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Today, has not been too awesome.

I didn't get the job I interviewed for yesterday, which sucks (of course) but it's also left me counting the days I can still stay here jobless. It's not really scary, but a little scary. I have officially crossed the line between jobs I'm qualified for and really want and nearly any job. Hi Christmas retail, how are you?

And then I badly screwed up an application and didn't realise until it was submitted. Why so careless, brain?!


I was just about to watch The Daily Show, which I usually do via the clip videos, which means I'm not tied to when Channel 4 airs it or puts it up on 40D. However, it seems the TDS site has now decided you can't see the clips from the UK. *sigh* I mean, I get why, and yes, I can wait the extra couple of hours it's not the end of the world, but it does mean I can't go back and watch old clips on the site (which I do quite often) or embed clips on here or on on tumblr that everyone can see, and that is irritating. And more irritating as it's the show I do this for the most often. TDS, I just want to share your brilliance with others!


Now, at least I have beer and chocolate.

And, small bright spot, I am progressing further with One Bullet Away (Nate!) and really enjoying it.

Is there a PMS factor in this post? Perhaps!
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True Blood: Beyond Here Lies Nothin )


After first listen through of The Resistance: I like most of it, but it needs more epic guitars. However, I love "Unnatural Selection", "United States of Eurasia" has totally grown on me and "Exogenesis" is damn cool.

John Simm is doing a play in London for the next couple of months! Must go.

Daily Show is back! <3
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I went to the library the other day to return Generation Kill (which I loved for many reasons which I'll go into later) and to look for The Yiddish Policeman's Union which I'd started reading in a bookshop and had heard good things about. I specifically wasn't looking for Nate's book One Bullet Away because it's not a huge library and I didn't think it was all that well known, and lo, sitting on a shelf which I nearly didn't look at, there it was. \o/

Also, over at [ profile] ontd_askars someone linked to a guest DJ mix Alex did for a radio station. This? Did not help. Alex, stop being so awesome. He included "Mother's Little Helper" (Stones!!) because he used to sing it with his Dad, and "Ever Fallen in Love" and a really cool Iggy Pop song. You can even download it as an MP3 and hear him being awesome. I have fallen far, guys. Far. (This is also the first time in a while I've been involved in an actor-specific fandom flavour of the week and oh, fandom, you're awesome, but sometimes just batshit insane as well).

And now is later, clearly:

Generation Kill by Evan Wright )

I also have *counts* at least three GK fic bunnies and a possible vid idea. Possible. I'm still not sure the song works, and it's a little on the long side.

EDIT: Also, this years Emmys includes many GK nominations! Yes, an actual reason to watch the Emmys, and Gen Kill stars is suits! Hopefullly. But I did hear it clashes with Alex's filming of Straw Dogs, which is saddening, but maybe, just maybe he'll be there as well. A girl can hope.


- I've watched the pilot ep of Leverage, and while it certainly wasn't bad, I wasn't blown away. Well, not enough to go back and watch another ep yet. Am I just comparing it unfairly to Hustle and it not having Adrian Lester? Maybe. Might give it another couple of eps.

- However, after reading this crossover fic, I am intrigued by Burn Notice. Hmmm. Spies. I like spies. I was an Alias fan, until it got truly ridiculous.

- I'm really missing The Daily Show. There's been so much US politics crazy these last three weeks! And only some it coming from Glen Beck!

- I was reading about Obama's speech about health-care this morning and the Congressman who heckled him got to speak to Rahm when he rang up to apologise. Hahahaha. That would have been an amazing phone-call to listen to.

- Muse's new album is out this weekend! (Admittedly I've listened to a lot of it, but still, it's worth an exclamation point).

Stuff must get done today. Which is why I'm sitting here on the couch ...
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I've been here nearly a month now, it's kinda scary. Job front is about the same, have a phone interview sometime this week and have found a recruitment agency that deals primarily in the work I do, but I'm an impatient person by nature and the waiting is getting to me. I'm also wary about getting out of the house and doing things because that's just spending money, but then if things don't work out, I will really regret not seeing things, so it's a bit of a double edged sword.

