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Skyfall (spoilery like woah )

And now I sort of want to write a Suits Spy AU BUT I suck at action scenes and get bored reading them let alone writing them and I really need to think about Yuletide.

Sad about Last Resort. Haven't got around to watching the latest ep but might do later tonight. It was a good show even if the last episode (I saw) was a little shaky, but at least they have enough notice to try and tie it up. A show needs to hire Andre Braugher. Someone on Twitter suggested Justified and my god, I would be so happy. *_*

I have however watched the latest episode of The Good Wife )

In hockey fannishness I have found myself becoming more and more endeared towards Mr. Seguin recently and may have read all the Tyler/Tyler fic (his 'wife' - his words, not joking - is also called Tyler) on AO3 in one sitting. To be fair, there isn't that much, but there should be more!
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Had an awesome fangirl weekend at Get Together. Great to see Team Auckland and fangirls from Australia and other parts of NZ. I have now watched some clips of Teen Wolf but I can't see myself being assimilated quite yet, although Stiles is kinda adorable. I was quite interested in the pimp of the gay storyline on Smash but uh maybe not enough to watch the rest of the show which pretty much everyone tells me is bad bad bad. Other highlights were seeing some awesome vids that I'd missed and the fandom pub quiz which was a great success. I can also see me reading Tony/Steve fic again. <33

Many thanks to [ profile] arysteia and [personal profile] china_shop for organising. <33

While it was an awesome weekend, following a final brunch today I needed to veg so decided to catch up on a lot of TV.

Last Resort 1x01 and 1x02 )

Downton Abbey 3x03 and 3x04 )

I'm also all up to date with The Good Wife after watching 4x02 this afternoon.

Thoughts )

I also really enjoyed the most recent Parks and Rec episode.

*phew* Lots of TV. Still have Fringe and Homeland to go.


In other news: I have a new job! I got offered the job I wanted and it's permanent. \o/ I start in a week's time and my contract arrived today. Excited! I can actually plan things and when things are a bit more settled a new MacBook is totally in my sights.
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It's been a weird week. I've felt unmotivated and blah, and I've also been getting recruitment calls, which is not a bad thing but they're offering to put my name forward for jobs that fit the long-term-slash-help-pay-for-my-trip-to-the-UK criteria but not the in-any-way-advancing-my-career criteria. I spent 2 years overseas doing blah-ish temp admin jobs and I'm over it tbh, but then .... what do I want to do for a job anyway? And fuck do I need to go back and study something? And then I feel guilty because I should feel grateful I'm in a position where I can get a job and yes, blah. Blah, I say.

Vent over.

TV! Hockey! Other distracting things!


I couldn't concentrate on much this afternoon with the truly ridiculous triple fucking overtime Rangers/Caps game going on. Really happy for the Rangers (Gaborik! Some form!) but hard not to feel for the Caps as well. Braden Holtby is a rock-star.

Hope the Flyers can come back motivated tomorrow after losing so badly to the Devils.

I have seen clips, but last night it came to my attention that someone had put the entire NHL 2011 All Star Game Fantasy Draft on YouTube.

Lots of heart-eyes. Lots. They're ridiculous people, and while I knew it happened it was great to watch the whole show and see how it really was everytime someone was picked by Team Lindstrom who wasn't Tazer they'd go for a reaction shot. Amazing. Staals and Patrick Sharp continue to charm me (as sort of does Rick Nash), and lol Ovie taking a picture of Phil Kessel being the last one picked. Also this is far, far from an original thought but holy fuck, Jeff Skinner's smile. Nope. I don't need reminding how old he is. I know. I know.

I open three tabs when I sit down at my desk at the moment. They are GMail, Twitter and ... I have also listened to the Marek vs Wyshynski daily podcast pretty much every morning. Yeah.

And a rec:

not gonna write you a love song (6658 words) by faviconjustbreathe80
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal
Characters: Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner, Cody Ward, Justin Faulk
Summary: It’s like it’s normal to everyone, and Cam realizes that’s because it is normal. It’s how Jeff and Eric have always been, since the day Jeff showed up, eighteen and annoyingly fresh-faced at training camp, and Eric decided that Jeff was his.

Cam Ward outsider POV. <3


The Good Wife 3x21 and 3x22 )

Game of Thrones 2x05 - gets a little future book spoilery )

H50 2x20 and NCIS LA 2x20 )

I have not yet watched Fringe, or caught-up on Mad Men which sounds like it got interesting just as I thought I could let in lapse for a few weeks.

I also finished Avatar: The Last Airbender last week and oh, amazing, amazing show. All the feelings. I love them all but I have a special place in my heart for Zuko. That final scene with his sister .... yeah. Feelings.

