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Newsroom 1x10 )

And then I drank two large glasses of wine and wrote 1,200 words about Harvey meeting Donna's Little League playing niece in between spamming Twitter and Tumblr. Because apparently that's what I do now. Stupid show, I say with a fangirl's exasperated but crazy affection.

RL wise, my temp job stopped seven days early, which really isn't that great BUT I go to the UK in a week and a half. I keep waiting to remember something I've forgotten. I really just have to get money changed into pounds and euros ...

Let's not dwell on the fact I might not have a job when I get back and will therefore be second guessing all the money I spend while overseas. la la la la
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Olympics! \o/

The opening ceremony was crazy but in a good way. I thought it lost it's way in places and I'm sorry but solo Paul McCartney just doesn't do it for me, but most of it was great. Loved, loved the cauldron and how it included pieces that were carried in with the teams. <3! Overall I thought Danny Boyle did a great job and um, good on him for scoring a few political points along the way. Seriously.

Looking forward to watching the events now I have the live streaming sorted. Stupid DNS settings.

Job wise: I have an interview for a temp job on Tuesday! It's not exactly what I want to be doing but it's an okay job and it will accommodate my UK/Europe trip, mean I won't have to deal with Work and Income and I'm really over this unemployment thing. So, fingers crossed.


Thoughts and feelings:

The Dark Knight Rises (spoilers) )

Suits 2x06 )

Fanart rec: This is the top post on my Tumblr right now and I keep flipping back to the tab. Sleeepy Avengers. <3 So much awesome fanart in that particular fandom.
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I watched these in a specific order last night:

The Newsroom 1.04 )

Political Animals 1.01 )

Trying to watch some more Breaking Bad but not finding it that easy to marathon.

Still have a Suits thing. Someone tell me not to combine Harvey and the NY Rangers into a fic. It's tempting ... very tempting.

In non-TV news:

I didn't get the job I really wanted. They liked me, they thought I'd be a good fit but they had a better candidate. Which sucks, but what can you do? So, back to applying. Have a pre-interview coffee (yeah apparently that's a thing now) and a meeting with a recruitment company tomorrow.

Took advantage of the sun today to take a walk along Oriental Bay and have some gelato. Somedays you're kind of awesome, Wellington.
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Mum was in town for a couple of days this week. It was nice to see her, and she insisted on paying for many meals which made me feel a little guilty, but on the other hand was very sweet of her and I got a really good meal at Floriditas. Mmm clam linguine and apple crumble for dessert.

I also talked her into seeing this:

The Amazing Spider-Man )

Job hunt continues. Still haven't heard about the one I really wanted to get and I should have by now, so that's not awesome, but then a part of my brain is all, 'well they haven't said no yet either.' So, who knows, but it's probably not good news. I admit I was putting off applying for other jobs in the hope I'd just get that one, but I really need to stop doing that. I did hear about being short-listed for one today though, and a possible short-term contract. So, yeah, not all bad news but I'm so over short-term solutions.

Fandom wise, still quite taken with Suits (especially Harvey and Donna's backstory and Gabriel Macht's face) and of course hockey (why do I like you so much, Eric Staal?)

I also watched all of S1 of Justified last weekend. Good show. Very good show. Especially the season finale. Walton Goggins performance really is great, and Timothy Olyphant's deadpan is a beautiful, beautiful thing. I will be watching more.

Now, the latest Newsroom episode. I can't think this will end well, but I can't turn off the curiosity.
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I had a job interview today (for a job I actually want even) and I think it went okay? But it's hard to tell? I won't hear back till Monday, so in the meantime I keep applying and hoping. Ugh.


Newsroom 1.01 and 1.02 )

Suits 2.02 and 2.03 )

Brief Korra feelings about the finale )


I didn't talk about the Jordan Staal trade on here but just assume there were a lot of feelings, okay?

UFA season is interesting. Zach Parise and Ryan Suter better have made decisions when I wake up.

This gif is amusing the hell out of me. Cam Ward, what is your face?
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Today I failed to get many things done so instead I'm going to talk about TV.

