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Multiverse fics went up at the comm yesterday, and I wrote.

Every planet has an upside
For: [ profile] agonistes
Fandoms: Torchwood and Firefly
Pairing: Jack/Kaylee (kinda, sorta, more interaction that anything)

It's my first crossover, and first piece of fic in either Firefly or Torchwood. Eep. It was a lot of fun to write though and my recipient liked it, so yay. \o/

Also, I saw The Dark Knight. I might have more detailed thoughts later, but while I definitely enjoyed it and thought Heath Ledger was fantastic, I did think it was too long and Christopher Nolan tried to do too much with it.

I have neither Torchwood or Firefly icons. Seriously self, get on that.
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David Hewlett and Michael Shanks are both confirmed for Armageddon in Auckland? I missed this somehow. I thought David was likely, but Michael as well? I am not as big a Daniel girl as I once was, and really Hewlett is enough to make me want to go, but I am so unbelievably there. Have to make up for missing Joe last year.

They're writing a Serenity comic about Book's origin. \o/

I must track down the new Serenity comics. They must be in the city somewhere.
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I don't feel like I've stopped all weekend. In fact, I kinda feel like I need another day off to recover.

First off, work on Saturday, which went fine right up to the point where it really, really didn't but that was followed by book purchases (Black Powder War!) and my very first fangirl dinner with [ profile] shihadchick, [ profile] blue_raven, [ profile] china_shop and [ profile] arysteia which was awesome. There was talk of SGA, Muse, the Daily Show and fandom in general. Fangirls for the win. Seriously. It was awesome to meet you all!

And then Armageddon today, which I meant I caught up with my cousin who I haven't seen in ages and hung around a bit more with [ profile] shihadchick and [ profile] blue_raven, who very nicely saved us seats in the front row for the Ark of Truth screening.

Ark of Truth )

Then there was a short bit of Christopher Judge, who was awesome (although I am kinda gutted I missed his longer panel with Alexis Cruz the day before) and much wandering. I avoided buying things for so long! But then ended up with SGA and Dr Who stills (4/6 starring John Shepppard. What?) and Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly because I've been meaning to read it for ages, and it was there looking like it needed me to take it home.

Overall, I had a fun time, even if that big group panel at the end had me cringing so much I had to leave it.

And then tonight I went to dinner at my friend's house and while lovely to see her and my other friend, I was just really tired ... which is why I'm typing this now instead of sleeping. *shakes head at self*

In summary, awesome weekend, fangirls for the win but I am tired.
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Very lazy weekend. Spent Saturday inside because it was a raining and watched The Bourne Identity (David Strathairn, mmm) and Pride and Prejudice (the Keira version, because it's oh so pretty). Both of which were awesome, although in slightly different ways. ;)

Sunday I wandered to the vege market, was somewhat social and watched Firefly and god, it's been ages since I saw the pilot. So much love. Mal! Wash! Simon! Zoe! Kaylee! Book! It still does make me a little bitter after watching it, because damn, it was so, so good. I can see me going back and rewatching them all in the near future. <3!

Doctor Who: Partners in Crime )
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So, I may have spent all day at Armageddon. *sheepish look* However, it was well, well worth it.

X3, Serenity, Jewel Staite, Claudia Christian, Phil Jiminez and All Manner of Geekery )

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a DVD I've been wanting to watch for a very long time now. ;)
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Things I 'Achieved' Today:

* Rediscovered my Josh Lyman love after watching 'Crackpots and These Women.'
* Drank a lot of Coke.
* Read more VMars fic and looked at more VMars picspams than would probably be considered healthy.

And that's it, really.

I didn't end up going to Armageddon today. I just didn't have the motivation, even though if I'd looked at the programme, I would have seen that Jewel Staite was doing a panel today. So, I kind of wish I had. However, since Summer Glau hasn't been able to make it, Jewel is doing another panel with Claudia Christian tomorrow at 11am. I'm sorely tempted (Jewel!) and it's not like I have any other plans tomorrow.

If the Studio 60 draft pilot script that's floating around the 'net is a fake, it's a damn impressive one. If it's got some truth behind it, then whee! I'm already fannish about it and I can totally see Brad Whitford and Matthew Perry in the lead roles. New Sorkin makes me happy.

TV3 still haven't scheduled S2 of BSG. Grrr. Also, no news on Prime and the new season of Dr Who. Grrr. Or TV2 and S2 of Veronica Mars, though the fact that they have the page still up on their website is probably a good sign, and it'll probably come on when The OC gives up the Friday 7:30pm timeslot. A good couple of months then. *sigh*

I'm craving chocolate chip cookies, or cookies-and-cream ice-cream. But it's really a bit of a walk to the closest place that's going to be open at midnight to sell them to me.

