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My heart goes out and my thoughts are with those in Japan or affected by the earthquake/tsunami/possible nuclear problem (jesus) ... for fuck's sake world. This is getting a little insane.


Fringe: Os )

I also watched my first House ep for quite some time.

House: Bombshells )


* Delighted to see that Troy won Fandom March Madness and Veronica got so close. :)

* I also saw the Smurfs trailer. Not linking because uh, yeah, it's that bad. NPH, I question your movie choices sometimes, I really do.

* I did however see the Super-8 trailer and that looks pretty sweet.

* As a follow up to the @MayorEmanuel Twitter feed thing. Rahm actually met the guy behind it (via a radio station so you know PR) and donated $5000 to a charity of his choice. Aww.

Now I get up to go to IKEA. Never been before. Wish me luck. It's on my 'things do to before leaving London' list. We don't have them in NZ. :P
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Finally watched the House S4 penultimate and finale episodes.

*broken* )

Also watched first two eps of S3 Heroes.

Heroes: The Second Coming, The Butterfly Effect )

I really have to go to bed as I have an early meeting and I can't quite believe I stayed up to watch those two House eps. Damn you Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard.

Also, picked up SGA S1 and S3 for $40 each. Yay for sales and extras.
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So, I am a bit of a backstory whore. Always have been as long as I've been in fandom. It's why I loved the Marauders the most in HP fandom, and well, it's manifested its self in other fandoms as well I just can't remember particular instances, anyway, point is, I am a sucker for a well-written backstory fic, and if it happens to be a John Sheppard backstory fic well, that's just, an entire different planet of awesome.

If you find yourself also afflicted, or you know, you just like awesome SGA McShep fic, check out S is for Sing by [ profile] cesperanza and Lim for [ profile] artword.

I know [ profile] cespreanza is recced everywhere, but with good reason, this is an awesome fic and shamefully took advantage of my desire for awesome John Sheppard backstory. I may go and read it again.

Life in general? Okay. Work. Eh. Hung out tonight with flatmate and watched Wimbledon (downright cheesy in places, but Paul Bettany! Bernard Hill! James McAvoy!), which was cool. Going out tomorrow. Have no real grand plans for the weekend.

Have also been catching little bits of House S3 which I missed when they aired. That third season finale kinda paled against all other ones they've done, huh? There were some very good eps in the middle-latter part of the season though. <3

Movie Meme of many tags )
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I rang the airport and no luck with the iPod. The lady at Air NZ was lovely, but someone has probably pocketed it. I probably should check with the airport in case I dropped it actually in the airport itself. I don't think I did, but best check, just in case.

For the sake of my bank account balance and any hopes I have of saving money to travel, I would like to say that I will not end this weekend with a 32Gig iPod Touch in my possession, however I fear that would be a lie. (I might be secretly kinda excited about this).

Matt Taibbi writes books? This is something I should have known. *adds all to Amazon Wishlist*

Also, these House promo shots are really, really intriguing me. Damn it, I'm not in this fandom anymore but, but ... (and yeah, spoilers ahoy).

It is raining and I have washing on the line. Ah well, seems pointless to rescue it now.

I am going to play with tumblr some more. It's becoming quite addictive checking out other people's ones but I have found all sorts of cool stuff like Songza which is a music search engine and has an awesome interface. Seamless and so pretty, if a little ... orange. *web geeks*
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To be honest, quite drunk. Had pleasant after-work drinks followed by pretty awesome curry with work friend. Mmm, Prawn Masala. So good. I really love beer.

Watching quite a lot of House right now. My two flatmates have been making their way through my S1 and S2 DVDs and I have caught an episode now and then, and have also started regularly watching the S4 eps that have been airing. Not absolutely fannish about it, but I have misssed it. The last two eps of S4 were particularly awesome (OMG House/Wilson), and I forgot how good 'No Reason' is. <3

Very busy weekend ahead. But I have had a couple of low-key ones recently and Armageddon geekery and possible fangirl dinners make me happy. Working tomorrow does not, but eh, I haven't worked a weekend for a while.

Also? I seem to have started to care about Top Chef. I don't know how this happened but all I know is Casey must win!

I am impressed how well this entry has been spelled, but saying that no one is seeing how much I have had to correct as I go, but the fact I can remember to correct it, is impressive. Seriously.
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Heroes: Four Months Later )

I'm also thinking of getting back into House. I watched maybe 3 or 4 eps of S3, but I'm feeling quite nostalgic for it now reading everyone's S4 premiere posts.