Nearly the weekend. Fuck. Yes.
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I was supposed to be doing productive things this evening, but instead I ended up at my friend's house watching a S1 episode of ST:TNG. I cannot quite believe they did the, 'oh look a mysterious thing is making us all feel drunk and lustful' quite that early on its run, I mean it was like the 3rd episode of the whole show! Of course now I sort of want to re-watch TNG but OMG self not the time. Too many other things.

I did however pick up some UK candy my friend found for me (MiniEggs!) and got my passport renewal form signed, so that's something in the productive and deliciousness columns.

In other news, the hockey thing rolls on. I spent a lot of weekend watching hockey videos, and I have become invested in whether the Hurricanes make the play-offs. (They won today! And Eric scored twice!) I still don't quite get fandom's obsession with Crosby and Kaner though - or okay, I do get it, but I don't share it

You know how sometimes you're just ready for a new fandom? This is totally what happened here.

To top off a sports fan weekend, I went to watch the Australian GP at a sports bar since so few of them are on at a convenient time in NZ, and Jenson won! And he and Seb were adorable afterwards! All the hugs.

I have accepted the fact that Seb is my #2 driver - sorry Lewis, it was never going to happen.

The Good Wife: Gloves Come Off )

I am still quite awake. It was probably the energy drinks my work-mate bought to get us through our meeting this afternoon - after I'd already had two coffees - wasn't it? Yes. That was probably it.
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I seem to have forgotten about dinner. Silly internet. Silly face of Alex O'Loughlin.

Hawaii Five-0 2x17 - there shall be no discussion of the plot under this cut )

And in the weekend there was this:

Fringe: A Better Human Being )

I enjoyed The Good Wife as well but don't have anything really substantial to say except that I adore Will and Diane's friendship so very much. I am also getting a little over Eli - I hope that changes.

I am also still watching allll the Babylon 5 - I'm now mid S4 which is further than I've watched before and the plotting is just so good - even if the acting can be a little hit and miss and the the 1990's take on future fashion is frightening. I must admit that I spoiled myself completely for the rest of the series last night by reading episode summaries. My need to know overcame my willingness to take the time to watch another season and a half. Impatient? Me? I will watch the rest of course, I can just take it a little slower now. ;)

So um ... food I guess.
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The Good Wife: Another Ham Sandwich )

That has totally made my night.

I also remembered something I meant to mention in my last post. I finally finished Cryoburn this weekend.

Spoilery thoughts )

Random link: The Muppets defend themselves against FOX News' accusations - hilarious.

Random picture: George Clooney and Brad Pitt being adorable at the SAG Awards.
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Hawaii Five-0 2x14 )

Yesterday was Sherlock and The Good Wife. I liked the episode (yes only liked, I am totally suffering from Moffat Fatigue), but I adored Martin Freeman. The Good Wife was a fun episode, but I am very interested to see how the long-game plays out.

Today was a work-day that needed beer afterwards. *sigh* People.

Random link: This might be my favourite Animals Talking in All Caps post.
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1. Fringe: And Those We Leave Behind )

I’ve pretty much made peace with the idea that this might be the last season of Fringe but what Fox are doing by pushing 4.08 out to next year – when it’s really supposed to be the Fall finale – is just full of fail, and doing the show absolutely no favours. This show has a narrative rhythm! It needs favours!

2. Had a veeerry lazy weekend (although there was some AO3 stuff – because yeah, you may have seen) but I did venture out to the Library – avoiding people watching the Santa parade, seriously it’s November – which as it turns out does not hold a copy of The Back-Up Plan. (Not that I was … no, I was looking, he looks so gooood in the pictures I’ve seen). It did however find a copy of The Oyster Farmer. Damn you, O’Loughlin.

3. I also picked up Party Down S1 - Adam Scott and Lizzie Caplan are freakin' delightful.

4. I think The Hunger Games trailer is going to make me finally hunt down the books.

5. I also need to catch up on Homeland, The Good Wife and potentially watch Once Upon A Time. So much TV.

6. This Banana Zucchini Bread/Muffins recipe is goood. I tried it last night. (Dairy free, not gluten free but I think you could easily make it so it is).
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My day was decidedly blah so I came home, ate junk food and watched Hawaii Five-0.

Which nicely obliged by being full of Alex O'Loughlin being ridiculous and attractive, which is sometimes all I ask of it )

I'm also slowly catching up on Dr Who (still not loving it, but it is good) and The Good Wife (pretty damn awesome).

Other than that, uh NZ won a World Cup (just - oh so just) and the All Blacks were pretty adorable afterwards and I finally have a bed. OMG. Finally.
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Fringe: Neither Here Nor There )

Hawaii Five-0 2x02 )

As for the season premiere of Community. It was fine. There were some funny moments, and ones that I don't think hit as well, but I don't think I loved the opener of S2 either. I'm still happy to have it back.

