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Today was fine. I've moved to a new floor, which is actually kinda cool and the day went fast. Booked myself for a eye test too, because I'm wondering if the headaches I've been getting a lot recently are sight related. Eep?

Also I uh, may have bought myself some new boots on my way home, which to be fair I did need because my current pair of boots are dying, and these were on sale, proper leather and have a good sole. Still, more money than I possibly should have spent.

Game of Thrones 2x07 )

Hockey returned! Yay Rangers. :D Great to see the Kings hold on today too. Don't think this will be as easy a series and their other ones, but I'm cautiously optimistic.

I have Korra episodes! This is exciting! Now all the tumblr gifs I see will make more sense. ;)

I also found this article about the shows the networks have picked up for next season interesting. Not a hell of a lot I'm really keen to see, but some interesting ones ("The Last Resort" especially and I'll probably at least check out the new Matthew Perry comedy). Also, unlikely Lori and Gaby will be making an appearance on H50 next season - both actresses are in new shows. Unless they get quickly cancelled I guess - which I wouldn't wish for either Autumn or Lauren. Happy to see Dichen Lachman in a picked up pilot too.
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Hawaii Five-0 2x22 )

Game of Thrones 2x06 )

Parks and Recreation 4x22 )

And I meant to post this last night, but since I didn't I have also watched:

Fringe 4x22 )

No hockey for two days, what is this strange world. Nervous about tomorrow morning. Hope the Rangers can pull it off, even though I would feel for the Caps.

Random Alex O'Loughlin pic: he's quite distracting. He's now shaven off the fauxhawk, which makes me a little sad. He's rocking it here, and it would have been awesome to see him show up the UpFronts with it.
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It's been a weird week. I've felt unmotivated and blah, and I've also been getting recruitment calls, which is not a bad thing but they're offering to put my name forward for jobs that fit the long-term-slash-help-pay-for-my-trip-to-the-UK criteria but not the in-any-way-advancing-my-career criteria. I spent 2 years overseas doing blah-ish temp admin jobs and I'm over it tbh, but then .... what do I want to do for a job anyway? And fuck do I need to go back and study something? And then I feel guilty because I should feel grateful I'm in a position where I can get a job and yes, blah. Blah, I say.

Vent over.

TV! Hockey! Other distracting things!


I couldn't concentrate on much this afternoon with the truly ridiculous triple fucking overtime Rangers/Caps game going on. Really happy for the Rangers (Gaborik! Some form!) but hard not to feel for the Caps as well. Braden Holtby is a rock-star.

Hope the Flyers can come back motivated tomorrow after losing so badly to the Devils.

I have seen clips, but last night it came to my attention that someone had put the entire NHL 2011 All Star Game Fantasy Draft on YouTube.

Lots of heart-eyes. Lots. They're ridiculous people, and while I knew it happened it was great to watch the whole show and see how it really was everytime someone was picked by Team Lindstrom who wasn't Tazer they'd go for a reaction shot. Amazing. Staals and Patrick Sharp continue to charm me (as sort of does Rick Nash), and lol Ovie taking a picture of Phil Kessel being the last one picked. Also this is far, far from an original thought but holy fuck, Jeff Skinner's smile. Nope. I don't need reminding how old he is. I know. I know.

I open three tabs when I sit down at my desk at the moment. They are GMail, Twitter and ... I have also listened to the Marek vs Wyshynski daily podcast pretty much every morning. Yeah.

And a rec:

not gonna write you a love song (6658 words) by faviconjustbreathe80
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal
Characters: Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner, Cody Ward, Justin Faulk
Summary: It’s like it’s normal to everyone, and Cam realizes that’s because it is normal. It’s how Jeff and Eric have always been, since the day Jeff showed up, eighteen and annoyingly fresh-faced at training camp, and Eric decided that Jeff was his.

Cam Ward outsider POV. <3


The Good Wife 3x21 and 3x22 )

Game of Thrones 2x05 - gets a little future book spoilery )

H50 2x20 and NCIS LA 2x20 )

I have not yet watched Fringe, or caught-up on Mad Men which sounds like it got interesting just as I thought I could let in lapse for a few weeks.

I also finished Avatar: The Last Airbender last week and oh, amazing, amazing show. All the feelings. I love them all but I have a special place in my heart for Zuko. That final scene with his sister .... yeah. Feelings.

