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I was supposed to be doing productive things this evening, but instead I ended up at my friend's house watching a S1 episode of ST:TNG. I cannot quite believe they did the, 'oh look a mysterious thing is making us all feel drunk and lustful' quite that early on its run, I mean it was like the 3rd episode of the whole show! Of course now I sort of want to re-watch TNG but OMG self not the time. Too many other things.

I did however pick up some UK candy my friend found for me (MiniEggs!) and got my passport renewal form signed, so that's something in the productive and deliciousness columns.

In other news, the hockey thing rolls on. I spent a lot of weekend watching hockey videos, and I have become invested in whether the Hurricanes make the play-offs. (They won today! And Eric scored twice!) I still don't quite get fandom's obsession with Crosby and Kaner though - or okay, I do get it, but I don't share it

You know how sometimes you're just ready for a new fandom? This is totally what happened here.

To top off a sports fan weekend, I went to watch the Australian GP at a sports bar since so few of them are on at a convenient time in NZ, and Jenson won! And he and Seb were adorable afterwards! All the hugs.

I have accepted the fact that Seb is my #2 driver - sorry Lewis, it was never going to happen.

The Good Wife: Gloves Come Off )

I am still quite awake. It was probably the energy drinks my work-mate bought to get us through our meeting this afternoon - after I'd already had two coffees - wasn't it? Yes. That was probably it.
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Fringe: The Plateau )

Ratings went up too! Admittedly by 0.1 but on a day when the competition fell heavily because of sports. So the Fringe audience is dependable if nothing else. ;)

3.04 sneak peak: Looks awesome.

FOX video on Peter and Walter's relationship: That "Dad" moment still slays me. Just, adfadssgh my heart! I would also argue it's one of Josh's best scenes on the show.

In non-Frigne news (I know!) there is F1 this weekend (in Japan, which makes time-zones fun) and qualifying was postponed due to torrential rain till 2am UK time and then the race is at 7am UK time. How much sleep do I want to lose is the question? ;)

Seasame St take-off of the Old Spice Ad. Yes, really. It's brilliant.
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Mad Men: Hands and Knees )

This show = amazing. Seriously.

In other TV: Bones was eh with one exception ) and The Event was outright bad, but in a sort of 'I want to see how bad it gets' way.


1. More cast interviews. I haven't got through them all but the Josh one is worth watching (yeah, I would say that), but not because he's hilarious, this one is very straight-up, but because he spends 5 minutes talking just about Peter, not Peter and the love triangle. It's interesting, and also proves Josh can fanwank with the best of them about what Peter did at the end of S2. He almost sold me on his theory.

2. Bones and Fringe promo for this week's episodes. Bones, eh, but Fringe, guh. Vageuly spoilery rambling )

3. Fringe seems to have zapped my ability to read the word Bolivia as anything other than a reference to Olivia. I was just reading something and it took me so long before I finally went, 'Oh the fucking country!' *shakes head*

4. I was reading some reviews of 3x01 on other sites and um, there are some crazy people about in the comments. I mean I love Josh/Peter too people, but wow. There are crazy people on the internet, this really shouldn't surprise me.


1. Cute short film called 'Voices' with Sean Biggerstaff (yes, Oliver Wood!) and Laura Fraser (from A Knight's Tale and David Tennant's Casanova). I was linked at ONTD and it's pretty cool and oh god, that accent. I'd completely forgotten about the Sean/Oliver Wood thing I had after the early HP movies. (Well, the Oliver Wood thing started in the books, but the movies made it worse). My walking tour guide in Edinburgh sounded very similar and needless to say, it was a pretty amazing tour.

2. Singapore GP was pretty eh. I really think Alonso might run away with it and that would make me sad. Poor Jenson has scored okay in the last two GPs and is back to 5th, while Lewis has DNF-ed twice and is still 3rd. Fingers crossed.

I was meant to be finding out if I had to go into work at temp office this week or not, and no phone call. Damn. I really need those three days. Will have to email tomorrow.
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Haha, oh I meant to go to bed early. This post will probably be shorter than I had planned, but I really want to get it done as its been in my head for days now.

