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I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II today with my parents (free movie, free coffee afterwards yay). We went to a 9am screening and it was blissfully quiet. It's too early to get up on a Sunday but there is something to be said for my Dad's theory about early morning movie screenings.

Thoughts - there will be spoilers )

Oh I just got completely distracted by this fic: Carpe Brewski by [ profile] gyzym. Charles/Erik, X Men First Class Frat Boy AU. Yes, really. It's amazing. Raven is perfect and Logan is hilarious. One warning: WIP. So uh, beware of that. I'll just be uh, tracking the tag.

Add this to reading Peter/Olivia fic on AO3 last night, and it's the most fic I've read in quite a while except for the occasional link on Tumblr. I've missed it. <3
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I always like this meme:

1. Reply to this post with 'give me a letter' (or something similar) and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload) 5 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] aurora_84 gave me the letter J. Which was more difficult than I was expecting. As it turns out I don't have that many J songs. *resists the urge to do the maths to figure out what % of songs in iTunes start with J*

The White Stripes - Jolene (Dolly Parton Cover) - one of my favourite White Stripes tracks, and just an awesome cover.

Paul Oakenfold - James Bond Theme - dancy James Bond theme. From the fairly horrendous movie Die Another Day but it's catchy and I have a soft spot for dance remixes of James Bond music. (see The Propellerheads' version of On Her Majesty's Secret Service - so awesome).

Kasabian - Julie and the Moth Man - slightly random track from the Underdog EP. Interesting lyrics, but infectious in the way Kasabian can be. (I get to see them at Isle of Wight - yay! They were awesome live when I saw them at BDO). (.m4a)

The Black Keys - Just Got To Be - awesome guitar and a nice blues-y feel.

David Bowie - The Jean Genie - you can't really go wrong with Bowie from this era.

Also, randomly because I listened to these tracks today at work and was reminded how much I love them:

The Wombats - Kill the Director

Catchy as hell and just such great lyrics. Though I'm a acting like I'm in an Eastenders episode / If this is a rom-com kill the director / ... and so with the angst of a teenage band / here's another song about a gender I'll never understand / ... this is no Bridget Jones ...

The Weakerthans - Watermark

I love these lyrics. So much. Speech will spill on space / our little cups of grace / ... the airports almost always empty this time of the year / so let's go play on the baggage carousel ...


Quiet weekend planned. Yay. (I will conquer you Flickr uploading, I will). And it might snow, which is way early for London. Fuck it was cold out in town tonight. Brrr.

Have reached Season 2 of Community. Still awesome. OMG paintball episode!

Fringe has still eaten my brain. Nom.

And although I am pretty disappointed Arsenal lost to Braga in the week it does mean that the Champions League game I am going to in two weeks has pretty much become must win! Now, I'm just crossing my fingers I get to see Cesc play, or at least come off the bench.

Random vid recs:

A Fringe vid dedicated to Peter's love of coffee. Yes, really. It's in so many episodes, and needless to say I adore it! Peter + coffee = OTP.

Harry Potter - Marching On. The trio (and friends) through all seven movies to date. So well done, and reminded me why I'm still so fond of these books. Clips include some very non-spoilery ones from DH Part 1.
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Sorry, it's late!

Dear Yuletide writer,

First off, you rock! Honestly. If you're going to write any of the pairings/characters I asked for, I will love it. Seriously.

Ships, angst, randomness, AUs and fandom specific details )



Assignment reaction: Excited! Might be a little bit challenging, but I get to write about a character I really love, so yay.

I have Harry Potter thoughts, but I'll leave them for later. They seem to be a little outside the norm and I'm still pondering.

I need Fringe 3.08 now. I am determined not to know anymore about it than I already do, and that's hard, dude. It's going to be epic.
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Mad Men: Hands and Knees )

This show = amazing. Seriously.

In other TV: Bones was eh with one exception ) and The Event was outright bad, but in a sort of 'I want to see how bad it gets' way.


