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Fringe spoiler discussion continues, damn TV Guide articles sucking me in sounding so innocuous - seriously, spoilers )

This has completely distracted me from new The Good Wife.

I am also pondering the whole David Tennant doing Much Ado About Nothing thing. Now, I am really not sold on Catherine Tate in it, but it's David! Doing Shakespeare! I don't think I can not go. So, if anyone London based (or will be in London May - July-ish) is keen, let me know. I will also canvass some RL people.

Random link: Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg could not be more adorable. I <3 them, so much.

I wonder what ONTD_Muse or the boards (oh god) are like today. *whistles innocently* I am sure everyone will be taking the Matt and Kate news very sanely. *nods*

There was no Arsenal game tonight. No game at all. You understand? Yes.
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Haha, oh I meant to go to bed early. This post will probably be shorter than I had planned, but I really want to get it done as its been in my head for days now.

New job is going well. Nicest building I've worked in so far. Commute is easy, it's right by the Thames, modern chairs and computers, Outlook 2007 (never been so happy to see it in my life, no Lotus Notes yay) and most importantly a free coffee machine that grinds beans. No instant, no BYO coffee. I was so happy when I saw it, and the coffee is goood. I can see my caffeine addiction growing. Because it really needed to. ;)

Job itself is not exactly exciting, but it's fine.

And I seem to have an interview for another job that I really want first thing on Monday morning, which wasn't exactly my first choice of time, but there you go. Fingers crossed.

Now, to the fangirling.

True Blood: Evil Is Going On )

I did watch the most recent Mad Men, but I don't have anything really to say about it. Good solid episode, but I guess a little bit lessened in comparison to the awesome that was last week.

Random links:

1. Fringe S2 Blooper reel!! I've been waiting for this to hit the internet for ages and oh it was as awesome as I was hoping. Anna and Josh making stupid faces! Josh cracking jokes all the time! A (sadly bleeped out) swearing montage (again mostly starring Josh and Anna). The return of Lance's "one more time." I love this cast a ridiculous amount, and I will be watching this ... a lot.

Embedded here )

2. America Is a Joke: cool NY Mag profile of Jon Stewart. <3

3. Matt Bellamy is wearing blue jeans and a checked shirt God, that's so weird for Matt. It's like ... I hate to say normal, but well, normal. ;) Him and Kate look quite cute together tbh. Eh, hating takes effort. If he's happy more power to him.

4. This got linked everywhere but if you haven't seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing and snarking his way through a cover of "Bad Romance" you should. Guh. Yes, you should. Guitar. Snark. And it's not actually too bad a cover, at all.

5. This is random, and I think it might be just me with these two particular fandoms in common, but this picture breaks my brain. Fandoms colliding!

Josh and Jean Todt?! )

6. Arsenal won 6-0 tonight. Yaaay. And Cesc is looking good, both on a football and a completely superficial level.

I also went and loaded some more fic to AO3 and found a cool Tony/CJ snippet that I apparently wrote in 2007 and still sort of like. A miracle. I also found my WaT fic. Oh. I am warring between, "no, you should archive all your fic except the really bad HP fic we do not name" (seriously there is a folder on my laptop called "The Fic That Must Not Be Named") and "no, that fic is bad. Bad." I think my completist tendencies are going to win out.

Phew. I think that's it.
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I saw Muse at Wembley last night and they, shockingly, were awesome. I think they can't get better, but this was, again, the best concert of theirs I've been to. Wembley is an amazing venue and the crowd, on the whole, were good. They bounced, the sung, only a few tall people stood right in front of me. *sigh* My view actually wasn't too bad. I've certainly had worse, and the people around me were quite a lot of fun.

My strategy of going to the second show also seems to be paying off as a girl I was talking to said they were far better last night than the first night (like they were at the O2 last year), and while the set-list was only a little different, from last night's, it was different in amazing ways (Bliss! Citizen Erased! No Neutron Star Collision!)

A little further rambling )

Things like this is why I live in London, if I ever need reminding.

