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Tumblr gifs made me watch this.

Hawaii Five-0 3x06 )

A lot of my TV watching recently has been episodes of Deadwood (via DVDs leant to me by the lovely [personal profile] china_shop). It took me a while to get into it - I watched a few episodes before my UK trip - but I have to say I really love it now. Such great characters and narrative. Ian McShane is as good as everyone has said he is, and it's been amusing to see Tim Olyphant play a far less likable and charming Raylan Givens (sort of). I also love Brad Dourif as Doc Cochrane.

I'm finally seeing Skyfall on Monday as Coke are sponsoring an advance screening at my local movie theatre. \o/ I have successfully avoided all spoilers so far as somewhere along the way I became insistent I would see it spoiler free. I was always going to see it but reactions seem pretty positive, and I've been excited since I saw the trailer.

Relatedly Grantland did a countdown of Bond theme songs. The order isn't too bad. Totally agree with their top 3 and bottom few. O hai theme song from A Quantam of Solace.

And this is very belated but good job with that election thing, USA. :D
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1. Fringe: Wallflower )

I also saw the promo for what should have been the fall finale, and just, fuck you, Fox. Fuck. You. Now it's January. January.

2. Yuletide sign-up complete. \o/ I was struggling a little for a 4th request but I found one and now I'm pretty excited. The list of fandoms that ended up in my bucket offer was hilarious. To say it was diverse is understating it. My letter will be forth-coming.

3. There exists in the world a photo of Alex O'Loughlin with his tattoos and his scruff and his everything playing an electric guitar. Not helping, Alex. A WORLD of not helping. Ngh. *brain offline*

Included below because of ... reasons )

I need to find August Rush immediately.

4. My laptop scared the hell out of me about 2 hours ago. It beeped and then shut down and then ... nothing. Nothing at all. Cue rending of garments. I finally tried plugging it in without its battery and yes, we have laptop. So it's a battery thing. I'm pretty relieved - although with all things Apple it's not going to be the cheapest thing to replace.

5. I start my new job tomorrow (it's a contract through to the end of March). I was reading up on some things and ahahaha I'm going to be busy and at work far earlier than I am normally. All the coffee. All the coffee. I don't like early morning meetings ... that's going to have to change.

6. Also I just need to say this:

Dear New Zealand,

I hope that the poll showing NZ First closing in on 5% was a grievous statistical error and in no way reflects your current voting intentions.

Did we not learn from last time?! We do not need Winston Peters back in Parliament. *shudders*

Yours in bafflement,

[personal profile] aworldinside

Edit: As [personal profile] china_shop rightly points out in the comments, it would potentially stop National getting an outright majority which is indeed not a bad thing. I just really dislike the idea of Winston in a position with such power all over again, but I guess, democracy can be messy and a proportional voting system is still better than anything else.
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I have hot cross buns, Mini Eggs, Coke and I'm watching Zodiac. Hello, Robert Downey Jr.

I've been meaning to make a post for ages, so to the numbered points.

1. I've become a little addicted to The Good Wife. Josh Charles has been so, so good in the last two eps. I was a little underwhelmed by the first ep I saw (102, I think) but I think it's really found its stride. Also, Alan Cumming and Christine Baranski are awesome. I can't wait for the next ep.

2. Arsenal vs Barcelona: leg one )

3. The Guardian April Fools Day joke was awesome: Step Outside, Posh Boy. They would actual facts win Labour some votes in some constituencies.

4. I finally found a link to a Veronica Mars V/L vid to Muse's "Feeling Good" that I've loved for ages but was only available as a Real Media file: Feeling Good by [ profile] astartexx.

5. Matt Bellamy in an Iron Man mask. !!! He's admittedly looking a trifle creepy, but I do love their love for Marvel superheroes.

