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I watched the Kings/Devils game today with [personal profile] labellementeuse and [ profile] deepbluemermaid and the following things may have been said:

  • "Did Mike Richards just tumble over the boards into Jeff Carter's lap?" (I don't think that was Carts in retrospect but it looked like him at the time).

  • "Guys this is really not the time to be ... oh of course it's Ritchie."

  • "How can you make that save, Marty?! You're 40!"

  • "Fuck you, Zach Parise. Fuck. You." (x1000)

and eventually:

  • "Fuck you, Marty." (I felt kinda bad because the man is a legend but Marty Brodeur you have two Olympic gold medals and three Stanley Cup rings ... stop being greedy. Yes, I'm so very rational about this).

Oh, Kings. I admit I'm bandwagoning them but I now really, really want this for them and they're making it so hard on themselves and Tuesday at work is now going to be incredibly stressful for no work-related reason at all.

While I was always going to be cheering for them, I must admit that the Kings feelings have been helped along by quite a few feelings about Jeff Carter (and Mike Richards to a slightly lesser extent). Yes, I did read Ballad of a Broken Bromance recently, how did you guess? I've kind of fallen for them. Hard.

Look at his reunited with Ritchie smile! - I still have this gif-set open in a tab right now. (the original interview is on YT here).

I also listened to him on Cabbie's podcast where he was pretty endearing ("tks bud" - pretty much all his text messages, and he can apparently cook and he cooks for Ritchie!) Even if a lot of Cabbie's podcasts seem to involve him trying to get laid via knowing various members of the Los Angeles Kings.

Anyway, I'm done. Really.

(Still have a lot of Eric/Jeff, Eric/Cam, Eric/Jeff/Cam feelings too and Scott Hartnell and Jordan Eberle are also quite endearing ... fuck you, hockey).

Other things!

I have been rewatching bits of Generation Kill and oh, feelings. Especially Brad feelings and I forogt how many times him and Nate just staaare at each other. Also, ASkars is pretty. This better not lead to me catching-up on True Blood because no. No. You're not that pretty Alexander. (Considering my recent celebrity crushes, I seem to have a thing for guys called Alex ... and really tall blond people. It all comes back to ASkars apparently IDK).

I also spent last weekend weekend going through the GK tag on my pinboard and reading allll the fic, including this awesome frat AU Bright College Years and I forgot that Brad played hockey in it. I mean, it's mentioned in passing, but hockey. I am that easy. Yes.

... yeah okay not so much other things.

Back to hockey!

Have some pictures of hockey players and some GIFs - Eric, Cam, Jeff (Skinner not Carter), Hank, Sharpy within )

Other things (really this time)!

I lost quite a bit of time yesterday to this via a rec by [ profile] queenklu

Forever Can Never Be Long Enough, Or The Earl Of Epsom Takes A Husband (60465 words) by favicontorakowalski
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Social Network (2010) RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse Eisenberg/Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake/Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Benedict Cumberbatch/Tom Hardy, Arthur Darvill/Karen Gillan/Matt Smith
Characters: Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield, Hallie Kate Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Joe Mazzello, Emma Stone, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hardy, Arthur Darvill, Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Lily Cole

Regency AU. When Andrew Garfield, the new Earl of Epsom, returns from the Peninsula War to find his ancestral home mortgaged to the hilt, he must marry Jesse Eisenberg, his parents’ mysterious ward, in order to save his family from ruin.

I was also planning to go on about how apparently it was my 10-year LJ-anniversary in April. Yep, totally missed it. It led to me looking at my old journal which, wow. Yeah. I mentioned RL stuff a lot more. A lot more. Also I uh apparently wrote Remus/Bill. Who knew? Anyway, any deeper thoughts I've had have been chased away by hockey.

I meant to discuss Euro too bust mostly my reaction is WTF Netherlands? I first got into football via France 1998 and watching them play so I still have bit of a soft-spot for them even if they played dickishly in the World Cup final in 2010. Denmark, dudes?

