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OMG I leave for London in about 30 hours!

I am mostly sorted. Need to pack, book a shuttle/taxi for my lovely 5:30am check-in and sort out a little bit of cash and I actually think that's it. Got a good deal on some mini travel guides for Rome and Barcelona today (there's a Roy Lichtenstein statue in Barcelona, must track it down), ended up buying Hilary Mantel's Bring up the Bodies for the plane, and washed all the things.

TV things:

1. I don't think I've watched a show on ABC in years, but after reading some Fall TV Previews I know I'm definitely going to check out The Last Resort and maybe Nashville. Not sure if there's anything else that really grabs me. I am hearing good things about Elementary. Maybe Arrow although also maybe not.

Continuing shows I'll be watching: Community, Parks and Rec, The Good Wife, Hawaii Five-0 (at least at first because Steve feelings and Christine Lahti is pretty great), Fringe and Homeland.

2. The Thick of It S4 started this week. \o/ It was funny but I am looking forward to Malcolm. Oh yes.

3. Tumblr gifs and goddamn Rupert Graves might have lead me to obtain the Dr Who eps I haven't seen yet. *sigh*

Fic things:

I also wrote fic. Kid fic even. (sort of)

Little League (1552 words) by faviconaworldinside
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Suits (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Donna Paulsen/Harvey Specter
Characters: Harvey Specter, Donna Paulsen

Harvey meets Donna's niece.

Damn this show.

I meant to tidy my room hours ago and I really should do it now. Gonna blast music (with headphones) and just get it done. Need to make sure I have some things for the trip and not exactly sure where they are. I definitely have a NZ -> UK adapter somewhere ...

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My day was decidedly blah so I came home, ate junk food and watched Hawaii Five-0.

Which nicely obliged by being full of Alex O'Loughlin being ridiculous and attractive, which is sometimes all I ask of it )

I'm also slowly catching up on Dr Who (still not loving it, but it is good) and The Good Wife (pretty damn awesome).

Other than that, uh NZ won a World Cup (just - oh so just) and the All Blacks were pretty adorable afterwards and I finally have a bed. OMG. Finally.
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It's um, been a while, I admit. I've been seeing that Tumblr again. Yes, the one with all the pretty pictures and .gifs. I'm sorry, LJ.

Quick update: Birthday was uneventful, quit job and had nice leaving drinks, went to Berlin and loved it. Have a few action packed days - including an Arsenal stadium tour and David Tennant doing Shakespeare - before Isle of Wight and the Foo Fighters and then OMG I'm in the USA!


I also saw X-Men: First Class last night.

Okay, so that was pretty awesome )

And got mostly caught up with Game of Thrones.

I've seen up to the end of 1x07 but then I've also read the book, so possible discussion of things in 1x08 )

I also have caught up on Dr Who, and uh, without getting spoiler-y, I'm not really feeling this season. I've really liked bits of it but on the whole, I can take it or leave it. And it's not really for any particular plot reason, and the acting is still good, I just seem to be losing interest. I don't know. *shrugs*

BTW if anyone does have a Tumblr I'd love to follow anyone on my flist. Feel free to pimp me your Tumblr (or indeed Twitter account) below. Reciprocation not required. ;)

I really need to find coffee, I stayed up way too late.
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I'm quite possibly on a sugar high from too much Aero Orange chocolate. So good. Damn you Sainsburys specials.

I went to see Thor on Monday:

Thoughts - admittedly a lot about how awesome Loki was )

I had some further Fringe thoughts now I'm over the OMGWTF of the finale but I might try and make them a bit more coherent before I post. I'm not really feeling it right now.

I have actually achieved something this week and booked my final few day's accomodation in New York and started packing away the things I need to ship home tonight, which isn't quite as impressive as it sounds as it basically involved moving stuff from one box to another. I am having bank account dilemmas though. I just need to make a decision and stick to it, but I am wavering. A lot.

I also got distracted by Josh and Diane being ridiculously adorable on the Cannes red carpet tonight.

