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Flat now has a wireless connection! *dances*

I am having a mini flist catch-up (hi fandom!) now, but I don't know how far I'll get. I popped in occasionally from work, but not often.

I'm also trying to be considerate of the limit on the connection and not be all 'OMG missed SGA episodes!!' but, it's only a matter of time really. Damn you Joe Flanigan SGA and your pretty and addictive qualities.

The new flat is going well. Flatmates are friendly and relaxed; my stuff is all here now (and kinda unpacked) and the flat is in a good location. Despite all the craziness in between, I do think this has been a move for the better.

I even spent too much money on comics today. I haven't spent money on comics in months. But there was a new Age of Bronze trade and Brian K Vaughan, Joss and Tony Stark and crazy Marvel plotlines compelled me.

Anyway, yay internet!

*bops off to see Juno*
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So ... I have a flat.

I am a mix of relieved and apprehensive, for reasons that are partially all in my head, and partially not.

Still, an actual place to live. Wow.

Never at this time of year again, never.

Also, web conference = awesome. Geeks <3
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So, I am in a house that is empty except for my furniture (such that it is) and the boxes with my stuff in it. Quite a few boxes actually. I thought I'd kept my stuff level under control, but clearly not. And I even cut down! I am slightly nervous about how much storage space my friend has, but it should be okay.

So, yes, moving tomorrow. My stuff to one friend's house and me (+ clothes, some books and laptop) to another friend's couch. Hopefully not for long. Fuck, I hope not for long. I still think this moving thing may have been a stupid idea but there's fuck all I can do about it now.

Anyway, latter friend, lovely though she is, is internet-less, so I doubt I will be checking LJ much. I'll have the 'net at work, and whatever I can find in the way of wireless connections (*cough*) but I usually avoid LJ at work (although the same cannot be said for blogs) and I just don't know about the wireless thing. I am however going to a work conference on Thurs and Fri, which promises to be maybe the geekiest thing I have attended and has free wireless (double yay), so I might be around then.

Is it sad that the things I'll miss most about a regular connection is SGA flist squee and fic? Yes? Ah well, there you go.

And of course, tonight is when my connection has returned to a normal broadband speed. I am resisting the urge to download heavily. Just. Not really.

Anyway, hope to be back soon in a new and wonderful flat.

PS: I watched some David Tennant YouTube clips before and ... oh, David your hair is ridiculous and your accent is gorgeous and I am so fond. I am sorry my brain has been all "JoeFlaniganJoeFlanigan" recently. (Clearly I have a thing for actors with gravity defying hair).
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I had a great weekend hanging out with friends, dressing like a cowgirl and eating fantastic Mexican food, but my living situation is still very, very ... shaky past this Saturday. I have put into place a back-up plan which I really, really don't want to have to use, but I think I'll have to. *sighs in resigned fashion* This will be going down in the books as one of my sillier decisions.

Anyway, on to the very pretty show that takes up far too much of my brain real-estate.

SGA: Outcast )

And since this post seems to have turned into John Sheppard, All the Time, a vid rec! My Vampire Heart by [ profile] keewick. Just a beautiful look at John with a focus on S4 (scenes up through 'Quarantine') and it made me look at some of the scenes in a new light. Just, gorgeous.

Okay, this song is a little too apt for this post. This song is totally going to fly up my iTunes play counts as nearly all of the songs at the top are SGA vid bunnies in one form or other. See what I said about the brain real-estate?
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I'm moving tomorrow. About half my stuff was moved last night (so many books and DVDs, so many) and the rest of it is being moved tomorrow afternoon. The new flat is across town (well, across central Wellington anyway) and the time it takes me to walk to work has about tripled, but I know this is the right call. I'll miss this flat and this room with its red walls, awesome wardrobe and gorgeous view, but I had to do this.

God, packing is a bitch though. I stopped packing briefly about an hour ago to check LJ and now the last thing I want to do is start again. I haven't got a lot to do, but just, ugh.

I feel I should say something else, but I can't think of what.
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I just turned off my TV and heard someone singing in the distance. That someone? Mick Jagger.

