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1. Fringe hiatus is killing me - but one week to go \o/. I did give in and check out some of the filming photos (and !!!!) but I'm still very in the dark about what they're doing, as without context (especially with a show as WTF as Fringe can be) its all guess work anyway - so that's something.

2. Vid rec: Mad World by [personal profile] beccatoria - (Fringe, gen) OMG this vid!! The parallels and the sadness and oh, this snow, and Peter and Olivia and Walter. It's so awesomely done.

3. The Green Lantern Wonder-Con footage is actually pretty awesome. After being less than impressed by the trailer, I'm now quite looking forward to it and all its CGI-tastic glory. Also, the GL oath is still awesome.

Kylie's Comic Book Movie 2011 Anticipation Index: (from highest to lowest)

1. X-Men: First Class - despite everything telling me not to. No, Brett Ratner, I still haven't forgiven you.
2. Green Lantern
3. Captain America: The First Avenger - the weedy!Steve CGI is kinda scary (not in a good way), but it does have the hilarious moment in the trailer when it looks like Howard Stark is checking Steve out once he's been Super Soldiered.
4. Thor - I should like it, and yet every trailer and poster leaves me cold.

I think that's all of the main ones.

4. The govt shutdown thing in the US is getting awfully close. I understand why it's happening (and vaguely remember The West Wing ep) but part of me is still "WTF?! You're shutting the federal govt down because you've run out of money. How do you let that happen?!"

5. I should pimp AO3 more on here, or at least mention it occasionally. :p We now have email subscriptions on the AO3! You should come check them out. The coders have done some awesome work on them. :D

6. I've been playing with FF4 recently, but I think I'm going to go back to Chrome for a while. Both of them chew memory in different ways, but I'm at least used to the way Chrome does it and it doesn't seem to aggravate my processor as much.

Now, I have to get up early. Milton Keynes roadtrip tomorrow (long story, it's sort of ironic), and Brighton on Sunday. The sea! What the British call a beach (note: not what a Kiwi would)! I may even get to see it in the sunshine. ;)

I joke about British weather but it was awesome today. Blue skies, sunshine, I walked home at 8pm in short sleeves and sunglasses. Love it. \o/
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I was looking through this Times article on the top 50 movies of 2010 (Iron Man 2, yesss) and a couple of things intrigued me:

Paul Bettany is playing a fallen angel in Legion. I mean, the movie doesn't look amazing, but I am a sucker for angels (yes, yes, I am tempted by the last season of Supernatural) and Paul Bettany.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. I watched the trailer and it didn't blow me away, but then I headed over to look atthe cast on IMDB and I might just have to go see it. Sean Bean as Zeus, Steve Coogan as Hades, Rosario Dawson as Persephone and Pierce Brosnan as Chiron. However one downside ... Chris Columbus is directing.

I was thinking about this while walking home, and I really do have quite a thing for afterlife and apocalypse myths. Hades, Persephone, Chiron, the Elysian Fields, Anubis, Odin, the Four Horsemen (I love this Dürer woodcut a print of which hung in my high school English department), fallen angels (which is a slightly more tentative link admittedly). I just find them really fascinating.

Also, on my walk I picked up my Muse ticket (\o/) and checked out an awesome bookshop [ profile] phoebesmum and others had mentioned. New books, second hand books, it's very pretty, and named after a Bob Dylan song.

In continuing employment drama, I had someone look over my CV who looks at a lot of them, and yeah, I'll be spending some time editing that this afternoon. They made a lot of really good points, and it just makes me wish I'd done this, you know, two months ago. *sigh*

However, in happier news I checked out the Tate Britain on Wednesday, and it's a pretty cool museum. Amazing piece in the central hall, and lots and lots of Turner paintings (a whole huge gallery dedicated to him in fact), which I loved. I just love this paintings, he combines atmospheric paintings, with colour and paintings of the Houses of Parliament and of the Napoleonic Wars and you know, could you hit more of my art buttons, sir?

Monopoly pub crawl tomorrow (which yes, is exactly what it sounds like, there's even a website). Promises to be eventful.

Currently playing with Chrome for Mac. Its a developer version, but it works fairly well and my computer seems to like it better as it doesn't put as much pressure on the fan. However, missing some of my add-ons like my side coloured tabs and Ad Blocker. Oh Ad Blocker, you're awesome.
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Right, have been meaning to make a post for a few days now.