Nearly the weekend. Fuck. Yes.
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I am used to being a sports fan, but playoff hockey is something else. I am not used to this whole seven-game-series, games-everyday thing and it's ... something. Something quite stressful. I filled in a bracket as part of [ profile] sixteenwins, and I was going okay in the Eastern Conference but failing in the Western Conference ... until today, when the Eastern Conference was full of fail (I really expected the Rangers to win, and let's not get into the Pens scoring 10 goals - even though I was happy for JStaal) but Vancouver actually won a game! (I actually am fairly indifferent about Canucks/Kings but my bracket would prefer the Canucks).

So yeah, still with the hockey thing.

Game of Thrones 2x03 - contains future spoilers )

Haven't got to Mad Men, or last week's Community. I did watch The Good Wife which I found just okay, but I am very interested to see where everything is going.

I also probably had Fringe thoughts, but it's been a while since the episode. Overall, I liked it quite a lot.


I haven't done this ages:

Music meme!

1. If you'd like to play along, reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. You then list at least five songs that start with that letter.
3. Then, as I'm doing here, you'll post the list to your journal with the instructions.

[personal profile] musesfool gave me the letter C.

The Animaniacs - Countries of the World - I just had to when I got this letter. It's out of date now but it's so well done. Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweeden ... Algeria, Ghana!

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert - Can I Interest You in Hannukah? -Jon and Stephen sing about holidays. We have dreidels/ What are they? / Wooden tops. We have candles/ What are they? /THEY ARE CANDLES! And when we light them, oh the fun it never stops.

The Arrogant Worms - Canada is Really Big - because I am all about comedy songs tonight apparently. We're the second biggest country, and if Russia keeps shrinking, soon we will be first.

The Gaslight Anthem - Casanova, Baby! - I think I can blame [ profile] tangleofthorns for the number of TGA songs I have. I like them a lot. They have an Springsteen-ish feel but with a little more rock, maybe? This song has great drum beat and great lyrics. We could run all night / And dance upon the architecture / Come and take my hand /I'll do the very best I can.

Colin Meloy - Cupid (Sam Cooke Cover) - Choosing this song might go hand in hand with compiling this list at 1am. Anyway, I go through stages with Colin Meloy's voice but this is such a good cover.

Janelle Monae - Cold War - catchy, nice beat and I'll be honest, I like the fact that the title reminds me of history. This is a cold war / do you know what you're fighting for?

The Puppini Sisters - Crazy in Love (Beyonce Cover) (The Tuesday Weld Remix) - I have no idea how this ended up in my iTunes but I've become really fond of it. It's a remix of a Beyonce cover and it's got a old-school feel (Wikipedia describes The Puppini Sisters as a close-harmony trio), but danced up a little bit. Catchy as hell.

James Blake - CMYK - I love songs which sample other songs well, and this song is full of bits of different sounds and samples layered over the top of each other. Look I found her / in a red coat / look I found her.


I am awfully tempted to mainline Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor and Captain America this weekend in preparation for the Avengers release on Wednesday. Midnight screening. \o/

Oreos are on special at the supermarket this week. I don't want to talk about how many packets I've bought. *shakes head at self* I also believe that being temporarily employed is making it worse, as it means I'm walking past the supermarket nearly everyday.

What self-discipline?
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Today I failed to get many things done so instead I'm going to talk about TV.

Hawaii Five-0: 2x20 )

Mad Men: Mystery Date )

Game of Thrones: 2x02 )

I'm also slowly making my way through Avatar: the Last Airbender. So good. Love them all, but especially like Sokka and Zuko. Oh, kids. <3

Job interview tomorrow. Yeah.
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I had a job interview today. I think it went okay. For someone who is a pretty anxious person by nature, I don't get that nervous in job interviews, but as soon as I walk out I start second-guessing everything. It is a job I am very qualified for but I don't know what the competition is like and I said a few weird things. Ugh. I don't know. I'd really quite like the job though, and it's a permanent job. Having one of those again would be novel.

However, if I don't get it, I have an interview next Wednesday for another job. So, things could be worse, I guess. At least I'm getting interviews.

I also made these cookies today. I don't have the best record as far as cookies are concerned, but these turned out really nicely and are quite tasty. Chopping up chocolate pieces worked really well too as they stayed sort of melt-y in the middle for ages. Nom.

