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Had an awesome fangirl weekend at Get Together. Great to see Team Auckland and fangirls from Australia and other parts of NZ. I have now watched some clips of Teen Wolf but I can't see myself being assimilated quite yet, although Stiles is kinda adorable. I was quite interested in the pimp of the gay storyline on Smash but uh maybe not enough to watch the rest of the show which pretty much everyone tells me is bad bad bad. Other highlights were seeing some awesome vids that I'd missed and the fandom pub quiz which was a great success. I can also see me reading Tony/Steve fic again. <33

Many thanks to [ profile] arysteia and [personal profile] china_shop for organising. <33

While it was an awesome weekend, following a final brunch today I needed to veg so decided to catch up on a lot of TV.

Last Resort 1x01 and 1x02 )

Downton Abbey 3x03 and 3x04 )

I'm also all up to date with The Good Wife after watching 4x02 this afternoon.

Thoughts )

I also really enjoyed the most recent Parks and Rec episode.

*phew* Lots of TV. Still have Fringe and Homeland to go.


In other news: I have a new job! I got offered the job I wanted and it's permanent. \o/ I start in a week's time and my contract arrived today. Excited! I can actually plan things and when things are a bit more settled a new MacBook is totally in my sights.
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I'm hooooome.

Well I got home yesterday after 38 hours of airports and flights - including a lovely 11 hour stopover in Incheon Airport in Seoul. I got a few things done (wash all the clothes, actually have food in the house) before sleeping for 11 hours. So needed that.

While I'll miss people I left in the UK a lot and in some ways being back in London felt like I never left - I'm happy to be back. It's nice to be back in my own bed and Wellington is looking pretty gorgeous in the sunshine. Also positive job things happened while I was away. I had a semi-interview via skype while in Barcelona and got offered another job too. I am still trying to finalise some things but it's looking positive.

Europe - in bullet points )

There will be photos. Eventually. These things always take me time.

Let the tv catch-up begin. Being in the UK meant I mostly kept up with The Thick of It (Malcolm I missed you so) and Downton Abbey but other than that ... ahaha no.

Why I started with H50 I'm not quite sure, but I did.

oy - which is to say 3.01 and 3.02 )

I also haven't really kept up with LJ/DW so that's another thing on the online to-do list. I uh ... sort of kept up with Tumblr as my queue of pictures of Gabriel Macht's face might attest. *cough*

Also just in time for Get Together this weekend! Very much looking forward to seeing everyone but I really need to do my Sportsnight pimp. I need to channel my feelings about Dan Rydell .... <333

And uh Yuletide noms are happening already? Dude. Time flies.
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Suits 2x10 )

Fangirl Friday last night was great. Politics, hockey, comics and lots of excellent travel advice. <3 you guys.

Not a lot planned this weekend except dinner with my friend tonight. Although I am going to need to leave the house to find breakfast at some point. My pantry is a little bare.

But first I can see me losing some time to Tumblr. Suits summer finale, Jeff Carter's day with the Cup ...

EDIT: I meant to include VVC recs! (so I can close some tabs)

It's All Coming Back to Me Now by [personal profile] trelkez. (Captain America comics, Steve/Bucky)

I am pretty new to Cap comics but I did love this. All the feelings. (And yes it is a vid to the Celine Dion song).

Lateralus by [ profile] rhoboat (Fringe)

The visuals in this and the way it's tied together is just stunning.

Girl in the War by [ profile] amnisias (Justified, Loretta)

Loretta vid! And to a great Josh Ritter song too.

How I Got Over by [personal profile] heresluck (The Wire, S4)

Just stunning S4 vid. The song choice is perfect and oh god, it brought back the season all over again. So well done.
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Get/together this weekend was awesome. It was great to see people again (for the first time in over two years in most cases) and meet new ones (including [ profile] labellementeuse who has been on my flist for years) and it was just a lot of fun. Lots of great discussion, fun panels and pretty new fandoms to explore. (I will end up reading XMen: First Class, Thor or Avengers fic soon, I know I will. It's pretty surprising I haven't fallen down those holes yet actually). I think my Fringe pimp went okay but I really wish I'd included more video and I kept thinking of things I should have mentioned after I finished, but it was a good experience and I'd be keen to do one again.

