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Skyfall (spoilery like woah )

And now I sort of want to write a Suits Spy AU BUT I suck at action scenes and get bored reading them let alone writing them and I really need to think about Yuletide.

Sad about Last Resort. Haven't got around to watching the latest ep but might do later tonight. It was a good show even if the last episode (I saw) was a little shaky, but at least they have enough notice to try and tie it up. A show needs to hire Andre Braugher. Someone on Twitter suggested Justified and my god, I would be so happy. *_*

I have however watched the latest episode of The Good Wife )

In hockey fannishness I have found myself becoming more and more endeared towards Mr. Seguin recently and may have read all the Tyler/Tyler fic (his 'wife' - his words, not joking - is also called Tyler) on AO3 in one sitting. To be fair, there isn't that much, but there should be more!
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Tumblr gifs made me watch this.

Hawaii Five-0 3x06 )

A lot of my TV watching recently has been episodes of Deadwood (via DVDs leant to me by the lovely [personal profile] china_shop). It took me a while to get into it - I watched a few episodes before my UK trip - but I have to say I really love it now. Such great characters and narrative. Ian McShane is as good as everyone has said he is, and it's been amusing to see Tim Olyphant play a far less likable and charming Raylan Givens (sort of). I also love Brad Dourif as Doc Cochrane.

I'm finally seeing Skyfall on Monday as Coke are sponsoring an advance screening at my local movie theatre. \o/ I have successfully avoided all spoilers so far as somewhere along the way I became insistent I would see it spoiler free. I was always going to see it but reactions seem pretty positive, and I've been excited since I saw the trailer.

Relatedly Grantland did a countdown of Bond theme songs. The order isn't too bad. Totally agree with their top 3 and bottom few. O hai theme song from A Quantam of Solace.

And this is very belated but good job with that election thing, USA. :D


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