I'm not a huge Stones fan, but it's still pretty cool that they're in Wellington tonight. My friend went to their concert in Auckland and loved it. I never realised how close to the stadium I actually lived.

I'm settling into the flat, my stuff is all here now (DVDs! *hugs*) and I spent a very pleasant Easter weekend hanging out with Mum who came up. My computer still has a few issues (needs a network card) but apart from that, it's all going along quite nicely. Books are in bookshelves, pictures are slowly being put on walls and DVDs are piled precariously high. I really should get a rack for them.

I watched Oceans Eleven again last night, and I still, after many, many viewings, can't get over the poker scene and all the Danny/Rusty. Oh, it's beautiful. Brad Pitt, George Clooney, suits, awesome conversations and long smoldering looks. Mmm, makes me happy. I need fic. It does make me a little bitter about O12 though, ah well, here's hoping O13 is full of Danny/Rusty goodness.

I'm also really in the mood for some dark, angsty post-show L/V. Or just any post-show L/V. Don't quite know why.

Bleh. I'm so incredibly blocked up right now. Damn colds.
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I write this entry from my new flat, via the flat's beautiful broadband connection. I haven't had the opportunity to play with it properly as I still don't have my computer with me (I'm using a borrowed laptop) and I'm not totally sure about the limit situation, but still, broadband whee!

Moving went fine. I really love the room, I've been really lucky with the furniture that's been left and it has a great view, which I will upload pictures of when I get my own computer back next weekend. I have only seen one (of, I believe seven) of my new flatmates since I moved in about nine hours ago, but I was told by the guy whose room I've taken that that is situation normal.

I thought I had more to say, but it seems the point of this entry really was 'broadband and my own room, whee!'

Dare I start the flist catch-up? ;)

Edit: I dared. Fandom? I love you. Illiad fic, Logan/Veronica, House/Wilson, Toby ... it's all wonderful.
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I came on here to research some jobs and maybe write a cover letter or two. Really.

What I've actually done is catch up on the news, read some political blogs and most importantly catch up on the new House ep via Shrift's always delightful House recap.

House 215: Clueless )

Also, I may have a flat sorted out (with broadband even) and I got a lot of things done today. Go me!

I shall now happily contemplate all things House/Wilson as I walk back down the hill to my friend's house.
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I had another job interview today and I think it went pretty well and the place I'd work is awesome, but I won't know anything for over a week, which is frustrating, but that's the way these things work. I'm also looking at coffee-shop jobs for money, which I need as my temporary job has ended, but again with the waiting, which have I mentioned that I'm bad at? ;)

The flat situation is as it ever was unfortunately. My friend is really far too understanding. I've been staying with her nearly 7 weeks now. Fuck, 7 weeks. That's insane.

Fandom wise:

- I found a Serneity poster for $1 after walking into a video store on a whim. *glee*

- Armageddon - which is usually a fairly poor excuse for a fantasy/sci-fi/anime con in Wellington - has Jewel Staite and Summer Glau coming this year! I'll totally go, I only wish I had someone to drag along and share my geeky glee.

- Tess and Isabel-less Ocean's 13! *more glee* However ...

- I've missed three eps of GA and totally given up on Lost. *sighs*
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An update of sorts:

I have a job for a couple of weeks helping out in an environmental campaign's office, which I found by chance through my friend. It's pretty cool, but temporary.

I have a 'real' job interview on Tuesday. *panics* I'm so happy I got the interview though. Still in the process of applying for lots of 'real' jobs.

Recruitment companies seem to be very little use at all, at least to me.

I still haven't found a flat. It's just such a mission this time of year and so frustrating. For most of the week I thought I might have one, but it seems that's fallen through, which sucks. I'm going to get off this in a minute and make some calls. *sighs* You can't help thinking, 'what's wrong with me?' Also, while I know there is no pressure to leave my friend's flat, I can't help but feeling it anyway. I'll have been staying with her a month on Monday.

