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I actually properly read my flist today and I've missed it. I have been so enchanted by Tumblr's pretty pictures but it's been so nice to read some words and see how obsessed everyone seems to be with X-Men First Class, and other things like Suits. I haven't yet fallen down the Charles/Erik fic hole but oh it will happen. I've loved them since I started reading comics, and love the movie, so it's only a matter of time.

Otherwise I've been doing ... not enough. I've been back over a month and I should be really looking hard at jobs and making decisions about moving and I'm not doing that. I'm getting horrendously distracted by the internet ... where I also need to be looking for jobs. You see the problem. ;) This was inevitable, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

Fandom wise, well there's always Fringe. Always. Josh showed up at Comic-Con (in an Observer suit no less) and was his hyperactive, adorable, fan-boy self, so that was awesome and made me breath a huge sigh of relief. Other than that it's a lot of 'ooh pretty pictures' and hoping fandom's not going to be all 'Peter vs. Lincoln' next season. I was thinking about it before, when you cross the line into unreasonable character war, and while I don't think you have to like all fictional characters in a show/book/whatever (I certainly don't - but I do admit in Fringe I like the large majority) and you should feel free to say so on your blog/Tumblr/LJ/thing, there's a line somewhere. Direct line by line comparisons? (Peter is so awesome because he did this, but Lincoln sucks because he didn't do this, for example) Commenting on someone's happy post with comments bashing the character? I don't know. I'll know it when I see it. ;) But then, I like Peter and Lincoln a whole lot, so maybe that's the reason it irks me. *shrug*

I also spent a lot of time today pondering staged paparazzi photos, and if the recent photos of Josh and Diane were staged, or not, because they kind of looked it because they're not huge stars and seemed to get a lot of attention recently, and people do it all the time, and it's part of the game, but then they were in LA in places where there are a lot of photographers, and then Diane has endorsement deals so ... and I really need a job. There have been far too many celebrity gossip blogs recently and I don't think it can be healthy.

I did catch up on True Blood, and by that I mean I decided to hunt down the clips of Eric from this season on YouTube. I can't say I'm really missing watching the whole episodes.

Reading wise I am still trying to get through A Feast of Crows and it is not as easy going as I'd like.

I really need to do things tomorrow, and getting out of bed before 10am would be a good start, so I should sleep. ;)
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Emmy nomination thoughts )

Overall: eh. There's some good there don't get me wrong, but eh. I do need to watch Justified and Friday Night Lights though. And Breaking Bad. And Luther. And ... lots of things.

The closer Comic-Con gets the more sad I am it's currently Josh-less. After a period of relative calm I'm back to over-thinking all things Fringe. *headdesk* I'm probably worried about nothing, I realise that.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some TV Tropes tabs open. I may be sometime.
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I'm quite possibly on a sugar high from too much Aero Orange chocolate. So good. Damn you Sainsburys specials.

I went to see Thor on Monday:

Thoughts - admittedly a lot about how awesome Loki was )

I had some further Fringe thoughts now I'm over the OMGWTF of the finale but I might try and make them a bit more coherent before I post. I'm not really feeling it right now.

I have actually achieved something this week and booked my final few day's accomodation in New York and started packing away the things I need to ship home tonight, which isn't quite as impressive as it sounds as it basically involved moving stuff from one box to another. I am having bank account dilemmas though. I just need to make a decision and stick to it, but I am wavering. A lot.

I also got distracted by Josh and Diane being ridiculously adorable on the Cannes red carpet tonight.

How adorable? Well this adorable )

And how distracted? So distracted. There was a lot of refreshing of various things. Procrastinating is so my Olympic sport.

Have fallen behind on Dr Who. Now two episodes down. Must catch up before I leave iPlayer behind.

I am up to date with Game of Thrones though. Still enjoying it, but maybe not as much as at the start, but can't really put my finger on why. It's since I've started reading the book actually, but they're really doing a good job of the adaption ... I'm not sure. Arya still rocks all before her though.
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I woke up waaay too early, so I'm going to write out my Fringe thoughts. I could of course get up and go to work earlier but, why do that?

