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I always like this meme:

1. Reply to this post with 'give me a letter' (or something similar) and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] aurora_84 gave me the letter J. Which was more difficult than I was expecting. As it turns out I don't have that many J songs. *resists the urge to do the maths to figure out what % of songs in iTunes start with J*

The White Stripes - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover) - one of my favourite White Stripes tracks, and just an awesome cover.

Paul Oakenfold - James Bond Theme - dancy James Bond theme. From the fairly horrendous movie Die Another Day but it's catchy and I have a soft spot for dance remixes of James Bond music. (see The Propellerheads' version of On Her Majesty's Secret Service - so awesome).

Kasabian - Julie and the Moth Man - slightly random track from the Underdog EP. Interesting lyrics, but infectious in the way Kasabian can be. (I get to see them at Isle of Wight - yay! They were awesome live when I saw them at BDO). (.m4a)

The Black Keys - Just Got To Be - awesome guitar and a nice blues-y feel.

David Bowie - The Jean Genie - you can't really go wrong with Bowie from this era.

Also, randomly because I listened to these tracks today at work and was reminded how much I love them:

The Wombats - Kill the Director

Catchy as hell and just such great lyrics. Though I'm a acting like I'm in an Eastenders episode / If this is a rom-com kill the director / ... and so with the angst of a teenage band / here's another song about a gender I'll never understand / ... this is no Bridget Jones ...

The Weakerthans - Watermark

I love these lyrics. So much. Speech will spill on space / our little cups of grace / ... the airports almost always empty this time of the year / so let's go play on the baggage carousel ...


Quiet weekend planned. Yay. (I will conquer you Flickr uploading, I will). And it might snow, which is way early for London. Fuck it was cold out in town tonight. Brrr.

Have reached Season 2 of Community. Still awesome. OMG paintball episode!

Fringe has still eaten my brain. Nom.

And although I am pretty disappointed Arsenal lost to Braga in the week it does mean that the Champions League game I am going to in two weeks has pretty much become must win! Now, I'm just crossing my fingers I get to see Cesc play, or at least come off the bench.

Random vid recs:

A Fringe vid dedicated to Peter's love of coffee. Yes, really. It's in so many episodes, and needless to say I adore it! Peter + coffee = OTP.

Harry Potter - Marching On. The trio (and friends) through all seven movies to date. So well done, and reminded me why I'm still so fond of these books. Clips include some very non-spoilery ones from DH Part 1.
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Yeah, I missed a day. It was inevitable.

05. A song that reminds you of somewhere.

This one was easier than I thought. 'Country House' came up on the iPod and suddenly I was back in my room when I was 12, curled up in bed secretly listening to the radio after I was supposed to be asleep. I was always more of an Oasis girl, but I remember this song coming out so clearly. The era when you taped stuff off the radio. It's kind of amusing now.

Blur - Country House

Country House music video. Linked as I can't seem to find a version that will let me embed it.

List of days )

Coincidentally Blur's documentary 'No Distance Left to Run' is on BBC4 at the moment and it's making me all nostalgic. Even 'Tender' which I didn't even really like that much.

I also seem to have deleted a lot of the Blur I had on this computer, because I swear I owned their Best Of. Grr.

I'm so going to stay up and watch their Glastonbury set from last year now. Their Hyde Park concerts last year looked amazing too. I was wondering when they were because I couldn't remember them happening when I was over, and turns out it was about 10 days before I arrived in London.

Unrelatedly, the Eric clips from the new season from True Blood are not helping my anticipation. Yes, this would be the anticipation I didn't really know I had, but I do apparently.

Mmm, Angry Eric and Eric/Sookie )

Edit: Gah, Glastonbury. I need to go to a festival. Also, I never had a really thought about the guitar work on their songs but Graham Coxon fucking rocks. Oh, it's always the lead guitarist with me, it's true. ;)
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Day 04 - a song that reminds you of someone

This one is a bit weird for two reasons: 1) I don't really associate songs with people all that much, and 2) because of the connection between this song and my friend S. I'm not really sure why I associate it with her, but I think it has something to do with Patti Smith songs being in In My Father's Den and I watched that with her ... yeah, it's a little tentative, but when it came up on my iPod I thought of her, so here you go.

