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1. I wasn't doing anything during the day yesterday so I went along to the Spaced Finger Gun Flash mob. So glad I did. A couple of hundred people just milling around Trafalgar Square and then this happens in the middle. It was a little on the short side, but so cool. And yes, that is a preacher you can hear in the background, it made the whole thing just a little bit surreal. I <3 London.

I was having a very I <3 London day yesterday actually. There's just always something going on and it has the variety that I adore about large cities. I've only been here 8 months and have 16 to go, but already the thought of leaving is making me sad.

2. How did I not know this John Sheppard vid to Poker Face existed before? OMG it's perfect. <3

3. Malcolm Tucker UK election briefing.

Talking to the manifesto children in the war room, they are all very excited about optimism. I don't know where they found it but now they've opened the pot they want to smear it over everything. The New Britain. An Internet. A train like those we have seen on our holidays, that goes. A knowledge-based carbon-fibre tennis-racket economy. A windmill. A new dawn. Give our nuclear subs to the French. My take is – yeah, fine. Maybe. But remember your key attributes: not JFK skipping through the flowers spraying Clinton juice all over everyone. No – the glowering maniac in the boarded-up house who, if we're lucky, people might just about believe is the only one who can remember where the bank statements are kept. That's the core strategy.

Not quite as profane as Malcolm is (understandably as it's on the website of one of the largest UK newspapers) but amusing all the same. ;)

4. I may have gone a leeetle crazy at the Threadless $10 sale, but, but $10! I brought three t-shirts, Gentlemen Love Light Swords (light. sabers, how I don't have a t-shirt with them on by now I don't know), We've Got Some Work to Do Now (Velma meets the zombie apocalypse. Velma was always my favourite Scooby Doo character), When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (dinosaurs, with a map, dressed up like medieval lords and generals!). <3 Threadless.

5. Arsenal drew Barcelona in the Champions League. :( Bad for any number of reasons, mostly because I think we'll lose, and they're my second favourites because of Thierry Henry. *sigh* I still don't think we're going to end this season with any silverware.

6. Muse's performance at SXSW looked amazing. I just love pro-shot stuff of their shows. Guh. It would have been more amazing had the whole show been on there like it was supposed to be, but at least the two songs they got were good ones - Stockholm Syndrome and Knights of Cydonia - with the awesome harmonica intro. I feared it would be Resistance, which I'm very eh about. I <3 them.

Have done very little today bar going grocery shopping. Finally closed a gazillion tabs in Firefox, and got angry at it's ridiculous memory/CPU usage. Seriously. So, I'm back on Chrome now, before it annoys me in another way. I'll be happy when extensions are installed for the Mac version. Oh, browsers. </ middle class problems>
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Bad: Got home from work at 10:30 tonight. *sigh*

Good: Friend who is living in the UK is in Christchurch at the moment and has said she'll call me tomorrow night, which is awesome. Not quite as awesome as if I could have gone down, but awesome none the less.

Bad: Reading more articles about people on their OE in the UK returning home. Considering other options like Ireland, Canada, or leaving it six months and see if things improve. *sigh* Is it bad that the thing that bugs me the (second) most is that I've told everyone (including my boss) that I'm going, and what they'll think if I put it off?

Good: My friend was recently in Australia and located a Garrison Uniform John Sheppard! I have been wanting a Sheppard action figure for ages, and just could not find one here. He's awesome! I would also like to point out this was organised over Twitter. Who says it doesn't have its uses? ;)

Plastic!John and friend hang out )

Edit: Good: The Daily Show was on tonight. *happy sigh*
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I am still cutting down to stop Telecom robbing me blind with extra GB charges, but I am not made of stone! At least when the internet isn't working you don't have the option, but when it's right there and you're on your laptop anyway, yeah, I have no willpower. Also, you realise how many different applications and add-ons you have (well, okay how many applications and add-ons I have) that send or get information from the net in the forms of reminders, alerts, tweets etc.

Anyway, why I decided to post anyway:

BSG: Sometimes A Great Nation )

I can't wait for next week!

I did also catch the SGA finale. (I accidentally caught in on YouTube early actually, because I was looking for the promo and well, it was just there). But I did watch it again properly, and I have a couple of thouhgts.

SGA: Enemy at the Gate )

Also, despite my earlier thouhgts on 'Vegas' I've found if I just watch the last half, which has a lot less of the annoying 'style' moments, it becomes an awesome episode.