6. Australian GP last week rocked. So glad I got up early to watch Jenson win. \o/ He was awesome and in the after race web forum he continued his habit of kissing BBC presenters on the cheek. God, he's adorable. Sadly I'm going to miss this week's Malaysian GP, but there is always iPlayer, and I'm going to Warwick Castle instead, so I call that a win. ;)

7. I forgot to get a [ profile] lgtbfest prompt. Bugger.

Really, really need to redo my icons. Perhaps a task for the weekend.

Edit. Knew I forgot something.

8. I caught up on Gossip Girl all in one night when I should have been sleeping. Pretty people with snark and drama, I do sort of love it. Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair and please Chace Crawford, don't ever lose the bangs )
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1. There's a reason I try and not buy chocolate biscuits and M&Ms while I'm at the supermarket, and that's because I have very little self-control and they disappear embarrassingly quickly. In the last two days I've brought both of the above, and neither are here any more. Exercise tomorrow. Oh, yes.

2. I settled down to watch Flash Forward last night. I'm still pretty impressed that the UK premiere was less than a week after the US one. Well played, Channel 5, well played.

Flash Forward: No More Good Days )

3. Have nothing really to say about the latest HIMYM except that I enjoyed it immensely.

4. Washing machine died today (while my clothes were in it sadly, though they were eventually recovered) however, I found out this evening that the landlord has already agreed to buy us a new one this week. Go proficient landlords. Also, we now have a working DVD player after I cleaned the heads. Yay.

5. Since I've been home more often, I've had a chance to try some cool recipes, most of which have been fairly successful. On Sunday I made this salmon and spinach risotto (with some small adjustments), then made these risotto balls with the leftovers (which were amazing). I've also made this awesome moussaka, and these huevos rancheros.

Next up, I think this roasted tomato and lentil soup.

There may have been a little too much food tv in my life recently. ;)

6. Jeremy Paxman entertains me and amuses me far more than I feel he should. His mixture of scorn, skepticism, snark and sarcasm is just quite awesome to behold. I've watched Univeristy Challenge almost every week since I've been here and I now seem to be watching Newsnight as well. (I'm so, so looking forward to being over here for a General Election).

Now, enough with the bullet points, I have a ridiculous amount of Firefox tabs open (and I don't say that lightly as the current count is 95) that I should try and reign in before my laptop loses its sense of humour.
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I went to the library the other day to return Generation Kill (which I loved for many reasons which I'll go into later) and to look for The Yiddish Policeman's Union which I'd started reading in a bookshop and had heard good things about. I specifically wasn't looking for Nate's book One Bullet Away because it's not a huge library and I didn't think it was all that well known, and lo, sitting on a shelf which I nearly didn't look at, there it was. \o/

Also, over at [ profile] ontd_askars someone linked to a guest DJ mix Alex did for a radio station. This? Did not help. Alex, stop being so awesome. He included "Mother's Little Helper" (Stones!!) because he used to sing it with his Dad, and "Ever Fallen in Love" and a really cool Iggy Pop song. You can even download it as an MP3 and hear him being awesome. I have fallen far, guys. Far. (This is also the first time in a while I've been involved in an actor-specific fandom flavour of the week and oh, fandom, you're awesome, but sometimes just batshit insane as well).

And now is later, clearly:

Generation Kill by Evan Wright )

I also have *counts* at least three GK fic bunnies and a possible vid idea. Possible. I'm still not sure the song works, and it's a little on the long side.

EDIT: Also, this years Emmys includes many GK nominations! Yes, an actual reason to watch the Emmys, and Gen Kill stars is suits! Hopefullly. But I did hear it clashes with Alex's filming of Straw Dogs, which is saddening, but maybe, just maybe he'll be there as well. A girl can hope.


- I've watched the pilot ep of Leverage, and while it certainly wasn't bad, I wasn't blown away. Well, not enough to go back and watch another ep yet. Am I just comparing it unfairly to Hustle and it not having Adrian Lester? Maybe. Might give it another couple of eps.

- However, after reading this crossover fic, I am intrigued by Burn Notice. Hmmm. Spies. I like spies. I was an Alias fan, until it got truly ridiculous.