Hawaii Five-0: 2x20 )

Mad Men: Mystery Date )

Game of Thrones: 2x02 )

I'm also slowly making my way through Avatar: the Last Airbender. So good. Love them all, but especially like Sokka and Zuko. Oh, kids. <3

Job interview tomorrow. Yeah.
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I had a job interview today. I think it went okay. For someone who is a pretty anxious person by nature, I don't get that nervous in job interviews, but as soon as I walk out I start second-guessing everything. It is a job I am very qualified for but I don't know what the competition is like and I said a few weird things. Ugh. I don't know. I'd really quite like the job though, and it's a permanent job. Having one of those again would be novel.

However, if I don't get it, I have an interview next Wednesday for another job. So, things could be worse, I guess. At least I'm getting interviews.

I also made these cookies today. I don't have the best record as far as cookies are concerned, but these turned out really nicely and are quite tasty. Chopping up chocolate pieces worked really well too as they stayed sort of melt-y in the middle for ages. Nom.

I uh may have had a few more than was good for me though because just a tiiiny bit hyped up on sugar right now.

In fandom news, Game of Thrones is back!

Game of Thrones 2x01 - I have read up to the end of AFFC but I'll try to stop myself getting too book spoilery )

Fringe was better this week, but I am at the point where if it stopped at the end of S4, I would be okay with that. I'm still enjoying it don't get me wrong, but not as much as I was and yeah, I'd be okay with that.

I am also up to date with Mad Men, but I don't have a lot to say other than I'm mostly enjoying it. Peggy <3

And I started watching Avatar: the Last Airbender with [ profile] gnine last weekend. It's so good. Sokka is my favourite so far, but Zuko is intriguing and Katara is made of awesome.

There's also hockey. Of course.

I keep having Staal thoughts and Staal theories. Eric = troll!Staal. Marc = sensible!Staal (well as sensible as a pro hockey player can be). Jordan = bro!Staal. Jared = Staal Not Appearing in this NHL. This makes sense when you consider which two Staals got arrested during Eric's bachelor party, and well, this video. Troll!Stall and Bro!Stall trolling everyone and calling Patrick Kane a midget and circling him like sharks around a hobbit (how's that for a mental image? Wring-wraiths around a hobbit maybe?) and generally finding themselves hilarious. I for one find it delightful, but I am not objective.

Also, the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh fight was insane. I'm torn between wanting to see them play each other in the playoffs and thinking that it would be an incredibly bad idea. I'm not a huge of fan of either team, but Claude Giroux is adorable and ginger.

I need to pick teams to follow in the playoffs too, because oh, Carolina. (Yes, I hear you, Hawks and Bruins people. We'll see. We'll see).

Random other things:

1.Gyzym's guide to reading the Discworld books is really awesome. It also made me curious why I haven't read Thief of Time - I really should have.

2. The Newroom trailer - but I guess if you have any interest you've probably seen this by now. I'm cautiously optimistic, but then I also liked the pilot for Studio 60.

3. Bad Opinions from History Generator.
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Oh H50, I talk about another fandom and you give me this:

Hawaii Five-0: 2x19 )

Amusingly I was listening to The Slash Report's podcast on the H50 premiere just today. It brought back my start of season rage a little. *shakes fist* It makes a lot of fair points and yet ... I can't give it up, and after tonight's ep I'm not going to for a while longer.

I actually spent quite a lot of today listening to many episodes of the Slash Report podcast (thanks [personal profile] labellementeuse for reminding me it exists) which made for an interesting work-day. I just needed to work though processing a series of rather boring and repetitive corrections and it definitely helped.

More sleep may have helped too tbh. ;) But as I really should be writing a cover letter, I won't be sleeping quite yet tonight.

Cover-letters are the worst btw.
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Haha. Oh this was so predictable.

I seem to have developed a hockey thing. I have been enjoying reading alll the primers, and watching alll the YT clips. I love fandom-assisted learning. Jeff Skinner, what is your smile?! Eric Staal, why are you so tall, blonde and endearing? I am intrigued by many things. So many teams, so many ridiculous people.

Also, (because why not embrace all the sports fandoms at once?) why didn't someone tell me there was a West-Wing inspired Footballers-running-a-US-Senate-campaign fic! The District by [ profile] dorkorific. (Xabi Alonso/Steven Gerrard, Iker Casillas, Cesc Fabregas and alll the footballer cameos you could want). It's just delightful. Truly delightful. I also have developed feelings about Xabi Alonso (he's like Liverpool's Thierry Henry). Fair warning: it's a WiP. But it's so goood. Also, guys, there is a Rahm cameo. Raahhhm.

