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Community 3x14 )

Fringe 4x17 )


I meant to tidy my room tonight - instead I lost hours to this:

Enough To Crush Your Veins (69474 words) by favicondoctor_denmark
Chapters: 9/9
Fandom: Hockey RPF
Rating: Explicit
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jeff Skinner/Eric Staal
Characters: Jeff Skinner, Eric Staal

When Canadian figure skater Jeff Skinner wrecked his knee, he never could have imagined that he'd end up helping pay his way through college as a live-in babysitter for Eric Staal's three-year-old son, Joey.

I read bits in commentfic form and couldn't wait for the whole thing to hit AO3. So, so good. Ridiculous hockey players are ridiculous and I have such a weakness for Staals, and kidfic, and pining and everything this fic is.

Hours well spent but I uh, really should eat something.
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Hawaii Five-0 - 2x15 )

B5 watch continues: G'Kar <3

I am not happy that apparently they aren't going to include performances of the Best Song nominees at the Oscars. Fuck you, Oscars, Bret singing with Muppets would have been awesome. I hope they change their minds.

I may have brought t-shirt today. I know, more geeky t-shirts, but Troy and Abed!

Edit: Do you know what you shouldn't discover at 11:40pm when you have work tomorrow? That one of your favourite authors has posted a new 30,000 word canon AU. it opens with a Steve and Jenna scene, you guys ... what is self control, exactly?
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I finished Mockingjay last night after reading the last half in one session.

I can see why people went on about these books -spoilers )

I also watched Community:

Community: Regional Holiday Music )

H50 rec:

My North, My South, My East and West (2147 words) by faviconsheafrotherdon
Fandom: Hawaii Five-0 (2010)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Steve McGarrett/Danny "Danno" Williams
Characters: Steve McGarrett, Danny "Danno" Williams, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Lori Weston, Joe White
Summary: Bringing Steve home.

Awesome tag to 2.10. So much feeling, and talk of Jenna and just, beautiful.

This weekend: haircut, tidying, finding some bookshelves, Christmas shopping and uh, Yuletide. Definitely Yuletide.
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Fringe: Subject 9 )

Community: Remedial Chaos Theory )


I saw the latest H50 sneak peek - well okay the first one, as after seeing that I decided I was going to need to watch the episode either in a very calm place or with alcohol and as a result I just couldn't quite face the second peek. Prove me wrong, show. Please? I don't like character assassination of my favourite character. Cheers.

However talking of H50 - whoever put these two things together is awesome. 10 Things and Steve/Danny are not two thing I would have put together - but it's awesome and adorable, and the .gif is perfect. Their faces!


Living with Chronic Bitchface - this comic illustrates something that happens to me ALL THE TIME - it happened to me today in fact.

For a movie that involves Chris Pine and Tom Hardy in suits blowing up shit the This Means War Trailer looks pretty bad. I mean, just the whole concept, the people in it look very pretty, but I don't think that's going to be enough. Fandom might have fun with it though.

I am however going to pay to see what I imagine is going to be a horrendous take on The Three Musketeers, so maybe you can't judge my taste. ;) It's Matthew MacFayden's fault - and the fact that Christoph Waltz is playing Richelieu which is amazing casting.

I started watching Breaking Bad tonight too - watched 4 episodes. Insane television but amazingly done. I can see why people go on about it.
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Fringe: Neither Here Nor There )

Hawaii Five-0 2x02 )

As for the season premiere of Community. It was fine. There were some funny moments, and ones that I don't think hit as well, but I don't think I loved the opener of S2 either. I'm still happy to have it back.

I can already see The Good Wife sliding - I'm going to have to marathon it at a later date, I think.

In non-TV news, still flat-less. Have moved from one friend's house to another, this one a bit further out of town and I'll need to bus to work. That will serve to motivate me to finding a flat quicker I think. I'm incredibly grateful to my friend, but yeah, I'm too used to just walking everywhere in Wellington.
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So, I'm now in Wellington. Oh, I've missed this ridiculous city. In the taxi on the way into the city it really felt like coming home. I mean, I'll always be from Christchurch, but Wellington is definitely more like home now. I missed so much about, and a lot of that is food-centric, which I didn't expect, but I probably should have. I was walking around on Wednesday making a mental list of places I needed to eat.

I've had one job interview (on the day I arrived no less), but I didn't get it, so I've been looking at temping (again) and other roles. We'll see what happens, I guess. I also need to flat hunt, but I'd like to get the job thing underway first. If any locals know of anything going, whether that be flats of jobs, let me know.