In non-Muse news:

1. I have a job for between 5-10 days! It's doing something I did in my last job and sounds almost interesting. Sadly it's only for two weeks at most, but it's something at least. I also just realised it's in London Bridge which is right by Monmouth Coffee. Oh god. This is both a good thing (amazing coffee) and a bad thing (oh, my wallet).

2. I uh, seem to have become the co-lead of the website testing team for AO3. I was flattered to be asked, and it gives me the opportunity to get more involved and learn even more about how the archive works, which I'm really looking forward to. :)

3. I managed to lock myself out of the house not once, but twice yesterday. I am a genius. I had to get my flatmate to come all the way home to let me in when the door slammed behind me after taking the rubbish out, and then I had to wake her and her boyfriend up when I misplaced my keys after the concert. I can't believe I did it twice in a day. *shakes head* I owe them dinner, or at least chocolate or alcohol.

4. Josh back catalogue re-watch progress: The Skulls is really not a good movie, worse that I remember. However Josh, Hill Harper and Leslie Bibb are all very pretty in it and it's really the plot that's at fault. Bobby, I mostly still like. (I watched it a few years ago on a plane and had completely forgotten Josh was even in it!) However, it did have way too many unnecessary characters and was pretty melodramatic. The acting (incl Josh's) was very good though.

5. Fringe is back soon! Less than two weeks! My excitement, let me show you it.
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I have felt better it must be said. Leaving drinks were really nice, and I left at a decent time and didn't think I'd drunk that much. Clearly, I was mistaken. *winces* It was probably the scotch that my boss bought me that did it. It was only polite to finish it. ;)

Anyway, have most things sorted before I go on my European adventure. Need to clean laptop, triple check tickets and passports, and tidy my room and then I am off. Eeep. *obsessively checks Picadilly line status*

Which is to say, I won't be around much for the next week, and potentially longer than that as my laptop will be at the Apple store for at least a week past that. *clings to it* I will have access to my flatmate's laptop, but I doubt I'll be checking things as much.

Hope you all have wonderful weekend/weeks. :D

Unrelatedly, my Muse ticket arrived today! I was a little worried they were going to arrive when I was away. They're very pretty. I haven't been in a really Muse-y mood recently (which might disagree with, but when there are 163 Muse songs in your iTunes, and when you listen to your library on shuffle most of the time, you're going to hit a Muse song every now and then), but I am excited to be going to a gig at Wembley. it should be epic.

Tidying now, really.

It was bucketing down at first practice today. I know it's Spa and the weather is unpredictable, but could we maybe aim for light rain and not torrential, Belgium? Perhaps? Cheers.
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I finally caught up on Mad Men Season 3 in the weekend. I started on Friday night, and finished at 11am on Sunday morning. I loved it. And the new season starts in two weeks. Yaaay.

Mad Men Season 3, or I ramble on a lot about Joan and Roger )

Need icons.

In other news:

1. The most recent True Blood ep was really, really blah. Tonight, even more than usual; Eric, Pam, Jessica and Lafayette were the only ones worth watching. Alcide is getting closer to that line, but isn't there yet.

2. British GP was interesting. Jenson had an awesome race and was adorable afterwards with the BBC commentary crew and Rubens Barichello. Seriously. Too adorable. I perhaps went on too much about that particular topic to my friend who was over. We were supposed to be applying for jobs together, but that didn't really happen.

3. The World Cup is over. :( I watched the final in a pub with some friends and well, it was ill-tempered to say the least and a little disappointing as a football match. I was supporting The Netherlands but Spain did deserve to win in the end. I was happy for Cesc. And while I am discussing Cesc. He needs to stay at Arsenal. Needs to. *nods with purpose*

4. Work was a little blah. Need to find a job out of the public sector as it's all getting a little scary and it's only going to make the job market worse. Happy thoughts.

5. The Muse clips from T in the Park looked a little lackluster but the short interview Matt and Dom did was amusing, if only because of how hungover Matt looked and the story of how he dressed up like a workman to see Prince.
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Dear BBC2, I love you for playing the set in full. *blows kisses*

Muse at Glastonbury )

Must say after seeing this I am looking forward to Wembley even more.