Birthday was pretty good on Saturday. The weather was atrocious, but people came around for a few drinks (my flatmate - whose birthday is today - and I shared a party) and I had a good time. Work also did a morning tea for me yesterday and lo, there was chocolate covered coffee beans and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. Awesome. Haven't started reading yet but have flicked through and there is this awesome line, ""Elizabeth lifted her skirt, disregarding modesty, and delivered a swift kick to the creature's head." <3

Have also signed up as a coder for OTW after discussing it briefly with [personal profile] astolat at the fangirl dinner a while back. Have been meaning to try some proper app coding, and they are happy to take beginners. :) Making my way through training and said hi in the chat room where everyone was very welcoming and helpful and full of fandom references. Much love.

Oh also, shit, how did I leave this till the end? I have a visa to the UK! \o/ They emailed to confirm this afternoon and provided a tracking number for my passsport. OMG. So relieved that I didn't fuck it up, but also scared because well, I'm really going guys. Eeep.

Now, should sleep. Was up waaay to late last night. Have successfully cooked curry for tomorrow's book club (where we will discuss sci-fi, mwhahaha) if maybe laded it with a little too much garlic.
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It's been a wonderful day outside, (I mean windy, but hey, Wellington) but apart from a short walk to get coffee and food I have decided to spend a day being entertained by the internet. It's been a while, and I've been quite social the last few weeks, so it's been nice actually.

Had an insane but fun day yesterday at the Cuba St Carnival. OMG so many people! It was a much nicer day than forecast so everyone was out and about. I did catch some cool acts though (Bonaparte, Olmecha Supreme, Ladi6 and Batacuda) and I watched the parade from a roof above Courtney Place. Which rocked. I really wish I'd remembered to bring my real camera instead of just replying on my okay-but-not-great camera phone.

Also, day #2 of Webstock was as much fun as the first, if not more so as Friday afternoon had many awesome presentations, including one by Matt Jones of Dopplr which I'll seriously consider linking to when it goes online as it was amazing. The geekery continued and I managed to get a hard copy of the cool Google Chrome comic as well. It is a little sad how happy this made me.

BSG:Deadlock )

I haven't got to the second ep of Dollhouse ep, but I'm in no huge hurry. On that topic though, [ profile] musesfool posted a link to what is apparently the original Pilot script and wow, if it is, then it underwent one hell of a re-write. The original reads a lot more Joss than the re-write and I can see why it was done in a way, but on the whole I think the original one was a lot better. *sigh* Fox.

Also, [ profile] phoebesmum posted a link to the Black Cab Sessions which I'd heard of but never watched the videos. Very cool, especially those of Amanda Palmer ('Creep' with a ukelele) and The National.

The Amanda Palmer one was so awesome I thought it made up my mind re my Kills vs Amanda Palmer dilemma, but sadly I think I have to work late the night of the Amanda Palmer gig, so I think The Kills it is. Last night did remind how much live music is one of the best things ever.

Random embeds:

Awesome economic crisis visualisation and Conan and Stephen dance-off! )

Random link:

James Jean illustrations on wine bottles!

Random music:

This song that is playing now is such a John Sheppard song, I'm almost tempted to vid it, but there are a couple of lines that are a trifle problematic. "Great white hope" hmm, yeah. It's rocketing up my top tracks on iTunes though. Currently third equal with "New Born" by Muse. You should listen to it.
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I spent the day at a web conference, Webstock, in fact, and dude, it's awesome. I went last year and loved it and I thankfully got the opportunity to go again this year and it just makes you feel so positive about the internet and what you can do with it and what people are doing with it now.

Also, tremendously geeky event. Lots of Twittering (including one whole conversation on Imperial Star Destroyer vs USS Enterprise that a speaker started), more than one presentation referenced WoW, there was also a zombie apocalpyse, a non-fandom description of \o/, the stupidity of You Tube comments and one entire presentation on what it meant to be a geek/nerd/dork by the guy who wrote the awesome article, N.A.D.D. (Nerd Attention Deficit Disorder). And coffee, lots of really good free coffee.

Watching Rachel Maddow clips to fill in The Daily Show withdrawal. Seriously. It's only a week, but I miss you, Jon. I do love Rachel though. I should watch her online much more often.

