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Grey's Anatomy: Losing My Religion )


For various reasons, I've spent a lot of my day feeling 14 years old. It's been a weird day. Certainly not a bad day, and in some ways even a very good day, but it's just left me going huh.

Edit: Forgot to add that the Dresden Dolls are giving a concert here on September 13! I am very keen to go but I don't know if possibly going by myself is something I want to do. I have a friend I can possibly drag along and I said I'd lend her my CD to see if they'd be her type of thing. I don't know though. They can be a slightly acquired taste. To be honest, I'm just thinking 'screw it' and I'll go anyway. I've kicked myself too many times over the opportunities I've had to go see cool bands. But anyway, yay Dresden Dolls! That was the point of this edit and now look how long it is.
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Grey's Anatomy: Deterioration of the Flight or Fight Response )


Some of the news articles I read tonight made me want to hide under my bed. Seriously.
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Yeah, so what I said about Grey's? That I'd catch one entertaining ep and start liking it again? So true.

Grey's Anatomy: 17 Seconds )


Dear Keith Richards,

If you don't want me to keep having thoughts about you and Gram Parsons, don't say that you guys 'wore each other out' at his tribute concert, because my brain has been in fandom so long it can only take that so many ways.

Much, much love,

- Tali


I don't talk F1 in here much but after the podium at the Hungarian GP I have to comment becasue Weirdest. Podium. Ever. Jenson won a race, from 14th, on merit?! Now, I like Jenson fine, and I'm happy for him, but even now, over 12 hours after I read the story my mind is still boggling. I mean, sure if he'd started really close to the front, or if a lot of people had fucked up (and yeah, they kinda did) but still, weird.
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I haven't updated in over two weeks. o.O

Not much to report really. Still ridiculously obsessed with the Rolling Stones (*points to icon* yes, that really is Keith Richards) and Dr Who is the only TV show I'm making sure I watch each week. I try and catch Grey's but ... I feel my love waning a little. No doubt I'll catch one good ep and this will change, but at the moment, eh. However David Tennant = LOVE. There needs to be icons.

I've recently re-discovered 'Yes, Minister' too and oh, I'm sad Nigel Hawthorne died all over again. Damn, he just rocked so hard.

Also, I might be just a little in love with the broadband connection in the flat as the speed has just been increased and just, dude. 3MB song in 3 seconds? Oh, I love.

RL wise, work is pretty good and my sanity is mostly intact.

I also really, really want this T-Shirt.

Mmm, wasn't this a nice and pointful post?
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Grey's Anatomy: What Have I Done to Deserve This? )

Tonight's House (Euphoria Pt 1) continued it's awesome trend. I don't have a lot to say other than, I love this show and Omar and Hugh, you rock.

Also, I've never realy understood the attraction of Boston Legal, but I watched tonght's ep and really enjoyed it. I still think William Shatner is a little annoying, but Candice Bergen, James Spader and Rene Auberjonois were all awesome. Hmm.

Oh, should I be in bed.
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I watched a lot of TV tonight, but it made me happy. Three good eps of Veronica Mars (including 'An Echolls Family Christmas, which I just, adore with all my heart) and an ep of Grey's Anatomy that was far better than last week's. Not at it's best, but I didn't think about going up to my room in the middle of it either.

Grey's Anatomy: Break On Through )

Also, one spoilery comment about the OC S3 finale.

... )


Sometimes, when you're patient with Google, it's really rather nice to you. *pets it*

OMG broadband never leave me!

*frustrated muttering*

I'm 23 today. *meep*
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My Veronica Mars S1 DVDs arrived! There was much rejoicing and much love for Amazon. I've watched the up to "Meet John Smith" and I have quite a few thoughts about the re-watch but I'm putting together a Word doc and I'll post them all at once. There are some things I'm just noticing now that I adore, and some (small) things that I don't like so much. *cough*Troy*cough*


West Wing is over. *sniff* We haven't seen S7 here yet ( and I really hope we do, but who knows with TV One) but I've been reading finale reactions and such and two really cool things I've found are [ profile] _jems_'s retrospective cap post (image heavy) which has some really great moments. Also, there's [ profile] dianora2's thank yous which say so much about what made me love the show. *sniff* I think it was time for it to go, but still, I just love those characters so much. Here's hoping Studio 60 makes up some way for the loss.