Otherwise, it's been all H50. I've now seen all of Season 1 and oh god, they are all so ridiculous and pretty and I love them. Steve especially. Yeah, that's a shocker. I've always had a small thing about Navy SEALs (I think there was a documentary I watched when I was a kid, I have no idea, I'm also fascinated by aircraft carriers), and this fandom has made it so much worse.

There's some really quite good episodes in the season, but also some ones which well, was the Puff Daddy one really necessary? This show can stunt cast like no ones business.

There was also this promo, which Tumblr had a collective freak out about, which well, just watch it. Steve, you are so precious. And insane. So insane. I saw a comment in someone's LJ about how he actually might have less common-sense that John Sheppard, and I think that's true. Who even thought that was possible?

Two fic recs:

This Thing of Ours (It Needs a Better Name) (35814 words) by faviconleupagus

Mafia AU - and it's glorious. Danny is amazing as a mob boss and Steve is well, Steve, so a BAMF. The way the S1 plot is altered is so well done, and the twists and turns had me on the edge of my uh, bed. It's a long read - but so, so worth it.

Ho'oponopono (17092 words) by faviconember_firedrake

Steve/Danny. Danny is caught in a Groundhog Day/Window of Opportunity like scenario. So well done, and the characterisation is spot-on.

(Yay for the AO3 share button).

I would also like to say that I am in no way thinking about making a Steve/Danny vid to a pretty cheesy pop song. Except, that I totally am. It works just too, too well.

And there's still fic bunnies. Oh god, this show.

Yay for September though. Fringe, Community, The Good Wife are all back, and well, this ridiculous show is too. There should be icons.
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Emmy nomination thoughts )

Overall: eh. There's some good there don't get me wrong, but eh. I do need to watch Justified and Friday Night Lights though. And Breaking Bad. And Luther. And ... lots of things.

The closer Comic-Con gets the more sad I am it's currently Josh-less. After a period of relative calm I'm back to over-thinking all things Fringe. *headdesk* I'm probably worried about nothing, I realise that.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some TV Tropes tabs open. I may be sometime.
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I managed to not be a complete freaked out mess by the time I watched this. Avoiding Tumblr, an awesome Commuity ep and beer all helped:

Fringe: The Day We Died )

And talking of the awesomeness of Community:

Community: A Fist Full of Paintballs )

Anyway, I need coffee and then, then sadly I need to tidy my room in an insane way. I'm moving out in three weeks and I have to sort out what I want to ship home, what I want to chuck, and it needs to be in a state where prospective flatmates can see the room. Fun afternoon planned.

My friends are moving out of the flat today too. This really feels like things are drawing to a close. *sigh* Not ready to deal with this yet.
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1. Fringe: 6:02 AM EST )

2. I thought Community was awesome - but maybe not quite as awesome as a lot of people seemed to - but it was very well done and a huge improvement on the previous week's really-not-at-all-funny episode.

3. Dr Who: The Impossible Astronaut )

4. Enjoyed Game of Thrones a hell of a lot. Have the next ep now and I'm tempted but I really should actually do things I've been meaning to get done all weekend ...

5. And a movie Scream 4 )

Right, now, those things I meant to do. To be fair I have done a little bit this weekend - and went to Bath which had gorgeous weather and is pretty and the Roman Baths are seriously worth going to - but yesterday I did spend a few hours sitting in Clapham Common with some beer and some friends because the weather has been insanely good this weekend.

Berlin tickets must be booked today or tomorrow. Must be.

I need new icons like woah.
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This week has been blah. I have done cool things - I went to a special screening of Brazil introduced by Jonathon Pryce (hadn't seen it before, very awesome) and went to a taping of a Chris Addison TV special (he was delightful, and tweeted me back this morning :D) - but other than that, I've just felt tired, lazy and stupid. Most of all stupid. And do you know what I hate feeling above nearly all other things? Stupid. This week it even included the bonus of feeling like I'm disappointing people. My favourite.

... I might need a holiday. It's true. I need to book flights to Berlin, and book accommodation in New York, Boston and DC (recommendations/offers of couches welcome) because it's all getting quite close. Dude.

Anyway, links:

* Donald Glover performs the Spanish class rap with a fan (Watch as this gets in my head). He's so awesome, though it can be quite weird going from a Community ep to listening to his rap songs. The songs are pretty cool though.

* Interesting Fringe article on the love triangle - makes some quite interesting points about the two Olivias and Peter, although I would argue that the developments in the latest ep didn't quite come out of nowhere.

