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Newsroom 1x10 )

And then I drank two large glasses of wine and wrote 1,200 words about Harvey meeting Donna's Little League playing niece in between spamming Twitter and Tumblr. Because apparently that's what I do now. Stupid show, I say with a fangirl's exasperated but crazy affection.

RL wise, my temp job stopped seven days early, which really isn't that great BUT I go to the UK in a week and a half. I keep waiting to remember something I've forgotten. I really just have to get money changed into pounds and euros ...

Let's not dwell on the fact I might not have a job when I get back and will therefore be second guessing all the money I spend while overseas. la la la la
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Today was fine. I've moved to a new floor, which is actually kinda cool and the day went fast. Booked myself for a eye test too, because I'm wondering if the headaches I've been getting a lot recently are sight related. Eep?

Also I uh, may have bought myself some new boots on my way home, which to be fair I did need because my current pair of boots are dying, and these were on sale, proper leather and have a good sole. Still, more money than I possibly should have spent.

Game of Thrones 2x07 )

Hockey returned! Yay Rangers. :D Great to see the Kings hold on today too. Don't think this will be as easy a series and their other ones, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

I have Korra episodes! This is exciting! Now all the tumblr gifs I see will make more sense. ;)

I also found this article about the shows the networks have picked up for next season interesting. Not a hell of a lot I'm really keen to see, but some interesting ones ("The Last Resort" especially and I'll probably at least check out the new Matthew Perry comedy). Also, unlikely Lori and Gaby will be making an appearance on H50 next season - both actresses are in new shows. Unless they get quickly cancelled I guess - which I wouldn't wish for either Autumn or Lauren. Happy to see Dichen Lachman in a picked up pilot too.
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It's been a weird week. I've felt unmotivated and blah, and I've also been getting recruitment calls, which is not a bad thing but they're offering to put my name forward for jobs that fit the long-term-slash-help-pay-for-my-trip-to-the-UK criteria but not the in-any-way-advancing-my-career criteria. I spent 2 years overseas doing blah-ish temp admin jobs and I'm over it tbh, but then .... what do I want to do for a job anyway? And fuck do I need to go back and study something? And then I feel guilty because I should feel grateful I'm in a position where I can get a job and yes, blah. Blah, I say.

Vent over.

TV! Hockey! Other distracting things!


I couldn't concentrate on much this afternoon with the truly ridiculous triple fucking overtime Rangers/Caps game going on. Really happy for the Rangers (Gaborik! Some form!) but hard not to feel for the Caps as well. Braden Holtby is a rock-star.

Hope the Flyers can come back motivated tomorrow after losing so badly to the Devils.

I have seen clips, but last night it came to my attention that someone had put the entire NHL 2011 All Star Game Fantasy Draft on YouTube.

Lots of heart-eyes. Lots. They're ridiculous people, and while I knew it happened it was great to watch the whole show and see how it really was everytime someone was picked by Team Lindstrom who wasn't Tazer they'd go for a reaction shot. Amazing. Staals and Patrick Sharp continue to charm me (as sort of does Rick Nash), and lol Ovie taking a picture of Phil Kessel being the last one picked. Also this is far, far from an original thought but holy fuck, Jeff Skinner's smile. Nope. I don't need reminding how old he is. I know. I know.

I open three tabs when I sit down at my desk at the moment. They are GMail, Twitter and ... I have also listened to the Marek vs Wyshynski daily podcast pretty much every morning. Yeah.

And a rec:

not gonna write you a love song (6658 words) by faviconjustbreathe80
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal
Characters: Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner, Cody Ward, Justin Faulk
Summary: It’s like it’s normal to everyone, and Cam realizes that’s because it is normal. It’s how Jeff and Eric have always been, since the day Jeff showed up, eighteen and annoyingly fresh-faced at training camp, and Eric decided that Jeff was his.