New job is going well. Nicest building I've worked in so far. Commute is easy, it's right by the Thames, modern chairs and computers, Outlook 2007 (never been so happy to see it in my life, no Lotus Notes yay) and most importantly a free coffee machine that grinds beans. No instant, no BYO coffee. I was so happy when I saw it, and the coffee is goood. I can see my caffeine addiction growing. Because it really needed to. ;)

Job itself is not exactly exciting, but it's fine.

And I seem to have an interview for another job that I really want first thing on Monday morning, which wasn't exactly my first choice of time, but there you go. Fingers crossed.

Now, to the fangirling.

True Blood: Evil Is Going On )

I did watch the most recent Mad Men, but I don't have anything really to say about it. Good solid episode, but I guess a little bit lessened in comparison to the awesome that was last week.

Random links:

1. Fringe S2 Blooper reel!! I've been waiting for this to hit the internet for ages and oh it was as awesome as I was hoping. Anna and Josh making stupid faces! Josh cracking jokes all the time! A (sadly bleeped out) swearing montage (again mostly starring Josh and Anna). The return of Lance's "one more time." I love this cast a ridiculous amount, and I will be watching this ... a lot.

Embedded here )

2. America Is a Joke: cool NY Mag profile of Jon Stewart. <3

3. Matt Bellamy is wearing blue jeans and a checked shirt God, that's so weird for Matt. It's like ... I hate to say normal, but well, normal. ;) Him and Kate look quite cute together tbh. Eh, hating takes effort. If he's happy more power to him.

4. This got linked everywhere but if you haven't seen Joseph Gordon-Levitt singing and snarking his way through a cover of "Bad Romance" you should. Guh. Yes, you should. Guitar. Snark. And it's not actually too bad a cover, at all.

5. This is random, and I think it might be just me with these two particular fandoms in common, but this picture breaks my brain. Fandoms colliding!

Josh and Jean Todt?! )

6. Arsenal won 6-0 tonight. Yaaay. And Cesc is looking good, both on a football and a completely superficial level.

I also went and loaded some more fic to AO3 and found a cool Tony/CJ snippet that I apparently wrote in 2007 and still sort of like. A miracle. I also found my WaT fic. Oh. I am warring between, "no, you should archive all your fic except the really bad HP fic we do not name" (seriously there is a folder on my laptop called "The Fic That Must Not Be Named") and "no, that fic is bad. Bad." I think my completist tendencies are going to win out.

Phew. I think that's it.
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I have felt better it must be said. Leaving drinks were really nice, and I left at a decent time and didn't think I'd drunk that much. Clearly, I was mistaken. *winces* It was probably the scotch that my boss bought me that did it. It was only polite to finish it. ;)

Anyway, have most things sorted before I go on my European adventure. Need to clean laptop, triple check tickets and passports, and tidy my room and then I am off. Eeep. *obsessively checks Picadilly line status*

Which is to say, I won't be around much for the next week, and potentially longer than that as my laptop will be at the Apple store for at least a week past that. *clings to it* I will have access to my flatmate's laptop, but I doubt I'll be checking things as much.

Hope you all have wonderful weekend/weeks. :D

Unrelatedly, my Muse ticket arrived today! I was a little worried they were going to arrive when I was away. They're very pretty. I haven't been in a really Muse-y mood recently (which might disagree with, but when there are 163 Muse songs in your iTunes, and when you listen to your library on shuffle most of the time, you're going to hit a Muse song every now and then), but I am excited to be going to a gig at Wembley. it should be epic.

Tidying now, really.

It was bucketing down at first practice today. I know it's Spa and the weather is unpredictable, but could we maybe aim for light rain and not torrential, Belgium? Perhaps? Cheers.
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Had a good weekend, the highlight of which was seeing Henry VIII performed at the Globe. So, so cool and really good performances. However, while I was glad to be standing and in the action, I would pay for a seat next time, because I'd been out all day and that was a lot of standing.

Did very little on Sunday. Did watch the Hungarian GP though, which was exciting in places, but oh, it was not McLaren's day. Also any shred of fannishness I had towards Michael Schumacher has gone after that move against Reubens. To be honest, I cannot remember why I was a fan in the first place.

I also continued on my path of insanity. As a indication of such, I present this list:

Things Joshua Jackson has done that have in no way, not at all, helped my somewhat ridiculous crush on him: a combined list/picspam )

Also, Josh aside, and talking of Fringe more generally, I seem to be shuffling around on Peter/Olivia.