How adorable? Well this adorable )

And how distracted? So distracted. There was a lot of refreshing of various things. Procrastinating is so my Olympic sport.

Have fallen behind on Dr Who. Now two episodes down. Must catch up before I leave iPlayer behind.

I am up to date with Game of Thrones though. Still enjoying it, but maybe not as much as at the start, but can't really put my finger on why. It's since I've started reading the book actually, but they're really doing a good job of the adaption ... I'm not sure. Arya still rocks all before her though.
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1. Fringe: 6:02 AM EST )

2. I thought Community was awesome - but maybe not quite as awesome as a lot of people seemed to - but it was very well done and a huge improvement on the previous week's really-not-at-all-funny episode.

3. Dr Who: The Impossible Astronaut )

4. Enjoyed Game of Thrones a hell of a lot. Have the next ep now and I'm tempted but I really should actually do things I've been meaning to get done all weekend ...

5. And a movie Scream 4 )

Right, now, those things I meant to do. To be fair I have done a little bit this weekend - and went to Bath which had gorgeous weather and is pretty and the Roman Baths are seriously worth going to - but yesterday I did spend a few hours sitting in Clapham Common with some beer and some friends because the weather has been insanely good this weekend.

Berlin tickets must be booked today or tomorrow. Must be.

I need new icons like woah.
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Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday celebration of their choice/Saturday! :)

Mine was pretty good. Went over to a friend's house to have an orphan's Christmas with 2 Kiwis, 2 Aussies and one of the guy's Argentine girlfriend. The food was amazing, and the company was good. I would have probably preferred to head home at the end of the day, but due to the no public transport on the 25th situation in London, I crashed on the couch. I am quite a big fan of Southern trains today though, as they were the only metro train company that ran services today. So, no 40 minute walk in the cold for me. I do however seem to have lost my debit card. *sigh* Slightly inconvenient, but I have a bit of food in the house, a little cash and no real plans for the next few days other than lazing around the house.

On a slightly related point. Yuletide! OMG Yuletide, I love you! I got a really cool Scott Pilgrim fic The Bed with a spot-on Wallace POV and Wallace and Scott banter.

I also seem to have a treat in Yuletide Madness. *hearts fandom forever*

And my recipient left me the cutest comment on my story! Yay. I do however really need to fix a couple of typos. Eeep.

I have only read a few things, but despite everything that's gone on, I'll probably be using delicious to put recs together, because well, habit mostly and tag groups make me happy.

One other things that Christmas requires. A Dr Who Christmas special!

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol )

I have been munching through Jaffas all day (mmm NZ candy) and just finished a bottle of L&P. Ah, New Zealand. Missing NZ a little bit, but mostly the weather. I am still used to Christmas with picnics and BBQs. ;)

Had to love UK TV's choice of Christmas movies yesterday. From Madagascar, Shrek The Third, The Polar Express (fairly typical) to Edward Scissorhands (Channel 4, naturally) and Die Hard (lol, though I guess technically a little Christmas-y) and Casablanca and Butch Cassidy (still need to see it). Seeing bits of Casablanca yesterday just reminded how much I love it and need to see it again in full. Also, a remake can never happen. Never.

Random link: Been seen in a lot of places, but in case you haven't seen it. Community characters as Avengers. So awesome. IronMan!Jeff. Vision!Abed. Thor!Britta.

Was happy to see Fringe in many a Top 10 of the year in TV list, but oh, I really need to watch some Breaking Bad, don't I?
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1. London Film and Comic Con was a little underwhelming, to be honest. Did manage to see Katee Sackhoff do her 30 minute Q&A though, and she was adorable! 30 minutes wasn't long enough though. I spied Ben Browder (hot) and some others. Didn't see Mike Tyson (thankfully, it just freaks me out he was there), or William Shatner, whose Q&A cost money and who was in his own separate space for autographs.

After her cute Q&A I did get Katee's autograph (didn't really say a lot) and then picked up some adorable stickers.