On the upside, my iPod has now decided to work again after throwing a tantrum yesterday. *hugs it*


I just did a quick fandom check and it put a goofy grin on my face. I can't wait till I have a flat and my own internet connection, so I can get back to reading my flist. I miss you guys.

House, why must you be so awesome and House/Wilson-y when I can't possibly download your wonderful episodes? Why?


I love university libraries. I'm so going back to do my Masters at some point.
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So, the amount of time it takes for me to really miss my computer and DVDs? About a week and a half.

It's actually been a pretty good day but I just really missed those two things. I'd love to sit down with one of my DVDs right about now. The house I'm staying in is without a DVD player and while I am extremely grateful to my friend for letting me stay there, I miss my DVD player and my computer (House episodes I need to download!) I feel kind of bad about that, but there it is.

Also, one of the reasons I want to find a flat quickly? So I can have a permanent address to join the Wellington Public Library. It's not my only motivation, or even my main one, but it's definitely there.

I also place flats that have broadband connections way higher up on my preference list. Not that having a preference really factors into finding a flat in Wellington right now.

Basically, the moral of this? I am a spoiled and impatient fangirl.


I'm going through a total Raymond E Feist phase. I know he's really not the best fantasy writer out there (his more recent stuff anyway, 'Magician' really is a great book) but I'm just in love with some of his characters, sometimes for reasons I can't articulate. For example, my almost obsessive fascination with Magnus in the Conclave of Shadows series. I really don't know why. I also really think some of the characters in his books need to form the Fathers-You-Can't-Possibly-Live-Up-To Support Group. Dude, it can't be easy.

Random squee - spoilery through 'King of Foxes' )

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I caught the end of the BAFTA awards last night and I was going to turn it off after I saw that Brokeback won but I was comfortable and had a cat on my lap so I kept it on - I'm really glad I did.

Now I admit I usually watch award shows to see who won and see the pretty and (sometimes) talented people in their pretty clothes but the speech that Lord Putnam (the Academy Fellowhsip recepient) gave made the night for me - and not just because of his shout out to George Clooney, although that was both cool and cute - it was that he actually made me feel positive about the media of film and reminded me of how it can touch people's lives. I readily admit that I'm a sap, but it actually made me tear up a little. It was really a beautiful speech. Usually the 'lifetime acheivement' recepients are when you go for a walk to the fridge but this really rocked. I didn't even know who David Putnam was until last night.

One other thing, I know I just recently said I really don't get the Jake Gyllenhaal thing (and I still don't get the OMG, hot!) But, the surprised look he had on his face when he won was very cute.


Grey's Anatomy still rocks and was part of a rather awesome night of TV last night - thanks to my friend's subscription to UKTV. 'Yes, Minister' (Nigel Hawthorne *sniff*) followed by 'Judge John Deed' (still can't get over the Martin Shaw obsession and still don't really know why. I'd seen this ep before too and still watched the whole thing despite the small overlap with Grey's), and then Grey's Anatomy. I just really love all the characters ... with the exception of Meredith, who's okay but annoying, but does stragnely get less annoying in the proximity of McDreamy. Why? I don't know, but she does. Also, Alex has started to grow on me. Damn it. I knew it was going to happen.


Couch Baron's latest VMars recap? Left me grinning like the obsessed girl I am. Random thoughts )


As for RL, things are going okay. Flats are really hard to find this time of year, which I should have predicted, but it's going okay. The weather's been, for the most part, beautiful (warm summer nights *loves*) and Wellington is awesome.
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I have arrived safely and as it turns out, Internet access won't be much of an issue, which is wonderful, from a job-searching standpoint as well as a 'keep Tali sane' standpoint. ;)

Everything here is going okay. My friend who I'm staying with is truly wonderful and has been a great help. I still don't think it's hit me properly yet - it still feels like a vacation - but I suppose that's more of a time thing. Hello, self, only 24 hours have passed.

Also, I have made my first rather inadvisable purchase. I put the blame firmly at James Jean's feet for drawing such pretty Fables covers.

