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Had a very pleasant day yesterday with [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] woolly_socks and [ profile] morebliss for Outrageous Fortune S1 (I forgot how awesome it is) and then [ profile] morebliss introduced me to Life on the Murder Scene.

Which, well, I thought I was basically immune to MCR flavoured bandom. Now? Not so much. Gerard's earnestness and comic books love, and Frank's hyperactivity and cuteness, Bob's camera kicking, Brian's ... well, hotness, and Ray's surprising talkativeness was all very happy-making. (Mikey, I do like you too, mostly).

Two things give me a little pause, they do take themselves a little seriously (well, okay Gerard does, but he's pretty awesome while doing so) and I'm not so much for the blood imagery (small squick), but I think they've moved away from that a little? Anyway hardly large impediments. ;)

So, yeah, this might be amusing.

Other fandom things:

- I finished Mad Men S1 and it is one awesome show. I need to track down S2.

Small ramble about Mad Men kinda OTP that turned longer )

- I wasn't such a big fan of the most recent Kings episode, which may have been a result of being really tired well watching, but I'm still intrigued, and hear it may not be long for TV land. *sigh* Well, with those ratings everyone keeps going on about.

- Heroes: Still there, mostly. HRG rocked the most recent ep.

I think that's it. ;) Now I've ticked Mad Men off, I think I need to continue my Wire watching.

Also, I have lost the battle with myself about whether a hollow chocolate bunny is appropriate breakfast food. Nom, Easter.
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I have now watched the first Heroes ep post-Bryan Fuller return ("Cold Snap").

Holy shit, I do care about some of these characters. It made me cry.

Not to say that everything was awesome, but it was a marked improvement.

*plays the next ep happily*
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1. Curled up in duvet and planning on having an early night. I've been going to bed far too late and I've been seriously tired at work, which is never usually conducive to me doing any work.

2. Have been catching up on Heroes. I am assured that it gets better but at the moment, the stupid, it burns.

Up to 'Building 26' )

3. Kings however remains awesome.

First Night )

Should locate Kings icon.

4. Family Guy Star Trek TNG episode was not nearly as funny as I'd been hoping. I haven't regularly watched it in ages, but it seems like it's getting a bit tired. Although, it was awesome to hear all the TNG actors voices again.
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I was sitting on my porch with sunshine and beer and the internet before. Oh wireless, never leave me.

Semi-successfully Christmas shopped. Got my brother's present anyway ... and a few things for me. I have got to stop going into shops where know for a fact I will not find presents for my family, but which I love. Ah well.

No more Daily Show this year. :( The episode they went out on was pretty awesome though. Farewell to Alan Colmes!

Embedded under the cut )

Heh. I am officially seven episodes behind on Heroes. Must procrastinate using that watch those at some point. I hear it's gotten better.

I did however watch the most recent CSI. *ducks* I just want to see how Grissom goes, I swear.

At the moment I'm working my way through S4 BSG and, I'm enjoying it, but not loving it.
Liking Helo a bit more though, which is odd in and of its self.

ETA: I take that last comment back. Just finished. *FLAIL* Show! Those last four eps were awesome.
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If the US election was a D&D campaign. Hilarious. (via [ profile] heidi8)

Heroes: One of Us, One of Them + I am Become Death )

Also, if you haven't seen Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, you should. It's pretty amazing and wonderfully eloquent.

Here at my tumblr because MSNBC video doesn't seem to like LJ.

This song will not get out of my head. *watches it rocket up iTunes play count*

Also, I may have a Halloween costume idea I kinda like. This is almost unheard of. We'll see.
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Finally watched the House S4 penultimate and finale episodes.

*broken* )

Also watched first two eps of S3 Heroes.

Heroes: The Second Coming, The Butterfly Effect )

I really have to go to bed as I have an early meeting and I can't quite believe I stayed up to watch those two House eps. Damn you Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard.

Also, picked up SGA S1 and S3 for $40 each. Yay for sales and extras.
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I am in no way dancing around my room to Muse songs, while downloading many wonderful covers from [ profile] audiography, because I'm seeing them in concert tomorrow.

Honestly, it's not like I have been to a crazy amount of concerts, but Muse are definitely the best concert experience I've ever had, and I'm so happy I'm seeing them again! And it means I get to venture up to Auckland and hang around with my friend for the weekend.

Also, my mood is probably helped by the fact that I will have four days off work. It's going to be glorious.

Although, last episode of Heroes? Eh.

Heroes: Cautionary Tales )

I may have said this before, but god I love the opening riff to this song. So, so much. Mmmm.
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I am sure I'm way behind the curve on this rec, considering where I got the link, but I just read Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose by [ profile] synecdochic and ... yeah. If you haven't read it and even have the slightest love of SGA. Go. Go now. It's beautiful, and painful and as soon as I read a bit about the dog tags I spent the rest of the fic a couple of seconds away from tears.

Heroes: Four Months Ago )

I also spent way too much time a couple of nights ago adding movie ratings to my list on IMDB. I wish it was out of 20 and I have to tweak it a little, but I kinda got addicted to it. (Yes, the Princess Bride and Ocean's 11 are the right way round).