For example, I don't like Coldplay, at all really, but part of me really does like this Peter/Olvia vid (Spoilers up to the end of S2). Coldplay 'shipper vids ... oh, brain. *shakes head* (To be fair, this one of their songs I find the least annoying). I think it has a lot to do with the prettiness that is Josh and Anna, and Josh's ability to have chemistry with pretty much everyone and everything. (I know Josh is not a big Peter/Olivia 'shipper and doesn't really want to do the romantic lead thing - fair enough, he's sort of done it to death in Dawson's Creek - but he's just so good at it).

I don't know. Like I said, I'm shuffling.

Mad Men: Christmas Comes But Once a Year )

True Blood to watch. Probably will before I go to bed, but I'm not expecting great things.

Also this happened before:

Flatmate: We have a new stove. Yay we're not going to die. (We had a gas leak, a small one, from the stove, long story).
Me: Yes, we're not going to die ... today ... caused by a gas leak. Wow, that got a little depressing. Sorry.

I really should catch up on the music meme.
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1. London Film and Comic Con was a little underwhelming, to be honest. Did manage to see Katee Sackhoff do her 30 minute Q&A though, and she was adorable! 30 minutes wasn't long enough though. I spied Ben Browder (hot) and some others. Didn't see Mike Tyson (thankfully, it just freaks me out he was there), or William Shatner, whose Q&A cost money and who was in his own separate space for autographs.

After her cute Q&A I did get Katee's autograph (didn't really say a lot) and then picked up some adorable stickers.

Ozymandias and Nick Fury should not look this cute. Also, tribbles! )

2. My friend who I went to the con with lent me Fringe S1 on DVD and I watched an episode (or five) last night.

Thoughts so far )

I have managed to spoil myself a little though as I went reading Wikipedia when I shouldn't have. It's nothing I didn't have a vague inkling about though.

3. True Blood: Trouble )

4. Day 14. A song you listen to when you're happy

This was harder than I thought, because they're aren't a lot of songs I play just when I'm happy but I settled on this, because it's catchy, upbeat and I play it quite a bit.

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

List of days )

5. I made the best salad for dinner. Roast sweet potato/kumara, fresh spinach, feta and sesame and pumpkin seeds. Really good! But then I ate far too many peanut M&Ms. *sigh*

6. I have F1 tickets in my possession! \o/

7. I keep coming across the surname Banatvala at work, and every time I picture the red spiky Bannakaffalatta in "Voyage of the Damned." It amuses me, because the work it involves sure doesn't. It's fine, but I am over it. Oh yes. If I have to look at one more set of papers ...
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Had a pretty nice day. Haircut, awesome buckwheat crepe at a farmer's market near my friend's house and then went to see the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy (for free! Thanks to my friend's work).

Catching up on Flickr uploading now. So many photos, only so many imaginative titles and captions. I have got up to uploading the trip I took to Warwick in March. Yes, really, I am that behind.

I watched In Bruges tonight. It was pretty cool and made me miss the whole six hours I spent in Bruges. Now watching The International which is surprisingly boring. I mean, there's a full-on shootout going on (not really sure why tbh) and still, bored. The Princess Bride DVD wouldn't work. It was sad.

Also, talking of things that are boring. I finally watched the Caprica pilot and I'm sort of intrigued. Sort of. Maybe. Mostly I was bored. Does it get better?

My F1 tickets arrived today but I was out. Picking them up before work on Monday. Incredibly exciting!

I am still doing this:

Day 13. A song that you play when you're angry

This song is somewhat of a guilty pleasure, because I realise it's a little dated (2000, wow) and a little angry teenage boy, but it tends to be my go-to song when I'm angry. It's catchy, what can I say.

Papa Roach - Last Resort

Video and other days )

And I saw this:

White Collar: Withdrawal )

London Comic and Sci-fi Con tomorrow at Earls' Court. Katee Sackhoff! Hopefully anyway. Maybe William Shatner, depending on how crazy the queues are. Should be interesting anyway.
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I finally caught up on Mad Men Season 3 in the weekend. I started on Friday night, and finished at 11am on Sunday morning. I loved it. And the new season starts in two weeks. Yaaay.