- I'm really missing The Daily Show. There's been so much US politics crazy these last three weeks! And only some it coming from Glen Beck!

- I was reading about Obama's speech about health-care this morning and the Congressman who heckled him got to speak to Rahm when he rang up to apologise. Hahahaha. That would have been an amazing phone-call to listen to.

- Muse's new album is out this weekend! (Admittedly I've listened to a lot of it, but still, it's worth an exclamation point).

Stuff must get done today. Which is why I'm sitting here on the couch ...
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Rather insane couple of days, but I haven't done much today which has been nice. I, of course, should have done more, but ah well. Three weeks, guys! Eep. (Actually, barring the flatmate finding and getting rid of my bed, I think I've got most of it under control, I think).

Anyway, this will be a post of links:

The Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner was all sorts of awesome for video content:

John Hodgman's speech which could basically be called "Barack Obama's nerd credentials."

Barack Obama's speech which includes him sort of slashing himself with Brian Williams.

And last, but no means least, the incredibly awesome new Jib Jab video (pirates! superhero!Barack Obama, punching robots and some pretty cool animation), with a song which will not get out of my head.

Also, I discovered a new Tumblr today which was one of those blogs where you just keep going further back and back to see all the content Fuck Yeah, Men in Suits.

Posts of note:

OMG Baby!David Tennant.
Mmm, Karl Urban. You'd think LotR would have got me over the 'Karl Urban from Shortland Street is hot?!" thing, but it's still there a little.
Maybe I should be watching Gossip Girl. (Chase Crawford).
Ryan Reynolds in shirt sleves.
Anton Yelchin looking like Hugh Dancy, which is no bad thing. I didn't quite see his appeal in Star Trek, but here, I really sort of do.

It was a pleasant way to pass some time. ;)

On a final note, I thought quite hard about dying my hair before I went to the UK, and on Friday night my friend talked me into blue/black, as I wanted to go a really bright colour but was a bit wary of work. And so, we have this:

Me )

It's actually quite blue in the daylight, more so than I thought, but I do like it.
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President Obama reads 'Where the Wild Things Are' at the Easter Egg Roll.

Definitely worth hanging around till 7 minutes in for Obama's 'rar' face, it's awesome.

Clip also has Michelle, Malia, Sascha and Mrs Marian Robinson reading 'If You Give a Mouse a Cookie' and the Easter Egg Roll its self, which involves President Obama and a lot of cute kids.

Really, it's just ridiculously adorable. I like feeling this way about the US President and knowing he's also, well capable.
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Spent the day at the cricket, which anyone who follows me on Twitter could tell you as I was rather more spammy that I tend to be. Oh, New Zealand. Not even Vettori could save us. I was talking about meeting a friend, but in the end went by myself, which was okay, had a couple of beers, sat in the sun, read a book and happily had wi-fi. I can now say I've been to a cricket game at the Basin Reserve, which is something I've always wanted to do in Wellington.

I also seem to be having a small ER nostalgia thing. With the series ending, I'm realising how fond of it was when I watched it regularly.

Alan Speinwall had a cool sum-up post where I found this You Tube clip of Carter and Benton awesome-ness.

Cut! )

And while I am embedding:

TDS interview with Peter Orszag full of adorable nerdiness )

(o.O That embed code is insane. It's like Word HTML. Is all that necessary?)

And okay, one two more. Muse are posting clips to a You Tube channel. They're random, cute and hilarious.

Dom in a field, and all of them singing in a toilet with a microphone, really )

I know this thought is not news to the internet, but Michelle Obama is awesome, and gorgeous. I save the most photos to my hard drive from [ profile] obama_daily than any other place at the moment. Damn you G20 trip!