* Walter, what the fuck are you wearing? - oh the other places this could go, especially considering Josh's looong and let's face it at times a little suspect film career (no Cursed, I'm not looking at you at all, why would you think that).

* Aww look at them - I've had my issues with Peter/Olivia this season at times, but oh the smiles.

Week 1 of Fringe hiatus is not even complete and the thought of another two is killing me. I'm really going to try and avoid final episode spoilers. No, really, I am.

I didn't intend Fringe to take this over, but uh, looks like it has. Sorry? ;)
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Fringe: Bloodline )

Community: Critical Film Studies )

I am also ridiculously happy that Fringe got renewed. For a full season even. I didn't think FOX would do it, and it is a bit of a gutsy call. Trying to banish bad 'you guys hate genre shows' PR of old? Maybe. But for whatever reason. Fuck. Yes. \o/

Random: The new Three Musketeers adaption trailer is out - wow those look like some good drugs this movie is on. WTF? I will however definitely be seeing it for two reasons. Matthew MacFadyen as Athos, and Christoph Waltz as Richeliu. Hell. Yes.
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Fringe: Stowaway )

Community: Custody Law and Eastern European Diplomacy )

Went to 10 O'Clock live on Thursday! (Yes, again). Pretty awesome again and sat right behind Charlie. :D Not much to complain about really. He does say much to the audience, but neither really does David and I can't say either surprises me. Love them.

And now I have tickets to see Chris Addison. God, I'm going to miss this about London. Free tickets to so many good comedy tv shows with comedians I love. Sigh.
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Fringe: Subject 13 )

Community: Intro to Political Science )


Been talking with my parents quite a bit (mostly via FB chat) and wow. It keeps hitting me again, especially the CBD. I spent so much time there as a kid after school, and as an adult and some of my favourite parts of Chch are there and now ... not so much. Parents are fine, they have friends who have lost houses, but they are fine and almost have water now too. Dad's company have been helping store and deliver water and has said that the roads are just insane.

[ profile] karenhealey posted this which tells some of the good news stories (well okay, more positive stories) from Christchurch in the form of a letter to ex-pats from someone in Christchurch. There's a vigil in London on Wednesday, about 1,000 people are supposed to be going. Definitely going to try and be there too.


Random link: What happened on the @MayorEmmanuel twitter feed on Chicago Election Day. Whoever did this is a genius.

I'd like to say I'm going to get out of the house today but honestly I'm only going to get so far as the supermarket to get brownie ingredients for desert tonight and then watch the Carling Cup final. C'mon Arsenal, one trophy would be nice and you're doing so well right now.
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Fringe: 6B )

Community: Intermediate Documentary Film-making )

I was in the audience for 10 O'Clock Live on Thursday night. Different experience when it's a live audience, they give you free beer and are a little nicer to you. ;) Alienating your live audience is a very bad idea, I guess. Really good show, and I have now seen Charlie Brooker live! <3 My friend said that my look when I saw him was, 'I love you and I want to have your babies,' which ... might be slightly true. Jimmy Carr was the surprise though, he was hassling the audience and was actually very sweet as well. Great audience experience overall though.

Random aside, I seem to be subconsciously trying to dress like Ramona from Scott Pilgrim as seen in this picture. I bought a dress very similar last weekend, lusted after similar coats and I totally want to dye my hair a slightly out there colour again before I leave ... although I am wary that might get me more attention at US Border Security when I go through. Paranoia? Maybe.

In Josh news (it's been a while, really): he's been out and about (flowers!), being adorable with Diane and getting teased by talk show hosts in Diane's interviews for Unknown, like Regis on Valentines's Day and by George Lopez where he got her to sing the Dawson's Creek theme tune and gave her the DVDs. She was cute and funny as well. <3 them.

Now, must get ready to go see Paul.
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Back from 4 days in Paris and sleeping decent hours, to coming home, having unpacked no bags, and being up and on the net still at 2am. Inevitable, I guess.

Paris was awesome. Took a ridiculous amount of photos, saw the Lourve, Notre Dame, Versailles (!!), the Pompidou Centre, walked around a lot, and it was even sunny for a day and half or so. Enjoyed it far more than I thought I would, and as soon as I got on the tube to come home tonight I missed the crazy Paris metro - if not the Parisian drivers.

Back to work tomorrow. *sigh*

Fringe: Concentrate and Ask Again )

I could rant a little about Fringe fandom here but to be honest, blah. I think I'm going to make a conscious decision to keep away from it for a few days, which is going to mean no Tumblr, but that's probably not a bad thing. I'm getting too close to it, I think.