1. More cast interviews. I haven't got through them all but the Josh one is worth watching (yeah, I would say that), but not because he's hilarious, this one is very straight-up, but because he spends 5 minutes talking just about Peter, not Peter and the love triangle. It's interesting, and also proves Josh can fanwank with the best of them about what Peter did at the end of S2. He almost sold me on his theory.

2. Bones and Fringe promo for this week's episodes. Bones, eh, but Fringe, guh. Vageuly spoilery rambling )

3. Fringe seems to have zapped my ability to read the word Bolivia as anything other than a reference to Olivia. I was just reading something and it took me so long before I finally went, 'Oh the fucking country!' *shakes head*

4. I was reading some reviews of 3x01 on other sites and um, there are some crazy people about in the comments. I mean I love Josh/Peter too people, but wow. There are crazy people on the internet, this really shouldn't surprise me.


1. Cute short film called 'Voices' with Sean Biggerstaff (yes, Oliver Wood!) and Laura Fraser (from A Knight's Tale and David Tennant's Casanova). I was linked at ONTD and it's pretty cool and oh god, that accent. I'd completely forgotten about the Sean/Oliver Wood thing I had after the early HP movies. (Well, the Oliver Wood thing started in the books, but the movies made it worse). My walking tour guide in Edinburgh sounded very similar and needless to say, it was a pretty amazing tour.

2. Singapore GP was pretty eh. I really think Alonso might run away with it and that would make me sad. Poor Jenson has scored okay in the last two GPs and is back to 5th, while Lewis has DNF-ed twice and is still 3rd. Fingers crossed.

I was meant to be finding out if I had to go into work at temp office this week or not, and no phone call. Damn. I really need those three days. Will have to email tomorrow.
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Hi from the other side of the world. :)

London is overall, pretty awesome. It's crazy and big, but also new, amazing and fun. Friends here have been amazing, and through them I have sorted out a flat and done lots of cool things. The job quest is progressing, I'm applying for a few things a day and I heard this morning that I now have an interview on Wednesday morning. w00t!

I'm currently staying on the couch in the flat that I'm moving into in just under two weeks (my friend and her boyfriend live here now) and discovered that there is a place that does good fairtrade flat whites near by. Bliss. It's maybe a little further out of central London than I'd hoped, but by no means waay far out, and it's a cute house on a good tube line with nice people, so I call it a win.

I keep expecting it to hit me that I'm in London, but it really hasn't, so I don't think it's really going to.

So far I've been to the Tate Modern (I walked past on my first day here and had to go in) and it was like walking through an art history lesson, and I got to see a Jackson Pollock painting. So. Awesome. I've also been out to Canterbury to see the cathedral, which was phenomenal, possibly because it was the first medieval church I've been to, but I loved it. I also went out to Leeds Castle (which is in Kent ... yes) which was also very cool.

I did go to the Tower, which I've wanted to see since I was ten, and it was cool, but there were just too many people to really appreciate it, which was a little disappointing. I'm planning to go again when there's less people about.

Fandom wise, I haven't been up to a lot. I finished Torchwood (never wanted to slap Jack so hard in my life) and saw Half-Blood Prince (good, but the end was a little disappointing), and saw some S2 Dr Who via TV on Demand (omg awseome).

I did however, listen to the new Muse song, United States of Eurasia. Huh. It's a little different, but I do quite like it, especially the piano. Needs a bit of a listen, I think.

Also, I need to find the Iron Man 2 footage from Comicon. Surely it must be around. You can't fail me now, internet. I seem to be getting increasingly obsessed with it. I re-watched Iron Man on the plane over, and right now, it's my DVD I miss the most. Odd.

Link: Echo Chamber of Secrets: 30 Media Muggles and their Harry Potter Counterparts. Some of these are inspired. Jon and Stephen = Fred and George, Anderson = Luna, Bill Kristol = Umbridge, however I do think BriWi gets off a little harshly.