Fringe: Lysergic Acid Diethylamide )

Haven't got to Community yet, and I think Game of Thrones might come before it. Intrigued.

Also as an observer (to put it mildly) of the Joshua Jackson Twitter search two things become obvious; a) Somewhere in the world a Mighty Ducks movie or The Skulls is always on TV, b) when he happens to appear in the same photo (looking adorable with Diane) as one of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev holding hands at Coachella, things get a little insane. o.O

I wish I'd taken more advantage of the Coachella live-stream. It's pretty awesome.

Random link: Shaun of the Dead in 60 Seconds in the style of Bryan Lee O'Malley - so well done.

Now, work I guess. Had a pretty low-key weekend, but a nice one. Went to Thorpe Park on Saturday to address the never having ridden a rollercoaster thing. Now I've ridden 4. :p Lots of fun, scary ridiculous fun, but ow minor whiplash hurts.

I have also booked most of my accommodation in the US. Yay. Achievement! (Sort of - still so much to do OMG).
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Fringe: 6B )

Community: Intermediate Documentary Film-making )

I was in the audience for 10 O'Clock Live on Thursday night. Different experience when it's a live audience, they give you free beer and are a little nicer to you. ;) Alienating your live audience is a very bad idea, I guess. Really good show, and I have now seen Charlie Brooker live! <3 My friend said that my look when I saw him was, 'I love you and I want to have your babies,' which ... might be slightly true. Jimmy Carr was the surprise though, he was hassling the audience and was actually very sweet as well. Great audience experience overall though.

Random aside, I seem to be subconsciously trying to dress like Ramona from Scott Pilgrim as seen in this picture. I bought a dress very similar last weekend, lusted after similar coats and I totally want to dye my hair a slightly out there colour again before I leave ... although I am wary that might get me more attention at US Border Security when I go through. Paranoia? Maybe.

In Josh news (it's been a while, really): he's been out and about (flowers!), being adorable with Diane and getting teased by talk show hosts in Diane's interviews for Unknown, like Regis on Valentines's Day and by George Lopez where he got her to sing the Dawson's Creek theme tune and gave her the DVDs. She was cute and funny as well. <3 them.

Now, must get ready to go see Paul.
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Had a relaxed weekend. Our Kiwi Contingent met on Saturday at a pub in Hammersmith. We arrived at 2pm, we left at 10pm. So yeah, it was a nice time. Half-watched us win over West Ham. There are worse things. Today I went to the Science Museum, which was pretty cool and uploaded some Flickr photos. I have now finished Edinburgh! I trip I took in September (despite what the dates on the photos say). *sigh* Still a way to go. Looking through them has made me really keen to go traveling again. Must sort out Paris.

Today was fine, but tiring because I decided I'd stay up to watch this.

Award Shows that are inexplicably entertaining to me!

Golden Globes 2011 - yes, this finished at 4am my time. Contains rambling and fangirling - so much like the rest of this journal )

Josh! (mostly)

Amusingly, two of my more longstanding celebrity crushes now have pregnant girlfriends (Matt Bellamy, David Tennant, and congratulations to them both and their respective partners) and I was thinking idly the other day "... Diane? Something you'd like to say? ;)" But instead there are photos around of her and Josh subtly wearing rings on their ring fingers, so um maybe something else went on over the holidays?! I mean, not really fussed if they're married or not (I mean, their choice and they're adorable and wonderful either way) but still, I can't help but grin ridiculously about it. Also, if they managed to do that under the radar? That's fucking awesome. But I still want details! Conflicted.

... somehow this has become my life. I don't even know. But, Internet? They do not need a portmanteau name. Do. Not. Need. It. Okay? Okay.

And talking of Tennant, I now have tickets to Much Ado! Looking forward to it. :D


Someone found one of the Violet Sedan Chair LPs and uploaded the music here! God, I love this show that they do random stuff like this. "She's Doing Fine" is totally about Olivia. All the songs there are actually catchy and pretty awesome, quite apart from the fact they might have possible Fringe easter eggs.

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My week has been a little blah. I need to find another job. Not that the one I have is all bad, but I am not a PA (and nor was I originally hired to be one), and organising meetings is so not my idea of fun.

