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As if I wasn't already looking forward to "The Shrine", these promo pics came along. *flail*

Also, this interview with Joe Flanigan is made of a boatload of awesome (link via [ profile] tex). He's so hilarious in this, and there are some classic quotes. ("Well, you’ve got to walk away from the blackjack table. Save the galaxy.") He lists getting a new skateboard as a highlight of Season 5, oh and "The Shrine." <3! (S5 spoilers in the interview). So much love.

I better not get my hopes up too high, this could end badly.

If you are in anyway inclined towards Doctor Who fanvids, you should totally check out [ profile] flummery's vid here. It's so, so well done and just seriously, watch it.

Random link: Batman hoodie as worn here by John Mayer, who I can totally take or leave, but the hoodie is awesome.

Random link II: Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?. Cool article on Jon and TDS in the NYTimes. Includes cute quotes about Jon from Stephen Colbert.
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The last week has been a bit of a bust, especially Monday which needed an emergency application of beer, but today hasn't been too bad, and I only have one more day of work as I'm heading to Christchurch tomorrow night.

Also, I have been a little obsessed with the Olympics, or as much as I can be when I have to rely on TVNZ's streaming coverage (which is to be fair pretty good, if a little dodgy on Firefox) as we have reception issues with TV1, but I shall be at my parents this weekend and they have no such issues. \o/

I need to go and check out the footage from the 200m men's butterfly as Moss Burmester ended up fourth after leading for a while in a race with Michael Phelps in it. Nicely done, sir. I am a bit gutted he didn't get a medal though, as it sounds like he deserved it, but then he is the first NZ swimmer to get into a final since 1996, so he'd done well already.

The thing I love most about the Olympics is the chance to see sports like athletics, swimming, gymnastics, weightliftig and fencing get some TV coverage. I'm just not as attracted to the team sports which get a lot of coverage here anyway.

Random linkage:

Dear Jason Momoa, your giant crush on Joe Flanigan is showing. <3! It's pretty cool interview overall actually.

Awesome pictures of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. (Dial-up warning, these photos are huge).

Neil Patrick Harris and his HIMYM cast-mate whose name I don't know sing songs from Les Mis. Awesome. NPH really can sing. I don't know Les Mis that well, but it's a musical I've always wanted to see.

The 100 Most Funny and Unusual 404 Error Pages. Awesome. Some of these are inspired, and I haven't laughed so hard in ages. (Dial-up warning).

The Guardian (yes, really) does Bush LOLCATS. Overall they're kinda average, but this one is hilarious.

I also finally saw Sweeney Todd, and it was awesome. It might be my favourite Tim Burton movie, and Johnny Depp's performance was pretty damn amazing. The cinematography was also stunning. <3!
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I have my desktop rotating through a selection of photos and quite, um, a few are of John Sheppard. Every so often I adjust my windows and have to stop. A couple of times I may have even swore.

Joe Flanigan? How are you so hot. I mean, seriously?

And in somewhat related news GateWorld have new (spoilery) photos from "The Shrine"

Thoughts )

This has been my substantive post for the day.
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My flatmate who I got on with best moved out today. She's going overseas for a bit then moving in with her boyfriend, which is awesome and I'm sure I'll catch up with her when she's back, but I can't help but be a bit sad about it. Ah well.

However, apart from that, and the fact that I was at work for 4 hours on a Saturday, things are pretty good. There was awesome fangirling last night with [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] arysteia, [ profile] morebliss, [ profile] woolly_socks and [ profile] the_antichris and there will be watching of David Tennant on Top Gear on Sunday as well!

In further awesome news [ profile] mcsmooch is open for two weeks and I'm going to try and contribute and there are pretty pictures of (scruffy and silver templed) Flanigans and Hewletts about.

I will make new icons this weekend and possibly think about some of my vid ideas some more.

I also need to see Shine a Light before its extended season ends.
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I don't know how many people on my flist use Firefox and have Greasemonkey installed, the extension that lets you run all sorts of cool userscripts for certain web pages, but I want to pimp this userscript that I found via Lifehacker. It adds a link to YouTube video pages so you can download the file as an .mp4. You don't have to wait for the file to finish loading, and you don't get a .flv like you can get with some other download options that you then have to convert to use for a vid or to put on your iPod. I've also found it more useful than the sites that let you paste in a YouTube URL and convert the file, because I have never got one to work for me yet.