Long weekend, and I've done very little with it, bar tidy my room, show people around our flat and attempt to read many books I can't seem to get into. *sigh*
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Oh, internet. <3

I went from Dial Up Land to No Internet Land on New Years Eve and got back late last night after all sorts of fun trying to find a taxi home. Ugh.

New Years: bonfires, ferries, Shapeshifer being awesome and the geeky singing of Flight of the Conchords songs )

Still home now. Need to get shit sorted and move my stuff into my new room that my now former flatmate vacated while I was away. Sunshine! And a view over the city. I'm excited.

I may have already caught up with Vegas and the Dr Who Christmas special. *sheepish look*

SGA: Vegas )

Dr Who: The Next Doctor )

Also, Yuletde authors were revealed and I wrote:

To what place (PG) - American Gods fanfic about Laura for tahanrien.

Happily my recipient liked it and I've recieved some very nice reviews. :)

I have a few Yuletide recs at my delicious and hope to add some more as I work through some more tabs.

While I was away I made some new icons. Finally! I downloaded GIMP and it's pretty awesome for something so very free. I uh, may have become a little obsessed with some effects as some of the icons show.

Three whole days til I'm back at work. Joy.
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*yawns* I worked eight hours today, and have a week of work ahead of me. Joy. However, I came home and watched SGA 514 and it has brought me joy.

SGA: The Prodigal )

As for things that don't bring so much joy, like general elections. Eh. I didn't start to get really depressed about the result until I started thinking about the probable National cabinet. Ugh. I'm also sad the Greens didn't do better (though c'mon the special votes which mean they might get one more seat) and surprised that ACT got 5. Dude.

Two good things did come about. No NZ First. And Grant Robertson beat Stephen Franks in Wellington Central.

Anyway, should get an early night, otherwise tomorrow will be even less fun than it is already shaping up to be.

Yuletide: successfully signed up for. Kinda scary what fandoms I offered, but I do find it interesting how I go back to the same fandoms for requests. Quite excited about it now though. :D

Icons: Not so much.
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Cannot say I achieved a lot over the long weekend. I watched Body of Lies with a friend (not bad but Ridley, you've done better), caught up briefly with [ profile] china_shop and watched a lot of Outrageous Fortune (which I also have to thank China for :p). I am quite addicted. I don't quite know how many eps I watched yesterday but I think it was over ten. *sheepish look*

I am also slowly making my way through S4 BSG. Oh, unhappy fucked up show.

I've been feeling kinda blah in the last week. Lots of little things adding up, I think, and probably a lot of me being hard on myself for no good reason. Hopefully this week will be more productive and well, less blah. (Eloquent, me?) I have a lot more on, which might help.

And I'm only going to say it once but I do wish I'd been more organised and gotten to Armageddon in Auckland. Fail, self. It sounds like those who did had an awesome time. :D Hewlett!

Also, I have seen no comment on my friends list about the latest SGA ep? I haven't acquired it yet. Was it that bad? Has fandom decided to wipe it from its collective memory and pretend it didn't happen?

Random links:

Pencils Down: An Evening with America’s Funniest Writers - Video | Indecision2008 - video of a panel with a current and former TDS wrier, a blogger for Indecision2008 and the web editor for The Onion. Quite interesting if you have the time.

How Nate Silver Went From Forecasting Baseball Games to Forecasting Elections -- New York Magazine - Interesting article on Nate Silver the guy behind the cool US poll site,
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There is late afternoon sun in my living room!

This weekend has been awesome weather wise. I can't remember the last day I comfortably spent basically all day in short sleeves. I used to think I didn't really have a season preference, but late Spring/Summer, you win. Suunshiinne.

I have been mainlining Veronica Mars S2. I've known what's happened for ages, years even, but I just hadn't got around to getting the DVDs myself and then my local video store had them. \o/

My S2 Veronica Mars thoughts )

I also caught SGA 4x11, and honestly? Eh. I liked Daniel and Rodney a lot, but other than that, I have no real strong thoughts, just indifference. I think Gero's done better.
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Dude. I wondered if time had gone really fast there for a second, but I realised my computer clock adjusted for Daylight Savings which we just entered. Yay one less hour sleep, but it does mean lighter nights, so that's something.

(Edits out the quite insane overuse of 'just' in that sentence).

SGA: First Contact )
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I haven't updated in a bit but I am lazy and shall resort to, a list!

1. Need to catch up on SGA, but have now gotten through most of Dexter S2. I'm enjoying it, but not as much as last season, and to be honest, I am up to watching the finale, and still haven't watched it. So, eh. Eventually.