Also, despite the above I did go out and see Public Enemies yesterday before it disappeared from UK screens. It was good, and Johnny Depp was awesome, but not amazing over all. I put in on par with 3:10 to Yuma maybe, glad I saw it, but no real desire to see it again for a while.

While I've been here, I've also finished Mad Men Season 2.

Thoughts )

And I've kind of been dragged into True Blood. Some friends in Wellington were into the books and watched the show, and I've always been a little intrigued, but I must admit, it's Alexander Skarsgård that's really got me to watch it. Mmm, Eric. In fact, to be fair, apart from a few eps at the start, Eric's scenes are the only ones I've watched in their totality. Oops? (Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer are fine, but I'm really just not that interested). I've also heard there is very little Godric/Eric out there? What's not to love, fandom?!

I have been watching British TV but it's mostly been things like Top Gear, University Challenge, Friends repeats (lots and lots of Friends repeats), and the panel shows like Mock the Week. However, I am going to a screening of "You've Been Watching," Charlie Brooker's Channel 4 show mocking British TV. I'm going to miss Frankie Boyle, which I'm a little disappointed about, but David Mitchell is going to be on apparently, which should be pretty awesome.

Oh, and uh, British channels have got me interested in Ugly Betty. Daniel Meade especially. Damn you Eric Mabius.

Link of awesome: Daily Show vs Nightly News softball game with Jon and BriWi. Apparently TDS do this every now and then and have previously played TCR and Vanity Fair, but still Jon and BriWi, softball, disparaging chants. Love them. (via [ profile] thedailyshow).

(I have been very lax cross-posting to DW, must remedy).
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So, uh, hi, LJ, how are you? I'm good, kinda scared than in 4 weeks I'll be leaving Wellington for quite some time, but you know, okay, I guess. A freak out is imminent.

I haven't posted or really been around for the last couple of weeks. Was in Christchurch last weekend and the last few days have just been busy and insane. Have a free day today, well, kinda. I need to start sorting out my books into the store in Chch/give away or sell piles. Eeep. I know people who are very anti the book collection pruning thing, but I think it needs to be done every now and then. Let's hope its slightly more successful than pruning the comic collection, which I meant to halve (not as scary as it sounds, and I haven't read some of them in years) .... and let's just say, I didn't. Damn you comics!

I also meant to start this whole process a lot earlier, but spent last night watching State of Play (really not too bad, Russel Crowe, Rachel MacAdams <3, Helen Mirren all awesome, but I spent a lot of time comparing it to he mini-series) and this morning, well, I checked [ profile] rahmbamarama and ended up in a spiral of video awesomeness that ended with lots of clips of the NBC White House special, and the fact that Rahm Emaneul has a photo of him kissing Stephen Colberts's cheek (see icon) in his office. It may have been a gag for the cameras, but does he really have that kind of time? Anyway, awesome.

So, yes book sorting now. Really. Hope you're all well.

Also, the Daily Show this week has been amazing. So many good bits (including them sending Jason Jones to Tehran, OMG) but the high point for me being ...

Napoleon!Jon and Duke of Wellington!John )

Dude, I love them so much.
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One day I will really make the substantive posts I keep meaning to.

But today, LJ, I am here to tell you that Rahm Emanuel has been in my dreams for two nights in a row (and no, not like that, mostly). Too much [ profile] rahmbamarama do you think? ;) I'm not complaining persay, I'm just amused. I hardly ever get fandom dreams (and interesting how the White House Chief of Staff is now a fandom).

I've been remembering my dreams a lot more recently actually, don't quite know what that's about.

Also, the Jon Stewart and Jon Oliver bit in tonight's TDS was pretty damn awesome.