I uh may have had a few more than was good for me though because just a tiiiny bit hyped up on sugar right now.

In fandom news, Game of Thrones is back!

Game of Thrones 2x01 - I have read up to the end of AFFC but I'll try to stop myself getting too book spoilery )

Fringe was better this week, but I am at the point where if it stopped at the end of S4, I would be okay with that. I'm still enjoying it don't get me wrong, but not as much as I was and yeah, I'd be okay with that.

I am also up to date with Mad Men, but I don't have a lot to say other than I'm mostly enjoying it. Peggy <3

And I started watching Avatar: the Last Airbender with [ profile] gnine last weekend. It's so good. Sokka is my favourite so far, but Zuko is intriguing and Katara is made of awesome.

There's also hockey. Of course.

I keep having Staal thoughts and Staal theories. Eric = troll!Staal. Marc = sensible!Staal (well as sensible as a pro hockey player can be). Jordan = bro!Staal. Jared = Staal Not Appearing in this NHL. This makes sense when you consider which two Staals got arrested during Eric's bachelor party, and well, this video. Troll!Stall and Bro!Stall trolling everyone and calling Patrick Kane a midget and circling him like sharks around a hobbit (how's that for a mental image? Wring-wraiths around a hobbit maybe?) and generally finding themselves hilarious. I for one find it delightful, but I am not objective.

Also, the Philadelphia/Pittsburgh fight was insane. I'm torn between wanting to see them play each other in the playoffs and thinking that it would be an incredibly bad idea. I'm not a huge of fan of either team, but Claude Giroux is adorable and ginger.

I need to pick teams to follow in the playoffs too, because oh, Carolina. (Yes, I hear you, Hawks and Bruins people. We'll see. We'll see).

Random other things:

1.Gyzym's guide to reading the Discworld books is really awesome. It also made me curious why I haven't read Thief of Time - I really should have.

2. The Newroom trailer - but I guess if you have any interest you've probably seen this by now. I'm cautiously optimistic, but then I also liked the pilot for Studio 60.

3. Bad Opinions from History Generator.
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I finally finished A Feast For Crows yesterday.

I found it a little frustrating to be honest (spoilers) )

But in happier pop culture happenings, I did see Captain American on Tuesday.

In short: pretty awesome )

I also uh, may have developed a Hawaii Five-0 thing? I will admit I think I've seen maybe an episode and a half of the show (hostages! People thinking Danny is Steve's wife!) but I knew some of the authors I liked in SGA were writing in the fandom - which in terms of the Steve/Danny dynamic makes a bit of sense because there is something of the McKay/Sheppard about them - and so I read a little and then watched some clips on YouTube (OMG they are so ridiculous! Steve's blows up doors! And they're so very, very married!) and I've grown quite fond of them, especially Steve, which is not shocking in the slightest. What is it with me and the emotionally damaged, ridiculously hot military guys? Anyway, yes, I've read a lot of Steve/Danny fic and I regret nothing. I'm probably going to read a lot more, and uh, actually watch the show.

Related link: I discovered this post which illustrates Steve and Danny's sheer amount of ridiculousness (and gayness) in just the first two episodes. It's really well done. It also does a lovely job of illustrating the hotness of Alex O'Loughlin. Seriously. (Nothing against the rest of the cast, who are also very attractive - hi Grace Park, nice to see you again - but Alex is where I'm at right now).

In RL news, I am doing little. But I came to a conclusion yesterday while looking at job ads that I really just need to move up to Wellington. I'm not even looking at jobs in Christchurch, so it seems pointless to look at jobs there from here when I'm not even looking for a job here. It's cheaper to stay here, but I miss Wellington and maybe I can temp for a little bit, and while living at home is mostly fine, it's also starting to niggle at me a little bit. So, I need to look at flights and see what's doable, but decision made. (I think).

The news out of London has been pretty mad. Still know a lot of people over there, and one of places that was badly affected on Monday night was pretty close to where I used to live (we shopped at the costume shop that was burned out in Clapham Junction when we were looking for outfits for our Monopoly Pub Crawl). It's been a little weird being over here.

