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I am actually writing a DW/LJ post! I know!

Civil War spoilers obvs )

Keen to hear other people's thoughts/feelings. :)

God I need to sleep. I am awake purely due to the sheer amount of caffeine I've drunk today and feelings.
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The Hobbit )

Year end TV meme )

La la la Yuletide. I meant to do things today but ended up drinking beer at lunch time and talking D&D as I'm gong to start playing again for the first time since 2005. There may have been a discussion about the alignment of the British Museum vs MoMA ... maybe. I love geeks.

Driveby rec:

The Legality of Being Human series by [ profile] warmlightforallmankind (Derek/Stiles, Mike/Harvey)
AU where Stiles is Harvey's half-brother and it actually works pretty well and there is lots of awesome banter.
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Skyfall (spoilery like woah )

And now I sort of want to write a Suits Spy AU BUT I suck at action scenes and get bored reading them let alone writing them and I really need to think about Yuletide.

Sad about Last Resort. Haven't got around to watching the latest ep but might do later tonight. It was a good show even if the last episode (I saw) was a little shaky, but at least they have enough notice to try and tie it up. A show needs to hire Andre Braugher. Someone on Twitter suggested Justified and my god, I would be so happy. *_*

I have however watched the latest episode of The Good Wife )

In hockey fannishness I have found myself becoming more and more endeared towards Mr. Seguin recently and may have read all the Tyler/Tyler fic (his 'wife' - his words, not joking - is also called Tyler) on AO3 in one sitting. To be fair, there isn't that much, but there should be more!
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Olympics! \o/

The opening ceremony was crazy but in a good way. I thought it lost it's way in places and I'm sorry but solo Paul McCartney just doesn't do it for me, but most of it was great. Loved, loved the cauldron and how it included pieces that were carried in with the teams. <3! Overall I thought Danny Boyle did a great job and um, good on him for scoring a few political points along the way. Seriously.

Looking forward to watching the events now I have the live streaming sorted. Stupid DNS settings.

Job wise: I have an interview for a temp job on Tuesday! It's not exactly what I want to be doing but it's an okay job and it will accommodate my UK/Europe trip, mean I won't have to deal with Work and Income and I'm really over this unemployment thing. So, fingers crossed.


Thoughts and feelings:

The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers) )

Suits 2x06 )

Fanart rec: This is the top post on my Tumblr right now and I keep flipping back to the tab. Sleeepy Avengers. <3 So much awesome fanart in that particular fandom.
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Mum was in town for a couple of days this week. It was nice to see her, and she insisted on paying for many meals which made me feel a little guilty, but on the other hand was very sweet of her and I got a really good meal at Floriditas. Mmm clam linguine and apple crumble for dessert.

I also talked her into seeing this:

The Amazing Spider-Man )

Job hunt continues. Still haven't heard about the one I really wanted to get and I should have by now, so that's not awesome, but then a part of my brain is all, 'well they haven't said no yet either.' So, who knows, but it's probably not good news. I admit I was putting off applying for other jobs in the hope I'd just get that one, but I really need to stop doing that. I did hear about being short-listed for one today though, and a possible short-term contract. So, yeah, not all bad news but I'm so over short-term solutions.

Fandom wise, still quite taken with Suits (especially Harvey and Donna's backstory and Gabriel Macht's face) and of course hockey (why do I like you so much, Eric Staal?)

I also watched all of S1 of Justified last weekend. Good show. Very good show. Especially the season finale. Walton Goggins performance really is great, and Timothy Olyphant's deadpan is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I will be watching more.

Now, the latest Newsroom episode. I can't think this will end well, but I can't turn off the curiosity.
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It was such a lazy weekend. I saw Prometheus (pretty, well-acted but eh) and then .. watched all of the Suits episodes. The Tumblr gifs got to me.

Thoughts, feelings through to 2x01 - not especially coherent )

So um yeah, I have a show for the US Summer. Yay.


Legend of Korra 1x10 )

I also bought myself the tie-in Avatar comics tonight because I had a book voucher to reduce the price, the wiki made me curious, and ... Zuko. And all the rest of their ridiculous faces.