Ozymandias and Nick Fury should not look this cute. Also, tribbles! )

2. My friend who I went to the con with lent me Fringe S1 on DVD and I watched an episode (or five) last night.

Thoughts so far )

I have managed to spoil myself a little though as I went reading Wikipedia when I shouldn't have. It's nothing I didn't have a vague inkling about though.

3. True Blood: Trouble )

4. Day 14. A song you listen to when you're happy

This was harder than I thought, because they're aren't a lot of songs I play just when I'm happy but I settled on this, because it's catchy, upbeat and I play it quite a bit.

The Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger

List of days )

5. I made the best salad for dinner. Roast sweet potato/kumara, fresh spinach, feta and sesame and pumpkin seeds. Really good! But then I ate far too many peanut M&Ms. *sigh*

6. I have F1 tickets in my possession! \o/

7. I keep coming across the surname Banatvala at work, and every time I picture the red spiky Bannakaffalatta in "Voyage of the Damned." It amuses me, because the work it involves sure doesn't. It's fine, but I am over it. Oh yes. If I have to look at one more set of papers ...
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Finally imported my old entries into Dreamwidth. Not moving over completely, but decided I might as well keep it up to date, and I'm pondering letting my paid account expire at LJ. We'll see. Will have to go and fix the embedded video though.

Been a busy, insane last few days so this weekend I am planning to sit in the sun, and watch a mixture of Glastonbury coverage, Wimbledon, the European Grand Prix and World Cup football/soccer (delete as appropriate).

Sadly woke up at 6am (!!) this morning after a very weird dream and didn't really get back to sleep. But used the time to watch last night's Glastonbury coverage on iPlayer. Florence and the Machine looked amazing and wow the singer from Vampire Weekend's eyes are very green. Pretty.

While on iPlayer, I saw there was a link to a Muse radio documentary I hadn't seen. Turns out it's from a few years ago and is all about 'Absolution' and the inspiration behind the songs. It's cool, but they've basically given Matt (and Dom, but less so) half an hour to talk about all the crazy stuff in his head with an odd voice-over guy, and stories of Dom keeping naked fan paintings of Matt and the weird parties they used to have with masks. It's interesting stuff, but oh, Matthew. Oh, this band. They're ridiculous, but I adore them.

And then 6Music played bits of their Glastonbury 2004 show. Sounds amazing. Muscle Museum! They need to play that live again. Need to. Preferably at Wembley.

Can't wait for their set later tonight. <3

And while I'm blabbering on about Glastonbury, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood turning up on one of the smaller stages is very cool.

Dr Who: The Big Bang )

I seem to be cheering for the USA in this game. *bites nails*

I am still doing the days of music meme but think I'll post it later, and probably rant about Muse again, it's where my head seems to be at. ;)
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Missed some days again. I was busy, had drama (debit card charges that were not my own, people suck), and was in Belgium for the day (first trip to the continent, <3's Europe), so I got a little distracted.

Belgium btw was awesome. I went to Bruges, and there were old buildings, cobblestone streets, nice people, good chocolate and one amazing coffee with waffles. Had a great time, and I wasn't *too* interrogated when I re-entered the UK. *sigh*

Day 08. A song that makes you fall asleep

I didn't quite know what to do with this. I don't really tend to listen to too much music when I'm sleepy, I tend to fall asleep to TV episodes I play on my laptop, but I do have a few sleepy gentle sounding songs.

Veruca Salt - Aurora

From the Tank Girl soundtrack, which is a movie I do need to see at some point. Gorgeous song.

Hubble space pictures set to 'Aurora' via YouTube and the list of days )

I watched Dr Who this morning due to all the positive comments I saw on Twitter:

Dr Who: The Pandorica Opens )

I brought chocolate covered coffee beans back from Belgium. So good, but it all ends up with me being incredibly hyped up because I eat too many.