However, despite the awesome it was a very full-on weekend (9am-9pm both days, including travel time) so tonight I went home, had a simple dinner and just chilled out and it was just what I needed.

A lot of that time was spent reading fic, two of which were amazing:

1. Early Returns (15565 words) by faviconrageprufrock
Fandom: Inception (2010)
Rating: Mature
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: Thinking that a reporter genuinely likes you is pretty much on par with feeling like you really are special to that stripper.

I haven't read Inception fic in months and months but I'm so glad I took the time to read this. Arthur/Eames, Newspaper AU. Oh, Arthur. <3

2. All The Earth Awaits Thee (Hawaii Five-0, Steve/Danny). Written by a yet-to-be-revealed author for [ profile] h50_exchange.

Oh. This is just, heart-breaking but amazingly written and so real. Steve is diagnosed with leukemia and it's so them. It's so well done but also feels so personal and I really can't recommend it enough. Also, while heart-wrenching, it does have a happy ending.

I also found time to watch new Fringe.

Fringe: Novation )
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Signal boost:

Are you interested in volunteering as a coder or tester for the Archive of Our Own? Do you have questions about our development process, or would you like to learn more about how archive features go from idea to reality? The Accessibility, Design and Technology Committee will be holding an open house to talk about our work and answer any questions you may have!

All are welcome! The chat will be held on Sunday, October 30th at 20:00 UTC (what time is it in my timezone?) in OTW's public chatroom on Campfire. The chatroom can be accessed at

(from here).

Because time-zones are annoying I won't be there, but some other lovely fellow AD&T members will be, so come along if you're curious or have questions. :)


My RL friend has specifically asked me to have brunch with her tomorrow to explain the plot of Fringe! (Well S3 anyway). This is excellent preparation for my get_together presentation which I will definitely be working on tomorrow. Definitely.

I also just figured out that one of the attendees is a fellow OTW Committee member too. Really happy to be meeting more OTW people in RL.
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Had a very pleasant day yesterday with [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] woolly_socks and [ profile] morebliss for Outrageous Fortune S1 (I forgot how awesome it is) and then [ profile] morebliss introduced me to Life on the Murder Scene.

Which, well, I thought I was basically immune to MCR flavoured bandom. Now? Not so much. Gerard's earnestness and comic books love, and Frank's hyperactivity and cuteness, Bob's camera kicking, Brian's ... well, hotness, and Ray's surprising talkativeness was all very happy-making. (Mikey, I do like you too, mostly).

Two things give me a little pause, they do take themselves a little seriously (well, okay Gerard does, but he's pretty awesome while doing so) and I'm not so much for the blood imagery (small squick), but I think they've moved away from that a little? Anyway hardly large impediments. ;)

So, yeah, this might be amusing.

Other fandom things:

- I finished Mad Men S1 and it is one awesome show. I need to track down S2.

Small ramble about Mad Men kinda OTP that turned longer )

- I wasn't such a big fan of the most recent Kings episode, which may have been a result of being really tired well watching, but I'm still intrigued, and hear it may not be long for TV land. *sigh* Well, with those ratings everyone keeps going on about.

- Heroes: Still there, mostly. HRG rocked the most recent ep.

I think that's it. ;) Now I've ticked Mad Men off, I think I need to continue my Wire watching.

Also, I have lost the battle with myself about whether a hollow chocolate bunny is appropriate breakfast food. Nom, Easter.
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Yuletide uploaded! :D

I meant to go home and write after the awesome fangirl dinner last night with [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] arysteia, [ profile] woolly_socks, [ profile] morebliss and [ profile] vaudevilles but in reality I mucked around and slept. But this afternoon I made serious progress and [ profile] tangleofthorns very nicely looked it over for me. Yay.