Housekeeping: I did a bit of a flist trim, because it was getting a little unwieldy, mostly people who haven't posted in ages or I haven't really talked to a lot and our interests have diverged. Hopefully no hard feelings, but feel free to defriend back, I get it.
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I just restored a saved draft from the Post page and wow, here are two links I meant to share, in addition to the other things I was just about to include in my post.

HP fandom and I parted ways a while back but um the Half Blood Prince trailer looks awesome, and when does this movie come out again? ;)

Also, David Boreanaz is kinda ridiculously awesome in this Comicon interview. I still don't know how he's managed to make me so squeeful about him, but I'm enjoying it. ;)

And now that's done.

I've become increasingly fascinated by the writing side of SGA, I think in part due to JM's blog, which I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with, and other LJ squee, so in that vein I want to pimp this awesome, awesome post by [ profile] xparrot which has all the eps each writer has written and best of all an analysis of their respective strengths and weaknesses. There is not enough <3 and \o/ in the world.

And while I'm discussing SGA, I liked "The Deadalus Variations" but not quite as much as most people seemed to. Spoilery mention ... it was supposed to be one but I started rambling )
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I've had a very social day. Lunch, drinks after work, ran into people prior to a movie (Iron Man!) and then went to the movie with another friend, and tomorrow I'm off to Auckland till Wednesday to hang with my friend who is heading off to the UK (*sniff*) and seeing the Foo Fighters. Hilariously, I also learned via an e-mail from my Mum that my brother will be in Auckland this weekend as well, for the Foo Fighters. He's going to a different show, but I think we're going to try and catch up which would be cool, as I haven't seen him since Christmas.

Amusingly, in the same e-mail Mum told me about my brother, she told me about her reaction after finishing DH. Quite different from my own. She cried a lot about Snape. Not that I hate Severus, but he is certainly not my favourite character. Anyway, it amused me.

I should really not still be up, or should at least be packing for tomorrow as for some reason I agreed to do some testing tomorrow at work. Don't quite know why I did that when I'm about to go on leave for a week and have to catch a plane, but anyway, I did.

Catch everyone when I return. :)

Iron Man (spoilers) )
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1. I watched four and half hours (no, really) of Kevin Smith doing Q&A's on DVD last night. He's hilarious and awesome and had some insane stories (and wow, would I never ask him a question) but it has somewhat screwed with my head a little, as I keep expecting to hear references to blow-jobs all the time. ;)

2. I saw Dominic Monaghan walking down Courtney Place last night. I didn't say anything, he looked sorta grumpy (and really, it's not like I would have had he been smiling) but it was kinda cool. Wonder why he's in town.

3. I've said this a few times, but I haven't really been reading a lot of fic recently, especially compared to how much I used to read, but I'm glad I took the time to read this: Seven Photographs by [ profile] casirafics. (HP, PG, gen? Deathly Hallows spoilers). It's seven snapshots of the HP universe around the end of DH and it's beautifully written. This fic made me cry more than the book did.
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Right, then.

This post contains Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows spoilers.

So ...  )

ETA: Totally adding things to this post as I read other reaction posts on friends of ...
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I feel I had to make a post of some sort tonight.

I just finished my HBP read-through, and I wish I'd done it sooner, as I liked it quite a bit more this time around. The pacing was less of a problem for me, and I appreciated the little details a lot more. Oliver Wood mention even! I totally forgot about that.