Finally, I caught my second full episode of Studio 60, my first being the Pilot. (TV2 are playing it at like 10:30. It really looks like they are filling NZ screens with some cheap TV running up to Summer). Wow. I thought people were overstating the bad, but no, that's pretty bad.
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I can watch The Lion King without crying. I'm not sure if this makes me happy or sad.

The same however cannot be said for 'Doomsday.' (OMG Rose! I think I like Martha more now, but oh, Rose! That episode just breaks me every time and the Dalek/Cybermen conversation at the beginning will never stop being awesome).

Jaws? Is actually a surprisingly good movie. (Look Stephen, no crazy over-sentimentality, it works for you). I'd never seen the whole thing before, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it. It also gave me the weirdest slash vibes, and I'm still not sure why.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is awesome. I now get why everyone raves about it. John Cameron Mitchell is just amazing.

I seem to be experiencing a New York House renaissance of sorts. (Which admittedly, started three hours ago). I watched a whole slew of House clips (poker scene of love, and wow can RSL and Hugh wear a tux) and spent the last hour and half reading House fic. Weird. Reading that much fic in general is odd for me at the moment, but House fic? I'm now really craving the S2 DVDs I know are on special somewhere. Damn.

I'm also thinking of letting my website float off into the Internet ether. The domain name is up for registration, and I just, don't use it any more. I can't remember the last thing I loaded to it. A mood theme? Maybe a year ago? I can put my vids up somewhere else if I feel like it, and my recs can go on my account. I'm trying to come up with a good reason to keep it, and I just ... can't. I won't have a place to practice the coding I always mean to teach myself? Heh. If I haven't started that now, after having the site for about three years ...

Now, I really should sleep but I've decided it's time for a new layout and mood theme, and I really should not choose those now ... but I am totally going to anyway.
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House tonight was really rather awesome. Hugh Laurie + Robert Sean Leonard + John Laroquette = one very entertaining hour of television.

Also, I made some screencaps of 'Godsend' tonight because I find myself without Heroes icons, which is quite a problem. I only ended up making one icon in the end, but I see more in the future. Oh, the cast is pretty. I might even picspam at a later date.

I didn't think I really had a Nathan thing, but I found myself taking rather a lot of screencaps of him. Don't quite know what that's about.

Really should sleep now.

Does anyone know a good way to make my brain shut the hell up? That would be helpful right about now.
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Jon Stewart + Chocolate + Hugh Laurie = A much improved evening.

I really did enjoy House tonight actually, though Wilson is almost getting annoying and that is just not on.

C4 is now playing The Daily Show at 10pm Tues-Fri, and it's the full US version from earlier that day (NZ time). I, just, love them so much right now. And plus Jon Stewart was interviewing the guy who wrote the latest book on The Supreme Court! And they hassled Scalia at lot!

Yeah, I don't hide the geek any more. Not that I ever did really.

I also want to get the latest two eps of Heroes I've missed, because they sound awesome (especially the most recent one), but our flat internet limit is already over for this month. Damn. Then again, extra gigs aren't that expensive.

Tomorrow has the possibility of sucking really hard. I'm quite resigned to it, really.

ETA: Wow, I used 'really' a lot in this post.
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I kept meaning to post for the last couple of weeks and just never quite got there. I meant to at least post about the US elections and Rumsfeld's resignation and all sorts of things, because really if I have an obsessive fandom at the moment that's not the Rolling Stones, it's US politics (Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert included), but no, that didn't happen.

I also haven't been watching a lot of TV (as really, there is nothing on here) but I have been reading TWoP re-caps and the like for VMars, Grey's and Studio 60. Not so much BSG (trying to stay kind of spoiler free) and House (really not sure why, it may have to do with the House re-capper). I have been reading posts on the flist though. Supernatural really did eat fandom, huh?

However, the last ep of House involved Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard and John Laroquette on a road trip!? There is no bad there. I still have ridiculous love for Laroquette's one episode appearance in TWW. Ridiculous love. I may have to watch that ep today.

I usually go for a wander around town on Saturday and track down a coffee, but the weather is a little iffy and I'm already hyper due to the chocolate I had for breakfast (yes, I know, believe me, I know). Honestly Wellington, I love you really, and I don't regret my move for a second, but your climate? Can suck rather hard some days. It's November!

I ended up staying up till 4:30am last night, because this wiki ate my brain. (link via [ profile] polonius). It's about tropes used in TV and to some degree anime and it was in turns hilarious and fascinating and I just couldn't stop clicking the links. Damn you internet.

