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Had a relaxed weekend. Our Kiwi Contingent met on Saturday at a pub in Hammersmith. We arrived at 2pm, we left at 10pm. So yeah, it was a nice time. Half-watched us win over West Ham. There are worse things. Today I went to the Science Museum, which was pretty cool and uploaded some Flickr photos. I have now finished Edinburgh! I trip I took in September (despite what the dates on the photos say). *sigh* Still a way to go. Looking through them has made me really keen to go traveling again. Must sort out Paris.

Today was fine, but tiring because I decided I'd stay up to watch this.

Award Shows that are inexplicably entertaining to me!

Golden Globes 2011 - yes, this finished at 4am my time. Contains rambling and fangirling - so much like the rest of this journal )

Josh! (mostly)

Amusingly, two of my more longstanding celebrity crushes now have pregnant girlfriends (Matt Bellamy, David Tennant, and congratulations to them both and their respective partners) and I was thinking idly the other day "... Diane? Something you'd like to say? ;)" But instead there are photos around of her and Josh subtly wearing rings on their ring fingers, so um maybe something else went on over the holidays?! I mean, not really fussed if they're married or not (I mean, their choice and they're adorable and wonderful either way) but still, I can't help but grin ridiculously about it. Also, if they managed to do that under the radar? That's fucking awesome. But I still want details! Conflicted.

... somehow this has become my life. I don't even know. But, Internet? They do not need a portmanteau name. Do. Not. Need. It. Okay? Okay.

And talking of Tennant, I now have tickets to Much Ado! Looking forward to it. :D


Someone found one of the Violet Sedan Chair LPs and uploaded the music here! God, I love this show that they do random stuff like this. "She's Doing Fine" is totally about Olivia. All the songs there are actually catchy and pretty awesome, quite apart from the fact they might have possible Fringe easter eggs.

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Fringe spoiler discussion continues, damn TV Guide articles sucking me in sounding so innocuous - seriously, spoilers )

This has completely distracted me from new The Good Wife.

I am also pondering the whole David Tennant doing Much Ado About Nothing thing. Now, I am really not sold on Catherine Tate in it, but it's David! Doing Shakespeare! I don't think I can not go. So, if anyone London based (or will be in London May - July-ish) is keen, let me know. I will also canvass some RL people.

Random link: Andrew Garfield and Jesse Eisenberg could not be more adorable. I <3 them, so much.

I wonder what ONTD_Muse or the boards (oh god) are like today. *whistles innocently* I am sure everyone will be taking the Matt and Kate news very sanely. *nods*

There was no Arsenal game tonight. No game at all. You understand? Yes.
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Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 2 )

Ed Byrne is on Celebrity Mastermind! And he's answering on Star Trek movies. OMG. <3

Oh, and Yuletide reveal.

I wrote We ain't gotta dream no more for [ profile] nebula99. (The Wire, gen)
Before a murder, during a murder, after a murder.
Spoilers for the end of Season 3.
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I have the house to myself for 5 days (2 flatmates in Malta, 1 in Northern Ireland) and while that is awesome, I've been incredibly lazy. Yesterday, I got out of bed at 2pm, wandered down to the supermarket, cooked dinner (vegetarian chili ftw) and then spent untold hours lost in this ONTD post on the 50 Greatest Music Videos of the Decade and spamming my Tumblr with them.

Today, I was meant to be seeing Sherlock Holmes but my friend cancelled as she wasn't feeling well. Was almost tempted to go by myself, but my friend suggested seeing it next week and seems keen to see it, so next week it shall be. So, to get myself out of the house at some point today I went to the library this afternoon and picked up some books, because despite my best efforts, I've still be slack about reading books this year, and there's so many good ones out there I want to read. This was of course after getting out of bed at 1pm after watching The Hangover (not too bad, pretty funny, characters not as big a douches as I was expecting). See? Lazy.

I have also been reading Yuletide fics. Recs are at my delicious. (Is that the correct preposition for delicious? Delicious page? Anyway).