But I had a nice time last night watching DVDs with my friend which included Fringe S2 from 'Brown Betty' through 'Over There Part II.' <3! Watching also involved a lot of defending of Peter, but to be fair my friend was just hassling him because he knows about my thing for Josh. Mmm, he looked good on an HD TV.

Earlier in the week, instead of doing something productive with my free Monday, I mainlined the episodes of the Good Wife I hadn’t seen, which was pretty much all of S2. I am now all caught up, and oh, l love it.

Squee, really, that's all that's here )

There are also Fringe spoilers about:

Spoilery talk because I am missing this show like woah )


1. Too adorable 2 year old talking about US Presidents. You will never hear ‘Mr Gorbachev, tear down this wall!’ said more adorably

2. Sometimes I wonder why I check the comments on ONTD posts, but then sometimes they deliver gold like this. The Tenth Doctor: A Musical - Amazing Dr Who music video covering Ten’s … tenure. Awesome music choices, and just go watch it. It’s so well done.

3. Andrew Garfield and Emma Roberts are pretty together while filming the new SpiderMan movie. I totally rolled my eyes when I heard about this prequel/reboot/whatever, but I’m actually quite keen to see it now. Blame my increasing interest in/respect for Andrew Garfield and Emma Roberts. I need to see Easy A and Never Let Me Go

4. Stephen Colbert is adorable - a video of him at a taping.

This Arsenal vs Leeds game has been so stressful and potentially could have been incredibly depressing. For fuck's sake, boys, could you make it more difficult for yourselves? Argh! CESC!! <3!
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1. Someone wrote me a really cute Cal and Della ficlet for Yuletide Madness! And it was a sleeping ficlet! I love, love sleeping ficlets and it wasn't even in my Yuletide letter. This person is psychic, clearly.

I have been assembling my Yuletide recs on my delicious page. Didn't get through as much as I had hoped before the reveal - but then the reveal won't stop me continuing to read. *hearts Yuletide so much*

2. Year-end fandom meme:

A pattern will slowly emerge here. It's subtle. ;) )

3. Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) wrote a slightly insane editorial asking for Keith Richards to be given a knighthood. First off, Boris haven't you got better things to be doing? Also, if you knew your Stones history, you'd know how much shit Keith gave Mick for his and I would be so surprised if he accepted it. Still, just WTF?

I thought I had more to link to or mention but I can't remember right now. Most of my tabs are links to pretty pictures on Tumblr or Josh GIFs (*stares* I really need to see Americano .... )

Oh shit, yes, a) I finally saw Daniel Radcliffe on QI! I don't quite know how I missed he was going to be on it Christmas Eve. His extensive knowledge of random facts and nervousness was extremely endearing, and b) I went to a Scott Pilgrim screening and Q&A last night with Edgar Wright. Very cool. Still love the movie and Edgar was adorable, as was the geeky audience. <3

Going out for a few drinks at friends' house in a bit. Should hopefully be a quiet one, but not sure it will work out that way tbh.

Happy New Year, all! Whether it's already gotten to you or will arrive shortly.
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Up too late/early (seriously) and haven't done at all what I had planned this evening bar doing some washing and sorting out a plan of attack for the Arsenal game on Wednesday night. Arsenal game! Excited!

Anyway, instead I shall post this. It took me a while to process this episode, and I had quite a bit to say, but oh god this show owns so much of my brain its a little scary.

Fringe 308: Entrada )

The whole "OMG Tumblr is down!!" hasn't quite hit me as hard as others, as I was keeping my distance from it a little anyway, (fandom be a tiny bit crazy) and it was sporadically blocking my I.P address for no reason I could determine. Still nearly a day is an insane outage in internet terms.