Patti Smith - Gloria

Live on Jools Holland and the list of days )

I'm watching an NCIS repeat, and I sort of prefer Tony's S1 hair.

Abby: This guy I know does an upper body workout just before a date so he feels "pumped"
Gibbs: Does Tony know you know?
Abby: Does Tony know you know?

Cute! And the Gibbs grin that followed it was awesome. Mark Harmon. <3

Also, talking of cute, Charlie Brooker is engaged. I find this adorable.

I seem to be developing a cold, and I have to go to the dentist tomorrow. Ugh. However, I do get to sleep in, and I did make awesome banana bread tonight, so that's something.
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Day 03. A song that makes you sad

I don't know why I thought listening to potential songs for this on the way home was a good idea, but I did. By the time I was on the tube I was feeling pretty down, and I had a pretty good day for a Tuesday.

Anyway, I went for an obvious choice, but this was the one that really got me down when I was listening. It's gorgeous in it's own way though.

Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Music video - I'm sure the first time I saw this I cried )

The Rolling Stones came a close second, with either Sister Morphine or Dead Flowers. The latter if only for the line, 'In my basement room/ with a needle and a spoon/ and another girl can take my pain away.' It gets me every time.

Previous days, songs, things )

Josh Groban is surprisingly endearing and amusing in this episode of Buzzcocks. Actually the whole ep has been awesome. Simon Amstell ended up singing 'You Raise Me Up' sitting on Phil Jupitus' shoulders. <3

Using my Remy icon because I got caught up reading his Wikipedia entry last night and even though he is often the victim of bad writing, I do still love him. Oh, Gambit. I hope this doesn't trigger a desire to catch up on X-Men comics ... that could end badly.

Random link via tumblr: Unaired Big Bang Theory Pilot. It has a couple of vaguely amusing moments, but on the whole, oh Kaley Cuoco, I'm glad you joined the show. So glad.
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Day 02 - A song that makes you happy

Looking over the songs I considered for this, it seems that a song that makes me happy is a song I can sing along to very loudly and bop along to, which has some truth to it, as when I'm in a bad mood and this song comes on my iPod I have to sing along (if only in my head) and it does lift my mood a little. I suppose it's not really a naturally happy sounding song, but it works for me. Also, I think the fact it's a Kiwi song I first heard when I was growing up helps, especially when I'm over here and miss home.

Garageland - Fingerpops

I include the music video here but be aware it's from the debut album of NZ band in 1996 and carries a warning for the fashion, production and hair choices that went along with that )

List of days )

Today was very Monday-ish. Blah.

However, Robert Downey Jr seems to be sporting his Sherlock Holmes hair (and a black suit) and this makes me happy. I kind of think the sequel is superfluous but hey, the hair is pretty and to be honest, there are worse, less slashy, less RDJ containing movies they've made sequels of. Also, he shouldn't have been able to pull this outfit off, but he totally did.

Hmm. That Iron Man/RDJ thing is not going away. ;)
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This meme intrigued me. Stolen from [ profile] katmaxwell

Day 1. Your favourite song:

Mmm, difficult.

I'm going to be boring and share what appears at the top of my iTunes Most Played list, because if it's not my favourite song (which changes all the time, really), it's definitely in the running.

Radiohead - Paranoid Android

I just love it. The different sections and how it all comes together, and the rock-y awesome bit in the middle, and 'When I am king you'll be the first against the wall' is one of my favourite lyrics ever.