Songs I considered making a hockey fanvid to while sitting at my desk today trying to understand InDesign:

  • Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance (my love for this song owes a lot to a pretty great F1 montage made to it and honestly how is there not a Kings vid to this already?)

  • Hot Mess - Cobra Starship (fandom's relationship with failing-at-life hockey players? Or god Carts and Ritchie - but it would have to be a very cut down version of the song)

  • Hell of a Season - The Black Keys (C/R - don't think this is uptempo enough though)

  • Circus - Britney Spears (because it amuses me)

... this says interesting things about my musical taste but whatever.

Why do I talk about these things? Totally not going to happen. I lack the attention span. I'm also wary of blatantly 'shippy RPS vids and the internet. (Subtle ones ... to be honest, with Carts and Ritchie, I haven't seen a Kings-related montage yet that hasn't alluded to their BFF-ness).
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So um, Avengers midnight screening.

Initial spoiler-laden, expletive ridden, OMFG thoughts )

Anyway, just had to get that out.

There's been a lot of caffeine today. A lot. Even for me. I would say I should sleep but yay public holiday tomorrow so I think it will likely be reading The AV Club's Game of Thrones review and maybe an episode of Avatar. (I'm at around 2.15 and OMG I love them allll so much).

My icon is entirely too appropriate for this post.
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Spent the whole day out at brunch and then coffee with friends. However I did make time to see this:

The Hunger Games )

And then this when i got home:

Fringe 3.15 )

Tomorrow: housework and applying for jobs like a m-fucking adult. Joy.

Also, note to the Carolina Hurricanes: Columbus?! You beat Florida but lose by 4 to Columbus?!

Anyone want to take bets on how long it's going to take me to end up with an Eric Staal icon? ;)

I did a March Madness bracket again this year and it was going okay (I was ranked 3rd in a bracket group organised by Pajiba - a pop culture blog I read) but alas not so much today. However the two finalists I picked are still there, so fingers crossed. I did pick UConn correctly last year.
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Fringe: The End of All Things )

Undecided about whether to see Ides of March or Moneyball tomorrow. Maybe. But I do also need to do some things that I avoided today. *sigh* Today I queued up for $20 Arts Festival tickets and went to an interesting theatre show that was kind of an adaption of Hamlet - and kind of about performing Hamlet. Also, there was a Great Dane.

On a total The National kick at the moment. Bought some more of their songs this morning. So good. I was also looking through YT clips and this version of Mr. November (favourite song) is interesting if only for the fact that Matt Berninger manages to keep singing while being fall-down drunk. Literally. He falls down.
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Fringe: Making Angels )


It's been a nice weekend; there's been fangirl catch-ups, I finally put together the collage of some of my postcards/tickets/etc from my overseas travels, I watched Mean Girls for the first time (yes I know, it took me long enough) which was hilarious and some internet memes are now making a lot more sense, and today was the Super Bowl, which was a pretty good, at-times-quite-stressful game. I was happy for the Giants, they deserved their win.

Collage pic below if you're curious )

Also um, I just spent the last couple of hours reading Hockey RPF. This runaway!Jeff Skinner fic in fact. Um, it was really good, you guys and I kind of want to know many more things about Eric Staal (other than the fact that he's the captain/older brother figure and he's younger than me). I feel this was slightly inevitable as I've always been tempted by hockey fandom, but I do also blame the fact that it was all over my flist when I caught up this afternoon. (Upside: hockey may distract me from caring too much about H50 ... don't look at me like that, I said may).

I am also starting a Babylon 5 re-watch/watch (I've seen a lot of it but there's holes in my viewing). I love Londo and G'Kar so much, and Ivanonva is all sort of awesome.

I feel there was something else I meant to put in this, but no doubt I won't remember until after I push the post button.
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Fringe: Forced Perspective )


I saw the Muppets this afternoon. Adorable!

More exclamation points this way )

The Toy Story short that ran before it was awesome too.