Two good things I found my ring I though I'd lost in a pair of trousers, and I have Them Crooked Vultures tickets for 5 July. Dave Grohl! <3
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It's been a busy weekend, saw a polo match and drank some free NZ wine in the sun in Richmond, saw Sex and the City 2 (eh, but not quite as much eh I was expecting, which to be fair was a lot) and then went climbing today followed by watching a pretty awesome Canadian GP. A bit worried about Lewis doing so well, but Jenson seems to be holding his own.

Day 06 - A song that reminds you of a certain event

Flight of the Conchords - Robots

This was the song of my New Years trip in 2008-09 to Takaka. We sang it up in the car, at the camp-site and in a small hut at the top of a remote hill after a day walk. Binary solo ...

List of days )

Also, finally caught up on Dr Who: Vincent and the Doctor )

Will finish "The Lodger" before I go to bed.

Love the World Cup. Oh, Robert Green, it must suck to be you. Caught the first half of the Germany vs Australia game, and Germany look quite impressive. Hmm.

Work tomorrow, eh.
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My four day weekend is over. *sigh* I got an extra day because my work had an extra holiday. It's been nice, but being home by myself today made me think back to the months I spent unemployed and how I really don't want to go back there. Really. *wills the British economy in an upward direction*

Doctor Who: Cold Blood )

Also, it is quite possible I spent far too many hours watching NCIS episodes this long weekend. I saw a tweet from Rob who writes Topless Robot a cool geek blog, about how NCIS is the crack cocaine of procedural television, and that is so true, dude.

Thoughts, spoilers up to Rule Fifty One )

Random things that have made me happy today:

Amy Pond vid by [ profile] kaydeefalls. Just a gorgeous look at Amy, and it reminded me again what a great songwriter Vienna Teng is.

Hi I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC 100th episode: The Musical: Action figure Iron Man! Singing! About continuity! Anyway, it's awesome. I love the guy who does these, they're so well done. Warning: the song is extremely catchy.
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I have been lax about LJ-ing recently (RL *sigh*), but Chrome is not helping right now. Once you're out of beta, you're supposed to be more stable, damnit. Although this could have something to do with the amount of free space on my machine. I need to tidy again.

I have been experiencing something of a Rolling Stones fandom resurgence. I listened to the new tracks on the re-released 'Exile on Main Street' and the love came back. Most of them are awesome, especially the Soul Survivor alternate take with Keith singing crazy lyrics, and just being Keith. <3 This also wasn't helped by the BBC screening Stones in Exile, the documentary about the making of Exile on Main Street, on Sunday. Oh, Stones (esp Keith) I heart you for reasons I can't quite articulate.

On a semi-related note, I was linked via [ profile] ontd_downey to RDJ's Inside the Actors Studio (which is awesome btw) and then ended up (oh, YouTube) at Johnny Depp's, and he was wearing a Keith Richards t-shirt! <3 I love his love for Keith.

I'm a little behind on TV. I haven't got to the latest Dr Who (I've heard varying reports) and I *still* need to watch the pilots of Caprica and Treme which have been sitting on my laptop forever. I do however have The Good Wife, which I think I'll be watching before I go to bed, as I'm really enjoying it and Alan Cumming is incredibly awesome.

I did catch the season of finales of Gossip Girl and Bones, both of which were underwhelming for different reasons. Bones was just, blah, really blah, which it shouldn't have been, and Gossip Girl was just too much drama, which yes, is the point, but it was all a little exhausting and circular.

I also didn't think I'd really missed True Blood, but the trailers and clips I've seen have me quite intrigued. Damn you, Skarsgard, this is your fault.

Also, while I'm going on about random TV, I caught an episode of Glee on Monday. Huh. It was okay, admittedly helped by the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was guest-starring, but I could watch it again. I'm unsure I guess, but I quite enjoyed it.

Okay, the list of tags for this post grew crazy fast. *boggles*

Music: The Rolling Stones - Soul Survivor (Alternate Take)
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Except for a well-time friends page post from [ profile] etcetera_cat I almost forgot this was happening on Saturday night! Gah. My rush to the TV was a little ungainly. ;) Posted late as I ended up going out Saturday night post-Who and was in Warwick all of yesterday. Mmmm, history.