Cam Ward outsider POV. <3


The Good Wife 3x21 and 3x22 )

Game of Thrones 2x05 - gets a little future book spoilery )

H50 2x20 and NCIS LA 2x20 )

I have not yet watched Fringe, or caught-up on Mad Men which sounds like it got interesting just as I thought I could let in lapse for a few weeks.

I also finished Avatar: The Last Airbender last week and oh, amazing, amazing show. All the feelings. I love them all but I have a special place in my heart for Zuko. That final scene with his sister .... yeah. Feelings.

Nearly the weekend. Fuck. Yes.
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Haha. Oh this was so predictable.

I seem to have developed a hockey thing. I have been enjoying reading alll the primers, and watching alll the YT clips. I love fandom-assisted learning. Jeff Skinner, what is your smile?! Eric Staal, why are you so tall, blonde and endearing? I am intrigued by many things. So many teams, so many ridiculous people.

Also, (because why not embrace all the sports fandoms at once?) why didn't someone tell me there was a West-Wing inspired Footballers-running-a-US-Senate-campaign fic! The District by [ profile] dorkorific. (Xabi Alonso/Steven Gerrard, Iker Casillas, Cesc Fabregas and alll the footballer cameos you could want). It's just delightful. Truly delightful. I also have developed feelings about Xabi Alonso (he's like Liverpool's Thierry Henry). Fair warning: it's a WiP. But it's so goood. Also, guys, there is a Rahm cameo. Raahhhm.

No, no caffeine or sugar at all today, why do you ask? ;)

I wrote this in my last entry: In happier news, I am cautiously optimistic that my contract at work is being extended for a little while, but I really need to get on that permanent-job thing. Yeah ... not so much. There is still a chance, but it's pretty small. I have some money saved and I can always temp for a bit, but it still sucks. Hard. My next three weeks are going to be dominated by job-hunting. I can hardly contain my excitement.

So as always when I have important things to do in RL ... shiny new fandoms all around!

H50, I still love you. For the most part.
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Hawaii Five-0: 2x07 )


Had a nice weekend full of food (waffles for brunch!) and walks and even some sunshine. Have started my GT presentation and I quite like what I've done, it just needs more work. Fringe in 15 minutes is well, a bit of a challenge. Very excited for the con though. It's going to be awesome. :)

Work is okay. Have started working on a different project, which is nice, as I get to work with new people and learn lots of new things. It's something anyway. ;)
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Hawaii Five-0 3x05 )

I also went to see The Three Musketeers tonight.

Brief thoughts )

Were there other things? There might have been other things. Still cautious about positive job news. We will see. We will see.

My stuff should be arriving on Saturday. Yay for books and DVDs and everything in one place. Now I just need to sort out well, a bed. Fun times.
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Fringe: A Night in October )

Hawaii Five-0: 2x03 )

Also, OMG someone worked out what all of Steve's medals are! So much love.

* Miss Representation Trailer - it's an 8 minute video about the representation of females in the media and the impact that has on people and it's just really well done and interesting to watch. embedded here )

In life, eh flat hunting. I was in a good mood and saw a couple of really nice ones yesterday and even talked West Wing marathoning and Tyrion Lannister at one flat (seriously nice place too, although the bond is probably beyond my means). So, hopefully, I guess? Ugh. I am so over this.

Work is fine, if getting a little stressful but la la I am at the bottom of the food chain and just doing what I'm told on this one. The personalities in the team and the office politics are just a little, wow.

Two close friends in town this weekend for another friend's birthday party. I may uh, have a medieval dress hired and uh, there may be blue hair. For no real reason other than I really want blue hair. Or rainbow hair! It's a thing. I blame Scott Pilgrim.