Talking of Studio 60, I've also been reading about the Upfronts and it seems there's good news for VMars but Studio 60 was put up against CSI and Grey's? Wow. Tough time slot. I hope NBC shuffle things a little bit there. I think torrents might tempt me with this show. Now, I only need some hard drive space. ;)


House ('Clueless') rocked this week (pancakes!) but I only caught the last half of Grey's and I wasn't that sorry. Huh.


I don't talk sport on here too often, but go Arsenal in the Champions League Final tomorrow! I thought about catching the first half at a pub before work, but it would only be the first half and I'd be going alone. Also, 6am is pretty early, even for Thierry. Damn he better not go anywhere.
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So, my day's been pretty good, work was pretty interesting and I finally bought my Mum a Mother's Day gift but my day got exponentially better when I came home and opened LJ. <3

Wherein Tali flails over the VMars S2 finale and the second to last *ever* episode of The West Wing - neither of which she has seen, but which she dearly wants to )

And while I'm talking TV, some thoughts about some eps I've actually seen.

House 2x14: Sex Kills )

Grey's Anatomy: Begin the Begin )
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I started my new job today. Meep. It actually wasn't too bad, just building tours and id and swipe card procurement and a little bit of 'actual' work. The people seem nice and overall, I really liked it, and I can wear jeans! (If they're tidy, which may be a classification that not entirely fits the best pair I own).

The present I'm buying myself out of my first pay? Veronica Mars Season 1. I've been not very patient waiting for it to come out on Region 4 and just, eh. I give up. Amazon here I come. <3


Grey's Anatomy 2.12 Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer )


Three random thoughts:

- Pods are quite possibly the most addictive thing ever.

- I really dislike the term 'flip-flop.' After all the shit that went down with John Kerry in the last US election, I think it was totally overused and when I saw it mentioned in an article about David Cameron before, I cringed. It may also be the fault of Outfoxed, as I remember they did a whole montage with it and I probably closely associate it with FOX News as a result, which is never a good thing.

- As soon as I get my computer issues sorted, I need to upload some Thea Gilmore. I need to share the love.
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I caught the end of the BAFTA awards last night and I was going to turn it off after I saw that Brokeback won but I was comfortable and had a cat on my lap so I kept it on - I'm really glad I did.

Now I admit I usually watch award shows to see who won and see the pretty and (sometimes) talented people in their pretty clothes but the speech that Lord Putnam (the Academy Fellowhsip recepient) gave made the night for me - and not just because of his shout out to George Clooney, although that was both cool and cute - it was that he actually made me feel positive about the media of film and reminded me of how it can touch people's lives. I readily admit that I'm a sap, but it actually made me tear up a little. It was really a beautiful speech. Usually the 'lifetime acheivement' recepients are when you go for a walk to the fridge but this really rocked. I didn't even know who David Putnam was until last night.

One other thing, I know I just recently said I really don't get the Jake Gyllenhaal thing (and I still don't get the OMG, hot!) But, the surprised look he had on his face when he won was very cute.


Grey's Anatomy still rocks and was part of a rather awesome night of TV last night - thanks to my friend's subscription to UKTV. 'Yes, Minister' (Nigel Hawthorne *sniff*) followed by 'Judge John Deed' (still can't get over the Martin Shaw obsession and still don't really know why. I'd seen this ep before too and still watched the whole thing despite the small overlap with Grey's), and then Grey's Anatomy. I just really love all the characters ... with the exception of Meredith, who's okay but annoying, but does stragnely get less annoying in the proximity of McDreamy. Why? I don't know, but she does. Also, Alex has started to grow on me. Damn it. I knew it was going to happen.


Couch Baron's latest VMars recap? Left me grinning like the obsessed girl I am. Random thoughts )


As for RL, things are going okay. Flats are really hard to find this time of year, which I should have predicted, but it's going okay. The weather's been, for the most part, beautiful (warm summer nights *loves*) and Wellington is awesome.
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I have arrived safely and as it turns out, Internet access won't be much of an issue, which is wonderful, from a job-searching standpoint as well as a 'keep Tali sane' standpoint. ;)

Everything here is going okay. My friend who I'm staying with is truly wonderful and has been a great help. I still don't think it's hit me properly yet - it still feels like a vacation - but I suppose that's more of a time thing. Hello, self, only 24 hours have passed.

Also, I have made my first rather inadvisable purchase. I put the blame firmly at James Jean's feet for drawing such pretty Fables covers.

