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I'm hooooome.

Well I got home yesterday after 38 hours of airports and flights - including a lovely 11 hour stopover in Incheon Airport in Seoul. I got a few things done (wash all the clothes, actually have food in the house) before sleeping for 11 hours. So needed that.

While I'll miss people I left in the UK a lot and in some ways being back in London felt like I never left - I'm happy to be back. It's nice to be back in my own bed and Wellington is looking pretty gorgeous in the sunshine. Also positive job things happened while I was away. I had a semi-interview via skype while in Barcelona and got offered another job too. I am still trying to finalise some things but it's looking positive.

Europe - in bullet points )

There will be photos. Eventually. These things always take me time.

Let the tv catch-up begin. Being in the UK meant I mostly kept up with The Thick of It (Malcolm I missed you so) and Downton Abbey but other than that ... ahaha no.

Why I started with H50 I'm not quite sure, but I did.

oy - which is to say 3.01 and 3.02 )

I also haven't really kept up with LJ/DW so that's another thing on the online to-do list. I uh ... sort of kept up with Tumblr as my queue of pictures of Gabriel Macht's face might attest. *cough*

Also just in time for Get Together this weekend! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone but I really need to do my Sportsnight pimp. I need to channel my feelings about Dan Rydell .... <333

And uh Yuletide noms are happening already? Dude. Time flies.
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I came home in a rather crappy mood. Work is rather ugh. I mean, it's good to be busy, but a lot's going on and I just feel like I'm not handling any of it well and in general I've just been feeling a bit blah.

However, the internet was there for me tonight.

PotC: At World's End trailer: OMG! Pretty, snarky, Johnny Depp filled wonderfulness. I can't wait!

Sportsnight Friending Meme hosted by [ profile] celli. I am always behind increasing the Sportsnight love, and this was lovely.

Will Dunk For Brains by [ profile] minervacat. (PG, gen) Keeping with the Sportnsight theme, this fic is just awesome. Hilarious, and just so them. Love!

Rolling Stones confirmed for Isle of Wight Festival Rolling Stones + Muse + The Fratellis + Kasabian = ... dude. Now if only I lived in the UK.

And now, there shall be The Daily Show.


Jan. 27th, 2007 10:54 pm
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I haven't really had the greatest day. I'm not going to go into details, but some days I'm just really not a fan of my head and thought patterns. At all. Fuck, this better all be in my head

However, I did watch The Prestige today, which was rather awesome, and also watched a few episodes of Sportsnight, and that definitely made the day a little better.

Oh, Dan. After watching those eps (which included the Sam ep), and reading this comment (around the middle of the page) by [ profile] scrunchy about Dan. I just ... Dan! I need Dan fic now.

Just thought I'd say that.

And my Dan icon died when I didn't replenish my extra icons. Damn. Really must do an icon overhaul. Have Jon instead, because he's just as awesome.
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1. I am pretty obsessive about checking news websites, but I completely missed how dangerous Hurricane Katrina had actually gotten till I was reading last night on my flist about the possibility that New Orleans might actually be underwater if the hurricane hit it directly. I'm glad it hasn't come to that, but still, the amount of damange it has done is mind-boggling. Not only to New Orleans but also the rest of Lousiana, Mississippi, Alabama and what it did to Florida. Perspective check much. My thoughts are with anyone who has been directly, or knows anyone directly affected by it. I often say in response to all manner of things 'I can imagine' but in this case, I really can't.


2. Sports Night Season 2 )

3. Angel (Origin) and Without A Trace (Nickel and Dimed Part I) both had really strong eps this week. Desperate Housewives (Anything You Can Do) in my opinion pushed things a little too far, but Felicity Huffman is all sorts of wonderful.

4. My DVD buying frenzy has really got past the point of a joke, but it's interesting that my recent purchase of The OC S1 (it was on sale and I have no self control) has led to my brother watching 4-5 eps a day and not me - more because I've had other things I've been watching than because I haven't wanted to, but still. We sat down and watched 'The Televonela' tonight and I forgot how just plain entertaining this show could be. I also fell a little bit in love with Sandy/Kirsten and Seth/Summer all over again too. Mer.

5. I really want more Veronica Mars. C'mon Friday. I need to know.


Dear self,

Those jobs you saw on the net today? The ones that look promising?

Please, apply for them.

In frustration and dissatisfacton,

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So, I just finished watching S1 of Sports Night. Technically, I'd seen a lot of it before, but this is the first time I'd watched it in its entirety.

Sports Night: Now With Ridiculous Amounts of Squee )

And because I caved in and watched it last night.

CSI 522: Grave Danger )

I'm so easy.


I had my first driving lesson today and it actually went pretty well. The guys who took me (two friends) were so patient and wonderful and I actually didn't go too badly. Changing gears isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be but then I wasn't exactly driving where there were many other cars on the road, so we'll see. It was quite fun though.


Because I'm a sheep and it's a lovely idea. I'm trying to comment on everyone on my flist that does it.

Snaps Cup! Meme: I posted here.
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It's been a weird day and I'm really glad it's over. I won't go into details because looking back I'm not even sure of a lot of it myself just suffice to say, relationships and human-beings are sometimes way too complicated. Or I make them too complicated. Or something. I'm confused but then, when aren't I?


In happier news, my Sports Night DVDs came yesterday! I just love getting Amazon boxes. When I got them I hugged them to my chest and danced around the house, freaking my brother out just a little, I think.

I know it was definitely yesterday I got them but really, how am I already 10 epsidoes in? I didn't think I'd spent that much time watching them.

It's weird watching a show that only has 30 minute eps instead of hour long ones (you get sick of the credits music way faster, but then the SN music isn't all that bad) but I am remembering how much this show rocked. I'm not completely overcome with love but I am still really glad I bought them.

Dan is quite possibly one of the most wonderful TV characters, ever. Yes, that is perhaps the post-DVD buying buzz speaking but still, he rocks, so much. Don't get me wrong all the other characters are wonderful too, but Dan always had a special place in my heart.


Also, comics. I do read them!

Nightwing #111 )

House of M #5 )

Ultimates Annual #1 )


The new Battlestar Galactica S1 is out on DVD and not that expensive and the CD Store is having a sale on box-sets with Six Feet Under, Nip/Tuck and the OC really quite cheap. I think someone needs to stop me. Or find me something to do that's not obsessing over far too many TV shows.

*adds BSG to DVD-U queue and hopes between that and friends she'll see it without having to buy the DVDs without knowing if she actually wants to own it*
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Answers to TV Screencap Meme )

Interview tomorrow. I'm strangely calm.

I really want Sportsnight DVDs right now.

*shifty look towards Amazon*

Edit: I am so weak *headdesk* However, I am a weak person who will have Sportsnight DVDs in 10-14 days. So, that's something I suppose.


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