Also, someone just linked me to a 85,000 word Steve/Tony fic by an author whose fics I already know I like. Oh, sleep? Getting other things done? Haha.
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So now there's a new H50 sneak-peek (embedded under the cut) and Tumblr isn't respecting Read More cuts, so OMG - spoiler thoughts )

And have a few of pictures of Alex looking awesome at the sunset premiere. Seriously dude, a black suit and shirt? Are you trying to kill me? )

Other than that, I have a job! A temporary job! But it's something and it pays okay. However now I have started flat-hunting and fuck, I did not miss that at all. More rejection. Yay. I did however just answer an ad which mentioned zombie apocalypses, coffee, tofu burgers and Jurassic Park ... amazing.
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So, I'm now in Wellington. Oh, I've missed this ridiculous city. In the taxi on the way into the city it really felt like coming home. I mean, I'll always be from Christchurch, but Wellington is definitely more like home now. I missed so much about, and a lot of that is food-centric, which I didn't expect, but I probably should have. I was walking around on Wednesday making a mental list of places I needed to eat.

I've had one job interview (on the day I arrived no less), but I didn't get it, so I've been looking at temping (again) and other roles. We'll see what happens, I guess. I also need to flat hunt, but I'd like to get the job thing underway first. If any locals know of anything going, whether that be flats of jobs, let me know.

Otherwise, it's been all H50. I've now seen all of Season 1 and oh god, they are all so ridiculous and pretty and I love them. Steve especially. Yeah, that's a shocker. I've always had a small thing about Navy SEALs (I think there was a documentary I watched when I was a kid, I have no idea, I'm also fascinated by aircraft carriers), and this fandom has made it so much worse.

There's some really quite good episodes in the season, but also some ones which well, was the Puff Daddy one really necessary? This show can stunt cast like no ones business.

There was also this promo, which Tumblr had a collective freak out about, which well, just watch it. Steve, you are so precious. And insane. So insane. I saw a comment in someone's LJ about how he actually might have less common-sense that John Sheppard, and I think that's true. Who even thought that was possible?

Two fic recs:

This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) (35814 words) by faviconleupagus

Mafia AU - and it's glorious. Danny is amazing as a mob boss and Steve is well, Steve, so a BAMF. The way the S1 plot is altered is so well done, and the twists and turns had me on the edge of my uh, bed. It's a long read - but so, so worth it.

Ho'oponopono (17092 words) by faviconember_firedrake

Steve/Danny. Danny is caught in a Groundhog Day/Window of Opportunity like scenario. So well done, and the characterisation is spot-on.

(Yay for the AO3 share button).

I would also like to say that I am in no way thinking about making a Steve/Danny vid to a pretty cheesy pop song. Except, that I totally am. It works just too, too well.

And there's still fic bunnies. Oh god, this show.

Yay for September though. Fringe, Community, The Good Wife are all back, and well, this ridiculous show is too. There should be icons.
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This week has been blah. I have done cool things - I went to a special screening of Brazil introduced by Jonathon Pryce (hadn't seen it before, very awesome) and went to a taping of a Chris Addison TV special (he was delightful, and tweeted me back this morning :D) - but other than that, I've just felt tired, lazy and stupid. Most of all stupid. And do you know what I hate feeling above nearly all other things? Stupid. This week it even included the bonus of feeling like I'm disappointing people. My favourite.

... I might need a holiday. It's true. I need to book flights to Berlin, and book accommodation in New York, Boston and DC (recommendations/offers of couches welcome) because it's all getting quite close. Dude.

Anyway, links:

* Donald Glover performs the Spanish class rap with a fan (Watch as this gets in my head). He's so awesome, though it can be quite weird going from a Community ep to listening to his rap songs. The songs are pretty cool though.

* Interesting Fringe article on the love triangle - makes some quite interesting points about the two Olivias and Peter, although I would argue that the developments in the latest ep didn't quite come out of nowhere.

* Walter, what the fuck are you wearing? - oh the other places this could go, especially considering Josh's looong and let's face it at times a little suspect film career (no Cursed, I'm not looking at you at all, why would you think that).

* Aww look at them - I've had my issues with Peter/Olivia this season at times, but oh the smiles.