I also have this niggling feeling about my Grand Plans for an OE this year. I'm just wondering whether this year is really the best time to do this with all the stuff I've been hearing/reading (yeah, I probably haven't helped myself on this one) about the economy and job situation. I really do feel quite strongly about needing to go out, but I just wonder if it might not work out quite as well as I think. *sigh* Being an adult is hard.
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BSG: No Exit )

I also saw Dollhouse. In short, intrigued enough to keep watching but didn't love it.

Dollhouse: Ghost )

Other than that, day has been pretty good. Had to go into work and didn't fix the problem I had last night, which sucks, but I did end up out at the Island Bay festival in the sun and hanging out at my friend's playing Lego Star Wars on her PS3, which was awesome. Lego Ben Kenobi with his light saber! And the idea of Lego Batman, which I know is coming out, is hilarious to me, because Batman won't be able to help looking just a little cute and god, he'd hate it.

I will not think about how tomorrow will effectively be my 8th straight day at work. I won't.
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Overall, it's been a good day, bar the 4 hours I spent at work. It was all going swimmingly until I hit a big snag and I'm going to have to go back tomorrow. *sigh*

But apart from that, good! I went for a walk to get coffee (so many stories start this way with me) and wandered into the comic store (as is my wont) and well, damn you James Jean and Mark Buckingham and your pretty Fables art, as I walked away with the latest trade, as I am way behind from when I used to buy it regularly, and well, pretty, like I said.

I also really need to finish Y: The Last Man. I should reserve them from the library, though I imagine I will eventually buy them.

I then wandered into what I refer to as the Action Figure Store, but is in reality the Card Stone with lots of guys playing various geeky card games in. Anyway, I go in there every now and then to see if maybe, just this once, there will be a John Sheppard action figure (there never is, if I really want one I should probably just order it), but then I spied, well this:

My trip to the Action Figure Store )

So, um, yeah, geek shopping for the win? It's funny how fast fandoms come back in those moments.

I also went with my recently returned friend to Let the Right One In (which come to think of it is an awesome title), which is well, a Swedish vampire movie, but definitely not your typical vampire movie and very hard to put in a genre box. Well worth seeing though, and gave us a lot to talk about on the car ride back.

Also,I am pointedly, and with some difficulty, ignoring the BSG related posts as spoiler free is serving me well, and despite some of the Dollhouse ones I did read, I'm going to give it a look.

Quite a few RL people have tagged me in that 25 Things Facebook meme now, I might do it before bed, or at some point anyway, but it's very like many LJ memes before it. ;)

Oh, knew there was one other thing. The Kills and Amanda Palmer are going to be playing in Wellington in March! Must go to at least one! (And I'm still on the fence about Of Montreal, which is quite soon).
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Today has been very low-key. Cooked myself two meals (cooked breakfast and vege curry, go the vege market), enjoyed the sun and spent some time sorting out and tidying files.

Before last night, I had 30+ tabs open and had done for at least a week and a half. They changed, but there was always so many there. My laptop wasn't appreciating it (Firefox, I love you but you're a resource hog) and it might sound a bit odd, but I don't think my brain was either. It was always like I had something else to read/watch/comment on and I had a lot of other unsorted stuff like video/music/pics. So, I tidied and sorted, and I feel a little better. Not to say this won't end up happening again, of course, but I'm going to try and keep it a little more under control. It's a bit worrying how much of an effect my laptop habits have. ;)

Also, I bought a new phone yesterday. I have returned to the Vodafone fold but I got to keep my old Telecom number, and the phone is really kinda pretty. It has waaay better games than my old phone and even a version of Opera installed. I don't usually really have great geeky gadget love for cellphones, but this one might change that.

Anyway, random links of happiness.

Rahm Emmanuel and Stephen Colbert roast each other at a Spina Bifida charity event. OMG awesome. The video is a little shaky, but it is well worth a watch. They both get in some awesome calls, and Stepehen also has some brilliant lines about Dana Perino.

Also, there was this photo:


Richard Hammond test drives an F1 car. Oh, Hamster. How gleeful this made him was awesome to watch and it's also amazing to see the forces that those cars apply on your body. Amazing machines.

And randomly, I seem to be developing a small Bones addiction.

I have said it before and will no doubt say it again, but David Boreanaz your powers of adorable should not be this high! Seriously! I also kinda adore Hodgins, Brennan and Cam. <3

*goes to watch another ep*
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The last week has been a bit of a bust, especially Monday which needed an emergency application of beer, but today hasn't been too bad, and I only have one more day of work as I'm heading to Christchurch tomorrow night.

