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Just a quick note to say stay safe to people on the East Coast. Hopefully it's not as bad as everyone's predicted and you stay dry and powered. xx

Also um, Homeland's really, really good.

And I seem to have rediscovered hockey feelings. I blame catching up on MvsW.

Hockey things:

1.[ profile] puckling has posted an awesome Tazer pic/gifspam. (I have realiesd that Mr Toews and I share a habit: I totally pull judgy unimpressed looks in photos as well, even when I'm having a good time. Maybe he's having a good time. Maybe he just doesn't like photos ... no he's probably just judgy :p)

2. And here's a fic where Carts and Ritchie are telepathic. I can't believe this didn't exist before now ...

We Have Conversations (4581 words) by faviconpressdbtwnpages
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeff Carter/Mike Richards
Characters: Jeff Carter, Mike Richards
Summary: Being telepathic saves a ton of money on phone bills.

In which Jeff and Mike develop telepathy after they're traded from Philadelphia.

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Barring the awesomeness that was the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup on Tuesday, this whole week can take a running jump. I even had job interviews that went okay(ish) and still, blah blah. I feel stupid and incapable, and I don't know what I want to do, and work is stupid (and only for the next two weeks) and I’m questioning everything. Blah.

So eloquent.

And I know people have had far more difficult weeks that that, so *big hugs* to anyone who needs one. <3

Today at work I had pictures of the LA Kings taking the Stanley Cup to Dodger Stadium open in a few tabs to cheer me up. (see what has happened here?) Jeff Carter, has your hair always been that blonde? Or is the absence of the beard drawing my attention back to it? Or is just the lighting in this photo?

I went back and read the Carter/Richards primer yesterday and … seriously. Because it now ends LOL AND THEN THEY WON A STANLEY CUP TOGETHER. Because life works like that for them apparently. I also did not realise that people from Columbus (incl. Rick Nash) having to effectively drag Jeff Carter out of his beach house was freaking canon. JFC boys. What are your lives? Anyway, I was ridiculously happy for their ridiculous faces and the rest of the Kings and their adorable small humans who took-over press conferences and drank chocolate milk out of the Stanley cup in Spiderman outfits.(asfjhkagl)

You should read this fic about them getting drunkenly married. It’s beautiful. And the AO3 link should be nice and speedy. Oh, filters, you were so pesky. (big changes to search and browse coming to make them …less pesky). Much love to the coders/systems people who worked to speed everything back up. <3

... I meant to go to bed earlier. But Friday tomorrow. I'm not predicting much different for my Friday night tbh. Saturday, I'm seeing Prometheus.

(Also finally got a hockey icon. I had to with this picture. Arnold needs to be pictured with the cup, or they both need to sleep in a bed with it ... or something. The fic ideas are endless. Let's no get into the one about how they lost the playoff beards).
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It's been a weird week. I've felt unmotivated and blah, and I've also been getting recruitment calls, which is not a bad thing but they're offering to put my name forward for jobs that fit the long-term-slash-help-pay-for-my-trip-to-the-UK criteria but not the in-any-way-advancing-my-career criteria. I spent 2 years overseas doing blah-ish temp admin jobs and I'm over it tbh, but then .... what do I want to do for a job anyway? And fuck do I need to go back and study something? And then I feel guilty because I should feel grateful I'm in a position where I can get a job and yes, blah. Blah, I say.

Vent over.

TV! Hockey! Other distracting things!


I couldn't concentrate on much this afternoon with the truly ridiculous triple fucking overtime Rangers/Caps game going on. Really happy for the Rangers (Gaborik! Some form!) but hard not to feel for the Caps as well. Braden Holtby is a rock-star.

Hope the Flyers can come back motivated tomorrow after losing so badly to the Devils.

I have seen clips, but last night it came to my attention that someone had put the entire NHL 2011 All Star Game Fantasy Draft on YouTube.

Lots of heart-eyes. Lots. They're ridiculous people, and while I knew it happened it was great to watch the whole show and see how it really was everytime someone was picked by Team Lindstrom who wasn't Tazer they'd go for a reaction shot. Amazing. Staals and Patrick Sharp continue to charm me (as sort of does Rick Nash), and lol Ovie taking a picture of Phil Kessel being the last one picked. Also this is far, far from an original thought but holy fuck, Jeff Skinner's smile. Nope. I don't need reminding how old he is. I know. I know.

I open three tabs when I sit down at my desk at the moment. They are GMail, Twitter and ... I have also listened to the Marek vs Wyshynski daily podcast pretty much every morning. Yeah.

And a rec:

not gonna write you a love song (6658 words) by faviconjustbreathe80
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal
Characters: Eric Staal, Jeff Skinner, Cody Ward, Justin Faulk
Summary: It’s like it’s normal to everyone, and Cam realizes that’s because it is normal. It’s how Jeff and Eric have always been, since the day Jeff showed up, eighteen and annoyingly fresh-faced at training camp, and Eric decided that Jeff was his.

Cam Ward outsider POV. <3


The Good Wife 3x21 and 3x22 )

Game of Thrones 2x05 - gets a little future book spoilery )

H50 2x20 and NCIS LA 2x20 )

I have not yet watched Fringe, or caught-up on Mad Men which sounds like it got interesting just as I thought I could let in lapse for a few weeks.

I also finished Avatar: The Last Airbender last week and oh, amazing, amazing show. All the feelings. I love them all but I have a special place in my heart for Zuko. That final scene with his sister .... yeah. Feelings.

Nearly the weekend. Fuck. Yes.
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Community 3x14 )

Fringe 4x17 )


I meant to tidy my room tonight - instead I lost hours to this:

Enough To Crush Your Veins (69474 words) by favicondoctor_denmark
Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal
Characters: Jeff Skinner, Eric Staal

When Canadian figure skater Jeff Skinner wrecked his knee, he never could have imagined that he'd end up helping pay his way through college as a live-in babysitter for Eric Staal's three-year-old son, Joey.

I read bits in commentfic form and couldn't wait for the whole thing to hit AO3. So, so good. Ridiculous hockey players are ridiculous and I have such a weakness for Staals, and kidfic, and pining and everything this fic is.

Hours well spent but I uh, really should eat something.


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