Mad Men Season 3, or I ramble on a lot about Joan and Roger )

Need icons.

In other news:

1. The most recent True Blood ep was really, really blah. Tonight, even more than usual; Eric, Pam, Jessica and Lafayette were the only ones worth watching. Alcide is getting closer to that line, but isn't there yet.

2. British GP was interesting. Jenson had an awesome race and was adorable afterwards with the BBC commentary crew and Rubens Barichello. Seriously. Too adorable. I perhaps went on too much about that particular topic to my friend who was over. We were supposed to be applying for jobs together, but that didn't really happen.

3. The World Cup is over. :( I watched the final in a pub with some friends and well, it was ill-tempered to say the least and a little disappointing as a football match. I was supporting The Netherlands but Spain did deserve to win in the end. I was happy for Cesc. And while I am discussing Cesc. He needs to stay at Arsenal. Needs to. *nods with purpose*

4. Work was a little blah. Need to find a job out of the public sector as it's all getting a little scary and it's only going to make the job market worse. Happy thoughts.

5. The Muse clips from T in the Park looked a little lackluster but the short interview Matt and Dom did was amusing, if only because of how hungover Matt looked and the story of how he dressed up like a workman to see Prince.
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It's been a busy weekend, saw a polo match and drank some free NZ wine in the sun in Richmond, saw Sex and the City 2 (eh, but not quite as much eh I was expecting, which to be fair was a lot) and then went climbing today followed by watching a pretty awesome Canadian GP. A bit worried about Lewis doing so well, but Jenson seems to be holding his own.

Day 06 - A song that reminds you of a certain event

Flight of the Conchords - Robots

This was the song of my New Years trip in 2008-09 to Takaka. We sang it up in the car, at the camp-site and in a small hut at the top of a remote hill after a day walk. Binary solo ...

List of days )

Also, finally caught up on Dr Who: Vincent and the Doctor )

Will finish "The Lodger" before I go to bed.

Love the World Cup. Oh, Robert Green, it must suck to be you. Caught the first half of the Germany vs Australia game, and Germany look quite impressive. Hmm.

Work tomorrow, eh.
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I have hot cross buns, Mini Eggs, Coke and I'm watching Zodiac. Hello, Robert Downey Jr.

I've been meaning to make a post for ages, so to the numbered points.

1. I've become a little addicted to The Good Wife. Josh Charles has been so, so good in the last two eps. I was a little underwhelmed by the first ep I saw (102, I think) but I think it's really found its stride. Also, Alan Cumming and Christine Baranski are awesome. I can't wait for the next ep.

2. Arsenal vs Barcelona: leg one )

3. The Guardian April Fools Day joke was awesome: Step Outside, Posh Boy. They would actual facts win Labour some votes in some constituencies.

4. I finally found a link to a Veronica Mars V/L vid to Muse's "Feeling Good" that I've loved for ages but was only available as a Real Media file: Feeling Good by [ profile] astartexx.

5. Matt Bellamy in an Iron Man mask. !!! He's admittedly looking a trifle creepy, but I do love their love for Marvel superheroes.

6. Australian GP last week rocked. So glad I got up early to watch Jenson win. \o/ He was awesome and in the after race web forum he continued his habit of kissing BBC presenters on the cheek. God, he's adorable. Sadly I'm going to miss this week's Malaysian GP, but there is always iPlayer, and I'm going to Warwick Castle instead, so I call that a win. ;)

7. I forgot to get a [ profile] lgtbfest prompt. Bugger.

Really, really need to redo my icons. Perhaps a task for the weekend.

Edit. Knew I forgot something.

8. I caught up on Gossip Girl all in one night when I should have been sleeping. Pretty people with snark and drama, I do sort of love it. Serena/Nate, Chuck/Blair and please Chace Crawford, don't ever lose the bangs )
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1. F1 is back on my TV! Apparently, the Jenson vs Michael question in my head was answered fairly quickly in qualifying yesterday ('You bastard, Michael, don't you out qualify Jenson!) I seem to be a definite Jenson girl this season, with a sideline in Sebastian Vettel adoration.

2. White Collar finale )

3. I went to see Alice in Wonderland last night at a cute cinema out in Wimbledon. I liked it a lot more than I was expecting to )

I also saw the new Toy Story trailer and that looks all sort of awesome. I am so there.