Also, I have been a little obsessed with the Olympics, or as much as I can be when I have to rely on TVNZ's streaming coverage (which is to be fair pretty good, if a little dodgy on Firefox) as we have reception issues with TV1, but I shall be at my parents this weekend and they have no such issues. \o/

I need to go and check out the footage from the 200m men's butterfly as Moss Burmester ended up fourth after leading for a while in a race with Michael Phelps in it. Nicely done, sir. I am a bit gutted he didn't get a medal though, as it sounds like he deserved it, but then he is the first NZ swimmer to get into a final since 1996, so he'd done well already.

The thing I love most about the Olympics is the chance to see sports like athletics, swimming, gymnastics, weightliftig and fencing get some TV coverage. I'm just not as attracted to the team sports which get a lot of coverage here anyway.

Random linkage:

Dear Jason Momoa, your giant crush on Joe Flanigan is showing. <3! It's pretty cool interview overall actually.

Awesome pictures of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. (Dial-up warning, these photos are huge).

Neil Patrick Harris and his HIMYM cast-mate whose name I don't know sing songs from Les Mis. Awesome. NPH really can sing. I don't know Les Mis that well, but it's a musical I've always wanted to see.

The 100 Most Funny and Unusual 404 Error Pages. Awesome. Some of these are inspired, and I haven't laughed so hard in ages. (Dial-up warning).

The Guardian (yes, really) does Bush LOLCATS. Overall they're kinda average, but this one is hilarious.

I also finally saw Sweeney Todd, and it was awesome. It might be my favourite Tim Burton movie, and Johnny Depp's performance was pretty damn amazing. The cinematography was also stunning. <3!
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I don't know how many people on my flist use Firefox and have Greasemonkey installed, the extension that lets you run all sorts of cool userscripts for certain web pages, but I want to pimp this userscript that I found via Lifehacker. It adds a link to YouTube video pages so you can download the file as an .mp4. You don't have to wait for the file to finish loading, and you don't get a .flv like you can get with some other download options that you then have to convert to use for a vid or to put on your iPod. I've also found it more useful than the sites that let you paste in a YouTube URL and convert the file, because I have never got one to work for me yet.

I uh, also may have stayed up till some rather late hour watching Thoughtcrimes when I very happily stumbled onto it on YouTube. Overall, I liked it, even if the plot is a little far-fetched, but I especially liked the Brendan bits. Oh, Joe. *squishes him* And I even found good Brendan/Freya fica. \o/

This biography of RFK that I'm reading at the moment is awesome. Fascinating and really easy to read. Yay history!
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I rang the airport and no luck with the iPod. The lady at Air NZ was lovely, but someone has probably pocketed it. I probably should check with the airport in case I dropped it actually in the airport itself. I don't think I did, but best check, just in case.

For the sake of my bank account balance and any hopes I have of saving money to travel, I would like to say that I will not end this weekend with a 32Gig iPod Touch in my possession, however I fear that would be a lie. (I might be secretly kinda excited about this).

Matt Taibbi writes books? This is something I should have known. *adds all to Amazon Wishlist*

Also, these House promo shots are really, really intriguing me. Damn it, I'm not in this fandom anymore but, but ... (and yeah, spoilers ahoy).

It is raining and I have washing on the line. Ah well, seems pointless to rescue it now.

I am going to play with tumblr some more. It's becoming quite addictive checking out other people's ones but I have found all sorts of cool stuff like Songza which is a music search engine and has an awesome interface. Seamless and so pretty, if a little ... orange. *web geeks*
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I don't feel like I've stopped all weekend. In fact, I kinda feel like I need another day off to recover.

First off, work on Saturday, which went fine right up to the point where it really, really didn't but that was followed by book purchases (Black Powder War!) and my very first fangirl dinner with [ profile] shihadchick, [ profile] blue_raven, [ profile] china_shop and [ profile] arysteia which was awesome. There was talk of SGA, Muse, the Daily Show and fandom in general. Fangirls for the win. Seriously. It was awesome to meet you all!

And then Armageddon today, which I meant I caught up with my cousin who I haven't seen in ages and hung around a bit more with [ profile] shihadchick and [ profile] blue_raven, who very nicely saved us seats in the front row for the Ark of Truth screening.