I managed to catch Grey's Anatomy last night. Still loving it, but don't really have anything specific to say, other than I really can't seem to help but really like McDreamy. Also, Bailey rocks and George is as wonderful as ever, but those are givens.

Random: There are songs you can probably mutter along to while siting at a public computer listening to your iPod - Damien Rice's 'Woman Like A Man'? Not really one. It's kind of like the time I found myself half-singning along to Liz Phair's 'Flower' in the supermarket. *facepalm*

I really can't remember what I've called half my tags anymore.
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I leave in 12 days! *freaks out, more than a little*

I actually applied for some jobs today and the clean-up continued - albeit a little slowly. I started tackling Uni notes and that was a little depressing. I still look back on my University career (and I do hope to continue it at some point) with a lot of dissatisfaction. That last year still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, for more than one reason. I could have done so much better and the way I handled the studying overseas thing just annoys me to think about. Gah. Must let it go.

Going to a wedding this weeked. The first one I've been to since I was about 10 and the first one that actually involves friends of mine. It might be a bit of a weird weekend but promises to be interesting if nothing else.


1. Oscar noms reaction - because I've always cared and I don't really know why )

2. I really don’t get the Jake Gyllenhaal love. Not that he’s a bad actor (although dude, The Day After Tomorrow was way boring – but that wasn’t his fault) it’s just the ‘OMG, he’s so hot!’ I really don’t get it.

3. Rescue Me finished up tonight *sniff* It's a show that's really grown on me. (Lou, Franco <3) Also, if Logan Echolls ever needed competition for Suckiest Life of a TV Character, Tommy Gavin could give him a real run for his money.

4. However, next week is when all the 'good' shows are coming back/debuting! Lost, Grey's Anatomy (George!), Commander in Chief (which I'm going to give a go), Desperate Housewives (to try again this year, or not?), and most importantly, House! (Though I may *cough* have seen rather a lot of the new season already). All I'm waiting for now are the new season of BSG and to see if TV2 are going to play VMars S2 at some point this year.

5. Death Cab's 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed' could almost have been written about Remus and Sirius, Post-Azkababn. It's really quite eerie how well the song fits.

6. I think Veronica Mars (character or show) subconsciously led to me choosing a particular top for the wedding when I was shopping the other day. The connection is pretty tentative but it's there.

7. I sat down to watch maybe two episodes of Sports Night to cheer myself up after watching Apt Pupil (way unsettling, and it takes quite a bit to make me feel like that when watching a movie) and ended up watching an entire disc. 'Neigbourhood park all covered in cheese' just never stops being funny.

8. I know a lot of House crossovers have been done with characters coming to House in the clinic but has anyone ever considered doing one with House and Logan? The snark. Oh god, the snark. I shiver happily just thinking about it.

9.TV2 have been playing Gilmore Girls repeats at 5:30 each weeknight and really, why was I not watching this show before?
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I seem to have relocated my WaT love.

Without A Trace 307: Nickel and Dimed - Part II )


Grey's Anatomy 109: Who's Zoomin' Who? )


Also, I finally managed to pick up the third Runaways trade and OMG, love. The second series has been good, but I still think there's a little something missing when you compare it to the first run. However, the last issue of the latest run (#7) was pretty damn good. Karolina. :hearts:
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Shows currently on NZ TV that I am interested enough in that I will try and tape them:

Veronica Mars
Doctor Who
Grey's Anatomy
Without A Trace (as of next Tuesday)

Shows that I am interested in but don't really feel the need to tape:

Desperate Housewives (Stephen Culp, Felicity Huffman <3)
Angel S5

Shows that aren't airing at the moment but I have enabling friends:

Stargate: Atlantis S1 (*in the middle of a total Stargate thing*)
Battlestar Galactica S1

Shows that aren't airing but I am renting DVDs of:

Bablyon 5 S1

Conclusion: *headdesk*

A few thoughts on Grey's Anatomy )

NCIS 202: The Good Wives Club )

Bed now. Oh yes. I have to be up far too soon.

Edit: Hugh Laurie won a TV Critics Award. *dances* So much love.

German GP Briefly: I'm not his biggest fan, but you have to feel for Kimi. It is interesting that Montoya's (grr) is far more reliable and that three of Alonso's six victories have come from races Kimi has been leading. Yay Jenson. Michael ... well, what can you say?


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