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I admit this week was a whirl of hiding from the snow, (yep more snow) unhealthy food, Hawaii Five-0 fic and lots of pictures of Alex O'Loughlin. But today I did book flights back to Wellington! (Arrive Tues 30 Aug).

My boxes also arrived from the UK. Totally forgotten what I'd packed but it's nice to be reunited with some things like my S1 Fringe DVDs and some things I picked up in Europe. All my stuff is together. Now, just to sort it before I fly out.

As you could possibly tell from the above, Hawaii Five-0 has sort of totally taken over my brain. The last fandom I embraced this quickly on the basis of fic, having seen hardly any episodes, was Torchwood* or maybe SGA - how I fell into the latter's fic hole is sort of fuzzy in my mind. It's a very different experience than when I fell for Fringe, where I watched the source first and where fic is sort of light on the ground. However, it's still the same, enjoyable 'wheee new fandom' rush. Love it.

I did actually watch the H50 pilot on Wednesday though, taking the total episodes I've watched to: 3! Although, thanks to Tumblr, clips on YT, reading recaps and fic, I'm spoiled in a general way for the entirety of S1 anyway.

Pilot thoughts - although given my tendency to ramble it's spoilery for a lot of the Steve plot in S1 )

* In fact I still haven't seen a full season of TW, unless you count Children of Earth and well the less said about that the better as it's one of the reasons I don't read TW fic anymore and couldn't care less about the show. (I'm sorry Peter Capaldi, you were still awesome).

I would watch more but data caps are the devil. I'm seeing what I can get away with, and to be honest, I can see my resolve crumbling.

I'm also waiting for fandom to produce the 'Steve McGarret meets John Sheppard' or 'Steve McGarrett meets Brad Colbert' fics I know it has in it. This is making me realise, that I have a thing for shows with members of the US military.

Two random H50 things:

Vid rec: You, Me and Steve. Hilarious, and so true.

This is a little old now, but I was going through delicious bookmarks and found this post: Top 20 Steve/Danny moments. Just, ridiculous human beings. And this was only up to 1.18!

I should also put together a recs post, but I've been keeping my delicious up to date with fics I've enjoyed.
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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great night whatever you did. :)

Mine was pretty low-key. I went bowling out in NE London where my friend lives with some friends of hers. My bowling is uh, inconsistent as best, and sadly not helped by beer. :( It was a cool night though. Crashed out there, as the thought of getting across to the other side of the city at 2am didn't really appeal (and it snowed on the walk back, not a lot admittedly, but still, snooow), and got home about an hour and a half ago after being made to watch last night's episode of Eastenders ... and it has a slashy subplot which is intriguing ... *facepalm*

I've seen the usual year end memes around, but didn't really feel like doing a primarily RL one (it hasn't been all awesome, but I moved to another country and so far so good), but this year-in-fandom one I saw [ profile] pocky_slash do intrigued me.

Fandom year-in-review )

I also finally got around to finishing Dollhouse S1 (minus 1x13). Overall, I liked it, but the character of Paul Ballard need to be thrown out a high window.

Brief thoughts )

Now, ten minutes to Dr Who. Eep. Will be interesting to see where this goes.
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First day of temp job today. It went pretty well (I have a new database to bond with) and the people are nice. But wow, rush hour tube rides are so much fun. *rolls eyes* I have further reasons to be disgruntled about Clapham having three freaking tube stations.

Vid rec: Crazy in Love by [ profile] sisabet and Cappy. Merlin/Arthur. Awesome song choice and so much fun.

I saw this A.V Club article on the Best mini-series and made-for-TV movies of the 00's on their Twitter feed and thought to myself 'Gen Kill has to be on this' and not only was it first on the list, but there was ASkars as well! <3

Random brief TV thoughts:

Merlin: The Witchfinder )

White Collar: Book of Hours )

Random Ugly Betty thought - only spoilery till late S4 )

Muse concert on Friday! And new Top Gear and Doctor Who episodes this weekend!