I can already see The Good Wife sliding - I'm going to have to marathon it at a later date, I think.

In non-TV news, still flat-less. Have moved from one friend's house to another, this one a bit further out of town and I'll need to bus to work. That will serve to motivate me to finding a flat quicker I think. I'm incredibly grateful to my friend, but yeah, I'm too used to just walking everywhere in Wellington.
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So, I'm now in Wellington. Oh, I've missed this ridiculous city. In the taxi on the way into the city it really felt like coming home. I mean, I'll always be from Christchurch, but Wellington is definitely more like home now. I missed so much about, and a lot of that is food-centric, which I didn't expect, but I probably should have. I was walking around on Wednesday making a mental list of places I needed to eat.

I've had one job interview (on the day I arrived no less), but I didn't get it, so I've been looking at temping (again) and other roles. We'll see what happens, I guess. I also need to flat hunt, but I'd like to get the job thing underway first. If any locals know of anything going, whether that be flats of jobs, let me know.

Otherwise, it's been all H50. I've now seen all of Season 1 and oh god, they are all so ridiculous and pretty and I love them. Steve especially. Yeah, that's a shocker. I've always had a small thing about Navy SEALs (I think there was a documentary I watched when I was a kid, I have no idea, I'm also fascinated by aircraft carriers), and this fandom has made it so much worse.

There's some really quite good episodes in the season, but also some ones which well, was the Puff Daddy one really necessary? This show can stunt cast like no ones business.

There was also this promo, which Tumblr had a collective freak out about, which well, just watch it. Steve, you are so precious. And insane. So insane. I saw a comment in someone's LJ about how he actually might have less common-sense that John Sheppard, and I think that's true. Who even thought that was possible?

Two fic recs:

This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) (35814 words) by faviconleupagus

Mafia AU - and it's glorious. Danny is amazing as a mob boss and Steve is well, Steve, so a BAMF. The way the S1 plot is altered is so well done, and the twists and turns had me on the edge of my uh, bed. It's a long read - but so, so worth it.

Ho'oponopono (17092 words) by faviconember_firedrake

Steve/Danny. Danny is caught in a Groundhog Day/Window of Opportunity like scenario. So well done, and the characterisation is spot-on.

(Yay for the AO3 share button).

I would also like to say that I am in no way thinking about making a Steve/Danny vid to a pretty cheesy pop song. Except, that I totally am. It works just too, too well.

And there's still fic bunnies. Oh god, this show.

Yay for September though. Fringe, Community, The Good Wife are all back, and well, this ridiculous show is too. There should be icons.
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My week has been a little blah. I need to find another job. Not that the one I have is all bad, but I am not a PA (and nor was I originally hired to be one), and organising meetings is so not my idea of fun.

But I had a nice time last night watching DVDs with my friend which included Fringe S2 from 'Brown Betty' through 'Over There Part II.' <3! Watching also involved a lot of defending of Peter, but to be fair my friend was just hassling him because he knows about my thing for Josh. Mmm, he looked good on an HD TV.

Earlier in the week, instead of doing something productive with my free Monday, I mainlined the episodes of the Good Wife I hadn’t seen, which was pretty much all of S2. I am now all caught up, and oh, l love it.

Squee, really, that's all that's here )

There are also Fringe spoilers about:

Spoilery talk because I am missing this show like woah )


1. Too adorable 2 year old talking about US Presidents. You will never hear ‘Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’ said more adorably

2. Sometimes I wonder why I check the comments on ONTD posts, but then sometimes they deliver gold like this. The Tenth Doctor: A Musical - Amazing Dr Who music video covering Ten’s … tenure. Awesome music choices, and just go watch it. It’s so well done.

3. Andrew Garfield and Emma Roberts are pretty together while filming the new SpiderMan movie. I totally rolled my eyes when I heard about this prequel/reboot/whatever, but I’m actually quite keen to see it now. Blame my increasing interest in/respect for Andrew Garfield and Emma Roberts. I need to see Easy A and Never Let Me Go

4. Stephen Colbert is adorable - a video of him at a taping.

This Arsenal vs Leeds game has been so stressful and potentially could have been incredibly depressing. For fuck's sake, boys, could you make it more difficult for yourselves? Argh! CESC!! <3!
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Fringe: The Box )

I couldn't help but look at the ratings, and yeah, I wish I hadn't. *sigh* I admit I don't know the ins and outs and the machinations of network TV but FOX's faith is going to have to go a long way, or they need to move it. Though you could argue that might make it worse if it doesn't improve up against less strong competition.