It's odd the things that make you miss places. I had a small moment in the supermarket today where I saw something on a shelf I used to eat quite a lot in London and London felt so far away for a moment. *sigh* Anyway, craziness.
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I actually properly read my flist today and I've missed it. I have been so enchanted by Tumblr's pretty pictures but it's been so nice to read some words and see how obsessed everyone seems to be with X-Men First Class, and other things like Suits. I haven't yet fallen down the Charles/Erik fic hole but oh it will happen. I've loved them since I started reading comics, and love the movie, so it's only a matter of time.

Otherwise I've been doing ... not enough. I've been back over a month and I should be really looking hard at jobs and making decisions about moving and I'm not doing that. I'm getting horrendously distracted by the internet ... where I also need to be looking for jobs. You see the problem. ;) This was inevitable, but that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

Fandom wise, well there's always Fringe. Always. Josh showed up at Comic-Con (in an Observer suit no less) and was his hyperactive, adorable, fan-boy self, so that was awesome and made me breath a huge sigh of relief. Other than that it's a lot of 'ooh pretty pictures' and hoping fandom's not going to be all 'Peter vs. Lincoln' next season. I was thinking about it before, when you cross the line into unreasonable character war, and while I don't think you have to like all fictional characters in a show/book/whatever (I certainly don't - but I do admit in Fringe I like the large majority) and you should feel free to say so on your blog/Tumblr/LJ/thing, there's a line somewhere. Direct line by line comparisons? (Peter is so awesome because he did this, but Lincoln sucks because he didn't do this, for example) Commenting on someone's happy post with comments bashing the character? I don't know. I'll know it when I see it. ;) But then, I like Peter and Lincoln a whole lot, so maybe that's the reason it irks me. *shrug*

I also spent a lot of time today pondering staged paparazzi photos, and if the recent photos of Josh and Diane were staged, or not, because they kind of looked it because they're not huge stars and seemed to get a lot of attention recently, and people do it all the time, and it's part of the game, but then they were in LA in places where there are a lot of photographers, and then Diane has endorsement deals so ... and I really need a job. There have been far too many celebrity gossip blogs recently and I don't think it can be healthy.

I did catch up on True Blood, and by that I mean I decided to hunt down the clips of Eric from this season on YouTube. I can't say I'm really missing watching the whole episodes.

Reading wise I am still trying to get through A Feast of Crows and it is not as easy going as I'd like.

I really need to do things tomorrow, and getting out of bed before 10am would be a good start, so I should sleep. ;)
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Emmy nomination thoughts )

Overall: eh. There's some good there don't get me wrong, but eh. I do need to watch Justified and Friday Night Lights though. And Breaking Bad. And Luther. And ... lots of things.

The closer Comic-Con gets the more sad I am it's currently Josh-less. After a period of relative calm I'm back to over-thinking all things Fringe. *headdesk* I'm probably worried about nothing, I realise that.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some TV Tropes tabs open. I may be sometime.
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Yep, I've left it a long time again.

Despite the heat (which wasn't that bad really) and the odd hiccup (banks grr) the holiday to the US was awesome. New York was insane, huuge, varied and hell of a lot of fun, Boston was really nice and Bruins obsessed (and I got to have an awesome time meeting [ profile] tangleofthorns) and DC was ... a lot of walking, but also really great to visit. I did all the big tourist-y things, and saw some things I've wanted to see all my life. So, well, well worth it. Also, insanely good travel luck on the way home including a business class upgrade and avoiding one flight delay and one flight cancellation.

New Zealand is fine. I have missed it and I'm enjoying Christchurch's idea of Winter - which seems to be cold nights and 13 degree days with blue skies and sunshine. The aftershocks haven't been too bad, but the holes and the not going into town and ... yeah, it's a bit to get used to. The city is both better and worse than I thought, if that makes any sense. I've mostly been lazing around the house and adjusting, but I should get on the job thing and make a decision about staying here v.s going back to Wellington. Despite the hassle and the expense, I think going back to Wellington is more likely.

I just spent some time tidying some things from the US trip/the UK and reading over some old entries (why do I do that?) it just made me all nostalgic. It all seems so far away already. *sigh*

Fandom wise, it's still a lot Fringe (and trying not to think too hard about the Comicon panel and the lack of Josh on it), but I'm trying to start a West Wing re-watch because it's been ages and now me and my full DVD collection have been reunited.

I've also been working my way through the rest of The Song of Ice and Fire - thanks to my friend having them on her bookshelf here - yay.

I'm now most of the way through 'A Storm of Swords: Part 2' - spoilery )

There really should be new icons - and I've been saying that forever but now I have time.