Music video (slightly NSFW) and Glastonbury performance of awesome )

The rest of the days list )

Unrelated to this song, I have an idea for an Iron Man vid and it's been bugging me for ages. I've taken a step towards making it today. Eep, vidding again. Well, I'm going to try anyway. Sometimes it ends well, sometimes it doesn't. This maybe the last time I mention it. ;)


Jan. 30th, 2010 04:17 pm
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Meme stolen from [ profile] woolly_socks:

Put your itunes/media player/whatever on shuffle.
Upload the first ten songs that come up for your flist.

I admit I skipped a couple of songs that were by the same artist and also a couple of other songs. ;)

The Shins - Caring is Creepy
Solomon Burke - Don't Give Up On Me
Santogold - Creator
Green Day - When I Come Around
Jay-Z - DOA (Death of Auto-Tune)
Belle and Sebastian - Piazza, New York Catcher
The Perishers - Sway
Mike Doughty - I Hear the Bells (my iTunes was clearly feeling a little VMars-y)
X-Men the Animated Series: Opening Credits (yes, really. I loved that cartoon, it started my X-Men geekery)
Oasis - The Importance of Being Idle

I am a little amazed there are not Muse or Rollings Stones songs there.

I am sitting in bed because it's cold, but eating ice-cream. In my defense it's Hagen-Dazs Cookie Dough ice-cream, so I think that's understandable. ;)

Haircut was a success. There is far less hair on my head and it feels good.

Also, if you haven't seen the Charlie Brooker clip from this week's Newswipe that skewers news stories and how they're presented, you should. It is all sorts of awesome. I embed it below.

I <3 Charlie Brooker )

My plans for the evening involve the internet ... and that's really about it. Happiness.
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It's been a wonderful day outside, (I mean windy, but hey, Wellington) but apart from a short walk to get coffee and food I have decided to spend a day being entertained by the internet. It's been a while, and I've been quite social the last few weeks, so it's been nice actually.

Had an insane but fun day yesterday at the Cuba St Carnival. OMG so many people! It was a much nicer day than forecast so everyone was out and about. I did catch some cool acts though (Bonaparte, Olmecha Supreme, Ladi6 and Batacuda) and I watched the parade from a roof above Courtney Place. Which rocked. I really wish I'd remembered to bring my real camera instead of just replying on my okay-but-not-great camera phone.

Also, day #2 of Webstock was as much fun as the first, if not more so as Friday afternoon had many awesome presentations, including one by Matt Jones of Dopplr which I'll seriously consider linking to when it goes online as it was amazing. The geekery continued and I managed to get a hard copy of the cool Google Chrome comic as well. It is a little sad how happy this made me.

BSG:Deadlock )

I haven't got to the second ep of Dollhouse ep, but I'm in no huge hurry. On that topic though, [ profile] musesfool posted a link to what is apparently the original Pilot script and wow, if it is, then it underwent one hell of a re-write. The original reads a lot more Joss than the re-write and I can see why it was done in a way, but on the whole I think the original one was a lot better. *sigh* Fox.

Also, [ profile] phoebesmum posted a link to the Black Cab Sessions which I'd heard of but never watched the videos. Very cool, especially those of Amanda Palmer ('Creep' with a ukelele) and The National.

The Amanda Palmer one was so awesome I thought it made up my mind re my Kills vs Amanda Palmer dilemma, but sadly I think I have to work late the night of the Amanda Palmer gig, so I think The Kills it is. Last night did remind how much live music is one of the best things ever.

Random embeds:

Awesome economic crisis visualisation and Conan and Stephen dance-off! )

Random link:

James Jean illustrations on wine bottles!

Random music:

This song that is playing now is such a John Sheppard song, I'm almost tempted to vid it, but there are a couple of lines that are a trifle problematic. "Great white hope" hmm, yeah. It's rocketing up my top tracks on iTunes though. Currently third equal with "New Born" by Muse. You should listen to it.
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] tangleofthorns gave me the letter M. :)

1. Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me

Must find more Nina Simone as I love this song.