No, no caffeine or sugar at all today, why do you ask? ;)

I wrote this in my last entry: In happier news, I am cautiously optimistic that my contract at work is being extended for a little while, but I really need to get on that permanent-job thing. Yeah ... not so much. There is still a chance, but it's pretty small. I have some money saved and I can always temp for a bit, but it still sucks. Hard. My next three weeks are going to be dominated by job-hunting. I can hardly contain my excitement.

So as always when I have important things to do in RL ... shiny new fandoms all around!

H50, I still love you. For the most part.
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Fringe: The Box )

I couldn't help but look at the ratings, and yeah, I wish I hadn't. *sigh* I admit I don't know the ins and outs and the machinations of network TV but FOX's faith is going to have to go a long way, or they need to move it. Though you could argue that might make it worse if it doesn't improve up against less strong competition.

I'm thinking of entering a state of denial, sticking my fingers in my ears and not paying attention to them. It's depressing. This show is too good for that.

ETA: It's DVR ratings are apparently pretty good though. So ... that's something.

The Good Wife: 2x01 )

However, I did find this on the CBS merchandise website. Team Gardner and Team Florrick t-shirts? Really, CBS?! And they even look vaguely Twilight-y. *headdesk* Also um, who exactly is on Peter's side ...

10 episodes of Community down and I'm still loving it. (Following this and Fringe might be a problem come the end of the year. Community's ratings aren't any better).


On the job front, I have a job! For a month! It's something anyway. Admin-y stuff in Westminster (which is a pretty cool location, 5 minutes from the House of Parliament), and with the possibility that it might go longer. So that's at least something. ;)

Random link of cute: Panda cupcakes! Amazing.

Rahm left as White House Chief of Staff today. :( But they got him a dead fish! Brilliant.

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon do an awesome rap montage. I have been experiencing a growing level of respect for Justin Timberlake. It's interesting.
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I just watched the first six episodes of Community and it is delightful.

I've always liked Joel McHale. This is possibly developing into a slight crush.

Also, John Oliver > a great many things.

Jobhunt: Blah. No comment. Except you know, the blah.
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I had not one but two job interviews today. Ugh. The first one was okay and the second one (which is the second interview for the job I really want) went well, I think, but the more I think about it the more doubts I have. I am so over this job-hunting thing.

However, I did get to spend the rest of the day just wandering around Central London before meeting a friend for coffee at 5:30. Despite the downpour at about 1:30 (so, so glad I bought a new umbrella earlier on in the day), I was having a very 'I Love London' day. Wandered around the British Museum for a bit, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square. I love it.

I also may have, slightly ill-advisedly, bought the first trade of The Umbrella Academy which I read while killing time this afternoon. Overall, I really enjoyed it and am now, of course, keen to read the next one. Damn. You did well, Gerard, you did very well. This is not helping my developing fondness towards you.

The Fringe premiere is probably airing now (in one US time-zone or other)! And actually my job interviews were timed to perfection as I have nothing to do tomorrow and so can watch it as soon as possible! I am pretty excited about it!

I have been reading many, many positive reviews and people (critics and those on TV/geek blogs) saying awesome things about the show. I hope the ratings reflect the positivity in some way, as I still remain a trifle nervous about its survival given that this is FOX, but then again, they've kept it around this long so maybe it's okay, and apparently it has very high DVR ratings and it is in one insane time-slot. Will be interesting to see how it goes anyway.

Josh Fringe links:

1. Awesome Josh interview: The interviewer it a tiny bit of a fangirl (in a good way) and there's a lot of teasing about Dawson's Creek and the like and at one point he says: 'Some of it was bullshit. But it was glorious bullshit.' <3
2. Cute cast interview (minus Anna, who I guess was filming): Short, but the question about what people are like on set is totally worth it if you're a Josh fan. He's ridiculous.

Other links:

1. Super cute Barbara Gordon fanart. Babs <3
2. Jon Stewart on Bill O'Reilly. He gets some pretty awesome calls in. Also his appearance on Oprah (which sadly reminded me how much Oprah bugs me) was pretty adorable too.
3. They've changed the IMDB profile pages. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I will have to investigate further. I liked an actor's whole filmography on the page without having to click, damnit. (It's Victor Garber's because well, he's pretty awesome, and I was trying to figure out why he was in a photo with Kristen Bell).