Week 1 of Fringe hiatus is not even complete and the thought of another two is killing me. I'm really going to try and avoid final episode spoilers. No, really, I am.

I didn't intend Fringe to take this over, but uh, looks like it has. Sorry? ;)
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I imagine most have heard by now, but there was another earthquake in Christchurch nearly 24 hours ago, this one shallower and causing significantly more damage.

Thankfully, all my friends and family are safe. Had a nervous few hours this morning, but heard about everyone by about 2:30am my time. My family's house is a little damaged, but it's nothing in comparison to what others are going through.

Have been really distracted all day. Feel so far away, and it's so weird to see everything going on as normal over here. Also, stating the obvious, but when news stories use words like, 'shattered,' 'destroyed,' and 'in ruins' to describe your hometown, where you lived for 17 years of your life. It's ... something else.

My thoughts are with everyone who hasn't heard from their family members or friends yet.

The bit I can't get over is this has happened twice in 5 months. I was just talking to my parents last weekend on Skype and we still spent at least 10 minutes talking about the aftermath from the last earthquake, and now so many things are worse than when they started. Seeing the Cathedral and Provincial Buildings like they are now was just so hard to see. Although, a little selfishly perhaps, I was glad to see the Arts Centre seems to have only been slightly damaged. It's maybe my favourite part of Christchurch and to see it gone would have been heartbreaking.

Hang in there, Christchurch.
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Today was training and the Inbox of Mayhem (seriously, coordinating 150 people sending in forms, and telling them, 'no sign it properly,' 'no, you can't do that,' and recording their answers and forwarding on queries and ... argh. Tomorrow promises to be no better. At least I'm busy?

Went to the travel agent yesterday to discuss flights home. Scary and sad and exciting and stressful and all sorts of things. Flights via the US including a two week stop over flying in and out of New York is ... financially doable. Though it is frightening to commit to dates in five months time when my job situation is a little precarious. But then if I don't book this at this price (and I have to book flights home at some point anyway) and potentially miss out on a trip in the US I will kick myself ... so uh, early July? Anyone Boston/New York/DC-ish want to catch up? ;)

I meant to go to bed early tonight. As you can see that has gone so well. As it always does.

Have some Festivids recs:

High School Never Ends (The West Wing) - hilarious mash-up of song and fandom. I love it.

Paper covers rock (The West Wing) - a really well done Hoynes-centric vid that covers the period after his resignation. Slightly sinister in tone. It's really cool.

TV Taught Me How to Feel (Community) - Abed-centric vid. Great song choice, even if it s an insanely earworm-y Marina and the Diamonds song. Abed <3

Space Oddity (Community) - Troy and Abed vid. Interesting song choice with the Bowie but it really does work. God, I love them.

Float On (Finding Nemo) - oh it's just adorable. It's one of my least favourite Pixar movies (except for the turtles, who are awesome),but this makes me wonder if I should give it another go.

Blue (Hot Fuzz) - awesome editing, badass White Stripes song choice, just love it.

Friends (How I Met Your Mother) - great clip choices, and it just works so well. <3

Teenage Dirtbag (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) - the most perfect song choice, and great editing on top. Awesome.

Columbus & Talahasee (Zombieland) - zombie killing to ZZ Top. Great song choice and tonnes of fun.

Resistance (Star Trek: TNG) - vid with Picard and Data set during First Contact. Lots to think about and just a great song choice. I need to watch this again.

Oh, I saw Black Swan on Monday. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. I liked it, thought it was visceral and interesting, but I wasn't blown away. Natalie was really good though.
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Yuletide reveal!

I wrote two things.

Evading Ambassadors: an Emperor's Guide. (Vorkosigan Saga, Miles/Gregor, PG) for cimorene

My assignment. This fic changed on me quite a few times before I settled on a more comedic route, but with a little bit of bittersweet at the end, because in my mind, barring a complete AU and a complete change in Barrayar culture, it's hard to imagine Miles/Gregor as anything really long-term. I like how it came out, mostly, and my recipient and others seemed to. (Although I do admit writing in one of the more 'popular' Yuletide fandoms meant it was read by more people than a lot of my previous Yuletide stories, so I think that inflated the comment and kudos count). I did love writing from Gregor's POV though. I <3 him.