I need to re-do my icons. Oh, yes.
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Answers to pairings meme. Feel free to ask some more.

[ profile] tangleofthorns asked about: Generation Kill )

[ profile] darkeyedwolf asked about: True Blood )
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Flash Forward: White to Play )

1. I finished reading One Bullet Away, which was really good, and moved on to Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, which I've been meaning to read for ages. After ten pages I can already tell it's going to make me angry, and that's even knowing a lot about the period of the Iraq War it covers. Interesting though.

2. I am worried for Jenson Button. (And this article by Martin Brundle didn't help). While I wouldn't mind if Reubens or Sebastian Vettel win, and they do both deserve to, my heart is with Jenson. I really hope he pulls it off.

3. And because it's been a while:

Give me a fandom and I will tell you:

• Runner-up pairing
• Honorable mention(s) pairing
• Crack pairing(s)
• Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't
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Today, has not been too awesome.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday, which sucks (of course) but it's also left me counting the days I can still stay here jobless. It's not really scary, but a little scary. I have officially crossed the line between jobs I'm qualified for and really want and nearly any job. Hi Christmas retail, how are you?

And then I badly screwed up an application and didn't realise until it was submitted. Why so careless, brain?!


I was just about to watch The Daily Show, which I usually do via the clip videos, which means I'm not tied to when Channel 4 airs it or puts it up on 40D. However, it seems the TDS site has now decided you can't see the clips from the UK. *sigh* I mean, I get why, and yes, I can wait the extra couple of hours it's not the end of the world, but it does mean I can't go back and watch old clips on the site (which I do quite often) or embed clips on here or on on tumblr that everyone can see, and that is irritating. And more irritating as it's the show I do this for the most often. TDS, I just want to share your brilliance with others!


Now, at least I have beer and chocolate.

And, small bright spot, I am progressing further with One Bullet Away (Nate!) and really enjoying it.

Is there a PMS factor in this post? Perhaps!
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I went to the library the other day to return Generation Kill (which I loved for many reasons which I'll go into later) and to look for The Yiddish Policeman's Union which I'd started reading in a bookshop and had heard good things about. I specifically wasn't looking for Nate's book One Bullet Away because it's not a huge library and I didn't think it was all that well known, and lo, sitting on a shelf which I nearly didn't look at, there it was. \o/

Also, over at [ profile] ontd_askars someone linked to a guest DJ mix Alex did for a radio station. This? Did not help. Alex, stop being so awesome. He included "Mother's Little Helper" (Stones!!) because he used to sing it with his Dad, and "Ever Fallen in Love" and a really cool Iggy Pop song. You can even download it as an MP3 and hear him being awesome. I have fallen far, guys. Far. (This is also the first time in a while I've been involved in an actor-specific fandom flavour of the week and oh, fandom, you're awesome, but sometimes just batshit insane as well).

And now is later, clearly:

Generation Kill by Evan Wright )

I also have *counts* at least three GK fic bunnies and a possible vid idea. Possible. I'm still not sure the song works, and it's a little on the long side.

EDIT: Also, this years Emmys includes many GK nominations! Yes, an actual reason to watch the Emmys, and Gen Kill stars is suits! Hopefullly. But I did hear it clashes with Alex's filming of Straw Dogs, which is saddening, but maybe, just maybe he'll be there as well. A girl can hope.


- I've watched the pilot ep of Leverage, and while it certainly wasn't bad, I wasn't blown away. Well, not enough to go back and watch another ep yet. Am I just comparing it unfairly to Hustle and it not having Adrian Lester? Maybe. Might give it another couple of eps.

- However, after reading this crossover fic, I am intrigued by Burn Notice. Hmmm. Spies. I like spies. I was an Alias fan, until it got truly ridiculous.