2. Daily Show was back this week. \o/ Interviews have been a little lacklustre (yes, even Ricky Gervais, I like his stand-up but I'm not a huge fan of his other stuff), but some of the news bits have been awesome. Jon's "Did she win a contest?" comment tonight was just, <3

3. I have now played Guitar Hero and A++ would play again, even though I think it could be ridiculously addictive.

I can't even think of a random link to share.

When you see this, post a quote from Stargate Atlantis in your journal.

Dr. Rodney McKay: The sticking point is that, ah, there is no tie between the power generator and the primary capacitor.
Dr. Zelenka: Meaning that they would have to channel the power directly into the weapon.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Which I'm sure that means nothing to you.
Maj. John Sheppard: It means they could fire multiple bursts without having to store more power for the next firing sequence.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Yes... very good.
Maj. John Sheppard: Which leads me back to 'cool'!

Smart!John. <3 Also, it's the scene with the adorable duck and smile.
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SGA: The Shrine )

Right, now I need to get up and do things, after completely failing to do anything yesterday bar sleep, watch a DVD and read things on the internet, also I need to find caffeine. Withdrawal headache, ow.
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So there I was sipping a Coke reading my Gateworld feed on my RSS Reader and ... what?! No, seriously, what?! What the fuck is that, Sci-Fi?!

And then I ran to LJ.

Just, serioisly, dude. This is so not on. No more Hewlett and Flan on a regular basis. No more Rodney and John. John! (Yes, maybe movies, but it's not really the same). I don't know what to say.

And the [ profile] face_of_joe post today is entirely too appropriate. :(

Edit: Having read a lot of :( posts now, I just would like to say again how much I adore SGA fandom. *hugs you all*
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As if I wasn't already looking forward to "The Shrine", these promo pics came along. *flail*

Also, this interview with Joe Flanigan is made of a boatload of awesome (link via [ profile] tex). He's so hilarious in this, and there are some classic quotes. ("Well, you’ve got to walk away from the blackjack table. Save the galaxy.") He lists getting a new skateboard as a highlight of Season 5, oh and "The Shrine." <3! (S5 spoilers in the interview). So much love.

I better not get my hopes up too high, this could end badly.

If you are in anyway inclined towards Doctor Who fanvids, you should totally check out [ profile] flummery's vid here. It's so, so well done and just seriously, watch it.

Random link: Batman hoodie as worn here by John Mayer, who I can totally take or leave, but the hoodie is awesome.

Random link II: Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?. Cool article on Jon and TDS in the NYTimes. Includes cute quotes about Jon from Stephen Colbert.
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The last week has been a bit of a bust, especially Monday which needed an emergency application of beer, but today hasn't been too bad, and I only have one more day of work as I'm heading to Christchurch tomorrow night.

Also, I have been a little obsessed with the Olympics, or as much as I can be when I have to rely on TVNZ's streaming coverage (which is to be fair pretty good, if a little dodgy on Firefox) as we have reception issues with TV1, but I shall be at my parents this weekend and they have no such issues. \o/

I need to go and check out the footage from the 200m men's butterfly as Moss Burmester ended up fourth after leading for a while in a race with Michael Phelps in it. Nicely done, sir. I am a bit gutted he didn't get a medal though, as it sounds like he deserved it, but then he is the first NZ swimmer to get into a final since 1996, so he'd done well already.

The thing I love most about the Olympics is the chance to see sports like athletics, swimming, gymnastics, weightliftig and fencing get some TV coverage. I'm just not as attracted to the team sports which get a lot of coverage here anyway.

Random linkage:

Dear Jason Momoa, your giant crush on Joe Flanigan is showing. <3! It's pretty cool interview overall actually.

Awesome pictures of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. (Dial-up warning, these photos are huge).

Neil Patrick Harris and his HIMYM cast-mate whose name I don't know sing songs from Les Mis. Awesome. NPH really can sing. I don't know Les Mis that well, but it's a musical I've always wanted to see.

The 100 Most Funny and Unusual 404 Error Pages. Awesome. Some of these are inspired, and I haven't laughed so hard in ages. (Dial-up warning).

The Guardian (yes, really) does Bush LOLCATS. Overall they're kinda average, but this one is hilarious.

I also finally saw Sweeney Todd, and it was awesome. It might be my favourite Tim Burton movie, and Johnny Depp's performance was pretty damn amazing. The cinematography was also stunning. <3!
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I just restored a saved draft from the Post page and wow, here are two links I meant to share, in addition to the other things I was just about to include in my post.