Edited oh so many days later to correct the episode title. *headdesk*
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Heroes: Out of Time )

And this is incredibly random, but I've been meaning to say this for weeks. Daniel Craig was pretty cool in Casino Royale, but in Layer Cake? OMG! Love! Good movie too.

I also watched three hours of David Lynch (aka Inland Empire) last night. That was a nice bit of mind-fuckery. Not in a bad way though. Him and Richard Kelley need to get together and talk about their issues with anthropomorphic bunnies.

This song has a really fun title.

SGA Obsession Update: I am now actively hunting down fic. Oh, SGA. *shakes fist* Also,'Tabula Rasa' was a very cool ep and Jewel Staite is love. I might have deeper thoughts later, but then, maybe not. I might just resort to 'wow, Rachel Luttrell, Jewel Staite, Amanda Tapping and Joe Flanigan are pretty and awesome' and squeaking noises whenever Rodney and Zelenka are on screen.
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Woo! Heroes catch-up!

Thoughts on 'Fight or Flight' and 'The Line' )

[ profile] asknicer: I am working on your drabble, but I feel it will be better after seeing these eps. ;)

Also, randomly. I got into this song via [ profile] absolutedestiny's really cool Firefly vid but now I see it's available on the band's blog for free!.

Hard 'N Phirm - Rodeohead.

It's a bunch of Radiohead songs covered blue-grass/country style and it's awesome. You should download it. *nods*
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George Clooney and Brad Pitt spoof Larry Craig.

Dear George and Brad,


Love, me.

I wear my love for George Clooney unashamedly.

Heroes: The Kindness of Strangers )
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Heroes: Four Months Later )

I'm also thinking of getting back into House. I watched maybe 3 or 4 eps of S3, but I'm feeling quite nostalgic for it now reading everyone's S4 premiere posts.

Finally, I caught my second full episode of Studio 60, my first being the Pilot. (TV2 are playing it at like 10:30. It really looks like they are filling NZ screens with some cheap TV running up to Summer). Wow. I thought people were overstating the bad, but no, that's pretty bad.
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Somedays I'm not sure whether to love Google or be scared of them, today it's love.

I'm really, really happy about this cast annoucement for Season 2 of Heroes (possible spoilers in article)

Dude. I know it's on Fox and he's on Fox, but Ryan Seacrest to host the Emmys. Really? Ugh.

I'm sure there's many more pressing and important news articles I could have linked to, but there you go.
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Take it as given that anything under a cut in this post contains spoilers.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End )

Also, a random comment about the most recent Doctor Who ep I've seen.

Doctor Who: 42 )

And finally, I was reading [ profile] yahtzee63's review of the Heroes finale and one thing she said really hit me.

Oh, show )

Random media reactions over.

I go to Brisbane in three days! OMG!
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... I don't believe I've processed that entirely. I just ... yeah.

So now I shall now say random very spoiler-y things in point form:

Heroes: How to Stop an Exploding Man )

No, really haven't processed it.
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Heroes: Landslide )

Also, renewed my paid account today and decided I might as well get the ridiculous amount of userpics. 115! Yay! Now, I just need to make some new ones. I had my image editor open tonight and everything ... I just got a little distracted. How unlike me.

Finally, wow the Republican debate tonight was insane. That torture question and just, yeah, I cannot wait to see what Jon does with it. Probably not tonight, but tomorrow night's show should be a lot of fun. Hopefully I'm home early enough from dinner tomorrow night to catch it.

From the sound of these posts sometimes you'd think I live in the US. Nope, just a little obsessed with its politics.
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The mood icon on this post has nothing to do with the episode review below. Just ... eh. I would like to request not to care about certain people things so damn much.

Heroes: The Hard Part )

And, uh 1x22 promo here.

promo squee )

Now to sleep ... or maybe watch those scenes a few more times. ;)

ETA: Sorry if anyone saw anything before I fixed the cut. My limited coding skill failed me temporarily.
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So, I borrowed a copy of Wired from my workmate because it's a cool magazine ... and yes, okay, Future!Hiro is on the cover.

I am idly flipping through it waiting for a file to copy over and, what's this? Alfonso Cuaron is rumoured to be doing the Magneto movie.

Hell. Yes.

Now, I know there are currently other directors linked to the project, and well, I know how these things go, especially it seems with comic book movies, but that would be awesome! My fannish heart would be quite overcome.

Just needed to share. This might be old news by now.

Also, the latest episode of Dr. Who? Pretty damn awesome.

Doctor Who: The Lazarus Experiment )

Wow, I really have to update my icons. Seriously.
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Heroes: Five Years Gone )

Also, while I'm talking Heroes, the blog TV Squad had the cutest interview with Masi Oka today. It's here. (Possible minor spoilers for future episodes). So cute!
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Heroes: .07% )

Yeah, I'm willing to call this an obsession now. I love this show and I can't wait for next week! (It is next week, right?).


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