Also due to the internet's wonder I got to see the documentary Jesus Camp last night. Yeah ... I may have yelled at the TV a lot. Just OMGWTF. They're just kids!

Finally, Casino Royale needs to be out here now. 7 December is too far away.
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Grey's Anatomy: What Have I Done to Deserve This? )

Tonight's House (Euphoria Pt 1) continued it's awesome trend. I don't have a lot to say other than, I love this show and Omar and Hugh, you rock.

Also, I've never realy understood the attraction of Boston Legal, but I watched tonght's ep and really enjoyed it. I still think William Shatner is a little annoying, but Candice Bergen, James Spader and Rene Auberjonois were all awesome. Hmm.

Oh, should I be in bed.
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Damn, House rocked tonight.

House vs God )

Random: I really feel grateful to have friends that humour me and listen to me in my insane moments.

Random II: Keith Richards really shouldn't cheer me up as much as he does. Just, eee. Still not over him singing love songs to his guitar.
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I have been pimping VMars to my flat-mate and I have been suceeding admirably (she watched five eps today alone, and three without me even being there to prod her, in fact, she's really been prodding me) and after the WoCD kiss I asked if it took her by surprise.

Her: When did that happen!? (referring to the V/L)
Me: *grins* Well, it started with the limo flashback ... and then there was Logan's smile of admiration in 'An Echolls Family Christmas' ... bonded over abandonment issues ... *goes on for a while*
Her: o.O You really are insane.
Me: Oh, yes. You're just realising that now?
Her: Oh no, I've always known, I just know you well enough to tell you now.



I have developed a new obsession interest in the form of the Rolling Stones, due to the marvelous pimpage of [ profile] tangleofthorns. Just, Keith! Mick! Microphone sharing! Singing love songs to guitars! <3!

I've always thought RPS was a line I would flirt with; occassionaly read a little (see: The Liberation of Katie Holmes) but not really cross. Oh, how naive I was.


YouTube really is quite addictive. There are Carmen Sandiego clips! I loved that show when I was a kid. There was history, and geography ... and boy was I destined to be a geek. Still, <3

Also, Voltron credits! Another show I adored as a (much smaller) kid. (Link via [ profile] moony).


House: Sleeping Dogs Lie )


Note to self: It's just really, really not worth the stress. You know that. Just, accept it and what will be, will be. Stop caring so damn much. It's really rather irritating and a little pathetic. Let the denial go. Please? You have the emotional maturity of a blueberry scone. No, really.

ETA: I've edited this post far more times than is strictly neccessary, but I do have a fic rec. This Is What Happened (post S2 finale, Logan/Veronica) by [ profile] buffyx. Just a really lovely post-S2 fic. I would love their relationship to progress just like this.It won't, of course, but this is just gorgeous. Eee. OTP.
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So, as far as birthdays go, today was pretty great. I was at work for most of it, but I did get a morning tea and they got me a really cool card and some book vouchers. (Dude. I've been there a month and they get me a present? Very cool). After work, I went out for a couple of drinks with some friends from work and a couple of flat-mates dropped by and I received some really nice text messages, phone-calls, e-mails and LJ comments. *<3's you all*

Also, my aunt who lives in Wellington actually made me a cake and dropped it off at my flat during the day. She made me a cake. I was blown away. That really was so, so lovely of her.

So, yeah, it's been a good day.


And to top it all off, House tonight was awesome.

House: Safe )
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My Veronica Mars S1 DVDs arrived! There was much rejoicing and much love for Amazon. I've watched the up to "Meet John Smith" and I have quite a few thoughts about the re-watch but I'm putting together a Word doc and I'll post them all at once. There are some things I'm just noticing now that I adore, and some (small) things that I don't like so much. *cough*Troy*cough*


West Wing is over. *sniff* We haven't seen S7 here yet ( and I really hope we do, but who knows with TV One) but I've been reading finale reactions and such and two really cool things I've found are [ profile] _jems_'s retrospective cap post (image heavy) which has some really great moments. Also, there's [ profile] dianora2's thank yous which say so much about what made me love the show. *sniff* I think it was time for it to go, but still, I just love those characters so much. Here's hoping Studio 60 makes up some way for the loss.

Talking of Studio 60, I've also been reading about the Upfronts and it seems there's good news for VMars but Studio 60 was put up against CSI and Grey's? Wow. Tough time slot. I hope NBC shuffle things a little bit there. I think torrents might tempt me with this show. Now, I only need some hard drive space. ;)


House ('Clueless') rocked this week (pancakes!) but I only caught the last half of Grey's and I wasn't that sorry. Huh.