HP fandom and I parted ways a while back but um the Half Blood Prince trailer looks awesome, and when does this movie come out again? ;)

Also, David Boreanaz is kinda ridiculously awesome in this Comicon interview. I still don't know how he's managed to make me so squeeful about him, but I'm enjoying it. ;)

And now that's done.

I've become increasingly fascinated by the writing side of SGA, I think in part due to JM's blog, which I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with, and other LJ squee, so in that vein I want to pimp this awesome, awesome post by [ profile] xparrot which has all the eps each writer has written and best of all an analysis of their respective strengths and weaknesses. There is not enough <3 and \o/ in the world.

And while I'm discussing SGA, I liked "The Deadalus Variations" but not quite as much as most people seemed to. Spoilery mention ... it was supposed to be one but I started rambling )
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Alex Gibney, you, sir, can make a documentary.

I saw Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr Hunter S Thompspon at the film festival last night, and it was awesome.

I now really want to see Taxi to the Dark Side. I'm almost, maybe, thinking about taking time off work to see it as they only have day showings left. :(

Stargate Atlantis: Broken Ties )

Anyway, I should go out and procure food and caffeine. Oh, withdrawal headaches they are awesome.

Dark Knight tomorrow!

Also, finally, OJamas! Heee. I just find the phrase hilarous and fun to say. Also, they're cool pajamas.
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I have my desktop rotating through a selection of photos and quite, um, a few are of John Sheppard. Every so often I adjust my windows and have to stop. A couple of times I may have even swore.

Joe Flanigan? How are you so hot. I mean, seriously?

And in somewhat related news GateWorld have new (spoilery) photos from "The Shrine"

Thoughts )

This has been my substantive post for the day.
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Ever since I got my Mac (uh, that would be 8 months ago) I've been meaning to get back into vidding, and I've finally finished one of my ideas. \o/

So, um, watch it if you like.

Title: If I Should Fall Behind
Fandom/Pairing: Stargate Atlantis, McKay/Sheppard
Song: "If I Should Fall Behind" by Jeffrey Foucault (Bruce Springsteen cover)
File: 18MB (Xvid, AVI)
Spoilers: Clips up to "The Last Man"

Download at Mediafire | or stream at YouTube

YouTube also embedded below

If I Should Fall Behind )

I also put up the one of my earlier vids I'm actually kinda proud of from when I was into CSI and WaT all those fandoms ago. Sam and Sara (Jack/Sam and Grissom/Sara implied) to the "The Tower" by Vienna Teng.

Embedded below:

The Tower )
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Oh god, David Tennant reading The Stone Rose. That much David Tennant!accent. I may die. And the Doctor voice vs David! And Jackie!

Also, new SGA means lots of John and team squee on my flist. It makes me happy.

Hellboy II isn't out here for another month and a half. I was reading reviews before, and I want to see it even more now. And no Wall-E till September. :( I thought NZ was getting better release dates for big movies, but clearly it depends.

John McCain had a very bad week. Shame. ;) Seriously though, some of those mistakes are insane, especially the Iran one.
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So, I am a bit of a backstory whore. Always have been as long as I've been in fandom. It's why I loved the Marauders the most in HP fandom, and well, it's manifested its self in other fandoms as well I just can't remember particular instances, anyway, point is, I am a sucker for a well-written backstory fic, and if it happens to be a John Sheppard backstory fic well, that's just, an entire different planet of awesome.

If you find yourself also afflicted, or you know, you just like awesome SGA McShep fic, check out S is for Sing by [ profile] cesperanza and Lim for [ profile] artword.

I know [ profile] cespreanza is recced everywhere, but with good reason, this is an awesome fic and shamefully took advantage of my desire for awesome John Sheppard backstory. I may go and read it again.

Life in general? Okay. Work. Eh. Hung out tonight with flatmate and watched Wimbledon (downright cheesy in places, but Paul Bettany! Bernard Hill! James McAvoy!), which was cool. Going out tomorrow. Have no real grand plans for the weekend.

Have also been catching little bits of House S3 which I missed when they aired. That third season finale kinda paled against all other ones they've done, huh? There were some very good eps in the middle-latter part of the season though. <3

Movie Meme of many tags )
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I thought about waiting, and then I totally caved. I in no way regret that decision. Show!

Warning: Excessive exclamation points, <3 signs, love for John Sheppard, and stream of consciousness squee follow.

SGA 5x01: Search and Rescue )


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