Edit: Wow, it's been 10 days since I last posted. It doesn't feel like that for some reason.
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Spent the day at the cricket, which anyone who follows me on Twitter could tell you as I was rather more spammy that I tend to be. Oh, New Zealand. Not even Vettori could save us. I was talking about meeting a friend, but in the end went by myself, which was okay, had a couple of beers, sat in the sun, read a book and happily had wi-fi. I can now say I've been to a cricket game at the Basin Reserve, which is something I've always wanted to do in Wellington.

I also seem to be having a small ER nostalgia thing. With the series ending, I'm realising how fond of it was when I watched it regularly.

Alan Speinwall had a cool sum-up post where I found this You Tube clip of Carter and Benton awesome-ness.

Cut! )

And while I am embedding:

TDS interview with Peter Orszag full of adorable nerdiness )

(o.O That embed code is insane. It's like Word HTML. Is all that necessary?)

And okay, one two more. Muse are posting clips to a You Tube channel. They're random, cute and hilarious.

Dom in a field, and all of them singing in a toilet with a microphone, really )

I know this thought is not news to the internet, but Michelle Obama is awesome, and gorgeous. I save the most photos to my hard drive from [ profile] obama_daily than any other place at the moment. Damn you G20 trip!

Armageddon tomorrow! Guests not quite as exciting as previous years for my particular geek interests, but should still be fun. ;)
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Bad: Got home from work at 10:30 tonight. *sigh*

Good: Friend who is living in the UK is in Christchurch at the moment and has said she'll call me tomorrow night, which is awesome. Not quite as awesome as if I could have gone down, but awesome none the less.

Bad: Reading more articles about people on their OE in the UK returning home. Considering other options like Ireland, Canada, or leaving it six months and see if things improve. *sigh* Is it bad that the thing that bugs me the (second) most is that I've told everyone (including my boss) that I'm going, and what they'll think if I put it off?

Good: My friend was recently in Australia and located a Garrison Uniform John Sheppard! I have been wanting a Sheppard action figure for ages, and just could not find one here. He's awesome! I would also like to point out this was organised over Twitter. Who says it doesn't have its uses? ;)

Plastic!John and friend hang out )

Edit: Good: The Daily Show was on tonight. *happy sigh*
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So, my Sunday was really no more productive. Shocker. I went on a search for caffeine and ended up picking up Barrayar by Lois McMaster Bujold from a second-hand bookstore, and well, I've now finished it. OMG Vorkosigans, how so awesome?

I read The Warrior's Apprentice and The Vor Game quite a while ago now, and I've always meant to pick up the other ones and so glad I picked this one up as I've heard people go on about how awesome Cordelia is, and dude, they were so right. I love her. And Gregor! So adorable as a kid.

So, yeah, I recommend the book, and I have to pick up the others, though probably from the library as I'm saving. Yes, saving.

And while I'm recommending things, [ profile] such_heights has an awesome multi-fandom vid focused on female characters and set to a Muse song. You should watch it. *nods*

And, Fake News Rumble is a Daily Show/Colbert Report web-comic, with apocalypses and evil villain Dick Cheney's, and lots of other cool things.

Hmm. I probably had other things to link to, but they escape me right now.
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So, as I tweeted, I caught the inauguration ceremony at 6am my time. It was, as many have said before me, pretty awe-inspiring. Two things that I haven't seen mentioned a whole lot which I really liked was Joseph Lowrey's benediction and John Williams composition (Yo Yo Ma rules!). I thought both were beautiful really.

I did really like the speech. Was it a little low on inspiration? Maybe. But a few of the lines were just amazing. I remember listening and being all, 'Yes, this, god it's good to hear a President say this.' <3

And then I lost power. ;) Somewhat alarming at first, but then we realised it was half the city, and happily it was back on within a couple of hours. Sadly, my work was completely unaffected. ;)

I seem to have a lot of inauguration links to share:

[ profile] obama_daily has some amazing photos, I especially love the ones of the Obamas dancing but really they're all amazing. And then there's the photo of Obama and Denzel grinning at each other. <3 Not enough awesome in the world.

[ profile] tzikeh also posted this awesome Rahm photo. I do get the love now, I do.

