yesterday and watched 11 episodes straight. Yes, I know. It's a sickness.

It's been interesting actually because there are some large chunks of the season I haven't seen because it was when my obsession started to wane a little, before coming back with a vengeance for S4. It's been better than I thought it would be given the general consensus that it's the weakest of Sorkin's seasons, but then I'm only half way through it, so we'll see. (Also, weak!Sorkin is still better than most TV out there). So much love for the characters though. So much love. <3


House/Wilson is becoming an OTP of Sirius/Remus proportions in my head. It's that bad. *headdesk*

Also, no 'Detox' this week because TV3 are playing the All Black trial. *pouts*


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