Also, Zane Lowe was great while he was on the coverage. He just genuinely asks thoughtful questions and isn't incredibly annoying, which with some BBC radio personalities is a hard ask.

Day 10. A song no one would expect you to love

I had a bit of a think about this one, but in the end I settled on this as the song I think most of my RL friends would be surprised to find I loved ... well, liked a lot. It was that or something really easy listening, but I don't have any songs I love like that in iTunes. ;)

Britney Spears - Circus

I was introduced to this via a Star Trek vid, and it just got in my head and wouldn't go away and I didn't really want it to. It's pop-y, catchy and just fun to listen to. I also generally am not a huge fan of auto-tuned songs (I dislike Madonna's auto-tune phase a lot) but this one works for some reason.

Video and list of days )
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Finally imported my old entries into Dreamwidth. Not moving over completely, but decided I might as well keep it up to date, and I'm pondering letting my paid account expire at LJ. We'll see. Will have to go and fix the embedded video though.

Been a busy, insane last few days so this weekend I am planning to sit in the sun, and watch a mixture of Glastonbury coverage, Wimbledon, the European Grand Prix and World Cup football/soccer (delete as appropriate).

Sadly woke up at 6am (!!) this morning after a very weird dream and didn't really get back to sleep. But used the time to watch last night's Glastonbury coverage on iPlayer. Florence and the Machine looked amazing and wow the singer from Vampire Weekend's eyes are very green. Pretty.

While on iPlayer, I saw there was a link to a Muse radio documentary I hadn't seen. Turns out it's from a few years ago and is all about 'Absolution' and the inspiration behind the songs. It's cool, but they've basically given Matt (and Dom, but less so) half an hour to talk about all the crazy stuff in his head with an odd voice-over guy, and stories of Dom keeping naked fan paintings of Matt and the weird parties they used to have with masks. It's interesting stuff, but oh, Matthew. Oh, this band. They're ridiculous, but I adore them.

And then 6Music played bits of their Glastonbury 2004 show. Sounds amazing. Muscle Museum! They need to play that live again. Need to. Preferably at Wembley.

Can't wait for their set later tonight. <3

And while I'm blabbering on about Glastonbury, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood turning up on one of the smaller stages is very cool.

Dr Who: The Big Bang )

I seem to be cheering for the USA in this game. *bites nails*

I am still doing the days of music meme but think I'll post it later, and probably rant about Muse again, it's where my head seems to be at. ;)
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For a Tuesday today was actually good. The weather was awesome, the bank got me my new debit card far quicker than I thought they would, and I got a refund for the money that was fraudulently removed from my account. I can pay rent!

09: A song from your favourite band

Um, so this wasn't too hard. ;)

I have promised myself that I'm going to use a different band/artist for each question though, so this is the last Muse song you'll see. Really.

Anyway, while doing this meme and finding songs to use I've discovered that I really love songs that go quiet then really rocky-loud (see: Paranoid Android, Monkeywrench - although that's more loud and louder, and a great number of Muse songs), and I wanted to chose a less obvious Muse song, so here is their cover of Can't Take My Eyes Off You.

Muse - Can't Take My Eyes Off You (Frankie Vali Cover)

MP3 quality could possibly be better. Hmm.

I would be so, so happy if they played this at Wembley in September.

Also, it's quite sad that I never made the connection between this version and Heath Ledger singing this in 10 Things I Hate About You (love) until I saw it linked as a related video on YouTube. It is one of my favourite scenes from that movie and probably my favouurite scene Heath Ledger ever did. Just, sad.

Muse playing this live in 2002 and the list of days )

And my connection finally played nice to let me watch this:

True Blood: Beautifully Broken )
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I have hot cross buns, Mini Eggs, Coke and I'm watching Zodiac. Hello, Robert Downey Jr.

I've been meaning to make a post for ages, so to the numbered points.

1. I've become a little addicted to The Good Wife. Josh Charles has been so, so good in the last two eps. I was a little underwhelmed by the first ep I saw (102, I think) but I think it's really found its stride. Also, Alan Cumming and Christine Baranski are awesome. I can't wait for the next ep.