And then there is The Daily Show, including John Oliver randomly kissing male and female nauguration attendees. Yes, really.

Embedded below )

And semi related, Obama plushie with Blackberry. It's the plush Blackberry that makes this extra awesome. (Link gacked from someone on the flist I now cannot remember, sorry). He gets to keep his Blackberry in the White House too. I was geekily happy about that. Even if it is a special NSA version with crazy encryption on it, but you get why.

And I ... think that might be it.

Oh no, wait, there was this really cute Malia and Sasha picspam on the Huffington Post So cute. And Sasha gave her Dad a thumbs up after he said the oath!

It is slightly disturbing how many Obama photos have ended up in my 'Politics' folder over the campaign, and really, since I added [ profile] obama_daily to my flist. I think they really have got to the point where they get a folder of their own.

Unrelated meme that I thought was cool (taken from [ profile] michellek)

1. go to the fourth folder on your computer where you store your pictures,
2. pick the fourth picture in that folder,
3. explain the picture

My Actresses folder as it turns out )

Pondering staying up to see the Oscar nominations come in, just because it's kinda close already.

Also, have LJ really taken auto-complete off the Post page for tags because that was so useful. Grr.
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My first day back at work was not wonderful (first days should be relaxing and not involve an avalanche of work that needs to be done now, now, oy) but I came home and there was an empty house, and beer, and salmon on really good bread and then, finally, there was The Daily Show.

Oh, god I've missed this show.

And, and, Rachel Maddow is on it tomorrow! Yes, really. \o/  

I don't know how I will deal with that much awesome on my laptop screen at once. There are not enough little hearts in the world.

Also, there may have been Jon Walker related fic bunnies yesterday (probably an unoriginal idea, but it was fun) and I finally, kinda got the Patrick Stump thing via his little Garage Band tutorial here (link via [ profile] shirasade). Resistance is futile, clearly.

And he sings in 'Mad as Rabbits' and while Panic's first album sort of annoys me,  the second one is actually enjoyable, in a guilty pleasure sort of way ... *whistles innocently*

This has been a post of Jons. Huh.

And even as an Apple user, this is hilarious. Oh, The Onion. Never stop being awesome.

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I was sitting on my porch with sunshine and beer and the internet before. Oh wireless, never leave me.

Semi-successfully Christmas shopped. Got my brother's present anyway ... and a few things for me. I have got to stop going into shops where know for a fact I will not find presents for my family, but which I love. Ah well.

No more Daily Show this year. :( The episode they went out on was pretty awesome though. Farewell to Alan Colmes!

Embedded under the cut )

Heh. I am officially seven episodes behind on Heroes. Must procrastinate using that watch those at some point. I hear it's gotten better.

I did however watch the most recent CSI. *ducks* I just want to see how Grissom goes, I swear.

At the moment I'm working my way through S4 BSG and, I'm enjoying it, but not loving it.
Liking Helo a bit more though, which is odd in and of its self.

ETA: I take that last comment back. Just finished. *FLAIL* Show! Those last four eps were awesome.
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I left to go get a coffee and spend some time in the sunshine at 1pm today ... and I got home at 11pm quite drunk, after running into one friend and drinking beers in the sun, and then being invited by another friend to drink at a local bar for a while. Had an awesome time though, and there was foosball, good company and good food and beer. Mmmmm.

Currently watching Fry in America, which is love, and thinking about how I really need to work on my Yuletide story.

The Daily Show last night was awesome, and Ron Howard surprisingly bearable.

Also, still very interested in CSI. Weird. Damn you William Petersen.
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I must drag myself out of bed as I have to go to work for three or so hours and have other things to do/buy/be indecisive about.

Instead I shall embed an awesome Colbert clip and Jon's interview with Bill O'Reily, which was awesome, and Bill O actually did pretty well. I was ... almost impressed? Anyway, it's great.

