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OMG I leave for London in about 30 hours!

I am mostly sorted. Need to pack, book a shuttle/taxi for my lovely 5:30am check-in and sort out a little bit of cash and I actually think that's it. Got a good deal on some mini travel guides for Rome and Barcelona today (there's a Roy Lichtenstein statue in Barcelona, must track it down), ended up buying Hilary Mantel's Bring up the Bodies for the plane, and washed all the things.

TV things:

1. I don't think I've watched a show on ABC in years, but after reading some Fall TV Previews I know I'm definitely going to check out The Last Resort and maybe Nashville. Not sure if there's anything else that really grabs me. I am hearing good things about Elementary. Maybe Arrow although also maybe not.

Continuing shows I'll be watching: Community, Parks and Rec, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0 (at least at first because Steve feelings and Christine Lahti is pretty great), Fringe and Homeland.

2. The Thick of It S4 started this week. \o/ It was funny but I am looking forward to Malcolm. Oh yes.

3. Tumblr gifs and goddamn Rupert Graves might have lead me to obtain the Dr Who eps I haven't seen yet. *sigh*

Fic things:

I also wrote fic. Kid fic even. (sort of)

Little League (1552 words) by faviconaworldinside
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Suits (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter
Characters: Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen

Harvey meets Donna's niece.

Damn this show.

I meant to tidy my room hours ago and I really should do it now. Gonna blast music (with headphones) and just get it done. Need to make sure I have some things for the trip and not exactly sure where they are. I definitely have a NZ -> UK adapter somewhere ...

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Suits 2x07 )


New temp job is a world of eh, but employment is a good and I actually applied for a "real" job today!

And then I wrote 800 words of depressing Harvey backstory. Good times. I needed to get that out of my head. And I'm not at all eyeing kudos. Nope. Not at all.

Next time, happy story! If there is a next time, because that's the first thing I've actually posted since Yuletide. There is much happier hockey fic in my GoogleDocs somewhere. I need to write that.

Olympics are still rocking my world. Those three golds the British had this morning (NZ time) were awesome. Also delighted for Gabby Douglas and allll the NZ rowing golds, especially Eric Murphy and Hamish Bond. Adorable dudes.

God the songs from Prime's promos keep getting in my head. However, I do find myself more intrigued by Elementary than I thought I'd be due to watching the promo so. many. times.


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