I also saw Unstoppable in the weekend. Rosario Dawson <3 (it still makes me happy Josh and her used to go out ... anyway). I liked it even more than I thought I was going to. Great cast, and awesome building of suspense.
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1. My weekend has basically been drinking with friends who are leaving the country (once in a cool bar in Soho, once in a bar in Shepherd's Bush aKa Little Australia), the internet, coffee and then our very successful but marathon-like Testing Extravaganza for the new code on AO3. Seriously, fandom, I really sort of love you. The people who came to help today were awesome. We got so much done. :D

2. I did watch the finale of Mad Men, though now I don't have a hell of a lot to say about it. I was a little more low-key than I was expecting, but still very good and it makes me very curious about next season.

3. I also saw The Social Network last Monday. It was pretty awesome. Not really spoilery, but a little bit of rambling )

I seem to be in Jesse Eisenberg place after finally seeing Zombieland last weekend. So awesome. His presence might also bump Cursed up on my Bad Movies Josh Jackson Has Been In But I Will Watch Anyway list, even though it is apparently atrocious. *sigh* The things I do. ;)

4. This Monday: Wall Street 2. Though I haven't seen the first, which started a whole conversation about my pop culture failings and being yelled at by my drunk friend about having never seen a complete Back to the Future movie (yes, yes, I know, I've seen most of one). She was quite incredulous and almost came over today to deliver the DVD to me in person. That's usually my role in my group of friends.

Amusingly, Casino is one of the movies i was told I needed to see, and it's on TV now.

5. Keith Richards is doing a singing for his book not this week but next at the Waterstone in Picadilly. If my temp job isn't extended, I could potentially go! To be honest, I'd really prefer I still have a job, but if not, it's omething to ponder because well, Keef. <3

6. I am more interested in the World Series than I had anticipated as if there is a short series, we get an episode of Fringe earlier! I have been informed by [ profile] tangleofthorns that the Giants are the only acceptable choice, so go the Giants! ;)
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Mad Men: Hands and Knees )

This show = amazing. Seriously.

In other TV: Bones was eh with one exception ) and The Event was outright bad, but in a sort of 'I want to see how bad it gets' way.


1. More cast interviews. I haven't got through them all but the Josh one is worth watching (yeah, I would say that), but not because he's hilarious, this one is very straight-up, but because he spends 5 minutes talking just about Peter, not Peter and the love triangle. It's interesting, and also proves Josh can fanwank with the best of them about what Peter did at the end of S2. He almost sold me on his theory.

2. Bones and Fringe promo for this week's episodes. Bones, eh, but Fringe, guh. Vageuly spoilery rambling )

3. Fringe seems to have zapped my ability to read the word Bolivia as anything other than a reference to Olivia. I was just reading something and it took me so long before I finally went, 'Oh the fucking country!' *shakes head*

4. I was reading some reviews of 3x01 on other sites and um, there are some crazy people about in the comments. I mean I love Josh/Peter too people, but wow. There are crazy people on the internet, this really shouldn't surprise me.


1. Cute short film called 'Voices' with Sean Biggerstaff (yes, Oliver Wood!) and Laura Fraser (from A Knight's Tale and David Tennant's Casanova). I was linked at ONTD and it's pretty cool and oh god, that accent. I'd completely forgotten about the Sean/Oliver Wood thing I had after the early HP movies. (Well, the Oliver Wood thing started in the books, but the movies made it worse). My walking tour guide in Edinburgh sounded very similar and needless to say, it was a pretty amazing tour.

2. Singapore GP was pretty eh. I really think Alonso might run away with it and that would make me sad. Poor Jenson has scored okay in the last two GPs and is back to 5th, while Lewis has DNF-ed twice and is still 3rd. Fingers crossed.

I was meant to be finding out if I had to go into work at temp office this week or not, and no phone call. Damn. I really need those three days. Will have to email tomorrow.
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So, I may have gotten out of bed at 3pm after catching up on all sorts of TV. *happy sigh*

Fringe: Olivia )

Gossip Girl: Belles de Jour AND Double Identity )

Also, while I'm here, I did end up watching One Week (Candian indie road-trip movie about a guy who finds out he has terminal cancer, which Josh won a Genie for) at an ill-advised time earlier in the week: Thoughts )

Should be doing productive things. Chances of that happening? Slim.
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I had not one but two job interviews today. Ugh. The first one was okay and the second one (which is the second interview for the job I really want) went well, I think, but the more I think about it the more doubts I have. I am so over this job-hunting thing.