My friend linked me to this: Barack Obama has friended you on Facebook.

Barack, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, James Jones, Bill Richardson, Lawrence Summers, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and The U.S. Auto Industry joined the Facebook group We're Not Friends With Rod Blagojevich.

Rahm Emanuel was tagged in a photo album Rod And Rahm Just Chillin' by Rod Blagojevich


Also, I am informed that Jon Walker is a gateway drug to bandom. Oh, dear. I blame [ profile] morebliss and her picspam powers. He's quite pretty. And I think I've got to the point where I can tell the Panic boys apart. That's an achievement as Brendan and Ryan really confused me for a while there. Whether it's a good or bad achievement I'll leave that with you guys, I need to go and get dinner and fresh air.

And a couple of the new Fall Out Boy songs will not get out of my head.

Leaving now.

Oh, also: [ profile] shihadchick I got your card! Thank you! *hugs*
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Back from [ profile] get__together. Was awesome to hang around with fangirls for the weekend watching vids, and watching some very cool fannish presentations. I was also reminded how awesome Fidel's eggs florentine is. Mmm. I am tired though, and almost, kinda *gasp* media-ed out. Which is why I'm sitting in front of a screen now. ;)

However, I include this, which is unrelated but something I found this morning and said I'd link to.

Dark Knight trailer mixed with Toy Story. I may not look at Woody the same again. Well done though.

Have left the decision about Armageddon in Auckland quite late. Will have to check flights.

Work tomorrow. Can't say I'm looking forward to it. *sigh*

Random link: Jon Stewart as a Peanuts character with Linus blanket!
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My flatmate who I got on with best moved out today. She's going overseas for a bit then moving in with her boyfriend, which is awesome and I'm sure I'll catch up with her when she's back, but I can't help but be a bit sad about it. Ah well.

However, apart from that, and the fact that I was at work for 4 hours on a Saturday, things are pretty good. There was awesome fangirling last night with [ profile] china_shop, [ profile] arysteia, [ profile] morebliss, [ profile] woolly_socks and [ profile] the_antichris and there will be watching of David Tennant on Top Gear on Sunday as well!

In further awesome news [ profile] mcsmooch is open for two weeks and I'm going to try and contribute and there are pretty pictures of (scruffy and silver templed) Flanigans and Hewletts about.

I will make new icons this weekend and possibly think about some of my vid ideas some more.

I also need to see Shine a Light before its extended season ends.
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I don't feel like I've stopped all weekend. In fact, I kinda feel like I need another day off to recover.

First off, work on Saturday, which went fine right up to the point where it really, really didn't but that was followed by book purchases (Black Powder War!) and my very first fangirl dinner with [ profile] shihadchick, [ profile] blue_raven, [ profile] china_shop and [ profile] arysteia which was awesome. There was talk of SGA, Muse, the Daily Show and fandom in general. Fangirls for the win. Seriously. It was awesome to meet you all!

And then Armageddon today, which I meant I caught up with my cousin who I haven't seen in ages and hung around a bit more with [ profile] shihadchick and [ profile] blue_raven, who very nicely saved us seats in the front row for the Ark of Truth screening.

Ark of Truth )

Then there was a short bit of Christopher Judge, who was awesome (although I am kinda gutted I missed his longer panel with Alexis Cruz the day before) and much wandering. I avoided buying things for so long! But then ended up with SGA and Dr Who stills (4/6 starring John Shepppard. What?) and Finding Serenity: Anti-Heroes, Lost Shepherds and Space Hookers in Joss Whedon's Firefly because I've been meaning to read it for ages, and it was there looking like it needed me to take it home.

Overall, I had a fun time, even if that big group panel at the end had me cringing so much I had to leave it.

And then tonight I went to dinner at my friend's house and while lovely to see her and my other friend, I was just really tired ... which is why I'm typing this now instead of sleeping. *shakes head at self*

In summary, awesome weekend, fangirls for the win but I am tired.


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