I uh, also may have stayed up till some rather late hour watching Thoughtcrimes when I very happily stumbled onto it on YouTube. Overall, I liked it, even if the plot is a little far-fetched, but I especially liked the Brendan bits. Oh, Joe. *squishes him* And I even found good Brendan/Freya fica. \o/

This biography of RFK that I'm reading at the moment is awesome. Fascinating and really easy to read. Yay history!
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Had an interesting weekend. Friday night was insane, but good, but insane. (Why is it always two days after I do things that I start to get all neurotic about them?). I kinda lost Saturday in a haze of sleeping, Eddie Izzard, SGA episodes and fic writing avoidance, and then today was having a coffee with my friend and fic writing. I also just watched Superbad. Pretty hilarious, not like 'best comedy ever' but certainly enjoyable.

While doing a little tag tidying yesterday (I had five tags for Grey's Anatomy) I found this rather hilarious post when I first watched SGA a couple of years ago, before I watched three whole seasons in a row and got fannish about it.

Ford, my favourite character? Rodney is annoying? Apathetic about Teyla? Oh 2005!self, what was going on?

And uh, I may have committed fic? I had something almost done this morning but then ended up trashing all but 100 words and starting again from John's POV, which I found a lot easier than Lorne's. I was really wanting this to be a Lorne POV on Lorne and Sheppard's relationship (no, not like that), but then John came along and brought a lot more Rodney to it. Who would have guessed that would happen in my brain? ;)

So, yeah. The Only Option (John, McKay/Sheppard, little bit of Lorne, SGA, PG-13, approx 1200 words). First time SGA fic.

Lastly, something random. I always used to think aviator sunglasses were a bad look on anyone. This opinion has changed in the last six months and I blame one, okay now two, men. Joe Flanigan. Davd Tennant. Stop it.

Pictorial evidence )
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Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa and a whole truckload of adorable. (via [ profile] wraithfodder)

Seriously. How are they so adorable?

I am still surprised at how gleeful and happy-making SGA fandom is. And it's quite ridiculous how many pictures of Joe Flanigan and his ridiculous and pretty face are on my laptop.

Also, has there been a more concrete Dr Who S4 release date announced? All I could find was Spring, which is a little on the vague side. I seem to be experiencing some sort of David Tennant withdrawal.

One day I will post something more substantive.

(And my mood icon is totally making me want to watch the end scene from 'Smith and Jones.'How lucky I have it right here. Sleep?)
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I always love when you come back from some time away from your flist and you catch up all at once and get this total squee high. Love it.

I will say it does help when there's been an ep of SGA that everyone is all "!!! *draws sparkly hearts around*" about. ;)

Anyway, why I was away from my computer for a couple of days:

Big Day Out 2008: The Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem and other awesomeness )

Also, I saw American Gangster toady and oh, Denzel, I adore you. <3 Very good movie overall too. Maybe a little long, but I really liked it. Though I do seem to like Ridley Scott movies a lot. (Gladiator being the exception, as it gets worse every time I see it).

In competition for best link from the flist catch up:

Dear, Joe Flanigan. How are you so hot? You too Jason Momoa, but Joe, seriously, how? (Kinda spoilery for future eps). Pics via [ profile] tx_tart via Gateworld.

Finally, my flat meeting was about what I feared, so I am moving. To be honest, there was an option to stay here but the more I thought about moving the more I liked the idea. So, moving it is. Crappy time to look, I know, but I have three weeks, so hopefully it'll be okay. Hopefully. I am in a far better position to look than last time I looked at this time. Just, cross your fingers or send good vibes or something? :)
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Yuletide: Done!
Work: Done for 12 days! Fuck, yes.
Christmas Shopping: Er ... will be done tomorrow, hopefully?
John Sheppard: Awesome beyond the telling.
Joe Flanigan: Still the prettiest.

Also, I just re-downloaded Google Earth. Oh. Oh. See this is why I both love and fear Google.

However, I do have a January to-do list for work. Yes, already. I'm really trying not to think about it.

Not at work for 12 days. OMG YES. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I don't hate my job, but I was just at the limit of what I could stand. I need to plan big leave for the middle of next year. Oh, yes.

I could totally get used to this surfing the net while curled up in bed thing ... oh, laptops.

I kind of want a SGA moodtheme but I don't know if I could part with the Doctors.
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It was only a matter of time ... but I have discovered the Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett content on YouTube. I may be some time.

The necklace around his neck in this video is killing me. And the story is hilarious too.

Oh David, you giant dork <3.

I am in no way bitter that Joe was at Armageddon in Auckland this year. I can hope he loved it so much he (or David! Or both!) might want to come to Wellington next year? It'd be awesome, Joe. Really.

... so I think we can say this fandom has me good? Y/Y?

ETA: I have to say it ... David Hewlett, how are you so awesome?


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