However, I did get to spend the rest of the day just wandering around Central London before meeting a friend for coffee at 5:30. Despite the downpour at about 1:30 (so, so glad I bought a new umbrella earlier on in the day), I was having a very 'I Love London' day. Wandered around the British Museum for a bit, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square. I love it.

I also may have, slightly ill-advisedly, bought the first trade of The Umbrella Academy which I read while killing time this afternoon. Overall, I really enjoyed it and am now, of course, keen to read the next one. Damn. You did well, Gerard, you did very well. This is not helping my developing fondness towards you.

The Fringe premiere is probably airing now (in one US time-zone or other)! And actually my job interviews were timed to perfection as I have nothing to do tomorrow and so can watch it as soon as possible! I am pretty excited about it!

I have been reading many, many positive reviews and people (critics and those on TV/geek blogs) saying awesome things about the show. I hope the ratings reflect the positivity in some way, as I still remain a trifle nervous about its survival given that this is FOX, but then again, they've kept it around this long so maybe it's okay, and apparently it has very high DVR ratings and it is in one insane time-slot. Will be interesting to see how it goes anyway.

Josh Fringe links:

1. Awesome Josh interview: The interviewer it a tiny bit of a fangirl (in a good way) and there's a lot of teasing about Dawson's Creek and the like and at one point he says: 'Some of it was bullshit. But it was glorious bullshit.' <3
2. Cute cast interview (minus Anna, who I guess was filming): Short, but the question about what people are like on set is totally worth it if you're a Josh fan. He's ridiculous.

Other links:

1. Super cute Barbara Gordon fanart. Babs <3
2. Jon Stewart on Bill O'Reilly. He gets some pretty awesome calls in. Also his appearance on Oprah (which sadly reminded me how much Oprah bugs me) was pretty adorable too.
3. They've changed the IMDB profile pages. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I will have to investigate further. I liked an actor's whole filmography on the page without having to click, damnit. (It's Victor Garber's because well, he's pretty awesome, and I was trying to figure out why he was in a photo with Kristen Bell).

Not a link:

There is not enough time in the day to get through all the awesome Inception fic I want to read. I always have many tabs of fic open I never get to. *sigh*
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I meant to post this !!!! post last night, but I got distracted, but basically it boils down to the internet and being a fan was all sorts of awesome last night.

1. Fringe 3 minute promo of epic epicness. Seriously. I just ... it needs to be Thursday right this minute.

Embedded below - sort of spoilery for the first two eps of S3 )

The first two eps have also been getting some insanely good reviews, including this one by Charlie-Jane at io9. I am ... optimistic, and happy for the show, because it deserves a little recognition (not specifically from io9 but the wider media in general), and while I'm asking for things, John Noble needs a nomination of some sort. C'mon Golden Globe voters, you're bandwagon jumpers. ;)

2. Do I need to mention that I loved the last two episodes of The Daily Show? Well, I did. A whole heap. I wish I lived in the US. I would so be there. Also, Jon flirting with Jon Hamm! That was amazing.

3. Via an ONTD post I got pointed at the trailer for The Adjustment Bureau and it looks pretty cool. Matt Damon, John Slattery, sort of sci-fi, characters that remind me too much of The Observers ... looks interesting.

I think that's it. I should get up and get ready. I did have no plans this weekend. Now I'm going to Windsor Castle today (pricy, which isn't ideal, but it's on my to-do list of tourist-y things to see) and meeting up with a friend tomorrow. Also, it seems to be sunny. Win.
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Haha, oh I meant to go to bed early. This post will probably be shorter than I had planned, but I really want to get it done as its been in my head for days now.

New job is going well. Nicest building I've worked in so far. Commute is easy, it's right by the Thames, modern chairs and computers, Outlook 2007 (never been so happy to see it in my life, no Lotus Notes yay) and most importantly a free coffee machine that grinds beans. No instant, no BYO coffee. I was so happy when I saw it, and the coffee is goood. I can see my caffeine addiction growing. Because it really needed to. ;)

Job itself is not exactly exciting, but it's fine.