Christmas television has been kind of blah, but I did watch the RSC's latest take on Hamlet starring David Tennant (part of David Tennant Fortnight on the BBC, because seriously, the dude is everywhere). Overall, I liked it, but then it was David Tennant and Patrick Stewart in Hamlet (my favourite Shakespeare play) and at one point David was doing soliloques in jeans, bare feet and messy Doctor-like hair ... I, was never ever going to have a problem with that. *chinhands*

There also might be a small Gossip Girl thing. Clearly I was missing a slightly trashy teen drama in my life. But they're all just so pretty! And Chuck/Nate is awfully intriguing ... and for my sins, so is Serena/Nate, and Chuck/Blair. Yeah, I don't even know.

Tomorrow I shall be spending my New Years Eve bowling in Essex. ;) New Year's Eve's I either do nothing or are totally surreal, this promises to be the latter.
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I am finished work for the year! \o/ And my Yuletide fic was uploaded on time! \o/

I must admit, in total me fashion, now, a day and a bit before Christmas I am feeling a little Christmas-y. I had a choice to take tomorrow off and I'm so glad I did in the end, because I have to cook soup for Christmas Day and I thought it might also be a good time to try the chocolate and raspberry brownie recipe [ profile] china_shop posted. Things will be achieved, I may have time for Yuletide Madness, and I'll get to sleep in a little. ;)

Merlin: The Last Dragonlord )

I have to give props to BBC Two for their line-up tonight: Top of the Pops 2 Christmas Special, a Grumpy Guide to Christmas, Never Mind The Buzzcocks Christmas special, Russell Howard live (<3), QI and then Mock the Week Christmas special. I need to see a Russell Howard show at some point, he was so good.

I keep thinking there's something else I want to mention in this post, but I can't remember right now.

Random yay: I will have a broadband connection when I read Yuletide this year. *is impatient*

Edit: I was going to go to bed, and then along comes the episode of Have I Got News for You that I meant to catch up on. Life, so hard. Also, is David Tennant on QI tomorrow as well as having been on Buzzcokcs a week ago?! I mean, yay, but that is a lot of David Tennant on TV right now. I wonder why. ;)
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It's cooold. It snowed today! Not serious snow, but a light dusting, and there's supposed to be more tomorrow and Friday. Mostly this makes me \o/ because I haven't seen snow in ages, but also a little worried as I have shit to do and I hope it doesn't screw with public transport too much (this is London after all, it doesn't take a lot). Also, I am lacking some appropriate footwear, and did I mention? Cooold. So happy to have central heating.

Doctor Who Special of Never Mind the Buzzcocks's was okay, but not amazing. I hope Catherine Tate was putting some of that ditziness on, but Bernard Cribbins was awesome.

However there was a random Muse related WTF?! moment during the show )

And I did learn that BBC Two are airing David Tennant's RSC Hamlet performance on BBC Two on Boxing Day! Favourite Shakespeare play and one of my favourite actors! Excited! They do Christmas TV well here, I will say that. And John Simm is playing Hamlet as well! Admittedly in Sheffield, but they might bring it down here, or I could go up, I guess.

I also realise I meant to talk about the last Merlin ep, and didn't. Overall, I thought it rocked, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they take it. Also, Emilia Fox was all sort of awesome. Again.

I also seem to have developed a small Gossip Girl thing, and I seem to slightly shipping Nate/Serena. Yes, I know, I know. Serena is almost too stupid to live, but Nate! Also, Chuck and Blair are awesome. Eh, it's entertaining if not the most intellectually stimulating television.
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Had one too many beers last night, so spent most of the day watching TV in one form or another. Caught up on QI (Sandy Toksvig and John Hodgman for the win), Have I Got News For You and Never Mind the Buzzcocks, then went out to see the All Blacks play the Barbarians at a friend's house. Now, I'm snuggled up on the couch, watched Merlin (please just let Arthur find out already) and just finished catching up on White Collar.

White Collar: Free Fall )

Also, there may have been some Strictly Come Dancing in there as well. I blame my friend who got me into it. It is genuinely quite entertaining, even if you have the grit your teeth through the Bruce Forsythe bits.

And this Radio 4 interview of David Tennant being interviewed by Catherine Tate is hilariously awesome. Oh David, such a geek. <3 (May be a UK only link, not sure, usually the radio programmes are okay).

Enemy at the Gate is reminding me why I had a crush on Joseph Fiennes for so long. Mmm, much more attractive with his real accent and glasses, and he can act. After watching too much FlashForward I needed reminding.

