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My week has been a little blah. I need to find another job. Not that the one I have is all bad, but I am not a PA (and nor was I originally hired to be one), and organising meetings is so not my idea of fun.

But I had a nice time last night watching DVDs with my friend which included Fringe S2 from 'Brown Betty' through 'Over There Part II.' <3! Watching also involved a lot of defending of Peter, but to be fair my friend was just hassling him because he knows about my thing for Josh. Mmm, he looked good on an HD TV.

Earlier in the week, instead of doing something productive with my free Monday, I mainlined the episodes of the Good Wife I hadn’t seen, which was pretty much all of S2. I am now all caught up, and oh, l love it.

Squee, really, that's all that's here )

There are also Fringe spoilers about:

Spoilery talk because I am missing this show like woah )


1. Too adorable 2 year old talking about US Presidents. You will never hear ‘Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’ said more adorably

2. Sometimes I wonder why I check the comments on ONTD posts, but then sometimes they deliver gold like this. The Tenth Doctor: A Musical - Amazing Dr Who music video covering Ten’s … tenure. Awesome music choices, and just go watch it. It’s so well done.

3. Andrew Garfield and Emma Roberts are pretty together while filming the new SpiderMan movie. I totally rolled my eyes when I heard about this prequel/reboot/whatever, but I’m actually quite keen to see it now. Blame my increasing interest in/respect for Andrew Garfield and Emma Roberts. I need to see Easy A and Never Let Me Go

4. Stephen Colbert is adorable - a video of him at a taping.

This Arsenal vs Leeds game has been so stressful and potentially could have been incredibly depressing. For fuck's sake, boys, could you make it more difficult for yourselves? Argh! CESC!! <3!
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Dude. I have to post more often. Last post my departure was three weeks away, and now it's one!

However, I must admit, I have most things sorted. My friend has very nicely decided to take over my room and inherit a lot of my furniture which is all sorts of awesome, and makes the transition so much easier. *loves* I still have a few little things to do, but they're small. So, yeah. Scary.

I did have a truly awesome weekend though. I spent a lot of it with a close friend of mine, and it was relaxed and had cocktails, arts and crafts, good talks, meeting new people who gave me lots of great London advice and just, lots of awesome. And then I came home and watched a lot of Michel Gondry music videos. There are worse ways to spend an evening.

The last day I will spend with said friend is this Tuesday though, as she's away this coming weekend. Gah, I'm really going to miss her. There will be tears this week, guaranteed. If not Tuesday, then definitely Friday which is my last day at work.

No huge fandom-y things going on, except had lovely goodbye fangirl dinner last weekend, and have been doing some OTW testing. Also, falling further in love with Top Gear.

Oh, unless someone hasn't seen Stephen Colbert kissing Tom Hanks, if not, well, you should.

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It's been a wonderful day outside, (I mean windy, but hey, Wellington) but apart from a short walk to get coffee and food I have decided to spend a day being entertained by the internet. It's been a while, and I've been quite social the last few weeks, so it's been nice actually.

Had an insane but fun day yesterday at the Cuba St Carnival. OMG so many people! It was a much nicer day than forecast so everyone was out and about. I did catch some cool acts though (Bonaparte, Olmecha Supreme, Ladi6 and Batacuda) and I watched the parade from a roof above Courtney Place. Which rocked. I really wish I'd remembered to bring my real camera instead of just replying on my okay-but-not-great camera phone.

Also, day #2 of Webstock was as much fun as the first, if not more so as Friday afternoon had many awesome presentations, including one by Matt Jones of Dopplr which I'll seriously consider linking to when it goes online as it was amazing. The geekery continued and I managed to get a hard copy of the cool Google Chrome comic as well. It is a little sad how happy this made me.

BSG:Deadlock )

I haven't got to the second ep of Dollhouse ep, but I'm in no huge hurry. On that topic though, [ profile] musesfool posted a link to what is apparently the original Pilot script and wow, if it is, then it underwent one hell of a re-write. The original reads a lot more Joss than the re-write and I can see why it was done in a way, but on the whole I think the original one was a lot better. *sigh* Fox.

Also, [ profile] phoebesmum posted a link to the Black Cab Sessions which I'd heard of but never watched the videos. Very cool, especially those of Amanda Palmer ('Creep' with a ukelele) and The National.

The Amanda Palmer one was so awesome I thought it made up my mind re my Kills vs Amanda Palmer dilemma, but sadly I think I have to work late the night of the Amanda Palmer gig, so I think The Kills it is. Last night did remind how much live music is one of the best things ever.

Random embeds:

Awesome economic crisis visualisation and Conan and Stephen dance-off! )

Random link:

James Jean illustrations on wine bottles!

Random music:

This song that is playing now is such a John Sheppard song, I'm almost tempted to vid it, but there are a couple of lines that are a trifle problematic. "Great white hope" hmm, yeah. It's rocketing up my top tracks on iTunes though. Currently third equal with "New Born" by Muse. You should listen to it.
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So, my Sunday was really no more productive. Shocker. I went on a search for caffeine and ended up picking up Barrayar by Lois McMaster Bujold from a second-hand bookstore, and well, I've now finished it. OMG Vorkosigans, how so awesome?

I read The Warrior's Apprentice and The Vor Game quite a while ago now, and I've always meant to pick up the other ones and so glad I picked this one up as I've heard people go on about how awesome Cordelia is, and dude, they were so right. I love her. And Gregor! So adorable as a kid.

So, yeah, I recommend the book, and I have to pick up the others, though probably from the library as I'm saving. Yes, saving.

And while I'm recommending things, [ profile] such_heights has an awesome multi-fandom vid focused on female characters and set to a Muse song. You should watch it. *nods*

And, Fake News Rumble is a Daily Show/Colbert Report web-comic, with apocalypses and evil villain Dick Cheney's, and lots of other cool things.