2. Arsenal vs Barcelona: leg one )

3. The Guardian April Fools Day joke was awesome: Step Outside, Posh Boy. They would actual facts win Labour some votes in some constituencies.

4. I finally found a link to a Veronica Mars V/L vid to Muse's "Feeling Good" that I've loved for ages but was only available as a Real Media file: Feeling Good by [ profile] astartexx.

5. Matt Bellamy in an Iron Man mask. !!! He's admittedly looking a trifle creepy, but I do love their love for Marvel superheroes.

6. Australian GP last week rocked. So glad I got up early to watch Jenson win. \o/ He was awesome and in the after race web forum he continued his habit of kissing BBC presenters on the cheek. God, he's adorable. Sadly I'm going to miss this week's Malaysian GP, but there is always iPlayer, and I'm going to Warwick Castle instead, so I call that a win. ;)

7. I forgot to get a [ profile] lgtbfest prompt. Bugger.

Really, really need to redo my icons. Perhaps a task for the weekend.

Edit. Knew I forgot something.

8. I caught up on Gossip Girl all in one night when I should have been sleeping. Pretty people with snark and drama, I do sort of love it. Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair and please Chace Crawford, don't ever lose the bangs )
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1. I wasn't doing anything during the day yesterday so I went along to the Spaced Finger Gun Flash mob. So glad I did. A couple of hundred people just milling around Trafalgar Square and then this happens in the middle. It was a little on the short side, but so cool. And yes, that is a preacher you can hear in the background, it made the whole thing just a little bit surreal. I <3 London.

I was having a very I <3 London day yesterday actually. There's just always something going on and it has the variety that I adore about large cities. I've only been here 8 months and have 16 to go, but already the thought of leaving is making me sad.

2. How did I not know this John Sheppard vid to Poker Face existed before? OMG it's perfect. <3

3. Malcolm Tucker UK election briefing.

Talking to the manifesto children in the war room, they are all very excited about optimism. I don't know where they found it but now they've opened the pot they want to smear it over everything. The New Britain. An Internet. A train like those we have seen on our holidays, that goes. A knowledge-based carbon-fibre tennis-racket economy. A windmill. A new dawn. Give our nuclear subs to the French. My take is – yeah, fine. Maybe. But remember your key attributes: not JFK skipping through the flowers spraying Clinton juice all over everyone. No – the glowering maniac in the boarded-up house who, if we're lucky, people might just about believe is the only one who can remember where the bank statements are kept. That's the core strategy.

Not quite as profane as Malcolm is (understandably as it's on the website of one of the largest UK newspapers) but amusing all the same. ;)

4. I may have gone a leeetle crazy at the Threadless $10 sale, but, but $10! I brought three t-shirts, Gentlemen Love Light Swords (light. sabers, how I don't have a t-shirt with them on by now I don't know), We've Got Some Work to Do Now (Velma meets the zombie apocalypse. Velma was always my favourite Scooby Doo character), When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (dinosaurs, with a map, dressed up like medieval lords and generals!). <3 Threadless.

5. Arsenal drew Barcelona in the Champions League. :( Bad for any number of reasons, mostly because I think we'll lose, and they're my second favourites because of Thierry Henry. *sigh* I still don't think we're going to end this season with any silverware.

6. Muse's performance at SXSW looked amazing. I just love pro-shot stuff of their shows. Guh. It would have been more amazing had the whole show been on there like it was supposed to be, but at least the two songs they got were good ones - Stockholm Syndrome and Knights of Cydonia - with the awesome harmonica intro. I feared it would be Resistance, which I'm very eh about. I <3 them.

Have done very little today bar going grocery shopping. Finally closed a gazillion tabs in Firefox, and got angry at it's ridiculous memory/CPU usage. Seriously. So, I'm back on Chrome now, before it annoys me in another way. I'll be happy when extensions are installed for the Mac version. Oh, browsers. </ middle class problems>
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I've watched some really cool vids recently:

Hurricane by [ profile] laurashapiro (BSG/Farscape, Aeryn/Starbuck)

I think constructed reality vids can be a little hit or miss but this is one of the best ones I've seen, the two sources are weaved together so well, and it really brings home the similarities between Aeryn and Kara. Also, hot.