And I seem to have an interview for another job that I really want first thing on Monday morning, which wasn't exactly my first choice of time, but there you go. Fingers crossed.

Now, to the fangirling.

True Blood: Evil Is Going On )

I did watch the most recent Mad Men, but I don't have anything really to say about it. Good solid episode, but I guess a little bit lessened in comparison to the awesome that was last week.

Random links:

1. Fringe S2 Blooper reel!! I've been waiting for this to hit the internet for ages and oh it was as awesome as I was hoping. Anna and Josh making stupid faces! Josh cracking jokes all the time! A (sadly bleeped out) swearing montage (again mostly starring Josh and Anna). The return of Lance's "one more time." I love this cast a ridiculous amount, and I will be watching this ... a lot.

Embedded here )

2. America Is a Joke: cool NY Mag profile of Jon Stewart. <3

3. Matt Bellamy is wearing blue jeans and a checked shirt God, that's so weird for Matt. It's like ... I hate to say normal, but well, normal. ;) Him and Kate look quite cute together tbh. Eh, hating takes effort. If he's happy more power to him.

4. This got linked everywhere but if you haven't seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing and snarking his way through a cover of "Bad Romance" you should. Guh. Yes, you should. Guitar. Snark. And it's not actually too bad a cover, at all.

5. This is random, and I think it might be just me with these two particular fandoms in common, but this picture breaks my brain. Fandoms colliding!

Josh and Jean Todt?! )

6. Arsenal won 6-0 tonight. Yaaay. And Cesc is looking good, both on a football and a completely superficial level.

I also went and loaded some more fic to AO3 and found a cool Tony/CJ snippet that I apparently wrote in 2007 and still sort of like. A miracle. I also found my WaT fic. Oh. I am warring between, "no, you should archive all your fic except the really bad HP fic we do not name" (seriously there is a folder on my laptop called "The Fic That Must Not Be Named") and "no, that fic is bad. Bad." I think my completist tendencies are going to win out.

Phew. I think that's it.
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I saw Muse at Wembley last night and they, shockingly, were awesome. I think they can't get better, but this was, again, the best concert of theirs I've been to. Wembley is an amazing venue and the crowd, on the whole, were good. They bounced, the sung, only a few tall people stood right in front of me. *sigh* My view actually wasn't too bad. I've certainly had worse, and the people around me were quite a lot of fun.

My strategy of going to the second show also seems to be paying off as a girl I was talking to said they were far better last night than the first night (like they were at the O2 last year), and while the set-list was only a little different, from last night's, it was different in amazing ways (Bliss! Citizen Erased! No Neutron Star Collision!)

A little further rambling )

Things like this is why I live in London, if I ever need reminding.

In non-Muse news:

1. I have a job for between 5-10 days! It's doing something I did in my last job and sounds almost interesting. Sadly it's only for two weeks at most, but it's something at least. I also just realised it's in London Bridge which is right by Monmouth Coffee. Oh god. This is both a good thing (amazing coffee) and a bad thing (oh, my wallet).

2. I uh, seem to have become the co-lead of the website testing team for AO3. I was flattered to be asked, and it gives me the opportunity to get more involved and learn even more about how the archive works, which I'm really looking forward to. :)

3. I managed to lock myself out of the house not once, but twice yesterday. I am a genius. I had to get my flatmate to come all the way home to let me in when the door slammed behind me after taking the rubbish out, and then I had to wake her and her boyfriend up when I misplaced my keys after the concert. I can't believe I did it twice in a day. *shakes head* I owe them dinner, or at least chocolate or alcohol.

4. Josh back catalogue re-watch progress: The Skulls is really not a good movie, worse that I remember. However Josh, Hill Harper and Leslie Bibb are all very pretty in it and it's really the plot that's at fault. Bobby, I mostly still like. (I watched it a few years ago on a plane and had completely forgotten Josh was even in it!) However, it did have way too many unnecessary characters and was pretty melodramatic. The acting (incl Josh's) was very good though.

