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Tonight's episode of Justified was so good.

Spoilers )

And late last week there was this:

Suits 2x16 )

Now I will probably go fall asleep in front of the same House of Cards episode I've fallen asleep during twice before. It's not that the show is bad, it just requires a level of awake attention I don't really have in me.

Other than TV, I've been all hockey, hockey, hockey really. Have developed more Rangers and Ryan Callahan feelings in time for them to really suck, even though holy hell Ryan was insane today in the second period. He was blocking shots and taking hits without a stick because he'd broken it earlier in the shift! Other people would get a new one, but no not Ryan I-will-put-my-body-on-the-line-for-fucking-anything Callahan. <33 There needs to be more Ryan/Dan Girardi fic, fandom. Get on that.

And the Canes continue to be delightful even though I haven't made myself watch the highlights of today's game because it just sounds awful. I love how they've embraced Alex Semin into their crazy hockey family and how well him and EStaal have been working together.

As for my third team, the Kings. Things are improving and I still have far more feelings than I comfortable with about Jeff Carter. Far more. I mean due to Backhand Shelf (hockey podcast) I was composing a Carts/Richie vid to Kelly Clarkson songs the other day! Fuck my life.

I still love MvsW as a hockey podcast, I do but I must admit to a small tiny crush on Justin Bourne and his pigtail-pulling relationship with Jake is pretty delightful.
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Good things that happened today:

  • Achieved things at work

  • Canes won with Jeff Skinner goals and an Eric Staal hat-trick! <33

  • Jeff Carter got a goal (good for my hockey fantasy team, and well my Jeff Carter feelings have returned)

  • Andrew Ference was interviewed on MvsW (hockey podcast) and was pretty great

  • I watched the end of S5 of Fringe with [personal profile] labellementeuse. I might type up more comprehensive thoughts later but there were lots of feelings and on the whole I thought they did a good job. The show was a big part of my fandom life for a while and I will miss it on some level.

  • Parks and Rec had a pretty cute episode

  • This Suits episode happened. I sort of want to make out with whoever wrote this episode )

See New York Rangers, if only you'd won as well it would have been perfect. ;)
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It's been a quiet three-day weekend. I got some things done but on the whole it's been a lot of spending time around the house, which has been quite nice tbh. I haven't been back at work long enough to really feel the relief of a three day weekend but I'm not complaining. ;)

Fan things:

1. Still watching and enjoying Last Resort, Homeland, Good Wife and Downton Abbey (although I need to catch up on the last two).

2. H50, I'm still watching and ... yeah. Steve and Catherine are cute, and Kono is awesome. The end.

3. I watched the pilot of Elementary and I liked it - Lucy Liu and JLM were both enjoyable to watch - but I don't know that it really grabbed me. Maybe I'll catch up later. Nashville is kinda the same - although Connie Britton is a compelling reason to keep watching. (Friday Night Lights, I'll eventually get to you).

4. I have however found myself watching Revenge (spoilers through 1x08) )

5. Shit. Fringe. Should actually watch 5x01.

6. The Thick of It's Inquiry episode was awesome but emotional viewing (Malcolm feelings!) Not sure how I'm going to handle the series finale next week.

7. ... there are not Teen Wolf fic tabs open in my browser, except there are. But SGA crossovers and frat AUs! I am only so strong!

8. I collapsed in a pile of feelings this afternoon after I discovered there was a Harvey/Donna comment-fic-a-thon going on at [ profile] donna_harvey. Lots of H/D fic I hadn't read! Delightful!
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OMG I leave for London in about 30 hours!

I am mostly sorted. Need to pack, book a shuttle/taxi for my lovely 5:30am check-in and sort out a little bit of cash and I actually think that's it. Got a good deal on some mini travel guides for Rome and Barcelona today (there's a Roy Lichtenstein statue in Barcelona, must track it down), ended up buying Hilary Mantel's Bring up the Bodies for the plane, and washed all the things.