I managed to catch Grey's Anatomy last night. Still loving it, but don't really have anything specific to say, other than I really can't seem to help but really like McDreamy. Also, Bailey rocks and George is as wonderful as ever, but those are givens.

Random: There are songs you can probably mutter along to while siting at a public computer listening to your iPod - Damien Rice's 'Woman Like A Man'? Not really one. It's kind of like the time I found myself half-singning along to Liz Phair's 'Flower' in the supermarket. *facepalm*

I really can't remember what I've called half my tags anymore.
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I'm sitting in a room with blank walls, an empty bookcase and lots of boxes. I still don't think it's really hit me and I don't think it will till I land in Wellington tomorrow.

I went for a walk before. Just around my neigbourhood and towards town. It's such a beautiful night but as I was walking about I knew I was making the right call. I love Christchurch, and I will miss it (and especially the family and friends I'm leaving behind) but it's time to move on. I know it is. Here's hoping it all works out okay. ;)

The fannish part of me is totally going 'OMG, my shows!' I don't know how many I'm going to be able to catch up there, but there are more important things really, Brain. Really. *cough*

Also, thank god for iPods because due to their wonderfulness, I can travel with my entire music collection. <3

I'll really miss my computer though. It's staying here until I find a flat of my own and my parents bring most of my stuff up. (My kingdom for a laptop!) Often, to take my mind off things, I'll clean out computer files, or watch TV clips and vids, so it might be a little interesting not having it there after a while. A couple of days is fine, but a few weeks? *clings*

Anyway, for that reason, I think my access to a computer is going to be pretty sporadic, at least for a couple of weeks. I don't know the internet situation in my friend's flat where I'll be staying, so I'm pretty sure I'll be mostly counting on Internet cafes. I will be regularly checking e-mail and I'll try and keep as update as I can with LJ and post occasionally, but I don't know how realisitic a goal that's going to be. It's all pretty up in the air, which is a phrase that can sum up quite a lot in my life right now. ;) It's scary but also quite freeing.

I can't think of what else to say. I was planning on making this whole 'what I'll miss about Christchurch' post, but I don't think I'll do that now.

It's weird the small things that start you angsting thinking though. Tomorrow I'll take my the key to my parent's house off my key-ring. I'll change my LJ location info. It's the small things.

I'm actually quite strangely calm. I don't think I will be tomorrow. ;)


Random Fannish Thought:

Just to jump on a fandom bandwagon, I am a new convert of the Church of Tennant. ;) I recently caught most of the 'Casanova' mini-series starring David Tennant and Peter O'Toole and it was awesome. Very entertaining but I was crying at the end. Gah. However, in conclusion, David Tennant = Awesome. His transgressions in GoF have totally been forgiven. I can't wait to see him in Dr. Who.
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The Internet was good to me yesterday:

1. I got my (metaphorical) hands on the latest ep of House Need to Know )

2. I found a really interesting thread about the Logan/Veronica relationship in S2.

3. I finally found out where the L/V arm touch was and got a clip of it. (Ruskie Business, for the curious).

4. I got a new L/V moodthememade by [ profile] nighfall_icons/[ profile] nordmaedchen. Which I decided I needed at 1:30 this morning. *facepalm*

5. Did I mention that my brain is still hijakced by Logan and Veronica, and occasionally Weevil?

6. Scans from the latest Nightwing. Comics, I do still love you really, I just really can't afford to buy you right now. I miss you. spoilers )

Random Television Thoughts:

1. I watched the pilot of Commander-in-Chief and ... eh. It was okay. Not too bad in places. I'll keep watching, if only for the fact that I'm a politics junkie. I think any US politics show is going to suffer with me as I'll always compare it to TWW, which is unfair, but that's the way it is.