Soldiering On (Fringe, Peter, Peter/OIivia, PG) for Ishyko

A little treat. I wanted to write some Fringe, and I do in retrospect admit this may have not been exactly what the prompt-er wanted. It's post-Marionette Peter, so it isn't exactly happy. At all really. I do think there was a tiny bit of hope at the end. Maybe?

I can see there being more Peter-fic in my future. January 21st is still such a long time away.


New Years Eve was good in the end. Casual drinks at a friends. Quite a lot of vodka and rum and a little bit of drama (not mine) but in the end I awoke hangover free today and it was good to catch up with people. Saw flashes in the sky from the fireworks. All in all, not a bad night.

Today has been super lazy. I listened to Edgar Wright's 6Music show this morning (with guests Simon Pegg and Nick Frost), which was awesome and had lot of good music on it, and then lazed and even napped (which I hardly ever do), and watched some bad and some good TV. So lazy. Tomorrow at least I'll be leaving the house as we're going ice-skating at the outdoor rink by the Tower of London! I've always wanted to skate by the Tower and as I'm leaving this year, my friends' were happy to go along with my choice. Should be good.
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Haha, oh I meant to go to bed early. This post will probably be shorter than I had planned, but I really want to get it done as its been in my head for days now.

New job is going well. Nicest building I've worked in so far. Commute is easy, it's right by the Thames, modern chairs and computers, Outlook 2007 (never been so happy to see it in my life, no Lotus Notes yay) and most importantly a free coffee machine that grinds beans. No instant, no BYO coffee. I was so happy when I saw it, and the coffee is goood. I can see my caffeine addiction growing. Because it really needed to. ;)

Job itself is not exactly exciting, but it's fine.

And I seem to have an interview for another job that I really want first thing on Monday morning, which wasn't exactly my first choice of time, but there you go. Fingers crossed.

Now, to the fangirling.

True Blood: Evil Is Going On )

I did watch the most recent Mad Men, but I don't have anything really to say about it. Good solid episode, but I guess a little bit lessened in comparison to the awesome that was last week.

Random links:

1. Fringe S2 Blooper reel!! I've been waiting for this to hit the internet for ages and oh it was as awesome as I was hoping. Anna and Josh making stupid faces! Josh cracking jokes all the time! A (sadly bleeped out) swearing montage (again mostly starring Josh and Anna). The return of Lance's "one more time." I love this cast a ridiculous amount, and I will be watching this ... a lot.

Embedded here )

2. America Is a Joke: cool NY Mag profile of Jon Stewart. <3

3. Matt Bellamy is wearing blue jeans and a checked shirt God, that's so weird for Matt. It's like ... I hate to say normal, but well, normal. ;) Him and Kate look quite cute together tbh. Eh, hating takes effort. If he's happy more power to him.

4. This got linked everywhere but if you haven't seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing and snarking his way through a cover of "Bad Romance" you should. Guh. Yes, you should. Guitar. Snark. And it's not actually too bad a cover, at all.

5. This is random, and I think it might be just me with these two particular fandoms in common, but this picture breaks my brain. Fandoms colliding!

Josh and Jean Todt?! )

6. Arsenal won 6-0 tonight. Yaaay. And Cesc is looking good, both on a football and a completely superficial level.

I also went and loaded some more fic to AO3 and found a cool Tony/CJ snippet that I apparently wrote in 2007 and still sort of like. A miracle. I also found my WaT fic. Oh. I am warring between, "no, you should archive all your fic except the really bad HP fic we do not name" (seriously there is a folder on my laptop called "The Fic That Must Not Be Named") and "no, that fic is bad. Bad." I think my completist tendencies are going to win out.