Mr Snuggles, hot cocoa, Jane Austen, baseball and Marvel comics )

Upside: Melbourne is less than a week! \o/ I was Google Map-ing (it is too a verb) the other day to get a feel for where I'm staying and where the airport is etc and also rediscovering why Google Street View may indeed be the most stalker-esque Web 2.0 application. Anyway, yay Melbourne.

Also, Yuletide writer? The letter is coming, I swear. Please forgive my slack-ness.
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So, we have some sort of election tomorrow?

To be honest, I haven't paid nearly as much attention as I probably should have. I caught a leaders' debate and a half, and read some blog posts and a little news and that's about it. (Which is a hell of lot less than I read about the US election). But I know who I'm voting for, and that hasn't really changed as a result of the campaign.

The most interesting part has been watching all the campaign advertising (official and not so official), the web presence of each party and the supporters with little billboards who are everywhere, especially outside my office window. Craziness.

I'm hanging out with a bunch of people I work with to watch the results though, which should be cool. Oh, geeky workplaces. <3

Also, happy links, gacked from people on the flist and afar.

[ profile] china_shop on how some people only remember Bush as president, which really did blow my mind and hammer home again how big a deal this really was.

Awesome NYC celebration video. This really hit me hard. For that just to spontaneously happen. <3

John Oliver and puppies! Yes, puppies! )

TDS has been awesome the last couple of days. And I keep checking back to the Colbert Report site to see if the Rachel Maddow interview is up yet.

Note to self: Please don't forget to sign up for Yuletide sometime this weekend.

Oh god, I need new icons. This weekend. Seriously.
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Cannot say I achieved a lot over the long weekend. I watched Body of Lies with a friend (not bad but Ridley, you've done better), caught up briefly with [ profile] china_shop and watched a lot of Outrageous Fortune (which I also have to thank China for :p). I am quite addicted. I don't quite know how many eps I watched yesterday but I think it was over ten. *sheepish look*

I am also slowly making my way through S4 BSG. Oh, unhappy fucked up show.

I've been feeling kinda blah in the last week. Lots of little things adding up, I think, and probably a lot of me being hard on myself for no good reason. Hopefully this week will be more productive and well, less blah. (Eloquent, me?) I have a lot more on, which might help.

And I'm only going to say it once but I do wish I'd been more organised and gotten to Armageddon in Auckland. Fail, self. It sounds like those who did had an awesome time. :D Hewlett!

Also, I have seen no comment on my friends list about the latest SGA ep? I haven't acquired it yet. Was it that bad? Has fandom decided to wipe it from its collective memory and pretend it didn't happen?

Random links:

Pencils Down: An Evening with America’s Funniest Writers - Video | Indecision2008 - video of a panel with a current and former TDS wrier, a blogger for Indecision2008 and the web editor for The Onion. Quite interesting if you have the time.

How Nate Silver Went From Forecasting Baseball Games to Forecasting Elections -- New York Magazine - Interesting article on Nate Silver the guy behind the cool US poll site,
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I haven't updated in a bit but I am lazy and shall resort to, a list!

1. Need to catch up on SGA, but have now gotten through most of Dexter S2. I'm enjoying it, but not as much as last season, and to be honest, I am up to watching the finale, and still haven't watched it. So, eh. Eventually.

2. Daily Show was back this week. \o/ Interviews have been a little lacklustre (yes, even Ricky Gervais, I like his stand-up but I'm not a huge fan of his other stuff), but some of the news bits have been awesome. Jon's "Did she win a contest?" comment tonight was just, <3

3. I have now played Guitar Hero and A++ would play again, even though I think it could be ridiculously addictive.

I can't even think of a random link to share.

When you see this, post a quote from Stargate Atlantis in your journal.

Dr. Rodney McKay: The sticking point is that, ah, there is no tie between the power generator and the primary capacitor.
Dr. Zelenka: Meaning that they would have to channel the power directly into the weapon.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Which I'm sure that means nothing to you.
Maj. John Sheppard: It means they could fire multiple bursts without having to store more power for the next firing sequence.
Dr. Rodney McKay: Yes... very good.
Maj. John Sheppard: Which leads me back to 'cool'!