I don't talk sport on here too often, but go Arsenal in the Champions League Final tomorrow! I thought about catching the first half at a pub before work, but it would only be the first half and I'd be going alone. Also, 6am is pretty early, even for Thierry. Damn he better not go anywhere.
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So, my day's been pretty good, work was pretty interesting and I finally bought my Mum a Mother's Day gift but my day got exponentially better when I came home and opened LJ. <3

Wherein Tali flails over the VMars S2 finale and the second to last *ever* episode of The West Wing - neither of which she has seen, but which she dearly wants to )

And while I'm talking TV, some thoughts about some eps I've actually seen.

House 2x14: Sex Kills )

Grey's Anatomy: Begin the Begin )
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I haven't really had the best of days (let's just say that stairs and shelves don't seem to like me and I lose rather important things far too easily) but the Internet has brought me joy in the form of the latest ep reports of VMars ([ profile] _jems_'s here with huge and fucking gorgeous picspam) and House ([ profile] shrift's here).

I did type up a little more detailed reaction for VMars but really what both come down to is: *flail*

I love these shows and their totally screwed-up characters.

So, yeah, my mood has improved a little bit.

There was also BBC Pride and Prejudice tonight, and that is never a bad thing. I just love Jennifer Ehle and Benjamin Whitrow, among all the other wonderful performances. Elizabeth Bennett and Mr Bennett remain two of my absolute favourite literary characters and P&P one of my favourite books.

I'm still annoyed at myself for losing things so easily, but it's not the end of the world. It's just I've been there three days.

Also, because it's been a while,and I'm curious, a meme:

How many times has someone on your friends list posted about something and you were really confused, but you didn't want to ask because you knew you SHOULD know? How many times have you felt guilty asking a close LJ friend a question that should be obvious? Here's your chance. If you've missed a few things, missed an entry and are confused, ask me anything. Even something EXTREMELY basic, like where I live! I'm not allowed to get even slightly irritated at any of the questions - we've all missed things before.
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So ... I got offered a job this morning. (At 830 this morning, but that's by the by). I start in just under two weeks. Eep! I mean sure, yay because I really hoped I'd get this, but also eep. I'm still a litle dazed to be honest.

It's also left me at a loss with what to do with most of my day. I was going to spend it lookng at the paper and chasing up jobs, but now I don't have to do that. Wow. So instead? I surfed the net and danced around the house with my iPod. *cough*

The two pillars of my first two months in Wellington - finding a flat and findng a job - are now gone. I repeat, wow. It's a weird feeling.


Also, random thoughts on the latest NZ-aired ep of House.

House 110: Failure to Communicate )

And a couple on Grey's Antaomy:

Grey's Anatomy 210: Much Too Much )

Also, James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond in France with three supercars = comedy gold.
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I came on here to research some jobs and maybe write a cover letter or two. Really.

What I've actually done is catch up on the news, read some political blogs and most importantly catch up on the new House ep via Shrift's always delightful House recap.

House 215: Clueless )

Also, I may have a flat sorted out (with broadband even) and I got a lot of things done today. Go me!

I shall now happily contemplate all things House/Wilson as I walk back down the hill to my friend's house.
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An update of sorts:

I have a job for a couple of weeks helping out in an environmental campaign's office, which I found by chance through my friend. It's pretty cool, but temporary.

I have a 'real' job interview on Tuesday. *panics* I'm so happy I got the interview though. Still in the process of applying for lots of 'real' jobs.

Recruitment companies seem to be very little use at all, at least to me.

I still haven't found a flat. It's just such a mission this time of year and so frustrating. For most of the week I thought I might have one, but it seems that's fallen through, which sucks. I'm going to get off this in a minute and make some calls. *sighs* You can't help thinking, 'what's wrong with me?' Also, while I know there is no pressure to leave my friend's flat, I can't help but feeling it anyway. I'll have been staying with her a month on Monday.

On the upside, my iPod has now decided to work again after throwing a tantrum yesterday. *hugs it*


I just did a quick fandom check and it put a goofy grin on my face. I can't wait till I have a flat and my own internet connection, so I can get back to reading my flist. I miss you guys.

House, why must you be so awesome and House/Wilson-y when I can't possibly download your wonderful episodes? Why?


I love university libraries. I'm so going back to do my Masters at some point.


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