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Had an awesome fangirl weekend at Get Together. Great to see Team Auckland and fangirls from Australia and other parts of NZ. I have now watched some clips of Teen Wolf but I can't see myself being assimilated quite yet, although Stiles is kinda adorable. I was quite interested in the pimp of the gay storyline on Smash but uh maybe not enough to watch the rest of the show which pretty much everyone tells me is bad bad bad. Other highlights were seeing some awesome vids that I'd missed and the fandom pub quiz which was a great success. I can also see me reading Tony/Steve fic again. <33

Many thanks to [ profile] arysteia and [personal profile] china_shop for organising. <33

While it was an awesome weekend, following a final brunch today I needed to veg so decided to catch up on a lot of TV.

Last Resort 1x01 and 1x02 )

Downton Abbey 3x03 and 3x04 )

I'm also all up to date with The Good Wife after watching 4x02 this afternoon.

Thoughts )

I also really enjoyed the most recent Parks and Rec episode.

*phew* Lots of TV. Still have Fringe and Homeland to go.


In other news: I have a new job! I got offered the job I wanted and it's permanent. \o/ I start in a week's time and my contract arrived today. Excited! I can actually plan things and when things are a bit more settled a new MacBook is totally in my sights.
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I participated in [ profile] sixteenwins this year and as my picks were not quite as awesome as they could have been I had to make a Claude Giroux/Danny Briere (or Brioux) mix for [ profile] andthenextday. The mix with lyrics and brief commentary (it was posted at 1am so it’s pretty brief) is at the comm.

However, the zip file is here if anyone wants to DL – even if you don't know anything about the pairing it has some good songs. (96MB).

Tracklist if you're curious )

Job: eh
Wine drank this evening: perhaps more than I should have.
Suits feelings level: high. seriously high. Why do I watch sneak peeks?
Time to the UK/Europe trip: 4 weeks!

I also caught up on The Slash Report while at work yesterday. Yeah … that was an interesting choice. Who knows what sort of facial expression I was pulling in the elevator on the way out the door, or in the biscuit aisle of the supermarket. (I was listening to the 50/50 tropes ep by the time I was in the supermarket, and if anyone is familiar it was THAT discussion near the end. *shudders *).

I need to go through the VVC vids but I have seen [personal profile] china_shop's Ben/Leslie vid and it's delightful. <3
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Hawaii Five-0 2x22 )

Game of Thrones 2x06 )

Parks and Recreation 4x22 )

And I meant to post this last night, but since I didn't I have also watched:

Fringe 4x22 )

No hockey for two days, what is this strange world. Nervous about tomorrow morning. Hope the Rangers can pull it off, even though I would feel for the Caps.

Random Alex O'Loughlin pic: he's quite distracting. He's now shaven off the fauxhawk, which makes me a little sad. He's rocking it here, and it would have been awesome to see him show up the UpFronts with it.
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  1. The weather today has been awful so I have dedicated today to watching ALL the Parks and Rec (I started on 2x21 this morning and now I'm watching 3x15. Oops?) So much love. So much. Ron and Leslie's friendship has reminded me how much I love well-done platonic friendships between men and women. Ron and Leslie, Sheridann and Ivanovia, Will and Diane. Also, Ben! Ben and Leslie are so precious. I want to hug them forever.

  2. Hawaii Five-0 2x18 )

  3. I also just heard about Alex taking a break from the show because of issues with pain medication following a shoulder injury. :( Oh, darling. I'm glad he's getting the help he needs and wish him all the best. xx It hits a bit close to home with something happening in RL too. All too real.

  4. Babylon 5 watching now in S5. The end of S4 was so good. Feelings.

  5. I finally got around to reading gyzym's Avalanche of Detour Signs (Sherlock, Molly and Molly/Lestrade). So, so good. Molly <3

  6. My laptop did incredibly weird shutting-down things last night but it seems okay today. It's 4.5 years old and this year is so not the time for it to die. *hugs it close*

  7. In happier news, I am cautiously optimistic that my contract at work is being extended for a little while, but I really need to get on that permanent-job thing.


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