Still A Rock Star by [ profile] damned_colonial (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson)

Just made me laugh in delight and want to see the movie all over again. Technically a break-up vid, but a very amusing one. Pink works surprisingly well with the clips.

Fever by [ profile] talitha78 (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson)

Another fun Sherlock Holmes vid. Oh, they're pretty.

Also, as a result of this vid I had to go and find the song. I paid money for an Adam Lambert single, are you happy now, internet?


I didn't really mean to, but I did stay up and watch some of the Oscars, my next day at work suffered a little, but it's the Oscars, and I always watch at least a bit. This is one of the downsides to being in the UK instead of NZ; in NZ the Oscars at least happened during the day when I was at work and could keep an eye on them without losing sleep. ;)

Brief thoughts )


Iron Man 2 trailer came out on Monday!! I could not have wished for a better trailer. Well, okay, a little more Natasha and Pepper wouldn’t have hurt but still, so, so good. And RDJ looked goooood. I am so amped for this movie, in case that was subtly hidden. ;)

Embedded below with squee and exclamation point abuse )


I am amused that a majority of the comments on this Muse twitpic are about Matt's new coat, which is also admittedly, the first thing I noticed about it. Also, he seems to be growing his hair out, I approve of this, so much.

Now, I have White Collar and House waiting for me, and maybe I'll finally get around to watching the Caprica pilot.
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Tonight I have stayed in with chili, chocolate and Coke and watched some actually quite awesome TV. Great Daily Show episode, Winter Olympics with a gold medal montage which had me almost teary, Johnny Depp on Jonathon Ross and now drunk rock stars (including Matt and Dom) at the NME Awards. So drunk. There must be a lot of alcohol on those tables.

New temp job continues to go pretty well. I've found my feet anyway. Must not get carried away with the slightly better pay though, I need to be saving for traveling, and it still is only a temp job.

Finally got a hold of Outrageous Fortune S5 and stayed in bed most of last Sunday watching it.

Outrageous Fortune Season 5 )

Also, I finally saw the Robyn Sparkles episode of HIMYM. So awesome.
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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great night whatever you did. :)

Mine was pretty low-key. I went bowling out in NE London where my friend lives with some friends of hers. My bowling is uh, inconsistent as best, and sadly not helped by beer. :( It was a cool night though. Crashed out there, as the thought of getting across to the other side of the city at 2am didn't really appeal (and it snowed on the walk back, not a lot admittedly, but still, snooow), and got home about an hour and a half ago after being made to watch last night's episode of Eastenders ... and it has a slashy subplot which is intriguing ... *facepalm*

I've seen the usual year end memes around, but didn't really feel like doing a primarily RL one (it hasn't been all awesome, but I moved to another country and so far so good), but this year-in-fandom one I saw [ profile] pocky_slash do intrigued me.

Fandom year-in-review )

I also finally got around to finishing Dollhouse S1 (minus 1x13). Overall, I liked it, but the character of Paul Ballard need to be thrown out a high window.

Brief thoughts )

Now, ten minutes to Dr Who. Eep. Will be interesting to see where this goes.
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It's cooold. It snowed today! Not serious snow, but a light dusting, and there's supposed to be more tomorrow and Friday. Mostly this makes me \o/ because I haven't seen snow in ages, but also a little worried as I have shit to do and I hope it doesn't screw with public transport too much (this is London after all, it doesn't take a lot). Also, I am lacking some appropriate footwear, and did I mention? Cooold. So happy to have central heating.

Doctor Who Special of Never Mind the Buzzcocks's was okay, but not amazing. I hope Catherine Tate was putting some of that ditziness on, but Bernard Cribbins was awesome.

However there was a random Muse related WTF?! moment during the show )

And I did learn that BBC Two are airing David Tennant's RSC Hamlet performance on BBC Two on Boxing Day! Favourite Shakespeare play and one of my favourite actors! Excited! They do Christmas TV well here, I will say that. And John Simm is playing Hamlet as well! Admittedly in Sheffield, but they might bring it down here, or I could go up, I guess.