I'm thinking of entering a state of denial, sticking my fingers in my ears and not paying attention to them. It's depressing. This show is too good for that.

ETA: It's DVR ratings are apparently pretty good though. So ... that's something.

The Good Wife: 2x01 )

However, I did find this on the CBS merchandise website. Team Gardner and Team Florrick t-shirts? Really, CBS?! And they even look vaguely Twilight-y. *headdesk* Also um, who exactly is on Peter's side ...

10 episodes of Community down and I'm still loving it. (Following this and Fringe might be a problem come the end of the year. Community's ratings aren't any better).


On the job front, I have a job! For a month! It's something anyway. Admin-y stuff in Westminster (which is a pretty cool location, 5 minutes from the House of Parliament), and with the possibility that it might go longer. So that's at least something. ;)

Random link of cute: Panda cupcakes! Amazing.

Rahm left as White House Chief of Staff today. :( But they got him a dead fish! Brilliant.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon do an awesome rap montage. I have been experiencing a growing level of respect for Justin Timberlake. It's interesting.
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I have been lax about LJ-ing recently (RL *sigh*), but Chrome is not helping right now. Once you're out of beta, you're supposed to be more stable, damnit. Although this could have something to do with the amount of free space on my machine. I need to tidy again.

I have been experiencing something of a Rolling Stones fandom resurgence. I listened to the new tracks on the re-released 'Exile on Main Street' and the love came back. Most of them are awesome, especially the Soul Survivor alternate take with Keith singing crazy lyrics, and just being Keith. <3 This also wasn't helped by the BBC screening Stones in Exile, the documentary about the making of Exile on Main Street, on Sunday. Oh, Stones (esp Keith) I heart you for reasons I can't quite articulate.

On a semi-related note, I was linked via [ profile] ontd_downey to RDJ's Inside the Actors Studio (which is awesome btw) and then ended up (oh, YouTube) at Johnny Depp's, and he was wearing a Keith Richards t-shirt! <3 I love his love for Keith.

I'm a little behind on TV. I haven't got to the latest Dr Who (I've heard varying reports) and I *still* need to watch the pilots of Caprica and Treme which have been sitting on my laptop forever. I do however have The Good Wife, which I think I'll be watching before I go to bed, as I'm really enjoying it and Alan Cumming is incredibly awesome.

I did catch the season of finales of Gossip Girl and Bones, both of which were underwhelming for different reasons. Bones was just, blah, really blah, which it shouldn't have been, and Gossip Girl was just too much drama, which yes, is the point, but it was all a little exhausting and circular.

I also didn't think I'd really missed True Blood, but the trailers and clips I've seen have me quite intrigued. Damn you, Skarsgard, this is your fault.

Also, while I'm going on about random TV, I caught an episode of Glee on Monday. Huh. It was okay, admittedly helped by the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was guest-starring, but I could watch it again. I'm unsure I guess, but I quite enjoyed it.

Okay, the list of tags for this post grew crazy fast. *boggles*

Music: The Rolling Stones - Soul Survivor (Alternate Take)
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I have hot cross buns, Mini Eggs, Coke and I'm watching Zodiac. Hello, Robert Downey Jr.

I've been meaning to make a post for ages, so to the numbered points.

1. I've become a little addicted to The Good Wife. Josh Charles has been so, so good in the last two eps. I was a little underwhelmed by the first ep I saw (102, I think) but I think it's really found its stride. Also, Alan Cumming and Christine Baranski are awesome. I can't wait for the next ep.

2. Arsenal vs Barcelona: leg one )

3. The Guardian April Fools Day joke was awesome: Step Outside, Posh Boy. They would actual facts win Labour some votes in some constituencies.

4. I finally found a link to a Veronica Mars V/L vid to Muse's "Feeling Good" that I've loved for ages but was only available as a Real Media file: Feeling Good by [ profile] astartexx.

5. Matt Bellamy in an Iron Man mask. !!! He's admittedly looking a trifle creepy, but I do love their love for Marvel superheroes.

6. Australian GP last week rocked. So glad I got up early to watch Jenson win. \o/ He was awesome and in the after race web forum he continued his habit of kissing BBC presenters on the cheek. God, he's adorable. Sadly I'm going to miss this week's Malaysian GP, but there is always iPlayer, and I'm going to Warwick Castle instead, so I call that a win. ;)

7. I forgot to get a [ profile] lgtbfest prompt. Bugger.

Really, really need to redo my icons. Perhaps a task for the weekend.

Edit. Knew I forgot something.

8. I caught up on Gossip Girl all in one night when I should have been sleeping. Pretty people with snark and drama, I do sort of love it. Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair and please Chace Crawford, don't ever lose the bangs )


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