TV things:

1. I don't think I've watched a show on ABC in years, but after reading some Fall TV Previews I know I'm definitely going to check out The Last Resort and maybe Nashville. Not sure if there's anything else that really grabs me. I am hearing good things about Elementary. Maybe Arrow although also maybe not.

Continuing shows I'll be watching: Community, Parks and Rec, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0 (at least at first because Steve feelings and Christine Lahti is pretty great), Fringe and Homeland.

2. The Thick of It S4 started this week. \o/ It was funny but I am looking forward to Malcolm. Oh yes.

3. Tumblr gifs and goddamn Rupert Graves might have lead me to obtain the Dr Who eps I haven't seen yet. *sigh*

Fic things:

I also wrote fic. Kid fic even. (sort of)

Little League (1552 words) by faviconaworldinside
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Suits (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter
Characters: Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen

Harvey meets Donna's niece.

Damn this show.

I meant to tidy my room hours ago and I really should do it now. Gonna blast music (with headphones) and just get it done. Need to make sure I have some things for the trip and not exactly sure where they are. I definitely have a NZ -> UK adapter somewhere ...

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Newsroom 1x10 )

And then I drank two large glasses of wine and wrote 1,200 words about Harvey meeting Donna's Little League playing niece in between spamming Twitter and Tumblr. Because apparently that's what I do now. Stupid show, I say with a fangirl's exasperated but crazy affection.

RL wise, my temp job stopped seven days early, which really isn't that great BUT I go to the UK in a week and a half. I keep waiting to remember something I've forgotten. I really just have to get money changed into pounds and euros ...

Let's not dwell on the fact I might not have a job when I get back and will therefore be second guessing all the money I spend while overseas. la la la la
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Suits 2x10 )

Fangirl Friday last night was great. Politics, hockey, comics and lots of excellent travel advice. <3 you guys.

Not a lot planned this weekend except dinner with my friend tonight. Although I am going to need to leave the house to find breakfast at some point. My pantry is a little bare.

But first I can see me losing some time to Tumblr. Suits summer finale, Jeff Carter's day with the Cup ...

EDIT: I meant to include VVC recs! (so I can close some tabs)

It's All Coming Back to Me Now by [personal profile] trelkez. (Captain America comics, Steve/Bucky)

I am pretty new to Cap comics but I did love this. All the feelings. (And yes it is a vid to the Celine Dion song).

Lateralus by [ profile] rhoboat (Fringe)

The visuals in this and the way it's tied together is just stunning.

Girl in the War by [ profile] amnisias (Justified, Loretta)

Loretta vid! And to a great Josh Ritter song too.

How I Got Over by [personal profile] heresluck (The Wire, S4)

Just stunning S4 vid. The song choice is perfect and oh god, it brought back the season all over again. So well done.
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On Sunday I was achieving things until about 2pm when I fell down a Harvey and Donna feelings hole on Tumblr and never recovered … yeah I don’t know either. Stupid S2 and their stupid faces. I need hockey to come back and distract me.

blah blah feelings )

Seriously Season 2, this is all your fault. I was not prepared for this!

The little snippets I'm hearing about the summer finale has me all '!!!' too.

Talking of hockey, Marek and Wysh were back (and geeky and talking a lot about London), and I might actually be legitimately disappointed if Mike Richards doesn’t turn up in Jeff Carter’s ‘day with the Cup’ photos or vice-versa. I do find the fact he did actually give the Cup at lifejacket pretty adorable though.

And to relate these two topics! Because I can, watch me. There might be some words in a GDocs near you where Donna is a Rangers fan and her and Harvey discuss what a good/hot goalie Hank is? You know, MAYBE because this is apparently what my brain does now.

I blame Sarah Rafferty and her tweets with Michael Del Zotto.