I also saw the trailer for The Pirates: Band of Misfits which is being done by Aardman Studios. It looks so much fun.

In my effort to catch up with all the movies I want to see (still on the list: Tintin, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Melancholia ... I think I've given up on the Midnight in Paris thing ) I also saw Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy on Thursday. I liked it, the acting is great and the cinematography is awesome and well, spies. I do not recommend it if you're tired though - it is not a fast paced film.

And because this post is clearly all about the movies, I saw bits and pieces of The Back-Up Plan today - I say bits and pieces because despite the constant presence of Alex O'Loughlin's face, it was a pretty painful viewing experience. Damn you Tumblr .gifs for making me curious. It is a very pretty face though ...


Random vid rec: It's Raining Men - starring many a man from period dramas. Matthew MacFadyen, Colin Firth, Dan Stevens, Alan Rickman, they're all there. Quite nice editing too on top of being pretty amusing.

This weekend has just disappeared. *sigh* I did however see The Dresden Dolls last night. I'm not quite as big a fan as I used to be but the did a 3+ hour set with a version of the time-warp, a cover of "The Mercy Seat," a cover of "War Pigs" and all their hits. It was pretty epic and they looked like they were having so much fun with it. Glad I went in the end. Live music ftw.
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Fringe: Enemy of My Enemy )

Spent the day with friends - had good Mexican food, walked in the sun, watched The King's Speech finally which I really loved. I also tried a deep fried chocolate bar and discovered they weren't quite as gross as I was expecting and um, kind of great. Which is a bad thing because it means I might feel the need to eat another one.
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Went to see Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol this afternoon with [ profile] gnine. It was a lot of fun - probably the best of all the MI movies - and I am seeing this Jeremy Renner thing, yes I am. Paula Patton and Simon Pegg were awesome too.

Talked a lot of travelling this afternoon too which has motivated me to work on the collage I want to make of some of the postcards and tickets I collected in my travels. Part of me is always going to miss London/New York/Berlin isn't it? *sigh* Ah well.


Fringe: Back To Where You've Never Been )

Finished my first book of the year earlier in the week: The Epic F***ing Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel. The book of the Twitter feed! So happy I found out about this book via a Yuletide fic - I loved it! It was also my first experience with Book Depository and I will be using them again. Free shipping! That book only cost me $15 NZ. <3

That gusty northerly can stop anytime now. *glances up at rattling skylight*
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Hawaii Five-0 2x11 )

I was thinking I'd catch up on The Good Wife soon (last ep I've seen: 3.01 - oops) but then I remembered there was new Homeland, and I have Breaking Bad from my friend, and ... the list goes on.

This pretty awesome mash-up of 2011 movies made me realise I haven't seen that many movies this year. I might try and see either Submarine or Beginners - probably the latter, the plot looks interesting and Melanie Laurent is in it. I loved her so much in Inglorious Basterds. <3
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I came onto LJ looking for H50 squee (because the episode was ridiculous and Steeeve) but instead got lost in a wave of OTW elections/AO3 posts. So many feelings, and so many people talking about people I know and just, yeah. This is the first time fandom drama/wank (and that's not meant disparagingly or to say that people's posts aren't making good/fair/informative points) has felt so personal and yes I know it's not meant that way but I know people they're talking about and if you're saying the site hasn't been tested properly then I'm sorry, that does involve me quite a lot and this is in addition to what I saw over the weekend where some people were far from polite about things, and being this close to it it's just not that nice. So, yes I have a lot of feelings on it, and if someone wants my opinion/is curious (hey I'm nosy too) about any of it feel free to email/pm/whatever me and I'll talk about it.

I might post something about the whole thing later, I might not.


Anyway, now I'm just going to jump up and down about Steve and Danny being married okay? Okay.

Hawaii Five-0 2x09 )

I also saw Drive tonight. Good movie, violent like woah (it doesn't start off that way, but trust me, it is). The suspense was built really well too, in a No Country For Old Men sort of way.