5. Fringe is back soon! Less than two weeks! My excitement, let me show you it.
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I saw Scott Pilgrim today, and it was pretty much as awesome as I was expecting. I knew I was going to like it going in, and well, I did and was left with a strong desire to go home and play Guitar Hero. Which I might give into tomorrow ...the guitar is just sitting there on the other side of the room and no one uses it enough. Sad guitar.

Kieran Culkin, Anna Kendrick, Edgar Wright = <3 )

Good: I can pick up my fixed laptop tomorrow. \o/
Bad: I really have to look for a job more seriously tomorrow. *sigh*

Fringe: 10 hopes for Fringe season 3. I pretty much agree with all of them. Peter needs some development, dudes, and while I can find Peter/Olivia cute (I love the bar scene in 1.10), I think they need to work on it.

I am very excited for the new season though, and these FOX 'Fringe:Just the Facts' videos didn't help. The Massive Dynamic one is particularly good, if only for the fact that Josh says 'opaque behemoth' and I am such a sucker for him being all smart and using big words. *sigh* Seriously. That guy.

Random link: io9's guide to how to get into 20 classic sci-fi shows. Tells you which seasons can be skipped and where to start. Very useful. Though part of me still does want to watch Lost after I bailed at the end of S1. Hmm.
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Work finished Monday. It was a pretty low-key last day, but nice in a way. Having leaving drinks on Thursday, which should be interesting, because I fly out to Belgium the next day. Thankfully not till 7pm, so hopefully I'll be fine. But I do have to navigate an Apple Genius appointment (laptop needs its trackpad fixed and it's best it goes away while I'm in Europe for a week and I won't miss it too desperately) and getting to Heathrow with clothes for a week on my back. Sounds fun.

My procrastination skills? Especially those in relation to employment. Still awesome. *sigh*

Fixating on the holiday really. Getting really excited about it now. Grand Prix! Amsterdam! Good coffee! Edinburgh!

I caught up on some TV:

True Blood: I Smell a Rat )

Mad Men: The Rejected and Mad Men: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword )


I also keep forgetting to mention that I finally finished Y:The Last Man! It's only taken me two years to read the last three trades. *headdesk* But I remained unspoiled which is a freaking miracle. In the end, it turned out a friend of mine owned them and when I was over at his house for a birthday party I yoinked them and read them on the train to and from Portsmouth.

*draws sparkly hearts around Brian K Vaughan* )

That was a good geeky birthday party actually. I ended up having a long fangirl-y conversation with someone there about Star Wars and Star Trek. Some of my friends have geeky interests but most of them lack the uh, dedication of a fangirl. It was awesome. :D

I also stumbled across Fuck Yeah Dick Grayson and rediscovered my Dick Grayson fangirl. <3 I do love the visual aspect that Tumblr has, but it's a different sort of fandom experience. I should expand on that at some point. Hmm.

Josh: (yeah, he gets a heading)

I've reached the 'going through the back catalogue of movies' stage. Urban Legend (the Blonde!Josh phase), Scream 2 (hardly in it really), Ocean's Eleven (any excuse to re-watch the poker scene, I love it so) and Shutter, which was the only one I watched all of as I hadn't seen it before. It was ... not as bad as I was expecting, but I would struggle to call it good. Josh and Rachel Taylor were gorgeous though, so on a shallow level, good movie. ;) Cruel Intentions is open in another tab, which I actually sort of love. Hi Ryan Phillipe. I will eventually get to his good movies, but they're harder to acquire.

I've also watched more Dawson's Creek clips than I'm comfortable with and yes, even one whole episode with no Dawson, and a lot of Joey/Pacey and yes, damn it, it was cute. *sigh*

You can imagine how unemployment is helping this.

I do have Fringe thoughts as well, but I think they can wait. *yawns*
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Good news: Strikes are off. I have a holiday!
Bad news: I don’t have a job past Monday!

Yes, really. Funding issues mean that my last day will be Monday. This Monday just gone I was told I probably had a month, which wasn't great, but I had time to prepare and then yesterday, "oh sorry, not so much. This Monday. Sorry about that." My bosses did try to change it, but it didn’t work. I mean, I’m a temp and I get it’s precarious, they are within their rights to terminate my contract that quickly but still, it sucks hard. So fucking hard.