I also just saw posts with VividCon recs on my flist. Oh dear. There goes my evening. Heresluck made a Wire vid? *squeak*

But I will apply for that job first. I will. Already applied for one today and I have an interview on Thursday, which is a good thing. Would love to have something sorted before I go to Europe ... which is in three weeks today! \o/

Okay, lies I watched this Tony vid (which I don't think is technically a VVC vid so shush) because it's set to a cover of maybe my favourite Radiohead song and well ... Tony. All my Tony feelings. It's a really great vid.

And if you haven't seen it yet there's an Avengers gag reel out and it's pretty great.
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I participated in [ profile] sixteenwins this year and as my picks were not quite as awesome as they could have been I had to make a Claude Giroux/Danny Briere (or Brioux) mix for [ profile] andthenextday. The mix with lyrics and brief commentary (it was posted at 1am so it’s pretty brief) is at the comm.

However, the zip file is here if anyone wants to DL – even if you don't know anything about the pairing it has some good songs. (96MB).

Tracklist if you're curious )

Job: eh
Wine drank this evening: perhaps more than I should have.
Suits feelings level: high. seriously high. Why do I watch sneak peeks?
Time to the UK/Europe trip: 4 weeks!

I also caught up on The Slash Report while at work yesterday. Yeah … that was an interesting choice. Who knows what sort of facial expression I was pulling in the elevator on the way out the door, or in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket. (I was listening to the 50/50 tropes ep by the time I was in the supermarket, and if anyone is familiar it was THAT discussion near the end. *shudders *).

I need to go through the VVC vids but I have seen [personal profile] china_shop's Ben/Leslie vid and it's delightful. <3
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The Newsroom 2x07 )

Suits 2x08 )

Anyway, this show. My feelings. I hate your face, Gabriel Macht. I also have become the person who wants to write gen and het in a slash dominated fandom. I feel that should be a fangirl achievement badge of some description.

I should take advantage of this sunshine and go outside and read a book. A book from the many unread ones on my bookshelf as my inability to read and return library books on time is getting expensive. Why so tempting all-the-books-I-haven't-read?

Apropos of nothing: this gif is pretty great. I should watch more comics based cartoons.
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Suits 2x07 )


New temp job is a world of eh, but employment is a good and I actually applied for a "real" job today!

And then I wrote 800 words of depressing Harvey backstory. Good times. I needed to get that out of my head. And I'm not at all eyeing kudos. Nope. Not at all.

Next time, happy story! If there is a next time, because that's the first thing I've actually posted since Yuletide. There is much happier hockey fic in my GoogleDocs somewhere. I need to write that.

Olympics are still rocking my world. Those three golds the British had this morning (NZ time) were awesome. Also delighted for Gabby Douglas and allll the NZ rowing golds, especially Eric Murphy and Hamish Bond. Adorable dudes.

God the songs from Prime's promos keep getting in my head. However, I do find myself more intrigued by Elementary than I thought I'd be due to watching the promo so. many. times.
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Olympics! \o/

The opening ceremony was crazy but in a good way. I thought it lost it's way in places and I'm sorry but solo Paul McCartney just doesn't do it for me, but most of it was great. Loved, loved the cauldron and how it included pieces that were carried in with the teams. <3! Overall I thought Danny Boyle did a great job and um, good on him for scoring a few political points along the way. Seriously.

Looking forward to watching the events now I have the live streaming sorted. Stupid DNS settings.

Job wise: I have an interview for a temp job on Tuesday! It's not exactly what I want to be doing but it's an okay job and it will accommodate my UK/Europe trip, mean I won't have to deal with Work and Income and I'm really over this unemployment thing. So, fingers crossed.


Thoughts and feelings:

The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers) )

Suits 2x06 )

Fanart rec: This is the top post on my Tumblr right now and I keep flipping back to the tab. Sleeepy Avengers. <3 So much awesome fanart in that particular fandom.
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I experienced H50/Fringe levels of anxiety about this episode before it started. So, we're at that point of obsession apparently. Good to know.