I also realise I meant to talk about the last Merlin ep, and didn't. Overall, I thought it rocked, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it. Also, Emilia Fox was all sort of awesome. Again.

I also seem to have developed a small Gossip Girl thing, and I seem to slightly shipping Nate/Serena. Yes, I know, I know. Serena is almost too stupid to live, but Nate! Also, Chuck and Blair are awesome. Eh, it's entertaining if not the most intellectually stimulating television.
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1. I finished up my Christmas shopping after work tonight and was wandering through Leicester Square on the way to a tube station. I saw there was a premiere going on and thought vaguely grumpily, 'Don't really care unless it's the Sherlock Holmes premiere ... ' and um, guess what it was? To be fair, I saw basically nothing, but they had a pretty cool set-up and lots of people were wandering past. Someone was signing autographs for a bit. I don't think it was Robert Downey Jr but the dude signing was wearing a hat, and RDJ is the only person I can see in the red carpet photos that was (and rocking it he was too). Hmmm. Maybe someone who wasn't in the red carpet photos. Anyway, it was sort of cool to see it. I haven't really seen a big movie premiere in Leicester Square as long as I've been here, even though I did inadvertently attend the Metropia 'premiere' at the London Film Festival.

2. The Thick of It finale was a little underwhelming, but still enjoyable.

3, I saw Where the Wild Things Are though, and enjoyed it a lot. It was amazing visually, Max Records and James Gandolfini rocked, and the story was so well done. It reminded me what it so great about movies. One of my favourites of the year.

4. I have a Yuletide idea! And now, words, yes. Deadline, what deadline? I think I'm going to keep away from my laptop after work tomorrow (or perhaps during lunch) and try and get some words down on paper, because the internet is distracting.

5. And talking of distracting, there is a poster advertising The Misanthrope at my tube station as you go up the escalator, and damn, Damian Lewis. Mmm. I have to see that at some point. Also, because, you know, he can act and I like Keira too.

6. Random Muse clip: How so adorable, Dom Howard?

Apparently, it's odd to be a big Muse and Radiohead fan? Huh?! They are the two bands with the most songs in my iTunes Top 100 Songs. Apparently because Muse were compared to Radiohead at the start of their career. I say again, huh? They really aren't that alike. Yes, I was reading mothership ONTD again, why do you ask?

7. I seem to be harbouring an irrational dislike of "Wonderful Christmastime" whenever it comes on the radio at work (which is daily, as the radio station is um, not so wonderful, and even though I listen to my iPod a lot, it always comes on when I'm not wearing my headphones!) God, it's awful. Why, Paul McCartney, why?! (This doesn't apply to the version sung by Martin Sheen, John Spencer and Stockard Channing ... well, okay it sort of does, but I forgive them, because they're awesome).

However, the lack of 'Snoppy's Christmas' over here is just wrong. It gets played back home all the time. I don't seem to have an .mp3 of it either, which is also wrong. I'm not really a Christmas music person, but that, I need to hear.
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My temp job ended yesterday. The people were great, and said they were very pleased with my work and would definitely get me back if anything came up, which is really nice to hear. It was cool to work in an office again. It had its downsides (hai tube travel) but the upsides ($, nice central London location and meeting more people) compensated for it. This does however mean I'm out of work again, which sucks. I'm waiting on a call from my recruiter to see if anything else has come up, so fingers crossed.

Being home does mean that I cook more though, which is an upside of sorts. I didn't feel like plain bananas for breakfast, so I Googled and ended up making Thai Fried Bananas which were amazing if oh so bad for me. I also think I overdid the brown sugar a little, and that is saying something. Savoury for the rest of the day, oh yes, well, until I inevitably pour myself a glass of Coke from the bottle in the fridge.

TV wise, The Thick of It (oh, Malcolm) and White Collar (best episode since the pilot) were both awesome this week. I haven't quite got to Merlin yet, or HIMYM or Big Bang Theory ... or University Challenge! (Yes, the last one is actually the most important to me, I have a thing for the snark and incredulity of Jeremy Paxman).