Smart!John. <3 Also, it's the scene with the adorable duck and smile.
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The Daily Show has been inspired the last two days. I mean, it's good normally, but these last two days the segments have been amazing and hilarious, and how is Mike Huckabee so damn likeable when I disgaree with him on basically everything?

Favourite clip embedded below: Samantha Bee <3! )

Other awesome political clips.

Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Friday. He just rips into McCain's speech and the Republicans in general. <3

Matt Lauer interviews Jon Stewart. There aren't enough <3 signs in the world. Seriously.

Also, I saw Hellboy last night. I enjoyed it a lot and oh god, one scene in particular was the one of the funniest and delightful things I've seen in ages. Spoiler )

And OMG, I think it's stopped raining for a little bit. I might go outside and check out the book fair. (What? I don't need more books and haven't read all the ones I have now? Sshh, no one has to know).
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As if I wasn't already looking forward to "The Shrine", these promo pics came along. *flail*

Also, this interview with Joe Flanigan is made of a boatload of awesome (link via [ profile] tex). He's so hilarious in this, and there are some classic quotes. ("Well, you’ve got to walk away from the blackjack table. Save the galaxy.") He lists getting a new skateboard as a highlight of Season 5, oh and "The Shrine." <3! (S5 spoilers in the interview). So much love.

I better not get my hopes up too high, this could end badly.

If you are in anyway inclined towards Doctor Who fanvids, you should totally check out [ profile] flummery's vid here. It's so, so well done and just seriously, watch it.

Random link: Batman hoodie as worn here by John Mayer, who I can totally take or leave, but the hoodie is awesome.

Random link II: Is Jon Stewart the Most Trusted Man in America?. Cool article on Jon and TDS in the NYTimes. Includes cute quotes about Jon from Stephen Colbert.
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The Emmy nominations were kinda eh. Oddly enough, I find the huge list of nominations far more interesting, and have for the last few years, because it has the writing and directing awards and all the other little awards for shows I care about more. I am intrigued that Imaginationland is up against Family Guy's Blue Harvest, because while I do like Family Guy and especially that special (though Seth McFarlane, how were you so lucky to be sleeping with Eliza Dushku, are you that funny?), Imaginationland was genius. Pure genius.

However I do kinda wish I'd kept watching Mad Men now. I wonder if I start watching on Sunday again it will make that much of a difference. I have a strange thing for John Slattery. Yeah, I don't even know.

Also, on a post about the Watchmen trailer, it was pointed out to me that Watchmen is only $13 US on Amazon right now and I really mean to read it this year. I've tried once but kinda stopped hald way through (also see: V for Vendetta and From Hell, yes, I know). That's like $20 NZ dollars, maybe less. I think the cheapest I've ever seen Watchmen here is maybe $35, more likely $40. So, yeah. Also, the chances of me just ordering Watchmen is slim. ;)

On the topic of comic book movies, the Dark Knight hype is kidna insane. I will absolutely be seeing it, and I haven't seen a Nolan movie I haven't really enjoyed, but I remain a little wary of it all. However, I do think I'll track down a Batman Begins DVD sometime this weekend because it's been something I've been meaning to buy for ages. I also need to pick up, and I realise this is an odd comibination, 10 Things I Hate About You, because it's been too long, and I was linked to this which, just <3

Have quite a social weekend planned, which started with a beer and awesome Satay Kindgom (best and cheapest Malaysian in Wellington) with a friend who has just come back from overseas. However, I do also have to work for 4 hours. Damn.

Finally, Jack and Ianto seem to be making themselves at home in my brain, and John and Rodney are looking at them funny and bitching about having to make room.

Oh, okay one more thing. The Daily Show is back! \o/ And I've started more regularly watching Colbert Report clips now too. Much love.

Edit: Finally, I can edit this entry. LJ was being really annoying last night and only half loading. *glares*


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