Armageddon tomorrow! Guests not quite as exciting as previous years for my particular geek interests, but should still be fun. ;)
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So, as I tweeted, I caught the inauguration ceremony at 6am my time. It was, as many have said before me, pretty awe-inspiring. Two things that I haven't seen mentioned a whole lot which I really liked was Joseph Lowrey's benediction and John Williams composition (Yo Yo Ma rules!). I thought both were beautiful really.

I did really like the speech. Was it a little low on inspiration? Maybe. But a few of the lines were just amazing. I remember listening and being all, 'Yes, this, god it's good to hear a President say this.' <3

And then I lost power. ;) Somewhat alarming at first, but then we realised it was half the city, and happily it was back on within a couple of hours. Sadly, my work was completely unaffected. ;)

I seem to have a lot of inauguration links to share:

[ profile] obama_daily has some amazing photos, I especially love the ones of the Obamas dancing but really they're all amazing. And then there's the photo of Obama and Denzel grinning at each other. <3 Not enough awesome in the world.

[ profile] tzikeh also posted this awesome Rahm photo. I do get the love now, I do.

And then there is The Daily Show, including John Oliver randomly kissing male and female nauguration attendees. Yes, really.

Embedded below )

And semi related, Obama plushie with Blackberry. It's the plush Blackberry that makes this extra awesome. (Link gacked from someone on the flist I now cannot remember, sorry). He gets to keep his Blackberry in the White House too. I was geekily happy about that. Even if it is a special NSA version with crazy encryption on it, but you get why.

And I ... think that might be it.

Oh no, wait, there was this really cute Malia and Sasha picspam on the Huffington Post So cute. And Sasha gave her Dad a thumbs up after he said the oath!

It is slightly disturbing how many Obama photos have ended up in my 'Politics' folder over the campaign, and really, since I added [ profile] obama_daily to my flist. I think they really have got to the point where they get a folder of their own.

Unrelated meme that I thought was cool (taken from [ profile] michellek)

1. go to the fourth folder on your computer where you store your pictures,
2. pick the fourth picture in that folder,
3. explain the picture

My Actresses folder as it turns out )

Pondering staying up to see the Oscar nominations come in, just because it's kinda close already.

Also, have LJ really taken auto-complete off the Post page for tags because that was so useful. Grr.
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Yuletide uploaded! :D

I meant to go home and write after the awesome fangirl dinner last night with [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] arysteia, [ profile] woolly_socks, [ profile] morebliss and [ profile] vaudevilles but in reality I mucked around and slept. But this afternoon I made serious progress and [ profile] tangleofthorns very nicely looked it over for me. Yay.

My friend linked me to this: Barack Obama has friended you on Facebook.

Barack, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, James Jones, Bill Richardson, Lawrence Summers, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and The U.S. Auto Industry joined the Facebook group We're Not Friends With Rod Blagojevich.

Rahm Emanuel was tagged in a photo album Rod And Rahm Just Chillin' by Rod Blagojevich


Also, I am informed that Jon Walker is a gateway drug to bandom. Oh, dear. I blame [ profile] morebliss and her picspam powers. He's quite pretty. And I think I've got to the point where I can tell the Panic boys apart. That's an achievement as Brendan and Ryan really confused me for a while there. Whether it's a good or bad achievement I'll leave that with you guys, I need to go and get dinner and fresh air.

And a couple of the new Fall Out Boy songs will not get out of my head.

Leaving now.

Oh, also: [ profile] shihadchick I got your card! Thank you! *hugs*
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*yawns* I worked eight hours today, and have a week of work ahead of me. Joy. However, I came home and watched SGA 514 and it has brought me joy.

SGA: The Prodigal )

As for things that don't bring so much joy, like general elections. Eh. I didn't start to get really depressed about the result until I started thinking about the probable National cabinet. Ugh. I'm also sad the Greens didn't do better (though c'mon the special votes which mean they might get one more seat) and surprised that ACT got 5. Dude.

Two good things did come about. No NZ First. And Grant Robertson beat Stephen Franks in Wellington Central.

Anyway, should get an early night, otherwise tomorrow will be even less fun than it is already shaping up to be.