As for tomorrow, I'm not lining up this year. I'll pick up the book probably around 1, once I've gotten up after sleeping in and walked into town. If I had someone to drag with me, I might have lined up, but while I'm a lot more excited about the book then I was say three weeks ago, I'm still not as excited as I have been for OotP and HBP. I'm just not as involved in HP fandom as I have been (even though that was basically just reading fic) and maybe it hasn't hit me yet that this really is the end, I'm not too sure. Hell, maybe I'm just too tired after work today, and I'll wake up bouncy tomorrow. ;)

I've stocked up on sugar-y supplies, but I can see me possibly hunting down some corn-chips and salsa tomorrow. I really have enough food in the house, but eh, why not? I need savoury comfort food as well. :p

However, in a complete change in topic, I am so glad the Daily Show is back. So glad! Last night's show with Matt Groening was particularly awesome, but all of the eps have had their great moments. I need a John Oliver icon.

Also, 'I Can't Decide' by the Scissor Sisters has been in my head for days. It also fell onto my iPod. John Simm, I blame you.

(I uploaded some old icons a couple of days ago, and my most recent HP ones were from PoA. *facepalm* Oh HP, it has been a while, hasn't it?)
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I haven't had a look at many other reviews, I just wanted to get down what I thought first.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (spoilers) )

I'm sure I have more to say, but I think that's most of it. I might have to see it again just to make sure. ;)

My HP excitement has ratcheted up a little bit now, funnily enough. Now I think I really am going to do the HBP read through.
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Doctor Who: The Last of the Time Lords )

Oh, I really should sleep. Why do I always stay up this late when I have work the next day?

PS: Keith Olbermann. I love you.

PPS: Pretty OotP premiere shots featuring David Tennant and John Simm. (I really need to track down Life on Mars, don't I?) I might be experiencing some sort of HP excitement now.
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DUDE. Pervez Musharraf went on The Daily Show? DUDE.

It was a really cool interview actually. Jon did ask some hard questions and was also thoughtful and polite and well Jon Stewart, so therefore completely awesome. It was a much better interview than you'd be likely to get from a 'serious' news show.

I don't know quite why I'm this o.O about this, but I am. Of course, Musharraf could be doing to rounds promoting his book, but still, The Daily Show? Awesome.

I really need a Daily Show or Jon icon.

Also, due to the wonders of the internet and fandom I saw the VMars Season 3 opener! (Bless you, broadband). I wasn't blown away, but I definitely enjoyed it.

Finally, if someone's keeping track of the Harry Hair Debate. I'm definitely in the 'Dude. No' camp. I liked the emo hair. See? I do still have HP love. It's just ... sporadic at the moment.

And yeah, okay, one more thing. NBC's website is streaming Studio60 eps -which is the only way I can catch them as I'm really not so much with the hard-drive space, so no torrents for me - and that is cool, except if you live outside the US you can't access them, which is not so cool. I understand why, but I still sigh.

Edit because I don't want to do a whole new post:

Keith Richards, black coat, 'You Got the Silver' last Wednesday in Boston. Oh, YouTube, you've got my heart. The quality leaves a little to be desired but ... Keith. Black coat. 'You Got the Silver' *flails in perpetuity*

Tony Blair says that terrorism has not resulted from his or the US's foreign policy. (Link via [ profile] blythley). The quote is near the end of the article, but honestly WTF?!
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I meant to do so much more today. Hell, I meant to do so much more this week. I've sorted through my CD and comic collections getting rid of the stuff I really don't want in preparation for moving. I have the magazines and books to go but really, they're not the problem. It's everything else in my room that I don't enjoy sorting through that's going to be the problem. Sorting through Uni notes can be enjoyable but are a little tinged by other thoughts. I was reading a random piece of paper I printed off last year and really, really missed studying for a while there. *wistful sigh* I've made my decision, really.


I've been on a total VMars kick for the last couple of days. Fic, vids, clips, you name it. So good.

Rather disjointed VMars S2 thoughts )


Interesting House meta over at [ profile] summerfling's LJ about Stacy hate and the fandom's rather contradictory attitudes towards adultery. (Spoilers for 2.10 'Failure to Communicate').

Thoughts )


People write Pureblood!Hermione stories? Okay. That seems strange to me. I must just be out of the loop on this one. However, HP fandom being the mind-bogglingly large thing that it is, that's not actually that hard.