Phew. I think that's it.
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I finished Temp Job #2 yesterday. I was a little sad to go, but it was the right call in the end. New job (Temp Job #3) is a little more my area, and means I can save more to travel, which I desperately want to do. I got given a card and some wine, which was really nice and then had really-rather-drunken leaving drinks. Things were slowly coming back to me today and I was mentally cringing. Fun times.

So, I had a very low key day today. Caught up on a lot of TV and watched Up, which is an amazing movie. I loved it so hard. Pixar, how are you so awesome? Brief spoilery thoughts )

I then finished up the day with a friend coming over and pizza, Coke and Lego Star Wars on the Wii. I am not a huge computer game person and I'm not really that great at them but that game is just genius. You can put fake noses, mustaches and glasses on all the characters ... including the X-Wings! That did just not get old. I kept breaking out in giggling fits.
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I did stay up and watch the Golden Globes last night, for reasons passing understanding, but I bailed after the Best Series Drama because sleep was quickly becoming a more important need. I survived relatively well today considering

Brief thoughts )

Note to self: Just, don't read the ASkars/Kate Bosworth threads, there lies the crazy comments.



Sherlock Holmes: Not amazing, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. RDJ and Jude were all sorts of awesome and I loved the soundtrack, but then it was Hans Zimmer, whose soundtracks I seem to be drawn to. It had some very similar notes to the PotC soundtracks actually.

Dollhouse 2x12 )

Avenue Q: Some friends and I went to see the Saturday matinee and it was so, so good. I already knew some of the songs (and omg 'The Internet is For Porn' is so good live) but the rest was just as great. I would definitely recommend it.


This meme amused me. Gacked most recently from [ profile] musesfool

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark ? after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add THREE more guys to the list.

Um, there's a lot of bolded text under here ...  )


I got offered a month extension on my temp contract, which is good, I guess, but I think I do need to look for something else. I really like the crazy people I work with, but it's not really what I'm interested in, and I keep watching my friends book holidays in Europe and with this current job, I'm just not going to be able to do that. I came here to live in London, but also to see Europe, so I'll have a look around and maybe talk to my recruiter. *sigh*

The episode I just watched of Law and Order: UK was actually pretty damn good, and there was Jamie and Freema. Very pretty.

Also, wow the ITV News reports from Haiti are just, yeah. Need to remember to donate when I get paid.
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My temp job ended yesterday. The people were great, and said they were very pleased with my work and would definitely get me back if anything came up, which is really nice to hear. It was cool to work in an office again. It had its downsides (hai tube travel) but the upsides ($, nice central London location and meeting more people) compensated for it. This does however mean I'm out of work again, which sucks. I'm waiting on a call from my recruiter to see if anything else has come up, so fingers crossed.

Being home does mean that I cook more though, which is an upside of sorts. I didn't feel like plain bananas for breakfast, so I Googled and ended up making Thai Fried Bananas which were amazing if oh so bad for me. I also think I overdid the brown sugar a little, and that is saying something. Savoury for the rest of the day, oh yes, well, until I inevitably pour myself a glass of Coke from the bottle in the fridge.

TV wise, The Thick of It (oh, Malcolm) and White Collar (best episode since the pilot) were both awesome this week. I haven't quite got to Merlin yet, or HIMYM or Big Bang Theory ... or University Challenge! (Yes, the last one is actually the most important to me, I have a thing for the snark and incredulity of Jeremy Paxman).

I did however see Muse on Jonathon Ross with Jeremy Clarkson, Peter Kay and Laurence Fishbourne. The post credits sequence was amazing. Pedal cars! BBC F1 theme music! Also, Jonathon Ross always annoyed me, but the more episodes I watch, the less he annoys me. Huh.
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Spent five hours locked out of the house today. Fail. So, while I was waiting for my flatmate to get home, I spent lots of time reading comics in the library (Balham Library have a surprisingly awesome collection) and then I grabbed a beer. Central London would have been much more fun to kill time in, but I was already on my way home when I realised that my keys were not in my bag.