I did however see Muse on Jonathon Ross with Jeremy Clarkson, Peter Kay and Laurence Fishbourne. The post credits sequence was amazing. Pedal cars! BBC F1 theme music! Also, Jonathon Ross always annoyed me, but the more episodes I watch, the less he annoys me. Huh.
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Merlin: Sins of the Father )

Have tried to watch the latest White Collar many times before I go to sleep, but keep falling asleep in the middle. I will persevere.

Also Jenson joined McLaren today. *sigh* Everyone saw it coming, but I really thought he'd hang around Brawn, which is admittedly now Mercedes, and that does make me feel a bit better about it. But, I do fail to see how joining a team with Lewis is going to help him that much. Yes, perhaps a better car, but a car that's been set up for Lewis's driving style, and in a team which is very much Lewis's team. I hope it works out, Jenson, I really do, but I remain unconvinced.

Feeling positive about a McLaren driver is going to feel weird. I haven't done that since David Coulthard drove for them.

And uh, I may have a GA ticket to see Muse at Wembley next year. I shouldn't have really, but I did, and I feel pretty unrepentant. If I'm still here (and I definitely plan to be) and I missed out then I'd be kicking myself. Life's too short and the last concert at Wembley they did was too awesome.
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Home from Muse.

There was some insane ticket drama which almost meant I didn't get in but it all ended happily and the concert was pretty amazing. They played "Cave" for the first time ever (well, so Matt said) and "MK Ultra" (sadly at the expense of "Feeling Good" and "Unintended" but I've seen both live before). My standing space could have been better, but with the (incredibly awesome) stage design they had it didn't matter quite as much. And there was bouncy balls, and laser lights, and Dom and Chris's adorable smiles, and Matt playing the hell out of "Unnatural Selection" which sounded as amazing live as I imagined, and overall, it's probably the best Muse concert I've seen, and it wars with the Foo Fighters for best concert ever. Totally, totally worth it.

Sleeping now.

Random: "Guiding Light" is growing on me, and sounds a lot better live.

Random II: And they're playing at Wembley in September next year! Sadly tickets go on sale next week and I a) don't have any money and b) I'm not really in the position to buy a ticket for something 10 months in advance. But, uh, we'll see, after tonight, we'll see.
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First day of temp job today. It went pretty well (I have a new database to bond with) and the people are nice. But wow, rush hour tube rides are so much fun. *rolls eyes* I have further reasons to be disgruntled about Clapham having three freaking tube stations.

Vid rec: Crazy in Love by [ profile] sisabet and Cappy. Merlin/Arthur. Awesome song choice and so much fun.

I saw this A.V Club article on the Best mini-series and made-for-TV movies of the 00's on their Twitter feed and thought to myself 'Gen Kill has to be on this' and not only was it first on the list, but there was ASkars as well! <3

Random brief TV thoughts:

Merlin: The Witchfinder )

White Collar: Book of Hours )

Random Ugly Betty thought - only spoilery till late S4 )

Muse concert on Friday! And new Top Gear and Doctor Who episodes this weekend!

I need to re-do my icons. Oh, yes.
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Thank you for releasing extra tickets to your UK (and European) gigs now you've finalised your stage set-up! Instead of flying to Germany to see you (which I was seriously considering and would have been awesome, but pricy) I now have (standing!) tickets to see your ridiculous faces at the O2 on 13 November.

You're my favourite,

*sparkly hearts*



Also, I seem to have another interview. Yay. It's not ideal (not full-time) but it does pay well and is at least something. Fingers crossed.

Now, to finish putting together [ profile] blue_raven's shiny (I'm sending them today!) and do exciting things like grocery shopping and library book renewing.

It is however, an awesome looking day. So I imagine there will also be some having lunch and reading in the Common.


I seem to have fallen into a fic reading hole filled with Tony/Steve (Iron Man/Captain America) ... I may be some time.

Each of my last few posts has been about me mainlining some new (or long forgotten) fandom. Can you tell I have quite a lot of time on my hands? ;)


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