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It's been a quiet three-day weekend. I got some things done but on the whole it's been a lot of spending time around the house, which has been quite nice tbh. I haven't been back at work long enough to really feel the relief of a three day weekend but I'm not complaining. ;)

Fan things:

1. Still watching and enjoying Last Resort, Homeland, Good Wife and Downton Abbey (although I need to catch up on the last two).

2. H50, I'm still watching and ... yeah. Steve and Catherine are cute, and Kono is awesome. The end.

3. I watched the pilot of Elementary and I liked it - Lucy Liu and JLM were both enjoyable to watch - but I don't know that it really grabbed me. Maybe I'll catch up later. Nashville is kinda the same - although Connie Britton is a compelling reason to keep watching. (Friday Night Lights, I'll eventually get to you).

4. I have however found myself watching Revenge (spoilers through 1x08) )

5. Shit. Fringe. Should actually watch 5x01.

6. The Thick of It's Inquiry episode was awesome but emotional viewing (Malcolm feelings!) Not sure how I'm going to handle the series finale next week.

7. ... there are not Teen Wolf fic tabs open in my browser, except there are. But SGA crossovers and frat AUs! I am only so strong!

8. I collapsed in a pile of feelings this afternoon after I discovered there was a Harvey/Donna comment-fic-a-thon going on at [ profile] donna_harvey. Lots of H/D fic I hadn't read! Delightful!
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Suits 2x07 )


New temp job is a world of eh, but employment is a good and I actually applied for a "real" job today!

And then I wrote 800 words of depressing Harvey backstory. Good times. I needed to get that out of my head. And I'm not at all eyeing kudos. Nope. Not at all.

Next time, happy story! If there is a next time, because that's the first thing I've actually posted since Yuletide. There is much happier hockey fic in my GoogleDocs somewhere. I need to write that.

Olympics are still rocking my world. Those three golds the British had this morning (NZ time) were awesome. Also delighted for Gabby Douglas and allll the NZ rowing golds, especially Eric Murphy and Hamish Bond. Adorable dudes.

God the songs from Prime's promos keep getting in my head. However, I do find myself more intrigued by Elementary than I thought I'd be due to watching the promo so. many. times.


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