Didn't get the Tuesday job, but had another interview today, and I think it went fine, but, well, we'll see, I guess. Trying not to think about it too much. Going to Cambridge tomorrow, so that will hopefully be cool. Camera doesn't seem to want to work properly though. Sigh.

Anyway, why I actually posted, comics rambling! (Combined from today and yesterday, when I was at Clapham Library reading comics, it seems to have been that sort of week).

I mostly read Avengers and Iron Man trades, because my tiny Tony Stark obsession rolls on.

New Avengers Vol 3 )

New Avengers: Secret Invasion Book 1 )

Iron Man: Doomquest )

I also re-read Iron Man: Extremis because it, and Warren Ellis, are awesome, and flicked through Ultimate Iron Man 2 and put it right back on the shelf. Orson Scott Card WTF are you doing to Ultimate!Tony>?! I am predisposed to dislike you already because of your wing-nutty politics, but seriously WTF.

And I finally read The Dark Knight Returns as everyone goes on about how it changed comics blah blah, so I thought I should actually give it a look. My usual dislike of Frank Miller aside, it was actually quite cool. Spoiler, of sorts )
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Today, has not been too awesome.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday, which sucks (of course) but it's also left me counting the days I can still stay here jobless. It's not really scary, but a little scary. I have officially crossed the line between jobs I'm qualified for and really want and nearly any job. Hi Christmas retail, how are you?

And then I badly screwed up an application and didn't realise until it was submitted. Why so careless, brain?!


I was just about to watch The Daily Show, which I usually do via the clip videos, which means I'm not tied to when Channel 4 airs it or puts it up on 40D. However, it seems the TDS site has now decided you can't see the clips from the UK. *sigh* I mean, I get why, and yes, I can wait the extra couple of hours it's not the end of the world, but it does mean I can't go back and watch old clips on the site (which I do quite often) or embed clips on here or on on tumblr that everyone can see, and that is irritating. And more irritating as it's the show I do this for the most often. TDS, I just want to share your brilliance with others!


Now, at least I have beer and chocolate.

And, small bright spot, I am progressing further with One Bullet Away (Nate!) and really enjoying it.

Is there a PMS factor in this post? Perhaps!
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1. There's a reason I try and not buy chocolate biscuits and M&Ms while I'm at the supermarket, and that's because I have very little self-control and they disappear embarrassingly quickly. In the last two days I've brought both of the above, and neither are here any more. Exercise tomorrow. Oh, yes.

2. I settled down to watch Flash Forward last night. I'm still pretty impressed that the UK premiere was less than a week after the US one. Well played, Channel 5, well played.

Flash Forward: No More Good Days )

3. Have nothing really to say about the latest HIMYM except that I enjoyed it immensely.

4. Washing machine died today (while my clothes were in it sadly, though they were eventually recovered) however, I found out this evening that the landlord has already agreed to buy us a new one this week. Go proficient landlords. Also, we now have a working DVD player after I cleaned the heads. Yay.

5. Since I've been home more often, I've had a chance to try some cool recipes, most of which have been fairly successful. On Sunday I made this salmon and spinach risotto (with some small adjustments), then made these risotto balls with the leftovers (which were amazing). I've also made this awesome moussaka, and these huevos rancheros.

Next up, I think this roasted tomato and lentil soup.

There may have been a little too much food tv in my life recently. ;)

6. Jeremy Paxman entertains me and amuses me far more than I feel he should. His mixture of scorn, skepticism, snark and sarcasm is just quite awesome to behold. I've watched Univeristy Challenge almost every week since I've been here and I now seem to be watching Newsnight as well. (I'm so, so looking forward to being over here for a General Election).

Now, enough with the bullet points, I have a ridiculous amount of Firefox tabs open (and I don't say that lightly as the current count is 95) that I should try and reign in before my laptop loses its sense of humour.


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