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour )

I also bought the 1997 Neverwhere mini-series on DVD as I love the book, it was cheap on Amazon and Peter Capaldi is in it. I've watched the first two eps and while it has dated quite badly (1997 was 13 years ago, damn) Patterson Joseph is an awesome Marquis de Carabas, who is a character I love.

And while randomly discussing characters I love, I re-watched the new Hitchhikers Guide movie recently, and while some it is so well done, I still haven't quite got over what they did to Zaphod. I liked him so much in the books, but in the movie I can't see what I saw in him at all, and it still annoys me.

Warwick was a lot of fun. Warwick Castle is very family orientated but enjoyable and the weather was surprisingly good. Also, we got to visit Lord Leycester Hospital which is a medieval building which was where the opening "The Shakespeare Code" was filmed - awesome, and St Mary's Chuch where Robert Dudley and Fulke Greville were buried. Ah, I am an Elizabethan history nerd, it's true.

I have done so little today. So little. Not even the fandom-y things I wanted to do, or read my book. Or icons. Or AO3 things. Gah.
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Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 2 )

Ed Byrne is on Celebrity Mastermind! And he's answering on Star Trek movies. OMG. <3

Oh, and Yuletide reveal.

I wrote We ain't gotta dream no more for [ profile] nebula99. (The Wire, gen)
Before a murder, during a murder, after a murder.
Spoilers for the end of Season 3.
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I hope everyone had/is having an awesome Christmas/Friday, I definitely did.

The family of my friend (who I live with) came over and there was soup (which I cooked, and which everyone thought was great, yay) and a full-on roast meal, and awesome trifle, and fruit salad and oh so much chocolate. It was a very pleasant day. There was even sunshine! Okay, it was also 4 degrees outside but still, sunshine. NZ got 25 or something. *sigh*

Haven't talked to my family back in NZ yet, but I think I'm doing that tomorrow, I think. No one has said anything to me yet, and my brother hasn't said anything about his present. Hmm.

As for Yuletide, I've only read my story, but it was awesome! Someone wrote me a Mad Men fic with Roger and Joan, and lots of great banter which was so them. It captured exactly what I find so interesting about them. Mixing the Bitter With the Sweet. <3

Also, my recipient liked her story! Yay!

And then well, there was also this on today:

Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 1 )
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It's cooold. It snowed today! Not serious snow, but a light dusting, and there's supposed to be more tomorrow and Friday. Mostly this makes me \o/ because I haven't seen snow in ages, but also a little worried as I have shit to do and I hope it doesn't screw with public transport too much (this is London after all, it doesn't take a lot). Also, I am lacking some appropriate footwear, and did I mention? Cooold. So happy to have central heating.

Doctor Who Special of Never Mind the Buzzcocks's was okay, but not amazing. I hope Catherine Tate was putting some of that ditziness on, but Bernard Cribbins was awesome.

However there was a random Muse related WTF?! moment during the show )

And I did learn that BBC Two are airing David Tennant's RSC Hamlet performance on BBC Two on Boxing Day! Favourite Shakespeare play and one of my favourite actors! Excited! They do Christmas TV well here, I will say that. And John Simm is playing Hamlet as well! Admittedly in Sheffield, but they might bring it down here, or I could go up, I guess.

I also realise I meant to talk about the last Merlin ep, and didn't. Overall, I thought it rocked, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it. Also, Emilia Fox was all sort of awesome. Again.

I also seem to have developed a small Gossip Girl thing, and I seem to slightly shipping Nate/Serena. Yes, I know, I know. Serena is almost too stupid to live, but Nate! Also, Chuck and Blair are awesome. Eh, it's entertaining if not the most intellectually stimulating television.
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Being in the UK has its advantages:

Dr Who: Waters of Mars )

I also have random Bones thoughts after catching up on the last few eps:

Bones: A Night in the Bones Museum / The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken )

Yuletide assignments came out! Eep. I got one of my 'Any' fandoms, but the characters I've got are some of my favourites, so I'm happy to be writing about them.