Must actually do things tomorrow. Possibly Christmas shopping that I am avoiding.

Also, have new temp job at least till Christmas. Yayness.

Edit: Totally forgot The Thick Of It was on tonight, but just watched now (love you iPlayer): !!!!!!! )

That was way more than I planned on typing. Somedays, TV is awesome.
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Rather insane couple of days, but I haven't done much today which has been nice. I, of course, should have done more, but ah well. Three weeks, guys! Eep. (Actually, barring the flatmate finding and getting rid of my bed, I think I've got most of it under control, I think).

Anyway, this will be a post of links:

The Radio and Television Correspondents Dinner was all sorts of awesome for video content:

John Hodgman's speech which could basically be called "Barack Obama's nerd credentials."

Barack Obama's speech which includes him sort of slashing himself with Brian Williams.

And last, but no means least, the incredibly awesome new Jib Jab video (pirates! superhero!Barack Obama, punching robots and some pretty cool animation), with a song which will not get out of my head.

Also, I discovered a new Tumblr today which was one of those blogs where you just keep going further back and back to see all the content Fuck Yeah, Men in Suits.

Posts of note:

OMG Baby!David Tennant.
Mmm, Karl Urban. You'd think LotR would have got me over the 'Karl Urban from Shortland Street is hot?!" thing, but it's still there a little.
Maybe I should be watching Gossip Girl. (Chase Crawford).
Ryan Reynolds in shirt sleves.
Anton Yelchin looking like Hugh Dancy, which is no bad thing. I didn't quite see his appeal in Star Trek, but here, I really sort of do.

It was a pleasant way to pass some time. ;)

On a final note, I thought quite hard about dying my hair before I went to the UK, and on Friday night my friend talked me into blue/black, as I wanted to go a really bright colour but was a bit wary of work. And so, we have this:

Me )

It's actually quite blue in the daylight, more so than I thought, but I do like it.
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Oh god, David Tennant reading The Stone Rose. That much David Tennant!accent. I may die. And the Doctor voice vs David! And Jackie!

Also, new SGA means lots of John and team squee on my flist. It makes me happy.

Hellboy II isn't out here for another month and a half. I was reading reviews before, and I want to see it even more now. And no Wall-E till September. :( I thought NZ was getting better release dates for big movies, but clearly it depends.

John McCain had a very bad week. Shame. ;) Seriously though, some of those mistakes are insane, especially the Iran one.
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You know one little thing that kinda drives me insane?

Text in a blog post/paragraph that goes onto the next line by just one word. Only on a screen (it also annoyed me when I was writing essays on a regular basis). If it's written, it's fine. And only if I write it. If it's someones else's, that's fine. But if it's mine, argh. I am compelled to change it. I have rewritten blog posts and essay paragraphs unnecessarily because of this. (And OMG it just happened here!)

Is this just my insanity?

In only-slightly-less random matters. I spent a lot of the long weekend watching DVDs on a couch (mine or a friend's), I did actually achieve things a work today, and David Tennant researching his family history is a wonderful, wonderful thing. <3!
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Had an interesting weekend. Friday night was insane, but good, but insane. (Why is it always two days after I do things that I start to get all neurotic about them?). I kinda lost Saturday in a haze of sleeping, Eddie Izzard, SGA episodes and fic writing avoidance, and then today was having a coffee with my friend and fic writing. I also just watched Superbad. Pretty hilarious, not like 'best comedy ever' but certainly enjoyable.

While doing a little tag tidying yesterday (I had five tags for Grey's Anatomy) I found this rather hilarious post when I first watched SGA a couple of years ago, before I watched three whole seasons in a row and got fannish about it.

Ford, my favourite character? Rodney is annoying? Apathetic about Teyla? Oh 2005!self, what was going on?

And uh, I may have committed fic? I had something almost done this morning but then ended up trashing all but 100 words and starting again from John's POV, which I found a lot easier than Lorne's. I was really wanting this to be a Lorne POV on Lorne and Sheppard's relationship (no, not like that), but then John came along and brought a lot more Rodney to it. Who would have guessed that would happen in my brain? ;)

So, yeah. The Only Option (John, McKay/Sheppard, little bit of Lorne, SGA, PG-13, approx 1200 words). First time SGA fic.