And yeah, holiday photos really need to be loaded somewhere.

Edit: Oh random vid rec: Fun in the Blue verse (Fringe) - vid looking at the weird and amusing moments on this side. Really well put together and just a hell of a lot of fun to watch.
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It's um, been a while, I admit. I've been seeing that Tumblr again. Yes, the one with all the pretty pictures and .gifs. I'm sorry, LJ.

Quick update: Birthday was uneventful, quit job and had nice leaving drinks, went to Berlin and loved it. Have a few action packed days - including an Arsenal stadium tour and David Tennant doing Shakespeare - before Isle of Wight and the Foo Fighters and then OMG I'm in the USA!


I also saw X-Men: First Class last night.

Okay, so that was pretty awesome )

And got mostly caught up with Game of Thrones.

I've seen up to the end of 1x07 but then I've also read the book, so possible discussion of things in 1x08 )

I also have caught up on Dr Who, and uh, without getting spoiler-y, I'm not really feeling this season. I've really liked bits of it but on the whole, I can take it or leave it. And it's not really for any particular plot reason, and the acting is still good, I just seem to be losing interest. I don't know. *shrugs*

BTW if anyone does have a Tumblr I'd love to follow anyone on my flist. Feel free to pimp me your Tumblr (or indeed Twitter account) below. Reciprocation not required. ;)

I really need to find coffee, I stayed up way too late.
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I'm quite possibly on a sugar high from too much Aero Orange chocolate. So good. Damn you Sainsburys specials.

I went to see Thor on Monday:

Thoughts - admittedly a lot about how awesome Loki was )

I had some further Fringe thoughts now I'm over the OMGWTF of the finale but I might try and make them a bit more coherent before I post. I'm not really feeling it right now.

I have actually achieved something this week and booked my final few day's accomodation in New York and started packing away the things I need to ship home tonight, which isn't quite as impressive as it sounds as it basically involved moving stuff from one box to another. I am having bank account dilemmas though. I just need to make a decision and stick to it, but I am wavering. A lot.

I also got distracted by Josh and Diane being ridiculously adorable on the Cannes red carpet tonight.

How adorable? Well this adorable )

And how distracted? So distracted. There was a lot of refreshing of various things. Procrastinating is so my Olympic sport.

Have fallen behind on Dr Who. Now two episodes down. Must catch up before I leave iPlayer behind.

I am up to date with Game of Thrones though. Still enjoying it, but maybe not as much as at the start, but can't really put my finger on why. It's since I've started reading the book actually, but they're really doing a good job of the adaption ... I'm not sure. Arya still rocks all before her though.
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Amsterdam was awesome. Quite different from my last trip but in the best way. Very relaxed, amazing weather, crazy Dutch people. I had a great time.

However then it took me 2 hours to get home from Gatwick, but at least I had this waiting for me at home:

Fringe: The Last Sam Weiss )

Still have to watch Game of Thrones, Dr Who and Community (in that order, I imagine) but I also have to do some things with my day.

Have started reading "Game of Thrones" too, which sort of spoils the tv show I guess, but loving the book so far. Although I must admit I find Danerys quite a bit more engaging on the screen than on the page. It's interesting.

Berlin tickets booked too. \o/

As for the big news that went down overnight. I was awake to see it happen on Twitter and watch the address, and wow. Did not see that coming. Symbolically, it's huge and I can imagine it must bring a sense a closure to people. I'm not sure i have a lot else to say. Good week for Barack Obama.
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1. Fringe: 6:02 AM EST )

2. I thought Community was awesome - but maybe not quite as awesome as a lot of people seemed to - but it was very well done and a huge improvement on the previous week's really-not-at-all-funny episode.

3. Dr Who: The Impossible Astronaut )

4. Enjoyed Game of Thrones a hell of a lot. Have the next ep now and I'm tempted but I really should actually do things I've been meaning to get done all weekend ...

5. And a movie Scream 4 )

Right, now, those things I meant to do. To be fair I have done a little bit this weekend - and went to Bath which had gorgeous weather and is pretty and the Roman Baths are seriously worth going to - but yesterday I did spend a few hours sitting in Clapham Common with some beer and some friends because the weather has been insanely good this weekend.

Berlin tickets must be booked today or tomorrow. Must be.

I need new icons like woah.


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