I think I like my little MWPP-centric corner of fandom.


Good Thought: Big Day Out in a week!
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GoF initial reaction - spoilers )

I haven't got around to reading what everyone else thought but I will. Just, not now. I have to be up early as I have a 2-year old's birthday to attend. It promises to be cute.


Random: The bank rang me in the last 10 minutes of Veronica Mars tonight. Grr.
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OotP re-read: 486/766 pages.

So I'm about two thirds done. Work and my friend's pseudo-birthday-party took up all of today and so now I don't know whether to read as much as I can now and maybe finish it before rushing out the door in the morning or just call it a day, sleep now and re-read the 'important bits' I skimmed over due to certain events last time. I'm leaning towards the former (because I really don't want to miss anything) but that's going to mean little sleep. Eh, I can probably live on caffeine and squee tomorrow.

I should have started this earlier but isn't hindsight wonderful?

Also, all this Potter-ness has taken away from the fact that I'm going to Shihad tomorrow night! I'm really, really lookng forward to it but I probably will have to walk away from HBP unfinished, or if I do finish, I'll have to keep my mouth shut about it. Either scenario could be quite interesting.

Reading fic just before felt really weird. I just couldn't quite get into it knowing what's going to happen tomorrow. One Day (or Night, depending on your time-zone) of Quiet and then Complete Fandom Implosion. It's leaving the OoTP era behind and all that has entailed; the good, the bad and the tearful.

Anyway, I won't be logging in here till I finish HBP. Happy Reading to those who are, Happy Watching to those who will be enjoyng the Sci-Fi Channel's Insane Friday Line-Up and to the rest of you, have a good weekend, kick back and be prepared to be amused at some fandom insanity. ;)

Last fic I read before HPB: It's Not the Years, Honey. It's the Mileage by [ profile] thistlerose (R, Sirius/Remus)

Last Time: Turns out I was right to be apprehensive.

Nine Hours.

*deep breath*
*goes back to re-read*
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1) Dad has watched nearly all of Firefly this weekend and is lovng it. Mmm, convert. Not that I can babble fannishly to him about ships or anything, but it's one more person who will go and see 'Serenity' when it gets here. I meant to do other things but ended up watching a lot of it with him because I was reminded how wonderful it is. <3

2) The D row of the 'Alternative' section at Real Groovy proved my undoing on Saturday. I bought Death Cab for Cutie's 'Transatlanticism,' The Dresden Dolls' self-titled album and The Decemberist's album 'Picaresque.' It wasn't cheap but they're all fantastic albums.

3) I don't think I would have actually believed Bernie Eccelstone (Boss of Formula One racing, for those who aren't familiar) said 'I have a theory women look good in white, like all other domestic appliances' (paraphrased) unless I had seen the clip on the news tonight. Not that I thought he was a nice guy or anything, just that, who the hell says (or thinks, but I'm not that naive) that?! What a complete and utter ass! I stared at the TV screen aghast.

4)I haven't re-read OotP yet and haven't even pre-ordered HBP yet either. I am a bad HP fan. Also, one who is totally dreading the re-read because yeah, it's going to make me bawl. I'd like to say I'm over it completely, but I'm totally not. *sap* I will do it though, because there are all sorts of small details missing in my head which I think I'm going to need to know.

5) The new Doctor Who series is coming here soon on Prime! After all the squee I've seen about it, I can't wait to finally see it myself. Now, if only we'd get Veronica Mars and Stargate: Atlantis ...

6) House is still ruling my life. I even have fic and god forbid, vid bunnies. I've also seen the cane-grabbng scene from the Unaired Pilot (through the generosity of [ profile] darkeyedwolf) and *dies* OTP!

7) Someone in Christchurch owns a silver Aston Martin DB9. I saw it the other day and had to cross the road to make sure I wasn't imagining it and to get a better look. So pretty.

8) Australian Cricket Team: WTF?


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