Not a link:

There is not enough time in the day to get through all the awesome Inception fic I want to read. I always have many tabs of fic open I never get to. *sigh*
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Do I need to start this with my traditional greeting oh 'haha, oh wow I should be in bed?' or do you think we can take it as read now?

Mad Men: The Beautiful Girls )

I really do love this show.

I've seen a few posts about what people are going to be watching this new (US) TV season.

Returning shows:

Fringe - Shocker. It's not Thursday yet, is it? Damn.
Bones- sort of depending on how I feel. I'll watch a few episodes anyway. Hodgins will compel me if nothing else.
Community - need to see S1 first but I'm definitely keen
Big Bang Theory - I keep forgetting to watch it regularly. Must remember. In general, I tend to find it a lot harder to keep up with comedies than dramas. Mostly I think because I don't watch too many of them.
Gossip Girl - now two eps behind, but curiosity will get the better of me. Also, Chace Crawford.

In terms of new shows: I'm interested in Boardwalk Empire and despite myself The Event, even though it is absolutely another FlashForward waiting to happen. I like watching things crash and burn. I also await to see what show fandom welcomes with open arms, because there will be one.

I need to catch up on White Collar at some point too. I stopped after the disappointing 2.02 and forgot to keep watching. Also, the Treme pilot is still unwatched. David Simon, self, David Simon. Watch. It.

And there's some sort of Merlin show on BBC at the moment as well. ;) So much TV, so little time. (I've heard Chuck is very good ... and four seasons old. Oy. Later).

RL wise, my interview today went well, I think. Don't think I said anything too horrendously stupid. There is a second interview (*sigh*) which hopefully I'll hear about tomorrow. Fingers crossed anyway. I really want this job like woah.

Now, to tell myself that now is not at all an appropriate time to start watching One Week.

I can also see me possibly getting interested in hockey this year. I blame this on conversations with my ex-workmate (huge Canadiens fan), my own curiosity, certain people on my friends list and more than one actor (yes, more than just the one you're thinking of, but to be honest, fair call) I like going on about it.
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Work finished Monday. It was a pretty low-key last day, but nice in a way. Having leaving drinks on Thursday, which should be interesting, because I fly out to Belgium the next day. Thankfully not till 7pm, so hopefully I'll be fine. But I do have to navigate an Apple Genius appointment (laptop needs its trackpad fixed and it's best it goes away while I'm in Europe for a week and I won't miss it too desperately) and getting to Heathrow with clothes for a week on my back. Sounds fun.

My procrastination skills? Especially those in relation to employment. Still awesome. *sigh*

Fixating on the holiday really. Getting really excited about it now. Grand Prix! Amsterdam! Good coffee! Edinburgh!

I caught up on some TV:

True Blood: I Smell a Rat )

Mad Men: The Rejected and Mad Men: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword )


I also keep forgetting to mention that I finally finished Y:The Last Man! It's only taken me two years to read the last three trades. *headdesk* But I remained unspoiled which is a freaking miracle. In the end, it turned out a friend of mine owned them and when I was over at his house for a birthday party I yoinked them and read them on the train to and from Portsmouth.

*draws sparkly hearts around Brian K Vaughan* )

That was a good geeky birthday party actually. I ended up having a long fangirl-y conversation with someone there about Star Wars and Star Trek. Some of my friends have geeky interests but most of them lack the uh, dedication of a fangirl. It was awesome. :D

I also stumbled across Fuck Yeah Dick Grayson and rediscovered my Dick Grayson fangirl. <3 I do love the visual aspect that Tumblr has, but it's a different sort of fandom experience. I should expand on that at some point. Hmm.

Josh: (yeah, he gets a heading)

I've reached the 'going through the back catalogue of movies' stage. Urban Legend (the Blonde!Josh phase), Scream 2 (hardly in it really), Ocean's Eleven (any excuse to re-watch the poker scene, I love it so) and Shutter, which was the only one I watched all of as I hadn't seen it before. It was ... not as bad as I was expecting, but I would struggle to call it good. Josh and Rachel Taylor were gorgeous though, so on a shallow level, good movie. ;) Cruel Intentions is open in another tab, which I actually sort of love. Hi Ryan Phillipe. I will eventually get to his good movies, but they're harder to acquire.

I've also watched more Dawson's Creek clips than I'm comfortable with and yes, even one whole episode with no Dawson, and a lot of Joey/Pacey and yes, damn it, it was cute. *sigh*

You can imagine how unemployment is helping this.