Lastly, something random. I always used to think aviator sunglasses were a bad look on anyone. This opinion has changed in the last six months and I blame one, okay now two, men. Joe Flanigan. Davd Tennant. Stop it.

Pictorial evidence )
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Joe Flanigan, Jason Momoa and a whole truckload of adorable. (via [ profile] wraithfodder)

Seriously. How are they so adorable?

I am still surprised at how gleeful and happy-making SGA fandom is. And it's quite ridiculous how many pictures of Joe Flanigan and his ridiculous and pretty face are on my laptop.

Also, has there been a more concrete Dr Who S4 release date announced? All I could find was Spring, which is a little on the vague side. I seem to be experiencing some sort of David Tennant withdrawal.

One day I will post something more substantive.

(And my mood icon is totally making me want to watch the end scene from 'Smith and Jones.'How lucky I have it right here. Sleep?)
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So, I am in a house that is empty except for my furniture (such that it is) and the boxes with my stuff in it. Quite a few boxes actually. I thought I'd kept my stuff level under control, but clearly not. And I even cut down! I am slightly nervous about how much storage space my friend has, but it should be okay.

So, yes, moving tomorrow. My stuff to one friend's house and me (+ clothes, some books and laptop) to another friend's couch. Hopefully not for long. Fuck, I hope not for long. I still think this moving thing may have been a stupid idea but there's fuck all I can do about it now.

Anyway, latter friend, lovely though she is, is internet-less, so I doubt I will be checking LJ much. I'll have the 'net at work, and whatever I can find in the way of wireless connections (*cough*) but I usually avoid LJ at work (although the same cannot be said for blogs) and I just don't know about the wireless thing. I am however going to a work conference on Thurs and Fri, which promises to be maybe the geekiest thing I have attended and has free wireless (double yay), so I might be around then.

Is it sad that the things I'll miss most about a regular connection is SGA flist squee and fic? Yes? Ah well, there you go.

And of course, tonight is when my connection has returned to a normal broadband speed. I am resisting the urge to download heavily. Just. Not really.

Anyway, hope to be back soon in a new and wonderful flat.

PS: I watched some David Tennant YouTube clips before and ... oh, David your hair is ridiculous and your accent is gorgeous and I am so fond. I am sorry my brain has been all "JoeFlaniganJoeFlanigan" recently. (Clearly I have a thing for actors with gravity defying hair).
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Twice in a night, I know!

I've been pondering how to possibly start vidding again, as now I have a computer that can handle it, and I've been getting some ideas recently. I don't know how successful this is going to be as I only have iMovie at the moment and I'm not quite sure what that can do, but I was hampered by having a lot of things in AVI files and iMovie seeming to not like them.

However, due to this blog I have discovered two lovely bits of software that will hopefully help out. <3!

HandBrake for DVD converting and MPEG Streamclip for AVI to MOV converting.

I just tried the latter out and it seems pretty good.

Open source software: A+++

I know I've said this countless times, but I really, really like these moodtheme icons sometimes. Oh, David Tennant. <3
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I believe I just lost an entire day to SGA fandom. Fics (OMG Nantucket AU, and Written by the Victors), ficlets, picspams, actual episodes, Joe Flanigan's hair ...

*blissful sigh*

Not a bad way to celebrate the first day in the last 14 I haven't had to go to work.

However, there I shall go tomorrow. Damn.

(However, Muse and Auckland in five days! And Macbook in about a week and a half!)

Also, the Children in Need Dr Who Special? Made of so much win. *draws hearts around David Tennant*
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I had a very eh day at work today, and to be honest, I can't see the next, oh, six weeks getting any better. (Just, who the fuck thought I could take over her job for six weeks. Honestly). However, I got home and there was beer, curry, LJ and The Daily Show, and I'm feeling a lot better. More relaxed anyway.

Stuff Tali Has Enjoyed Recently:

- I watched The Corporation last night, and wow that was scary/depressing/fascinating. An awesome documentary actually and I definitely recommend it. I also borrowed the 2-disc set from my friend with the ridiculous amount of extras, which I'm really looking forward to getting into.

- I also located DVDs of Blackpool aka Six Hours of David Tennant and his Scottish Accent. Guh. I liked it, and the musical aspects were really well done, but there's something that held me back from really loving it, and it might be Sarah Parish, who while I have no doubt is an excellent actress, vaguely annoys me. But, David Tennant was wonderful and Scottish. Mmmm.