Ark of Truth )

Then there was a short bit of Christopher Judge, who was awesome (although I am kinda gutted I missed his longer panel with Alexis Cruz the day before) and much wandering. I avoided buying things for so long! But then ended up with SGA and Dr Who stills (4/6 starring John Shepppard. What?) and Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly because I've been meaning to read it for ages, and it was there looking like it needed me to take it home.

Overall, I had a fun time, even if that big group panel at the end had me cringing so much I had to leave it.

And then tonight I went to dinner at my friend's house and while lovely to see her and my other friend, I was just really tired ... which is why I'm typing this now instead of sleeping. *shakes head at self*

In summary, awesome weekend, fangirls for the win but I am tired.
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So ... I have a flat.

I am a mix of relieved and apprehensive, for reasons that are partially all in my head, and partially not.

Still, an actual place to live. Wow.

Never at this time of year again, never.

Also, web conference = awesome. Geeks <3
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So, it was Armageddon time again (Wellington's answer to a sci-fi con, but mostly a way to separate geeks from their money) and I spent about five hours there today with my 14 year old cousin, which was really cool. We don't hang out that much, but it was really cool to spend the day with her and she held up under my geeky ramblings very well. ;)

Armageddon 2007: Brian K Vaughan, Aaron Douglas, Don S Davis and other geekery )

So, yeah, good day and now I have to get ready to go out for Indian. Mmmm.

Also, I saw Sunshine on Thursday and I really recommend it if you like your sci-fi a little more psycological than action packed. It has a few cliches but overall it's well worth watching. The direction and soundtrack are also very cool.
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It's been a day of rather wonderful geekery.

I now have a DVD burner! Yes, I know, it's taken me long enough but I have one now, and I can watch DVDs on my computer whenever I like, instead of having to traipse down to the lounge to watch them and annoy my flatmates. I've been watching Sportsnight eps (love) this afternoon and I have a pile beside me that includes Heroes, The X-Files S3, Firefly and 'The Insider.' Mmmm.

Also, I picked up America: The Book for $25 because Unity Books were having a sale. Dude. If I had the available funds I could have gone crazy in that store. But still, Daily Show book! For $25! There is no bad there.

I also spent today discussing the war in Iraq, the New York Times, American history and why it's fucking ridiculous for Karl Rove not to testify under oath.

Good times.

Also, uh Stardust trailer. So, so awesome and pretty. I can't wait till this comes out.
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I meant to do this earlier but I didn't really feel up to it yesterday and then LJ was down, so anyway ...

Dear Yuletide Santa.. )

Hope that helped!

As for my own assignment. Well, it could be interesting. I'm quite excited about it though.

Random geeky link: US Presidential Speech Tag Clouds: This guy has run speeches dating back to Washington through a program that's picked out the most used words and put them in tag clouds for each speech. No guessing which word most came up in George W's speeches. Very cool.

There is no way tomorrow at work is not going to suck. Yay.
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So, I may have spent all day at Armageddon. *sheepish look* However, it was well, well worth it.

X3, Serenity, Jewel Staite, Claudia Christian, Phil Jiminez and All Manner of Geekery )

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a DVD I've been wanting to watch for a very long time now. ;)
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So, the amount of time it takes for me to really miss my computer and DVDs? About a week and a half.

It's actually been a pretty good day but I just really missed those two things. I'd love to sit down with one of my DVDs right about now. The house I'm staying in is without a DVD player and while I am extremely grateful to my friend for letting me stay there, I miss my DVD player and my computer (House episodes I need to download!) I feel kind of bad about that, but there it is.

Also, one of the reasons I want to find a flat quickly? So I can have a permanent address to join the Wellington Public Library. It's not my only motivation, or even my main one, but it's definitely there.

I also place flats that have broadband connections way higher up on my preference list. Not that having a preference really factors into finding a flat in Wellington right now.

Basically, the moral of this? I am a spoiled and impatient fangirl.


I'm going through a total Raymond E Feist phase. I know he's really not the best fantasy writer out there (his more recent stuff anyway, 'Magician' really is a great book) but I'm just in love with some of his characters, sometimes for reasons I can't articulate. For example, my almost obsessive fascination with Magnus in the Conclave of Shadows series. I really don't know why. I also really think some of the characters in his books need to form the Fathers-You-Can't-Possibly-Live-Up-To Support Group. Dude, it can't be easy.

Random squee - spoilery through 'King of Foxes' )



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