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It's been a quiet three-day weekend. I got some things done but on the whole it's been a lot of spending time around the house, which has been quite nice tbh. I haven't been back at work long enough to really feel the relief of a three day weekend but I'm not complaining. ;)

Fan things:

1. Still watching and enjoying Last Resort, Homeland, Good Wife and Downton Abbey (although I need to catch up on the last two).

2. H50, I'm still watching and ... yeah. Steve and Catherine are cute, and Kono is awesome. The end.

3. I watched the pilot of Elementary and I liked it - Lucy Liu and JLM were both enjoyable to watch - but I don't know that it really grabbed me. Maybe I'll catch up later. Nashville is kinda the same - although Connie Britton is a compelling reason to keep watching. (Friday Night Lights, I'll eventually get to you).

4. I have however found myself watching Revenge (spoilers through 1x08) )

5. Shit. Fringe. Should actually watch 5x01.

6. The Thick of It's Inquiry episode was awesome but emotional viewing (Malcolm feelings!) Not sure how I'm going to handle the series finale next week.

7. ... there are not Teen Wolf fic tabs open in my browser, except there are. But SGA crossovers and frat AUs! I am only so strong!

8. I collapsed in a pile of feelings this afternoon after I discovered there was a Harvey/Donna comment-fic-a-thon going on at [ profile] donna_harvey. Lots of H/D fic I hadn't read! Delightful!
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Had an awesome fangirl weekend at Get Together. Great to see Team Auckland and fangirls from Australia and other parts of NZ. I have now watched some clips of Teen Wolf but I can't see myself being assimilated quite yet, although Stiles is kinda adorable. I was quite interested in the pimp of the gay storyline on Smash but uh maybe not enough to watch the rest of the show which pretty much everyone tells me is bad bad bad. Other highlights were seeing some awesome vids that I'd missed and the fandom pub quiz which was a great success. I can also see me reading Tony/Steve fic again. <33

Many thanks to [ profile] arysteia and [personal profile] china_shop for organising. <33

While it was an awesome weekend, following a final brunch today I needed to veg so decided to catch up on a lot of TV.

Last Resort 1x01 and 1x02 )

Downton Abbey 3x03 and 3x04 )

I'm also all up to date with The Good Wife after watching 4x02 this afternoon.

Thoughts )

I also really enjoyed the most recent Parks and Rec episode.

*phew* Lots of TV. Still have Fringe and Homeland to go.


In other news: I have a new job! I got offered the job I wanted and it's permanent. \o/ I start in a week's time and my contract arrived today. Excited! I can actually plan things and when things are a bit more settled a new MacBook is totally in my sights.
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Back in Wellington!

I had a good time in Christchurch on the whole, but I am so glad to be a home. I've got the house to myself and I've made pizza, and eaten chocolate and there may have been a tiny bit of passionfruit vodka as well. I am then going to continue my re-watch of Band of Brothers (so good, and hi baby!Damian Lewis) because I am embracing an anti-social New Year's Eve. Whole-heartedly.

2011 has had its ups and downs from earthquakes and broken hometowns, to leaving the UK, to moving back to NZ to everything in between. I think my highlight was my trip to US - one I've been meaning to make since I was small - I want to go back so badly, but I am so grateful I got a chance to see it at all The lowlight is I imagine pretty self-explanatory. Oh, Christchurch.

I kept meaning to do a fandom end-of-year meme and it just never happened.

However, I did just see this general RL end of year meme pop up on my flist:

2011: broken hometowns, travelling, returning to NZ )


I may have watched all of Downton Abbey from S1 through to the Christmas Special while on holiday. Oops? ;) Lots of love. Matthew! Mary! Anna! Sybil! While I adore Matthew/Mary, I also see interesting femslash possibilities. Hmm. Anyway, it's awesome, and Maggie Smith is amazing. <3!


Yuletide must have kick-started my languishing writerly tendencies, because I wrote 350 words of H50 fic earlier today and I still really want to write something about Steve and Jenna because I remain fascinated by their friendship/relationship, and I'm totally going to sign up for [ profile] picfor1000.

Talking of Yuletide: my recs are on pinboard. Some awesome fic, especially the @mayoremanuel one. That was fucking amazing, and made me order the book mentioned in the notes. Oh, and Blackadder at the Occupy movement - that was genius too.
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Hope everyone had/is having a great Christmas/holiday celebration of their choice/Sunday! :D

My day was low-key but nice. Got to meet my brother's new girlfriend and had a nice dinner, and then spent the afternoon in front of the TV watching gift DVDs. We had an awesome run actually. X-Men First Class (even more slashy on a second viewing, which I didn't think was possible), 5 episodes of Downton Abbey S1 (Sybil! Anna! Gwen! Matthew! - yes I am getting sucked in) and then the ultimate in Christmas movies was on TV, Die Hard. It was even topped off by TV4 playing 'Abed's Uncontrollable Xmas.'

And now there is Yuletide.

I got given this awesome Carmen Sandiego world-building fic.

Player Status: Offline (2323 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Carmen Sandiego, Zack (Carmen Sandiego), Ivy (Carmen Sandiego), The Chief

The world doesn't stop running when the Player is away from the keyboard.

So well done, and has little links to let you learn more, and I loved it. I did not expect to get this request and I'm so happy I did. :D Love Yuletide.

One of my recipients liked her fic a lot too. Now, just have to wait on the other. :)

Now, allll the fic. And possibly some Boxing Day shopping.


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