- I'm really missing The Daily Show. There's been so much US politics crazy these last three weeks! And only some it coming from Glen Beck!

- I was reading about Obama's speech about health-care this morning and the Congressman who heckled him got to speak to Rahm when he rang up to apologise. Hahahaha. That would have been an amazing phone-call to listen to.

- Muse's new album is out this weekend! (Admittedly I've listened to a lot of it, but still, it's worth an exclamation point).

Stuff must get done today. Which is why I'm sitting here on the couch ...
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I went out last night with some friends and it was just supposed to be dinner and a couple of drinks, and then my friend's boyfriend just kept buying drinks ... and then there were vodka shots. *facepalm* Needless to say, I've had a pretty low-key day today. I meant to leave the house and that hasn't happened, instead I watched the Belgian GP am practice (which the 5Live guys did, and it was quite entertaining, far more so that the pm practice), slept, read an epic and amazingly researched and written Gen Kill AU set in East TImor and spent a long time reading the comments of this ONTD post. Oh, ASkars, how so awesome?

However, the ONTD post did bring back my Thor casting rage (WTF Branagh and Marvel, seriously), and this was rage I had before I developed this "interest" in him. Someone had a theory that he could get called up for Captain America if they can't find a suitable US actor (which would be awesome, and sort of amusing) but I'm just not sure they'd go for a non-US actor for such an iconic role, and well, to be self-centered about this, I've never been a big Cap fan, while Thor is kinda cool, and if they went an Ultimate-vesre inspired route (as they sort of have with Iron Man and Nick Fury), a little insane, but has an awesome relationship with Tony. ASkars and Robert Downey Jr together, on the same screen! *brain implosion* So, yes, the rage came back a little.

I also find myself really liking Florence and the Machine at the moment. Pimp post to come perhaps.

And just when I thought I couldn't be surprised by Glen Beck anymore there was this clip. Fucking hell. At least teach people correct spelling if nothing else. *sighs*
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It's nice when you have a new fandom, it really is. The fic, the constant re-watching/re-reading of the source, the hunt for YouTube happiness and picspams, the slightly obsessive screencapping of Walts* but sometimes it's to the detriment of other things, like job hunting. I'm looking at you Generation Kill (and to a lesser extent True Blood)! Must do things tomorrow.

However, I did join a library today, because I found Evan Wright's book and then started reading it. (Which is enjoyable and extremely readable, btw). *headdesk*

But while I'm here, I watched a mostly Eric-free episode of True Blood and enjoyed it. So, it's not all about Eric. Really. However, the preview for next week does look awesome.

Preview and sightly spoilerific thoughts )

I seem to be very susceptible to ear-worms at the moment. I had one from a freaking Home and Away promo just before. That has now been exorcised, by one from Gen Kill. ;)

*may only apply to GK
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So when I said I should watch the rest of Generation Kill, I didn't exactly think I would have it finished ten hours later, but uh, here we are.

Overall: Damn you Skarsgard. And if you even think it might appeal to you, you should watch it. David Simon, you do some good TV, sir.

Very good TV )

I need to read the book now.

I have lived a lot of today on honey and toast. Tomorrow, vegetables, yes. Now, well, I imagine some Gen Kill fic.

And phone interview went well, have real interview on Tuesday. Yay. :)
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I spent two hours this morning reading Generation Kill fic. Damn you Alexander Skarsgard! (Mmm, it was good though).

I should actually watch the rest of it. I've had it on my laptop for ages, and it's David Simon, so really, why have I waited this long?

(And yes, sorry [ profile] tangleofthorns but it was Nate/Brad. :p)

How is it nearly 2pm? Really should have lunch.
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Feeling a little better. Cold and flu drugs are good.

Just watched the pilot of Kings )

Anyway, enjoyed it, a lot, will defintely watch again.

And on the subject of other non-BSG television, I am two eps into Generation Kill and it's awesome.


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