2. The Dresden Dolls - Mandy Goes to Med School

It's the Dresden Dolls, and they're awesome. Lots of fun lyrics in this one.

3. The Flobots - Mayday!!!

Yes 'Handlebars' got in my head so much (still #1 Most Played in my iTunes) I had to track down the whole album, and this is catchy and has some cool lyrics.

4. Muse - Muscle Museum

There had to a Muse song, and this is one of the ones I listen to the most often.

5. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Mouthful of Bones

It's not all about the band name, really, although that is a plus, the song is quite catch too.

6. Placebo - Miss Moneypenny

James Bond themed Placebo B-side.

And uh yes, there was 6, I couldn't decide.


I was away over the long weekend in Blenheim, which was fun (as well as sunburn and hangover inducing) but I've felt a little weird ever since I've got back and I'm not sure why. Just hyper-critical of myself and having no motivation. Ugh.

Anyway, first thing I did when I got back (after catching up with The Daily Show) was catch up on BSG.

BSG: Blood on the Scales )

I am pondering whether to keep the Twitter updates going to LJ, so I've stopped them for now. If you do want to follow my occasional randomness (usually when I'm at work), you can follow me at aworldinside. :)
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I always love when you come back from some time away from your flist and you catch up all at once and get this total squee high. Love it.

I will say it does help when there's been an ep of SGA that everyone is all "!!! *draws sparkly hearts around*" about. ;)

Anyway, why I was away from my computer for a couple of days:

Big Day Out 2008: The Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and other awesomeness )

Also, I saw American Gangster toady and oh, Denzel, I adore you. <3 Very good movie overall too. Maybe a little long, but I really liked it. Though I do seem to like Ridley Scott movies a lot. (Gladiator being the exception, as it gets worse every time I see it).

In competition for best link from the flist catch up:

Dear, Joe Flanigan. How are you so hot? You too Jason Momoa, but Joe, seriously, how? (Kinda spoilery for future eps). Pics via [ profile] tx_tart via Gateworld.

Finally, my flat meeting was about what I feared, so I am moving. To be honest, there was an option to stay here but the more I thought about moving the more I liked the idea. So, moving it is. Crappy time to look, I know, but I have three weeks, so hopefully it'll be okay. Hopefully. I am in a far better position to look than last time I looked at this time. Just, cross your fingers or send good vibes or something? :)
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I am in no way dancing around my room to Muse songs, while downloading many wonderful covers from [ profile] audiography, because I'm seeing them in concert tomorrow.

Honestly, it's not like I have been to a crazy amount of concerts, but Muse are definitely the best concert experience I've ever had, and I'm so happy I'm seeing them again! And it means I get to venture up to Auckland and hang around with my friend for the weekend.

Also, my mood is probably helped by the fact that I will have four days off work. It's going to be glorious.

Although, last episode of Heroes? Eh.

Heroes: Cautionary Tales )

I may have said this before, but god I love the opening riff to this song. So, so much. Mmmm.
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Woo! Heroes catch-up!

Thoughts on 'Fight or Flight' and 'The Line' )

[ profile] asknicer: I am working on your drabble, but I feel it will be better after seeing these eps. ;)

Also, randomly. I got into this song via [ profile] absolutedestiny's really cool Firefly vid but now I see it's available on the band's blog for free!.

Hard 'N Phirm - Rodeohead.

It's a bunch of Radiohead songs covered blue-grass/country style and it's awesome. You should download it. *nods*
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I don't know why I'm still sitting at my computer after midnight, or why I thought now was a good time to update, but anyway. I should really be sleeping, as I really need to get some things done at work tomorrow. Honestly. It's insane. So much to do and I'm procrastinating like hell, which is just going to backfire in the end, but I can't seem to stop.

All in all its been a bit of frustrating day, but I came home to ice-cream, beer and a pretty awesome Daily Show, and that's helped a little bit. What's really going to help, is actually getting stuff done tomorrow, and trying to stop obsessing about things that are really out of my control and just need to be let to be what they are, whatever that is.