My boss gave me a very nice card and chocolates today (really good champagne truffles even) to say sorry. He’s awesome. I'll miss him.

My recruiter. Less awesome. Not returning my call. I have other options to try but still, you'd think she'd be in touch.

Anyway, happier things.

I caught up on True Blood's latest two eps, and they weren't as bad as I thought )

Mad Men is still pending. Should do something about that.

I wasn't going to mention Josh. Really. And then this happened:

I was innocently looking at this Cinematical post (okay, perhaps not that innocently as it’s about the title sequence in a movie I very well knew he was in, but anyway), and the YouTube clip that went with it wasn’t just the title sequence (which is pretty awesome btw) but the first ten minutes of the movie. About two minutes in … hi Josh with an electric guitar!

Clip below, guitar starts around 2.12 )

Seriously, when I wrote the list of things he could do/have done to make my crush worse, * I wasn’t seriously considering that he would actually, you know, have done them. You have to hit a ceiling with the awesome eventually, Mr Jackson, and I'm still waiting for it.

I sadly probably have Kristen Stewart fans to thank for this as she’s in the movie too and that’s probably the reason someone loaded in onto YouTube in the fist place.

* I'm cautiously adding to the list the coin trick Peter does in Fringe (t's really quite hot in an odd way), but at this point I wouldn't be surprised if Josh did actually do it. Bastard is clearly that awesome.


- (via [ profile] aurora_84) Awesome Fringe vid by [ profile] hollywoodgrrl. It's gen and full of Olivia kick ass awesomeness, amazing editing and I think would serve as a great pimp vid into the fandom. So, go watch it. ;)

- You've probably seen it by now, but [ profile] hackthis's post: How to Dress Your Man/Character: An Informal Tutorial Heavy on the PicSpam for Inception fandom is so cool. Lots of information on men's suits and totally reminded me that I really need to do that waistcoat picspam I keep meaning to do.

- The True Blood Rolling Stone cover I've seen linked everywhere with the naked and the blood does nothing for me. Nothing at all.

Anyway, should sleep or something. Had a pleasant evening just hanging with my flatmate and sort of watching Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Little planned for the weekend and I couldn't be more fine with that.
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Feeling a bit blah, but need to go out and be social in a bit, which might be interesting. Also need to decide quickly if I want to go to Portsmouth tomorrow to see the HMS Victory and the sea. The sea! I really want to get out of London for the day, but the weather is supposed to be sort of average and maybe it would be best to leave it for a better day. I think the sea is going to win me over though ... I really miss living on the coast.

Also, I should be getting excited about Belgium/Netherlands/Scotland but there might be strikes at a few UK airports that weekend including you guessed it, the one I fly from on the Friday night. *sigh* I cannot tell you how much I hope that gets worked out because my whole week trip depends on me being in Brussels, so if is a strike, I still have to get there, and I don't want to book anything too far in advance as a back-up and then have the strike get worked out and be out a lot of money. Heathrow closed. On a Bank Holiday weekend. I .... they've got to stop that surely? *headdesk* Things like this make me wonder why I came over, and no I don't really mean that, but still, it crosses my mind. Wellington seemed so much easier.

The most recent Mad Men episode was awesome. Awesome women FTW )

It's perhaps a bad sign that the last Sherlock episode is sitting paused about a third of the way through in another tab, isn't it? I feel like I should be enjoying this so much more, and it's not that I dislike it, it just wasn't holding my attention before. *shrugs*

Wow, I need to tidy my room, but I can't see that happening somehow.

And because it's been a while and that music meme doesn't seem to be happening:

Ask me my Top Five Whatevers. Fannish or otherwise. Any top fives. Doesn't matter what, really. And I will answer them in a comment.

Shower time now, I think. Yes.

Oh, one happy thing. I've been helping out with testing and the like for AO3, and there is a tutorial now up about running a gift exchange challenge that I wrote. :D

Random Josh Jackson link: sitting beside Big Bird being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel. Seriously. That must have been so surreal. Josh just seemed incredibly amused.


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