Yuletide: successfully signed up for. Kinda scary what fandoms I offered, but I do find it interesting how I go back to the same fandoms for requests. Quite excited about it now though. :D

Icons: Not so much.
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So, we have some sort of election tomorrow?

To be honest, I haven't paid nearly as much attention as I probably should have. I caught a leaders' debate and a half, and read some blog posts and a little news and that's about it. (Which is a hell of lot less than I read about the US election). But I know who I'm voting for, and that hasn't really changed as a result of the campaign.

The most interesting part has been watching all the campaign advertising (official and not so official), the web presence of each party and the supporters with little billboards who are everywhere, especially outside my office window. Craziness.

I'm hanging out with a bunch of people I work with to watch the results though, which should be cool. Oh, geeky workplaces. <3

Also, happy links, gacked from people on the flist and afar.

[ profile] china_shop on how some people only remember Bush as president, which really did blow my mind and hammer home again how big a deal this really was.

Awesome NYC celebration video. This really hit me hard. For that just to spontaneously happen. <3

John Oliver and puppies! Yes, puppies! )

TDS has been awesome the last couple of days. And I keep checking back to the Colbert Report site to see if the Rachel Maddow interview is up yet.

Note to self: Please don't forget to sign up for Yuletide sometime this weekend.

Oh god, I need new icons. This weekend. Seriously.
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Oh, America. You rock so hard. <3!

I got little work done past about 1pm when I started to get more and more anxious. A workmate and I kept each other updated and when Fox (of all stations) called Virgina for Obama, and then Ohio went, well, then I started to think this was actually happening. I was watching MSNBC's streaming coverage (I love them for that plus Rachel! Keith!) and the fifteen minutes after they called it, with the crowds and Keith were just amazing. Amazing.

I wanted to watch Obama's speech somewhere other than my desk at work, so I flew down to grab a drink with a friend who was watching it at a pub, but annoyingly the coverage cut away five minutes into the speech! The channel was changed, but then they cut away as well! (Seriously, TV3 I expect better, it was fucking historic). Thank god for You Tube.

Anyway, tonight also happened to be Guy Fawkes so I ended up climbing a hill with some people to watch an awesome fireworks display over the harbour, which I thought was a rather fitting way to end the evening really.

Now, I have a Daily Show special to watch. I heard Jon got to a call that Obama had won and that makes me happier than I can say. <3
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To the Americans on my friends' list:

I will be obsessively refreshing, crossing my fingers and thinking of all of you tomorrow.

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Cannot say I achieved a lot over the long weekend. I watched Body of Lies with a friend (not bad but Ridley, you've done better), caught up briefly with [ profile] china_shop and watched a lot of Outrageous Fortune (which I also have to thank China for :p). I am quite addicted. I don't quite know how many eps I watched yesterday but I think it was over ten. *sheepish look*

I am also slowly making my way through S4 BSG. Oh, unhappy fucked up show.

I've been feeling kinda blah in the last week. Lots of little things adding up, I think, and probably a lot of me being hard on myself for no good reason. Hopefully this week will be more productive and well, less blah. (Eloquent, me?) I have a lot more on, which might help.

And I'm only going to say it once but I do wish I'd been more organised and gotten to Armageddon in Auckland. Fail, self. It sounds like those who did had an awesome time. :D Hewlett!

Also, I have seen no comment on my friends list about the latest SGA ep? I haven't acquired it yet. Was it that bad? Has fandom decided to wipe it from its collective memory and pretend it didn't happen?

Random links:

Pencils Down: An Evening with America’s Funniest Writers - Video | Indecision2008 - video of a panel with a current and former TDS wrier, a blogger for Indecision2008 and the web editor for The Onion. Quite interesting if you have the time.