The first Big Day Out announcement was today, and it's going to a pretty weird show. Rage Against the Machine, Bjork and Arcade Fire are headlining so far, with other bands like Shihad, LCD Soundsystem (who I wouldn't mind hearing some more of), The Phoenix Foundation and The Clean. I think I'll probably go (I have a friend who literally jumped up and down when she heard Bjork was coming, and another with whom I've gone to the last two with and it's been awesome), and Arcade Fire would be very cool to see. I'm sure there will be other bands worth seeing, but my initial reaction isn't,'OMG must go!'

Also considering bandom's size, I thought the Wikipedia entries on the bands' members would be more stunningly comprehensive ... not that I was looking them up or anything you understand. I can't help if I'm curious. ;)
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Ian McKellen is performing in the RSC production of King Lear in Wellington in the middle of August. How did I not know about this sooner?! Why did I have to learn about it from the Dominion Post?!

Anyway, the tickets are rather crazily priced (but considering this is the RSC, probably not that insane) but ... I think I really have to go. I mean, I sincerely doubt Ian McKellen will be back here doing Shakespeare for a while, possibly not ever again.

Ian McKellen on stage, performing Shakespeare.

Yeah, I have to go. Even if I see it by myself. I love you credit card!

In other squeeful news, on a whim I downloaded a few vids last night. I used to be really into vidding, and even tried to do a couple of my own back when CSI and WaT were my main fandoms (wow, that was a while ago), but I haven't regularly watched them in ages. Oh, vids!

I especially loved AbsoluteDestiny's vid I Enjoy Being A Girl which features Buffy, Sydney, Veronica, Zoe and Kara kicking ass. All characters I adore. I've watched it quite a few times since last night and just, it makes me grin.

Also, it might be that it's the fandom that's bringing me the most joy right now, but I just adored [ profile] dualbunny's Dr Who vid A Place in Time. It's a transition vid between Nine and Ten. It's short, but just made me so happy.

And okay, one more Dr.Who vid. I watched this one on dear old YouTube a while back, and it's just, the smiles and the angst and the Doctors and Rose, and I know it's set to Snow Patrol's 'Chasing Cars' which is a song that really irritates me normally and has had so many vids done to it, but it works here so well. I will admit, it's possible that I am just a sap, but you should watch it.

I need to find some more good Dr.Who vids. I'd be interested to know if anyone's done anything interesting with Martha.

Finally, I just felt like sharing this. It's Franz Ferdinad covering Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For" with just a little bit of Billy Idol and I'm enjoying it a lot right now. I possibly got this from someone on my flist, if it was you, thank you!

Now, off to buy Ocean's Thirteen tickets for tonight! George! Brad! Rusty! Danny!
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I just finished watching The Filth and the Fury, a documentary about the Sex Pistols, and it was fairly damn awesome. The Richard III clips were particularly cool. I must admit I didn't know a lot about them before I sat down, just that they were the birth of the punk rock movement, but the documentary really was rather fascinating. I knew they were seen as rebels, but fuck, one guy referred to them as the 'antithesis of the human race.' Dude.

I still think Gimme Shelter is the best music documentary I've seen (shush, I am horribly biased), but this was up there, and yeah admittedly, I haven't seen that many music documentaries. If anyone has any recs, I'd definitely be interested.

And I have no Sex Pistols songs. Damn.

Also, go C4 for actually playing some music documentaries.
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I came home in a rather eh mood but all the posts about the Studio60 pilot airing tonight and the general Sorkin love I've seen has cheered me up a bit. Oh, Danny. Oh, Toby. Oh, shows.


I've been looking at all the music memes that are going around and half-heartedly poking at them and then basically sighing at my inability to make decisions. So, in the end, I've decided to post a rather random collection of songs I've been enjoying recently, because I feel like sharing.

Mmm, Music )
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So ... I meant to get to bed early tonight (ie: before 11). I am so going to pay for this at work tomorow but I don't care, because the internet is very kind to me.