Suits 2x05 )

I also find myself with only 2 episodes to go in Justified S3. Yeah, there was some marathoning. Perhaps not as good as S2 but still damn good. If anyone has written any good Tim/Raylan I am so there.
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I watched these in a specific order last night:

The Newsroom 1.04 )

Political Animals 1.01 )

Trying to watch some more Breaking Bad but not finding it that easy to marathon.

Still have a Suits thing. Someone tell me not to combine Harvey and the NY Rangers into a fic. It's tempting ... very tempting.

In non-TV news:

I didn't get the job I really wanted. They liked me, they thought I'd be a good fit but they had a better candidate. Which sucks, but what can you do? So, back to applying. Have a pre-interview coffee (yeah apparently that's a thing now) and a meeting with a recruitment company tomorrow.

Took advantage of the sun today to take a walk along Oriental Bay and have some gelato. Somedays you're kind of awesome, Wellington.
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Mum was in town for a couple of days this week. It was nice to see her, and she insisted on paying for many meals which made me feel a little guilty, but on the other hand was very sweet of her and I got a really good meal at Floriditas. Mmm clam linguine and apple crumble for dessert.

I also talked her into seeing this:

The Amazing Spider-Man )

Job hunt continues. Still haven't heard about the one I really wanted to get and I should have by now, so that's not awesome, but then a part of my brain is all, 'well they haven't said no yet either.' So, who knows, but it's probably not good news. I admit I was putting off applying for other jobs in the hope I'd just get that one, but I really need to stop doing that. I did hear about being short-listed for one today though, and a possible short-term contract. So, yeah, not all bad news but I'm so over short-term solutions.

Fandom wise, still quite taken with Suits (especially Harvey and Donna's backstory and Gabriel Macht's face) and of course hockey (why do I like you so much, Eric Staal?)

I also watched all of S1 of Justified last weekend. Good show. Very good show. Especially the season finale. Walton Goggins performance really is great, and Timothy Olyphant's deadpan is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I will be watching more.

Now, the latest Newsroom episode. I can't think this will end well, but I can't turn off the curiosity.
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I had a job interview today (for a job I actually want even) and I think it went okay? But it's hard to tell? I won't hear back till Monday, so in the meantime I keep applying and hoping. Ugh.


Newsroom 1.01 and 1.02 )

Suits 2.02 and 2.03 )

Brief Korra feelings about the finale )


I didn't talk about the Jordan Staal trade on here but just assume there were a lot of feelings, okay?

UFA season is interesting. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter better have made decisions when I wake up.

This gif is amusing the hell out of me. Cam Ward, what is your face?
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It was such a lazy weekend. I saw Prometheus (pretty, well-acted but eh) and then .. watched all of the Suits episodes. The Tumblr gifs got to me.

Thoughts, feelings through to 2x01 - not especially coherent )

So um yeah, I have a show for the US Summer. Yay.


Legend of Korra 1x10 )

I also bought myself the tie-in Avatar comics tonight because I had a book voucher to reduce the price, the wiki made me curious, and ... Zuko. And all the rest of their ridiculous faces.


Songs I considered making a hockey fanvid to while sitting at my desk today trying to understand InDesign:

  • Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (my love for this song owes a lot to a pretty great F1 montage made to it and honestly how is there not a Kings vid to this already?)

  • Hot Mess - Cobra Starship (fandom's relationship with failing-at-life hockey players? Or god Carts and Ritchie - but it would have to be a very cut down version of the song)

  • Hell of a Season - The Black Keys (C/R - don't think this is uptempo enough though)

  • Circus - Britney Spears (because it amuses me)

... this says interesting things about my musical taste but whatever.

Why do I talk about these things? Totally not going to happen. I lack the attention span. I'm also wary of blatantly 'shippy RPS vids and the internet. (Subtle ones ... to be honest, with Carts and Ritchie, I haven't seen a Kings-related montage yet that hasn't alluded to their BFF-ness).


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