- I finally saw The Bourne Ultimatum over the weekend too, and I really enjoyed it. No travel-sickness! I don't know if the camera work was gentler on this movie compared to The Bourne Supremacy, or if I was just used to it, but it didn't annoy me nearly as much. The movie was just paced wonderfully too. David Strathairn is awesome. *nods* (And he narrated a series on the US Supreme Court! *loves*)

- West Wing tribute video with clips from blooper reels and interviews and it made me totally nostalgic and feel like I really need to catch up on S6-7 and have a West Wing marathon. (link via [ profile] dianora2

- Finally, I stumbled upon Stephen Colbert's interview with Charlie Rose on YouTube, and OMG love! I don't think I actually have seen him intreviewed when not in character, and while Charlie Rose kind of annoyed me as an interviewer, the interview was awesome. He's so softly spoken and polite, and intelligent, and adorable! I already had a pretty high estimation of the guy before seeing this, but it still went up.

Between him and Jon Stewart, I, just, yeah. <3!
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So, I did end up taking the day off. Spent it mostly in bed, watching MASH or surfing the 'net (which included crying caused by MASH wikipedia articles. No, really). To be honest, I probably could have gone to work, I didn't feel completely horrible, but the day off has probably helped.

I also, you'll be thrilled to know, think I may have settled on Google Reader as my RSS feed reader. I've been looking around, and I do like that Google Reader is web-based so I can access it at home and ... other places, and I do read so many blogs, and forget ones that I mean to go back to, that I think a feed reader is probably a good idea. (Note: I have said this before).

Anyway, due to feed adding I ended up all over the net reading, including some fannish stuff:

Dr Who in time freeze for a year. Thankfully, they're talking about after S4 not S3, but that is interesting. Tennant and Davies can't go on forever, and who knows maybe it will just let them re-charge or something. And three specials is still something.

Also, David Tennant is going to play Hamlet for the RSC. Dude! That would rock! I think the chances of coercing them over this side of the world two years in a row is ... unlikely. Damn.

The ad that goes with that article is rather amusing. Cheap shot, but amusing. I also like how they've left question marks for the end of his tenure.

Hugh Laurie almost chosen to host the Emmys

That? Also would have rocked! Damn you, Fox. Though saying that, I am inclined to agree with one of the commenters that Hugh probably would have turned it down. Awesome as it would be, I can't really see him saying yes.

And no, I have no idea why I am obsessing about the Emmys host. I do understand why Fox chose Ryan Seacrest, annoying as I find him, and to be honest, I'm not even sure I'll watch this year (note: I have also said this before). Also, chances are NZ TV won't have it on anyway.
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I keep looking at my computer clock and going 'It's [enter time here] already?! Where has my Saturday gone?' Before saying to myself, 'um, self? You got out of bed at 2pm.' That might explain it *headdesk*

Anyway, a vid rec. Because I still seem to be in the midst of a vid renaissance, or I'm powerless before David Tennant, or something.

Moons of Jupiter by [ profile] fan_eunice.
Happy Ten vid! Honestly, it's just adorable. There are hugs and smiles and Ten, and it's awesome. (Spoilers through 'Utopia')
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Doctor Who: The Last of the Time Lords )

Oh, I really should sleep. Why do I always stay up this late when I have work the next day?

PS: Keith Olbermann. I love you.

PPS: Pretty OotP premiere shots featuring David Tennant and John Simm. (I really need to track down Life on Mars, don't I?) I might be experiencing some sort of HP excitement now.
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I spent 12 hours at work today and I can't say that I'm really looking forward to work tomorrow, but since I came home I've watched the latest two eps of Dr. Who and I feel quite a bit better. Not fabulous, but definitely better.

Doctor Who: 'Runaway Bride' and 'Smith and Jones' )

I have been craving this show for weeks now and I'm so glad I grabbed these two eps.

Also, randomly, I caught up on the last two TPBs of 'Y: The Last Man' and ... wow. So much love. Now I'm really going to have to make sure I see Brian K Vaughan at Armageddon this year. Between this and 'Runaways' and 'Ex Machina' ... I just love his stuff so much.

Now, sleep. Tomorrow is another day.


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