* Downloadable AVI of the Studio 60 6 minute promo from [ profile] txvoodoo. So much love. Brad Whitford. Just, love you. Those quiet 'yeah's just get me for some reason. Matt Perry was pretty awesome too.

* [ profile] audiography is having a covers week. I am so dead. I am a sucker for a good cover song.

Also I watched 'The Wrath of Con' tonight. I adore, adore those flashbacks.

As for Arsenal. *sighs* I can't say I was that surprised but ... 2 Barca goals in the last 14 minutes and a goalkeeper sent off. You couldn't have made it a little harder on yourselves? Also, I think Thierry is so gone. *sighs again*

I'm pretty tempted to go downstairs and watch the snowball scene from 'Inaugaration II.' I've been really craving it for some reason. I seem to be having a Josh Renaissance. Or a Brad Whitford one. Or a Sorkin one. Or something.
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I have arrived safely and as it turns out, Internet access won't be much of an issue, which is wonderful, from a job-searching standpoint as well as a 'keep Tali sane' standpoint. ;)

Everything here is going okay. My friend who I'm staying with is truly wonderful and has been a great help. I still don't think it's hit me properly yet - it still feels like a vacation - but I suppose that's more of a time thing. Hello, self, only 24 hours have passed.

Also, I have made my first rather inadvisable purchase. I put the blame firmly at James Jean's feet for drawing such pretty Fables covers.

I managed to catch Grey's Anatomy last night. Still loving it, but don't really have anything specific to say, other than I really can't seem to help but really like McDreamy. Also, Bailey rocks and George is as wonderful as ever, but those are givens.

Random: There are songs you can probably mutter along to while siting at a public computer listening to your iPod - Damien Rice's 'Woman Like A Man'? Not really one. It's kind of like the time I found myself half-singning along to Liz Phair's 'Flower' in the supermarket. *facepalm*

I really can't remember what I've called half my tags anymore.
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1) Dad has watched nearly all of Firefly this weekend and is lovng it. Mmm, convert. Not that I can babble fannishly to him about ships or anything, but it's one more person who will go and see 'Serenity' when it gets here. I meant to do other things but ended up watching a lot of it with him because I was reminded how wonderful it is. <3

2) The D row of the 'Alternative' section at Real Groovy proved my undoing on Saturday. I bought Death Cab for Cutie's 'Transatlanticism,' The Dresden Dolls' self-titled album and The Decemberist's album 'Picaresque.' It wasn't cheap but they're all fantastic albums.

3) I don't think I would have actually believed Bernie Eccelstone (Boss of Formula One racing, for those who aren't familiar) said 'I have a theory women look good in white, like all other domestic appliances' (paraphrased) unless I had seen the clip on the news tonight. Not that I thought he was a nice guy or anything, just that, who the hell says (or thinks, but I'm not that naive) that?! What a complete and utter ass! I stared at the TV screen aghast.

4)I haven't re-read OotP yet and haven't even pre-ordered HBP yet either. I am a bad HP fan. Also, one who is totally dreading the re-read because yeah, it's going to make me bawl. I'd like to say I'm over it completely, but I'm totally not. *sap* I will do it though, because there are all sorts of small details missing in my head which I think I'm going to need to know.

5) The new Doctor Who series is coming here soon on Prime! After all the squee I've seen about it, I can't wait to finally see it myself. Now, if only we'd get Veronica Mars and Stargate: Atlantis ...

6) House is still ruling my life. I even have fic and god forbid, vid bunnies. I've also seen the cane-grabbng scene from the Unaired Pilot (through the generosity of [ profile] darkeyedwolf) and *dies* OTP!

7) Someone in Christchurch owns a silver Aston Martin DB9. I saw it the other day and had to cross the road to make sure I wasn't imagining it and to get a better look. So pretty.

8) Australian Cricket Team: WTF?


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