How Nate Silver Went From Forecasting Baseball Games to Forecasting Elections -- New York Magazine - Interesting article on Nate Silver the guy behind the cool US poll site,
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If the US election was a D&D campaign. Hilarious. (via [ profile] heidi8)

Heroes: One of Us, One of Them + I am Become Death )

Also, if you haven't seen Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, you should. It's pretty amazing and wonderfully eloquent.

Here at my tumblr because MSNBC video doesn't seem to like LJ.

This song will not get out of my head. *watches it rocket up iTunes play count*

Also, I may have a Halloween costume idea I kinda like. This is almost unheard of. We'll see.
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I have some issues with Maureen Dowd but I do like her column today:

Jed Bartlet gives advice to Barack Obama, as written by Aaron Sorkin.

BARTLET Senator.

OBAMA Mr. President.

BARTLET You seem startled.

OBAMA I didn’t expect you to answer the door yourself.

BARTLET I didn’t expect you to be getting beat by John McCain and a Lancôme rep who thinks “The Flintstones” was based on a true story, so let’s call it even.

(If anyone is anti NY Times registration and wants it sent to them just let me know, it's worth the read).

Also, while I'm all political, [ profile] penknife has a great post here about McCain and Obama's LGBT policies and how they will affect her family.

Edit: And then I watched 4 episodes of TWW. God, I <3 all of them. I always go to S4 for some reason. Also, Toby/CJ for the win.
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The Daily Show has been inspired the last two days. I mean, it's good normally, but these last two days the segments have been amazing and hilarious, and how is Mike Huckabee so damn likeable when I disgaree with him on basically everything?

Favourite clip embedded below: Samantha Bee <3! )

Other awesome political clips.

Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Friday. He just rips into McCain's speech and the Republicans in general. <3

Matt Lauer interviews Jon Stewart. There aren't enough <3 signs in the world. Seriously.

Also, I saw Hellboy last night. I enjoyed it a lot and oh god, one scene in particular was the one of the funniest and delightful things I've seen in ages. Spoiler )

And OMG, I think it's stopped raining for a little bit. I might go outside and check out the book fair. (What? I don't need more books and haven't read all the ones I have now? Sshh, no one has to know).
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From [ profile] tangleofthorns: Five songs beginning with the letter P. Download, enjoy, comment if you'd like a letter.

New York Dolls - Private World

Loud and fun.

M.I.A - Paper Planes

I know this has been on every music blog known to man, but it's catchy and the gun shots in it are awesome.

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

Because I'm on a total Radiohead/Thom Yorke kick at the moment.

Lupe Fiasco - Put You On Game

I've never been a big hip-hop fan, but through LJ I've been introduced to Lupe and his songs have been some of my highest played on iTunes. This one isn't my favourite of his, but still well worth a listen.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Phenomena

Gotta love the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and this one is one of my favourites of theirs.

Very happy about the Obama victory (cutest picture ever) but now also so glad that Hilary has finally decided to concede on Saturday. About. Damn. Time. Now if only those VP rumours would just die. (The fact that she was still asking people to go to her site to give her money after South Dakota/Montana just left a really bad taste in my mouth).
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Spent what basically amounts to my whole weekend flat-hunting. Saw some nice places, but so many people are looking at the moment and a lot of them said they were making the decision this weekend ... and it's 9pm. So, I'm not liking my chances. Not that I have had anyone say no, but ... yeah. A lot of people don't let you know if you haven't got it. I'd actually appreciate the 'no' texts at this point, just so I can cross them off the mental list and kick the small thought that 'hey, maybe they just haven't decided yet' clear across the room.

There is one deciding tomorrow and that one is actually my favourite of all the ones I saw, but I kept saying stupid things while talking to them, and ugh. Fuck, I wanted this done this weekend. It's going to hang over me next week now while my friends are here. Yay. Not to mention the fact, that if this doesn't work its self out, I am without a place to live in two weeks time. Double yay.

However, on the upside SGA was adorable and Barack Obama won in a landslide.

To be honest, that squee is only getting me so far right now.

I'll just be over here with the fluffy McShep fic.


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