I do have Fringe thoughts as well, but I think they can wait. *yawns*
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I am employed! Well, for three weeks (admin temping), but money will be entering my bank account! This is awesome! I will be able to pay rent! I am so relieved, and really need to buy my friend who recommended this particular recruiter a drink.

I celebrated this (well actually the initial meeting with the recruiter, but anyway) by buying really good sushi and purchasing a book that may be called Mr Darcy, Vampire. In my defense, it was cheap and I was intrigued, and honestly, the first couple of chapters are actually pretty good.

I've also been watching the (Yuletide nominated, I see) The Thick of It. I've seen it described as Yes Minsiter meets The Office, and that's actually pretty accurate, although thankfully without the British version of The Office's incredibly high level of awkward. Peter Capaldi (Mr Frobisher from Children of Earth) as Malcolm is amazing. He has stealth powers, yells a lot and has an incredibly diverse cursing vocabulary! He's like Toby, if Toby was Scottish and angrier. And the other characters are also pretty awesome. If you like Yes, Minister I really do recommend it. And I need to see In the Loop even more now, as it's written by the same writer, and has Malcolm in it.

Talking of Yuletide, I have copy and pasted all the Yuletide fandoms into a document and am deleting and sorting out what I want to write/request. I haven't given it all that much serious thought outside of 'Yes, must do Yuletide, Christmas is not Christmas without Yuletide' but going through the list I have some ideas. Someone nominated the London Monument Twitter accounts! I want to shake that person's hand.
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I was looking through this Times article on the top 50 movies of 2010 (Iron Man 2, yesss) and a couple of things intrigued me:

Paul Bettany is playing a fallen angel in Legion. I mean, the movie doesn't look amazing, but I am a sucker for angels (yes, yes, I am tempted by the last season of Supernatural) and Paul Bettany.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. I watched the trailer and it didn't blow me away, but then I headed over to look atthe cast on IMDB and I might just have to go see it. Sean Bean as Zeus, Steve Coogan as Hades, Rosario Dawson as Persephone and Pierce Brosnan as Chiron. However one downside ... Chris Columbus is directing.

I was thinking about this while walking home, and I really do have quite a thing for afterlife and apocalypse myths. Hades, Persephone, Chiron, the Elysian Fields, Anubis, Odin, the Four Horsemen (I love this Dürer woodcut a print of which hung in my high school English department), fallen angels (which is a slightly more tentative link admittedly). I just find them really fascinating.

Also, on my walk I picked up my Muse ticket (\o/) and checked out an awesome bookshop [ profile] phoebesmum and others had mentioned. New books, second hand books, it's very pretty, and named after a Bob Dylan song.

In continuing employment drama, I had someone look over my CV who looks at a lot of them, and yeah, I'll be spending some time editing that this afternoon. They made a lot of really good points, and it just makes me wish I'd done this, you know, two months ago. *sigh*

However, in happier news I checked out the Tate Britain on Wednesday, and it's a pretty cool museum. Amazing piece in the central hall, and lots and lots of Turner paintings (a whole huge gallery dedicated to him in fact), which I loved. I just love this paintings, he combines atmospheric paintings, with colour and paintings of the Houses of Parliament and of the Napoleonic Wars and you know, could you hit more of my art buttons, sir?

Monopoly pub crawl tomorrow (which yes, is exactly what it sounds like, there's even a website). Promises to be eventful.

Currently playing with Chrome for Mac. Its a developer version, but it works fairly well and my computer seems to like it better as it doesn't put as much pressure on the fan. However, missing some of my add-ons like my side coloured tabs and Ad Blocker. Oh Ad Blocker, you're awesome.
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Spent five hours locked out of the house today. Fail. So, while I was waiting for my flatmate to get home, I spent lots of time reading comics in the library (Balham Library have a surprisingly awesome collection) and then I grabbed a beer. Central London would have been much more fun to kill time in, but I was already on my way home when I realised that my keys were not in my bag.

Didn't get the Tuesday job, but had another interview today, and I think it went fine, but, well, we'll see, I guess. Trying not to think about it too much. Going to Cambridge tomorrow, so that will hopefully be cool. Camera doesn't seem to want to work properly though. Sigh.

Anyway, why I actually posted, comics rambling! (Combined from today and yesterday, when I was at Clapham Library reading comics, it seems to have been that sort of week).