Before that was really good tofu udon and I bought myself a copy of 'The Hunger Games' after watching the trailer for the movie. Loving it so far. Can see why people have gone on and on about the series.
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Hawaii Five-0 3x05 )

I also went to see The Three Musketeers tonight.

Brief thoughts )

Were there other things? There might have been other things. Still cautious about positive job news. We will see. We will see.

My stuff should be arriving on Saturday. Yay for books and DVDs and everything in one place. Now I just need to sort out well, a bed. Fun times.
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Fringe: Subject 9 )

Community: Remedial Chaos Theory )


I saw the latest H50 sneak peek - well okay the first one, as after seeing that I decided I was going to need to watch the episode either in a very calm place or with alcohol and as a result I just couldn't quite face the second peek. Prove me wrong, show. Please? I don't like character assassination of my favourite character. Cheers.

However talking of H50 - whoever put these two things together is awesome. 10 Things and Steve/Danny are not two thing I would have put together - but it's awesome and adorable, and the .gif is perfect. Their faces!


Living with Chronic Bitchface - this comic illustrates something that happens to me ALL THE TIME - it happened to me today in fact.

For a movie that involves Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in suits blowing up shit the This Means War Trailer looks pretty bad. I mean, just the whole concept, the people in it look very pretty, but I don't think that's going to be enough. Fandom might have fun with it though.

I am however going to pay to see what I imagine is going to be a horrendous take on The Three Musketeers, so maybe you can't judge my taste. ;) It's Matthew MacFayden's fault - and the fact that Christoph Waltz is playing Richelieu which is amazing casting.

I started watching Breaking Bad tonight too - watched 4 episodes. Insane television but amazingly done. I can see why people go on about it.
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I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II today with my parents (free movie, free coffee afterwards yay). We went to a 9am screening and it was blissfully quiet. It's too early to get up on a Sunday but there is something to be said for my Dad's theory about early morning movie screenings.

Thoughts - there will be spoilers )

Oh I just got completely distracted by this fic: Carpe Brewski by [ profile] gyzym. Charles/Erik, X Men First Class Frat Boy AU. Yes, really. It's amazing. Raven is perfect and Logan is hilarious. One warning: WIP. So uh, beware of that. I'll just be uh, tracking the tag.

Add this to reading Peter/Olivia fic on AO3 last night, and it's the most fic I've read in quite a while except for the occasional link on Tumblr. I've missed it. <3
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1. Fringe: 6:02 AM EST )

2. I thought Community was awesome - but maybe not quite as awesome as a lot of people seemed to - but it was very well done and a huge improvement on the previous week's really-not-at-all-funny episode.

3. Dr Who: The Impossible Astronaut )

4. Enjoyed Game of Thrones a hell of a lot. Have the next ep now and I'm tempted but I really should actually do things I've been meaning to get done all weekend ...

5. And a movie Scream 4 )

Right, now, those things I meant to do. To be fair I have done a little bit this weekend - and went to Bath which had gorgeous weather and is pretty and the Roman Baths are seriously worth going to - but yesterday I did spend a few hours sitting in Clapham Common with some beer and some friends because the weather has been insanely good this weekend.

Berlin tickets must be booked today or tomorrow. Must be.

I need new icons like woah.
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My heart goes out and my thoughts are with those in Japan or affected by the earthquake/tsunami/possible nuclear problem (jesus) ... for fuck's sake world. This is getting a little insane.


Fringe: Os )

I also watched my first House ep for quite some time.

House: Bombshells )


* Delighted to see that Troy won Fandom March Madness and Veronica got so close. :)

* I also saw the Smurfs trailer. Not linking because uh, yeah, it's that bad. NPH, I question your movie choices sometimes, I really do.

* I did however see the Super-8 trailer and that looks pretty sweet.

* As a follow up to the @MayorEmanuel Twitter feed thing. Rahm actually met the guy behind it (via a radio station so you know PR) and donated $5000 to a charity of his choice. Aww.

Now I get up to go to IKEA. Never been before. Wish me luck. It's on my 'things do to before leaving London' list. We don't have them in NZ. :P


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