2. Also, Wednesday brought NZ the start of Lost S2. Man of Science, Man of Faith )

3. While documenting what was actually on the video tapes we have piled next to our tv (so I can decide which ones I'm stealing away with me) I found the ones that had 'Bad Wolf' and 'A Parting of Ways' on them. Both of them (but APoW especially) get better every time I see them. Just, awesome. Jack/Rose/Doctor! <3

Real Life:

1. Packing. Goodbyes. Procrastinating from packing. Freaking out. Self doubt. Frustration.


1. Which Star-Trek Character Am I? )

2. I really want to do the 'seven songs' meme before I go. I've been meaning to share some songs for ages.

Edit: I just completely forgot how to spell Wednesday. As in, I had to look in a dictionary. Yeah, today's going to be a good brain day.
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Must be quick as I really should not still be up right now.

I spent the weekend at my friends’ wedding in Golden Bay and had an awesome time. The weather was gorgeous, where we were staying was right on a beautiful beach, I met some great people who I wish I’d got to know better and it was just a great weekend. I drank a little more than I had intended being almost surrounded by people I didn’t know too well, but that was pretty fun too.

Randomly, the night sky is just so, so beautiful when you’re away from any major cities.

The real goodbyes have started now though. The wedding was the first one, now it’s all packing and goodbyes. Ah well. I know I’m making the right decision but hey, nobody said it was going to be easy.

Warning: Chances are there are going to be a lot of these "OMG, Moving!' posts this week. I haven't moved in 17 years. It's going to start freaking me out. Bear with me.


Watched the Superbowl today with Dad at a sports bar. I had a great time. I was cheering for the Seahawks, but in the end the Steelers probably deserved to win, though the score should have been closer. Seattle were pretty unlucky with some of the calls they got and except for the last quarter, they had played a damn good game.


New TV! * twirls *

Grey’s Anatomy, I didn’t realise how much I missed you.

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head )

Tomorrow: House!


Matthew Perry is signed up for the latest Sorkin/Schlamme enterprise.

I know there were reports he had turned it down, but this article, and others I've seen, seem pretty sure he has signed up. Excellent! I really loved him in his guest-starring roles in TWW. It looks like an interesting show. New!Sorkin, mmm.
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I leave in 12 days! *freaks out, more than a little*

I actually applied for some jobs today and the clean-up continued - albeit a little slowly. I started tackling Uni notes and that was a little depressing. I still look back on my University career (and I do hope to continue it at some point) with a lot of dissatisfaction. That last year still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, for more than one reason. I could have done so much better and the way I handled the studying overseas thing just annoys me to think about. Gah. Must let it go.

Going to a wedding this weeked. The first one I've been to since I was about 10 and the first one that actually involves friends of mine. It might be a bit of a weird weekend but promises to be interesting if nothing else.


1. Oscar noms reaction - because I've always cared and I don't really know why )

2. I really don’t get the Jake Gyllenhaal love. Not that he’s a bad actor (although dude, The Day After Tomorrow was way boring – but that wasn’t his fault) it’s just the ‘OMG, he’s so hot!’ I really don’t get it.

3. Rescue Me finished up tonight *sniff* It's a show that's really grown on me. (Lou, Franco <3) Also, if Logan Echolls ever needed competition for Suckiest Life of a TV Character, Tommy Gavin could give him a real run for his money.

4. However, next week is when all the 'good' shows are coming back/debuting! Lost, Grey's Anatomy (George!), Commander in Chief (which I'm going to give a go), Desperate Housewives (to try again this year, or not?), and most importantly, House! (Though I may *cough* have seen rather a lot of the new season already). All I'm waiting for now are the new season of BSG and to see if TV2 are going to play VMars S2 at some point this year.

5. Death Cab's 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed' could almost have been written about Remus and Sirius, Post-Azkababn. It's really quite eerie how well the song fits.

6. I think Veronica Mars (character or show) subconsciously led to me choosing a particular top for the wedding when I was shopping the other day. The connection is pretty tentative but it's there.

7. I sat down to watch maybe two episodes of Sports Night to cheer myself up after watching Apt Pupil (way unsettling, and it takes quite a bit to make me feel like that when watching a movie) and ended up watching an entire disc. 'Neigbourhood park all covered in cheese' just never stops being funny.