I mostly read Avengers and Iron Man trades, because my tiny Tony Stark obsession rolls on.

New Avengers Vol 3 )

New Avengers: Secret Invasion Book 1 )

Iron Man: Doomquest )

I also re-read Iron Man: Extremis because it, and Warren Ellis, are awesome, and flicked through Ultimate Iron Man 2 and put it right back on the shelf. Orson Scott Card WTF are you doing to Ultimate!Tony>?! I am predisposed to dislike you already because of your wing-nutty politics, but seriously WTF.

And I finally read The Dark Knight Returns as everyone goes on about how it changed comics blah blah, so I thought I should actually give it a look. My usual dislike of Frank Miller aside, it was actually quite cool. Spoiler, of sorts )
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This is all a little day in the life, but I feel like rambling. ;)

Day started off a little '!!!' with a job interview/seminar/thing. I think it went okay, but I'm not feeling that confident. It would be a cool place to work though. I spent a lot of the day freaking out about it as joblessness is getting a little more worrying, but found out when I came home that I have an interview with a different company on Friday. So, feeling a little bit less freaked out.

Following the interview I had a pleasant afternoon wandering around Soho (does everyone get incredibly lost around there, or is that just me?), grabbing a beer at a pub with a view down Whitehall and then wandering over the Golden Jubilee bridge to Waterloo, which has an awesome view of the Eye and the Houses of Parliament. I <3 the Houses so, so much. Every time I walk by them I have to stop and just look. My friend and I went on a tour a few weeks ago, and it was amazing. (I do love London quite a lot, and would be a little heartbroken if I had to leave now).

From Waterloo I went to see Kevin Smith's Q&A at the O2 (or rather a smaller theater in the O2 complex, but, dude, that is quite the venue). Kevin was amusing as hell. Yeah, crude and almost a little too honest, but he also is a really interesting, smart guy, and had some great words about George Carlin and all sorts of other topics. The questions overall were not too cringe-worthy actually, I was impressed. We even got a marriage proposal. Craziness. Sadly, I had to leave a little early for tube reasons, although I'm not 100% sure the TFL website was telling me the whole truth on that one.

Amusingly, the other event at the O2 at the moment are the world gymnastics championships, and that is an interesting mixture of crowds. ;)

Also, I slipped and watched some more Merlin and read some fic (awesome AUs FTW). Yeah. I need a job soon, this is getting slightly ridiculous. But, they are adorable! Arthur, well you're also a bit of a bitch, but an adorable one!
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Today, has not been too awesome.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday, which sucks (of course) but it's also left me counting the days I can still stay here jobless. It's not really scary, but a little scary. I have officially crossed the line between jobs I'm qualified for and really want and nearly any job. Hi Christmas retail, how are you?

And then I badly screwed up an application and didn't realise until it was submitted. Why so careless, brain?!


I was just about to watch The Daily Show, which I usually do via the clip videos, which means I'm not tied to when Channel 4 airs it or puts it up on 40D. However, it seems the TDS site has now decided you can't see the clips from the UK. *sigh* I mean, I get why, and yes, I can wait the extra couple of hours it's not the end of the world, but it does mean I can't go back and watch old clips on the site (which I do quite often) or embed clips on here or on on tumblr that everyone can see, and that is irritating. And more irritating as it's the show I do this for the most often. TDS, I just want to share your brilliance with others!


Now, at least I have beer and chocolate.

And, small bright spot, I am progressing further with One Bullet Away (Nate!) and really enjoying it.

Is there a PMS factor in this post? Perhaps!
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So ... I got offered a job this morning. (At 830 this morning, but that's by the by). I start in just under two weeks. Eep! I mean sure, yay because I really hoped I'd get this, but also eep. I'm still a litle dazed to be honest.

It's also left me at a loss with what to do with most of my day. I was going to spend it lookng at the paper and chasing up jobs, but now I don't have to do that. Wow. So instead? I surfed the net and danced around the house with my iPod. *cough*

The two pillars of my first two months in Wellington - finding a flat and findng a job - are now gone. I repeat, wow. It's a weird feeling.


Also, random thoughts on the latest NZ-aired ep of House.

House 110: Failure to Communicate )

And a couple on Grey's Antaomy:

Grey's Anatomy 210: Much Too Much )

Also, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in France with three supercars = comedy gold.


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