(Oh iTunes, you know it's F1 season. This song was used on an awesome F1 montage when ITV stopped broadcasting F1 coverage).
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Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great night whatever you did. :)

Mine was pretty low-key. I went bowling out in NE London where my friend lives with some friends of hers. My bowling is uh, inconsistent as best, and sadly not helped by beer. :( It was a cool night though. Crashed out there, as the thought of getting across to the other side of the city at 2am didn't really appeal (and it snowed on the walk back, not a lot admittedly, but still, snooow), and got home about an hour and a half ago after being made to watch last night's episode of Eastenders ... and it has a slashy subplot which is intriguing ... *facepalm*

I've seen the usual year end memes around, but didn't really feel like doing a primarily RL one (it hasn't been all awesome, but I moved to another country and so far so good), but this year-in-fandom one I saw [ profile] pocky_slash do intrigued me.

Fandom year-in-review )

I also finally got around to finishing Dollhouse S1 (minus 1x13). Overall, I liked it, but the character of Paul Ballard need to be thrown out a high window.

Brief thoughts )

Now, ten minutes to Dr Who. Eep. Will be interesting to see where this goes.
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Merlin: Sins of the Father )

Have tried to watch the latest White Collar many times before I go to sleep, but keep falling asleep in the middle. I will persevere.

Also Jenson joined McLaren today. *sigh* Everyone saw it coming, but I really thought he'd hang around Brawn, which is admittedly now Mercedes, and that does make me feel a bit better about it. But, I do fail to see how joining a team with Lewis is going to help him that much. Yes, perhaps a better car, but a car that's been set up for Lewis's driving style, and in a team which is very much Lewis's team. I hope it works out, Jenson, I really do, but I remain unconvinced.

Feeling positive about a McLaren driver is going to feel weird. I haven't done that since David Coulthard drove for them.

And uh, I may have a GA ticket to see Muse at Wembley next year. I shouldn't have really, but I did, and I feel pretty unrepentant. If I'm still here (and I definitely plan to be) and I missed out then I'd be kicking myself. Life's too short and the last concert at Wembley they did was too awesome.
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White Collar 1x02: Threads )

Merlin: Beauty and the Beast Part 2 )

Yes, I do seem to be watching Merlin regularly. It's on iPlayer, it's too easy! And actually pretty enjoyable. Ridiculous, but enjoyable.

Monopoly Crawl was true to my prediction, eventful. Perhaps a little too eventful, sadly. I had a good time for the most part, but at the end at pub 21 (yes, really, and there were still 5 to go) I headed home with my flatmates as we were all a little over it and my feet were killing me.

Yesterday, there was the Abu Dahbi Grand Prix and junk food, and not a lot else. It was awesome. Awesome last few laps too. Aw, Jenson. <3 I was happy for Sebastian Vettel though, I like him, he's cute. Also, Jenson continued his habit of being damn touch-y and adorable. In the interview with the BBC guys at the end he had his arm around DC in parts, fist bumped/shook each of their hands and kissed Eddie Jordan on the cheek. And this after kissing Jake Humphrey on the neck after Brazil. I don't tend to slash in F1, but damn, Jenson, you're not helping!

I keep thinking of an F1 AU while I'm as into it as I am. Maybe for Gen Kill, but I just don't know if it would work.

First Apple Genius appointment today due to my trackpad button being evil. A little excited actually. I wonder if they can do something about the missing J key (long stupid story), it's all still under AppleCare for another year.

Also, it is sunny outside! London, dude, I continue to be impressed. I am told this is very unseasonal, but still, I approve. However, it is getting dark at 5pm now.
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1. Flash Forward: Black Swan )

2. The last two episodes of Ugly Betty I've watched have actually made me feel for the characters, quite a lot. Interesting. Also, Eric Mabius is pretty.

3. I'm really enjoying the Dr Who repeats on BBC Three. 'Forest of the Dead' seems much better on a second viewing. Also, David Tennant is awesome, which I say just because, it's been a while since I have.

4. Jenson Buton won the F1 drivers title! \o/ Brazilian GP was insane, but awesome to watch and he drove damn well, and was adorable when he won (kissing the cheek and hugging the BBC reporter, hugging and having his arm around Jake when being interviewed by him, Eddie and DC), although he may regret the singing of 'We Are the Champions' over the radio. I may have spent some time right-click-saving on Monday afternoon, and he may need an icon.