8. I know a lot of House crossovers have been done with characters coming to House in the clinic but has anyone ever considered doing one with House and Logan? The snark. Oh god, the snark. I shiver happily just thinking about it.

9.TV2 have been playing Gilmore Girls repeats at 5:30 each weeknight and really, why was I not watching this show before?
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1. NBC cancelling The West Wing after 7 seasons.

This might sound a little blasphemous as I recently said this was my favourite TV show ever, but I'm actually kinda glad about this. The end of the Bartlet Presidency seems like a logical place to end it and the show has passed its prime. Now, I just hope Wells and co gives the show an ending it deserves because I fear what could happen. Just, say no to helicopters, Mr Wells.

2.I have been assimilated. A very charming salesman turned up at my door today and convinced me to change to a Telecom cellphone. It made sense, I swear. Really. Although I do feel a little bit like I'm lettting the Vodafone side down and have sold out. Also, I'll miss my Nokia 3315. It's old, but it's served me well.

3.You know the cheap flight I was so happy to get? I'm still happy but something I didn't think about at the time is that it's leaving Monday afternoon and all of my family will be at work at that time and won't be there to see me off. My Dad is a bit disappointed about that. *sighs* I still can't handle disappointing him, even if it's something like that.

I still don't think it's hit me that I'm really leaving, and how much I'll be winging it when I get there. Probably no job, no real permanent residence, just a friend's couch. Exciting, sure, but scary as all hell.

4. I was in a rather gloomy mood tonight, due to really small, stupid things, like the above. So I decided I'd push that a little further and watch Finding Neverland again. I still cry. I love that movie. So much.

5. Fic rec: A Million Light Years From Home by [ profile] musesfool. Firefly/HP crossover. Sirius on board Serenity. How can you say no, really? It's just wonderfully written too.
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I'm back and I had a great time.

Auckland in general )

Big Day Out )

I also booked my flight to Wellington today. *wibble * Monday 13 February. I really am going. However, I did manage to snap up a really cheap flight, which was great.


A couple of extra Top 5 lists that [ profile] penelopeblack asked me for:

Top 5 Things I love about House and Wilson )

Top 5 icons I have uploaded )


Random Fannish Things:

1. I watched a few eps of S4 SG-1 yesterday and oh, love. The eps included ‘Window of Opportunity’ and that ep really is a classic. However, I had forgotten how Jack/Sam ‘shippy this season actually is. I enjoyed it quite a lot really, more than I thought I would. I still don't have a Stargate OTP though. Jack/Sam, Sam/Daniel, Jack/Daniel. Daniel/Janet, Janet/Sam, I like it all.

2. The West Wing: In God We Trust )

3. I'm so glad The West Wing finished earlier tonight because I've gotten hooked on The L Word, which I manage to catch the last 30 minutes of if they air TWW at 11:10. I love Shane. So very much. Katherine Moening is gorgeous. I also have a bit of a soft-spot for Alice, Dana and Carmen.

4. Brain still hijacked by Veronica and Logan.
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I meant to do so much more today. Hell, I meant to do so much more this week. I've sorted through my CD and comic collections getting rid of the stuff I really don't want in preparation for moving. I have the magazines and books to go but really, they're not the problem. It's everything else in my room that I don't enjoy sorting through that's going to be the problem. Sorting through Uni notes can be enjoyable but are a little tinged by other thoughts. I was reading a random piece of paper I printed off last year and really, really missed studying for a while there. *wistful sigh* I've made my decision, really.


I've been on a total VMars kick for the last couple of days. Fic, vids, clips, you name it. So good.

Rather disjointed VMars S2 thoughts )


Interesting House meta over at [ profile] summerfling's LJ about Stacy hate and the fandom's rather contradictory attitudes towards adultery. (Spoilers for 2.10 'Failure to Communicate').

Thoughts )


People write Pureblood!Hermione stories? Okay. That seems strange to me. I must just be out of the loop on this one. However, HP fandom being the mind-bogglingly large thing that it is, that's not actually that hard.

I think I like my little MWPP-centric corner of fandom.


Good Thought: Big Day Out in a week!


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