Yuletide writer: If you're looking for a letter, it will be forthcoming, I promise. x

The entry time on the Post page now updates with my system clock. Cool :)

Now there's new White Collar, and probably Merlin, and I need to catch up on the Daily Show, and talking about Bones has made me feel like watching that a little. My life, so hard. So much TV.
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First day of temp job today. It went pretty well (I have a new database to bond with) and the people are nice. But wow, rush hour tube rides are so much fun. *rolls eyes* I have further reasons to be disgruntled about Clapham having three freaking tube stations.

Vid rec: Crazy in Love by [ profile] sisabet and Cappy. Merlin/Arthur. Awesome song choice and so much fun.

I saw this A.V Club article on the Best mini-series and made-for-TV movies of the 00's on their Twitter feed and thought to myself 'Gen Kill has to be on this' and not only was it first on the list, but there was ASkars as well! <3

Random brief TV thoughts:

Merlin: The Witchfinder )

White Collar: Book of Hours )

Random Ugly Betty thought - only spoilery till late S4 )

Muse concert on Friday! And new Top Gear and Doctor Who episodes this weekend!

I need to re-do my icons. Oh, yes.
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On the recommendation of what felt like half my flist, I watched White Collar.

OMG awesome! )

Last week, I saw Metropia at the London Film Festival, which also happened to be the UK premiere. No Alex, (I would have posted something a hell of a lot earlier had there been), but Tarik Saleh was there and did a cool Q&A afterward. He's an interesting guy. He asked to take a photo of the audience, which was cute.

The movie itself was really cool. The animation style was unlike any I've seen, and the story line was an interesting dystopian sci-fi. The voice work was also excellent, especially Alex, but I would say that. ;) Interesting to hear his voice alongside his father's.

Dr Who repeats on BBC Three for the win. "Journey's End" is on, which is well, insane, but I love it so, and it still makes me cry apparently. Random spoilery thought )

The trailer for Green Zone (Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass's newest film) looks pretty good (and as Film School Rejects said looks a little like Jason Bourne meets the Iraq War), but uh, it's based on Imperial Life in the Emerald City? Unless the book changes a lot in the last third I haven't read yet, I'm going to assume its a quite a loose adaption.

Job search: Ongoing. Bound to step over the Hospitality Line soon. *resigned shrug*

Edit: TV is being nice to me. First Dr Who, now Ocean's Eleven. I still love that poker scene an unbelievable amount.
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1. Flash Forward: Black Swan )

2. The last two episodes of Ugly Betty I've watched have actually made me feel for the characters, quite a lot. Interesting. Also, Eric Mabius is pretty.

3. I'm really enjoying the Dr Who repeats on BBC Three. 'Forest of the Dead' seems much better on a second viewing. Also, David Tennant is awesome, which I say just because, it's been a while since I have.

4. Jenson Buton won the F1 drivers title! \o/ Brazilian GP was insane, but awesome to watch and he drove damn well, and was adorable when he won (kissing the cheek and hugging the BBC reporter, hugging and having his arm around Jake when being interviewed by him, Eddie and DC), although he may regret the singing of 'We Are the Champions' over the radio. I may have spent some time right-click-saving on Monday afternoon, and he may need an icon.

And uh, for those keeping track at home, heard about second job today, and uh, not so much. Am not cheerful and outgoing enough for retail, which is okay, sort of true, but have you met some of the people who work in your own store?! Anyway, rant over, feeling okay-ish. Emailing CV for all sorts of things. I've been trying, but I've also been lazy, and that has to pretty much stop now.

UK television seems to be full of New Zealand ads tonight. Not helping, TV. Not helping.

Going to see Metropia tomorrow as part of the London Film Festival, which has ASkars voice! (No that's not the only reason I'm going. Sort of).


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