And uh, for those keeping track at home, heard about second job today, and uh, not so much. Am not cheerful and outgoing enough for retail, which is okay, sort of true, but have you met some of the people who work in your own store?! Anyway, rant over, feeling okay-ish. Emailing CV for all sorts of things. I've been trying, but I've also been lazy, and that has to pretty much stop now.

UK television seems to be full of New Zealand ads tonight. Not helping, TV. Not helping.

Going to see Metropia tomorrow as part of the London Film Festival, which has ASkars voice! (No that's not the only reason I'm going. Sort of).
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Flash Forward: White to Play )

1. I finished reading One Bullet Away, which was really good, and moved on to Imperial Life in the Emerald City by Rajiv Chandrasekaran, which I've been meaning to read for ages. After ten pages I can already tell it's going to make me angry, and that's even knowing a lot about the period of the Iraq War it covers. Interesting though.

2. I am worried for Jenson Button. (And this article by Martin Brundle didn't help). While I wouldn't mind if Reubens or Sebastian Vettel win, and they do both deserve to, my heart is with Jenson. I really hope he pulls it off.

3. And because it's been a while:

Give me a fandom and I will tell you:

• Runner-up pairing
• Honorable mention(s) pairing
• Crack pairing(s)
• Ship everyone else seems to like, but I don't
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Yeah, so what I said about Grey's? That I'd catch one entertaining ep and start liking it again? So true.

Grey's Anatomy: 17 Seconds )


Dear Keith Richards,

If you don't want me to keep having thoughts about you and Gram Parsons, don't say that you guys 'wore each other out' at his tribute concert, because my brain has been in fandom so long it can only take that so many ways.

Much, much love,

- Tali


I don't talk F1 in here much but after the podium at the Hungarian GP I have to comment becasue Weirdest. Podium. Ever. Jenson won a race, from 14th, on merit?! Now, I like Jenson fine, and I'm happy for him, but even now, over 12 hours after I read the story my mind is still boggling. I mean, sure if he'd started really close to the front, or if a lot of people had fucked up (and yeah, they kinda did) but still, weird.
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I decided to tape the OC S2 Finale. I haven't watched in a while (since about 212) but I thought I might as well:

The OC 224: The Dearly Beloved )


I haven't regularly read TwoP re-caps for a couple of years (not since Deborah's West Wing ones and Sobell's early CSI ones) and the House ones I've read (bar Sar's first one) were actually kind of disappointing. However, yesterday I discovered Couch Baron's Veronica Mars re-caps and they are actually quite amusing and as other's have said before me, it's nice to have a re-capper that actually likes the show they're re-capping.


I've also furthered my investigation into 'So, what's so good about this anime thing, then?' by renting Cowboy Beebop: The Movie. Brief thoughts )

No. I really can't stop picking up new fandoms. I think it's an illness.


Micheal got pole for the Hungarian GP. Wow. I really shouldn't watch tonight though. I have work at 7:30am. Ugh.

Edit: I'm not the biggest Inara fan but Morena Baccarin looks really, really good in that mood icon. Mmm.
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Shows currently on NZ TV that I am interested enough in that I will try and tape them:

Veronica Mars
Doctor Who
Grey's Anatomy
Without A Trace (as of next Tuesday)

Shows that I am interested in but don't really feel the need to tape:

Desperate Housewives (Stephen Culp, Felicity Huffman <3)
Angel S5

Shows that aren't airing at the moment but I have enabling friends:

Stargate: Atlantis S1 (*in the middle of a total Stargate thing*)
Battlestar Galactica S1

Shows that aren't airing but I am renting DVDs of:

Bablyon 5 S1

Conclusion: *headdesk*

A few thoughts on Grey's Anatomy )

NCIS 202: The Good Wives Club )

Bed now. Oh yes. I have to be up far too soon.

Edit: Hugh Laurie won a TV Critics Award. *dances* So much love.

German GP Briefly: I'm not his biggest fan, but you have to feel for Kimi. It is interesting that Montoya's (grr) is far more reliable and that three of Alonso's six victories have come from races Kimi has been leading. Yay Jenson. Michael ... well, what can you say?


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