Hmm. I probably had other things to link to, but they escape me right now.
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So, I'm back from Melbourne. I have not really gone near the flist. I'm kinda scared to at this point, but I might make some sort of start tomorrow. In pieces. I have however procured what I have missed TV wise, including the Colbert Christmas special, which was awesome.

Melbourne - a collection of random (geeky) observations )

I'm happy and sad to be back, but I've had a day to get used to it now. Work tomorrow. Joy.
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Today has been very low-key. Cooked myself two meals (cooked breakfast and vege curry, go the vege market), enjoyed the sun and spent some time sorting out and tidying files.

Before last night, I had 30+ tabs open and had done for at least a week and a half. They changed, but there was always so many there. My laptop wasn't appreciating it (Firefox, I love you but you're a resource hog) and it might sound a bit odd, but I don't think my brain was either. It was always like I had something else to read/watch/comment on and I had a lot of other unsorted stuff like video/music/pics. So, I tidied and sorted, and I feel a little better. Not to say this won't end up happening again, of course, but I'm going to try and keep it a little more under control. It's a bit worrying how much of an effect my laptop habits have. ;)

Also, I bought a new phone yesterday. I have returned to the Vodafone fold but I got to keep my old Telecom number, and the phone is really kinda pretty. It has waaay better games than my old phone and even a version of Opera installed. I don't usually really have great geeky gadget love for cellphones, but this one might change that.

Anyway, random links of happiness.

Rahm Emmanuel and Stephen Colbert roast each other at a Spina Bifida charity event. OMG awesome. The video is a little shaky, but it is well worth a watch. They both get in some awesome calls, and Stepehen also has some brilliant lines about Dana Perino.

Also, there was this photo:


Richard Hammond test drives an F1 car. Oh, Hamster. How gleeful this made him was awesome to watch and it's also amazing to see the forces that those cars apply on your body. Amazing machines.

And randomly, I seem to be developing a small Bones addiction.

I have said it before and will no doubt say it again, but David Boreanaz your powers of adorable should not be this high! Seriously! I also kinda adore Hodgins, Brennan and Cam. <3

*goes to watch another ep*
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I must drag myself out of bed as I have to go to work for three or so hours and have other things to do/buy/be indecisive about.

Instead I shall embed an awesome Colbert clip and Jon's interview with Bill O'Reily, which was awesome, and Bill O actually did pretty well. I was ... almost impressed? Anyway, it's great.

Mr Snuggles, hot cocoa, Jane Austen, baseball and Marvel comics )

Upside: Melbourne is less than a week! \o/ I was Google Map-ing (it is too a verb) the other day to get a feel for where I'm staying and where the airport is etc and also rediscovering why Google Street View may indeed be the most stalker-esque Web 2.0 application. Anyway, yay Melbourne.

Also, Yuletide writer? The letter is coming, I swear. Please forgive my slack-ness.
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Doctor Who: Turn Left )

Also, I don't have anything specific to say about tonight's Bones episode, except to say that I kinda want to squish them all. Hard. And I might need to track down S1.

OMG brilliant Colbert clip embedded below. (link via [ profile] dianora2)

Stephen Colbert + Cookie Monster + Robert Downey Jr references. Yes, really. )
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Oh, internet I knew you wouldn't let me down.

The Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Steve Carell hug from the Emmys tonight/last night (depending what part of the world you're in). Much love. <3

I meant to go to bed like an hour and half ago. Facebook = crack.
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I had a very eh day at work today, and to be honest, I can't see the next, oh, six weeks getting any better. (Just, who the fuck thought I could take over her job for six weeks. Honestly). However, I got home and there was beer, curry, LJ and The Daily Show, and I'm feeling a lot better. More relaxed anyway.

Stuff Tali Has Enjoyed Recently:

- I watched The Corporation last night, and wow that was scary/depressing/fascinating. An awesome documentary actually and I definitely recommend it. I also borrowed the 2-disc set from my friend with the ridiculous amount of extras, which I'm really looking forward to getting into.

- I also located DVDs of Blackpool aka Six Hours of David Tennant and his Scottish Accent. Guh. I liked it, and the musical aspects were really well done, but there's something that held me back from really loving it, and it might be Sarah Parish, who while I have no doubt is an excellent actress, vaguely annoys me. But, David Tennant was wonderful and Scottish. Mmmm.

- I finally saw The Bourne Ultimatum over the weekend too, and I really enjoyed it. No travel-sickness! I don't know if the camera work was gentler on this movie compared to The Bourne Supremacy, or if I was just used to it, but it didn't annoy me nearly as much. The movie was just paced wonderfully too. David Strathairn is awesome. *nods* (And he narrated a series on the US Supreme Court! *loves*)

- West Wing tribute video with clips from blooper reels and interviews and it made me totally nostalgic and feel like I really need to catch up on S6-7 and have a West Wing marathon. (link via [ profile] dianora2

- Finally, I stumbled upon Stephen Colbert's interview with Charlie Rose on YouTube, and OMG love! I don't think I actually have seen him intreviewed when not in character, and while Charlie Rose kind of annoyed me as an interviewer, the interview was awesome. He's so softly spoken and polite, and intelligent, and adorable! I already had a pretty high estimation of the guy before seeing this, but it still went up.

Between him and Jon Stewart, I, just, yeah. <3!
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This Daily Show clip is a beautiful thing. Honestly, I just love this clip so much, as it makes a really important point about US policy in the Middle East so well. <3!

And while I'm linking:

Branson vs Colbert: This is just too cute. Like Rachel Sklar said, I don't know how people branded this as uncomfortable, made for some good publicity for Stephen though.


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