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Just a quick note to say stay safe to people on the East Coast. Hopefully it's not as bad as everyone's predicted and you stay dry and powered. xx

Also um, Homeland's really, really good.

And I seem to have rediscovered hockey feelings. I blame catching up on MvsW.

Hockey things:

1.[ profile] puckling has posted an awesome Tazer pic/gifspam. (I have realiesd that Mr Toews and I share a habit: I totally pull judgy unimpressed looks in photos as well, even when I'm having a good time. Maybe he's having a good time. Maybe he just doesn't like photos ... no he's probably just judgy :p)

2. And here's a fic where Carts and Ritchie are telepathic. I can't believe this didn't exist before now ...

We Have Conversations (4581 words) by faviconpressdbtwnpages
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeff Carter/Mike Richards
Characters: Jeff Carter, Mike Richards
Summary: Being telepathic saves a ton of money on phone bills.

In which Jeff and Mike develop telepathy after they're traded from Philadelphia.

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It's been a quiet three-day weekend. I got some things done but on the whole it's been a lot of spending time around the house, which has been quite nice tbh. I haven't been back at work long enough to really feel the relief of a three day weekend but I'm not complaining. ;)

Fan things:

1. Still watching and enjoying Last Resort, Homeland, Good Wife and Downton Abbey (although I need to catch up on the last two).

2. H50, I'm still watching and ... yeah. Steve and Catherine are cute, and Kono is awesome. The end.

3. I watched the pilot of Elementary and I liked it - Lucy Liu and JLM were both enjoyable to watch - but I don't know that it really grabbed me. Maybe I'll catch up later. Nashville is kinda the same - although Connie Britton is a compelling reason to keep watching. (Friday Night Lights, I'll eventually get to you).

4. I have however found myself watching Revenge (spoilers through 1x08) )

5. Shit. Fringe. Should actually watch 5x01.

6. The Thick of It's Inquiry episode was awesome but emotional viewing (Malcolm feelings!) Not sure how I'm going to handle the series finale next week.

7. ... there are not Teen Wolf fic tabs open in my browser, except there are. But SGA crossovers and frat AUs! I am only so strong!

8. I collapsed in a pile of feelings this afternoon after I discovered there was a Harvey/Donna comment-fic-a-thon going on at [ profile] donna_harvey. Lots of H/D fic I hadn't read! Delightful!
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1. Fringe: And Those We Leave Behind )

I’ve pretty much made peace with the idea that this might be the last season of Fringe but what Fox are doing by pushing 4.08 out to next year – when it’s really supposed to be the Fall finale – is just full of fail, and doing the show absolutely no favours. This show has a narrative rhythm! It needs favours!

2. Had a veeerry lazy weekend (although there was some AO3 stuff – because yeah, you may have seen) but I did venture out to the Library – avoiding people watching the Santa parade, seriously it’s November – which as it turns out does not hold a copy of The Back-Up Plan. (Not that I was … no, I was looking, he looks so gooood in the pictures I’ve seen). It did however find a copy of The Oyster Farmer. Damn you, O’Loughlin.

3. I also picked up Party Down S1 - Adam Scott and Lizzie Caplan are freakin' delightful.

4. I think The Hunger Games trailer is going to make me finally hunt down the books.

5. I also need to catch up on Homeland, The Good Wife and potentially watch Once Upon A Time. So much TV.

6. This Banana Zucchini Bread/Muffins recipe is goood. I tried it last night. (Dairy free, not gluten free but I think you could easily make it so it is).


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