I'm also craving Bring it On for some reason. Mmm, Eliza. *goes off to probably fall asleep watching it*
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I had another job interview today and I think it went pretty well and the place I'd work is awesome, but I won't know anything for over a week, which is frustrating, but that's the way these things work. I'm also looking at coffee-shop jobs for money, which I need as my temporary job has ended, but again with the waiting, which have I mentioned that I'm bad at? ;)

The flat situation is as it ever was unfortunately. My friend is really far too understanding. I've been staying with her nearly 7 weeks now. Fuck, 7 weeks. That's insane.

Fandom wise:

- I found a Serneity poster for $1 after walking into a video store on a whim. *glee*

- Armageddon - which is usually a fairly poor excuse for a fantasy/sci-fi/anime con in Wellington - has Jewel Staite and Summer Glau coming this year! I'll totally go, I only wish I had someone to drag along and share my geeky glee.

- Tess and Isabel-less Ocean's 13! *more glee* However ...

- I've missed three eps of GA and totally given up on Lost. *sighs*
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So, back from Serenity.

spoilers, awe, wonder and incoherency all under here )

After typing this most of the daze has gone but, just ... wow.
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Mmm, good television; it makes me happy.

Veronica Mars: Clash of the Tritons )


Doctor Who: Bad Wolf & The Parting of Ways )


So many Serenity posts and I haven't clicked a single one.


*wills upcoming week to go faster*

When you see this in your LJ quote 'Firefly'

From my favourite ep 'Objects in Space'.

I only hurt people 'cause they keep
getting in the way of finding you!
(to Simon)
Tell her!

What am I, your advocate?

(thrusts out gun)
You are starting now.

(to River)
He's really very gentle and fuzzy,
we're becoming fast friends.

*River giggles*

You folk are all insane!

Well, my sister's a ship, we had a
complicated childhood.

Those lines are just all about Sean Maher's deadpan delivery. It's delicious.


I simply adore this cover.
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1. I heard Hoobastank's 'The Reason' at work today while monotonously setting tables and my first very painful thought was, 'I bet someone has thought of making, or worse, made a House/Cameron vid to this song.' Gah. Pain.

2. Due to the wonders of DVD-U I got my first disk of my randomly chosen Stargate season a couple of days ago.

Stargate SG-1 403: Updates - very random thougts )

3. Veronica Mars 107: The Girl Next Door )

4. Doctor Who: Father's Day )

5. If you're a Firefly fan and haven't seen the River Tam sessions that are going around the 'net to advertise for Serenity, I highly recommend them and that you watch them in the order they've been released.The second one broke me into little pieces today. Oh, River.

6. I didn't get that job. I was a little disappointed but really, I'd already figured out I hadn't got it. Nothing to do but keep looking.

7. Because, why not? Give me one character or pairing in a fandom I'm familiar with, and I will give you a sentence or two of fic.
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1) Dad has watched nearly all of Firefly this weekend and is lovng it. Mmm, convert. Not that I can babble fannishly to him about ships or anything, but it's one more person who will go and see 'Serenity' when it gets here. I meant to do other things but ended up watching a lot of it with him because I was reminded how wonderful it is. <3

2) The D row of the 'Alternative' section at Real Groovy proved my undoing on Saturday. I bought Death Cab for Cutie's 'Transatlanticism,' The Dresden Dolls' self-titled album and The Decemberist's album 'Picaresque.' It wasn't cheap but they're all fantastic albums.

3) I don't think I would have actually believed Bernie Eccelstone (Boss of Formula One racing, for those who aren't familiar) said 'I have a theory women look good in white, like all other domestic appliances' (paraphrased) unless I had seen the clip on the news tonight. Not that I thought he was a nice guy or anything, just that, who the hell says (or thinks, but I'm not that naive) that?! What a complete and utter ass! I stared at the TV screen aghast.

4)I haven't re-read OotP yet and haven't even pre-ordered HBP yet either. I am a bad HP fan. Also, one who is totally dreading the re-read because yeah, it's going to make me bawl. I'd like to say I'm over it completely, but I'm totally not. *sap* I will do it though, because there are all sorts of small details missing in my head which I think I'm going to need to know.

5) The new Doctor Who series is coming here soon on Prime! After all the squee I've seen about it, I can't wait to finally see it myself. Now, if only we'd get Veronica Mars and Stargate: Atlantis ...

6) House is still ruling my life. I even have fic and god forbid, vid bunnies. I've also seen the cane-grabbng scene from the Unaired Pilot (through the generosity of [ profile] darkeyedwolf) and *dies* OTP!

7) Someone in Christchurch owns a silver Aston Martin DB9. I saw it the other day and had to cross the road to make sure I wasn't imagining it and to get a better look. So pretty.

8) Australian Cricket Team: WTF?


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