I also watched the D&D ep of Community before I went away. It was good, but not quite as amazing as I had hoped sadly. I may have been building it up too much in my head.

Random: I have 10 O'Clock live tickets for next week! I will finally see a Charlie Brooker show live! *dances*
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Today was training and the Inbox of Mayhem (seriously, coordinating 150 people sending in forms, and telling them, 'no sign it properly,' 'no, you can't do that,' and recording their answers and forwarding on queries and ... argh. Tomorrow promises to be no better. At least I'm busy?

Went to the travel agent yesterday to discuss flights home. Scary and sad and exciting and stressful and all sorts of things. Flights via the US including a two week stop over flying in and out of New York is ... financially doable. Though it is frightening to commit to dates in five months time when my job situation is a little precarious. But then if I don't book this at this price (and I have to book flights home at some point anyway) and potentially miss out on a trip in the US I will kick myself ... so uh, early July? Anyone Boston/New York/DC-ish want to catch up? ;)

I meant to go to bed early tonight. As you can see that has gone so well. As it always does.

Have some Festivids recs:

High School Never Ends (The West Wing) - hilarious mash-up of song and fandom. I love it.

Paper covers rock (The West Wing) - a really well done Hoynes-centric vid that covers the period after his resignation. Slightly sinister in tone. It's really cool.

TV Taught Me How to Feel (Community) - Abed-centric vid. Great song choice, even if it s an insanely earworm-y Marina and the Diamonds song. Abed <3

Space Oddity (Community) - Troy and Abed vid. Interesting song choice with the Bowie but it really does work. God, I love them.

Float On (Finding Nemo) - oh it's just adorable. It's one of my least favourite Pixar movies (except for the turtles, who are awesome),but this makes me wonder if I should give it another go.

Blue (Hot Fuzz) - awesome editing, badass White Stripes song choice, just love it.

Friends (How I Met Your Mother) - great clip choices, and it just works so well. <3

Teenage Dirtbag (Scott Pilgrim vs The World) - the most perfect song choice, and great editing on top. Awesome.

Columbus & Talahasee (Zombieland) - zombie killing to ZZ Top. Great song choice and tonnes of fun.

Resistance (Star Trek: TNG) - vid with Picard and Data set during First Contact. Lots to think about and just a great song choice. I need to watch this again.

Oh, I saw Black Swan on Monday. It was pretty much exactly what I was expecting. I liked it, thought it was visceral and interesting, but I wasn't blown away. Natalie was really good though.
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Fringe: The Firefly )

Not enough <3's in the world.

And there was also this:

Community: Asian Population Studies )

Now, um, I should get up, I guess? Find coffee, breakfast. I was thinking of going out (must get a quote for flights home at some point) but I think that can wait until tomorrow.

And I finally got around to booking Paris! Going in two weeks time for four days! Wonder how much my friend can take of the Art Galleries, Museums and Commentary of Random Facts Kylie Remembers From that Awesome French Revolution Class She Took ... tour. Versailles! Have only wanted to go since I was ten looking at a picture in an encyclopaedia. <3 I'm sure the Eiffel Tower is awesome, dudes, but Versailles!
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1. Someone wrote me a really cute Cal and Della ficlet for Yuletide Madness! And it was a sleeping ficlet! I love, love sleeping ficlets and it wasn't even in my Yuletide letter. This person is psychic, clearly.

I have been assembling my Yuletide recs on my delicious page. Didn't get through as much as I had hoped before the reveal - but then the reveal won't stop me continuing to read. *hearts Yuletide so much*

2. Year-end fandom meme:

A pattern will slowly emerge here. It's subtle. ;) )

3. Boris Johnson (Mayor of London) wrote a slightly insane editorial asking for Keith Richards to be given a knighthood. First off, Boris haven't you got better things to be doing? Also, if you knew your Stones history, you'd know how much shit Keith gave Mick for his and I would be so surprised if he accepted it. Still, just WTF?

I thought I had more to link to or mention but I can't remember right now. Most of my tabs are links to pretty pictures on Tumblr or Josh GIFs (*stares* I really need to see Americano .... )

Oh shit, yes, a) I finally saw Daniel Radcliffe on QI! I don't quite know how I missed he was going to be on it Christmas Eve. His extensive knowledge of random facts and nervousness was extremely endearing, and b) I went to a Scott Pilgrim screening and Q&A last night with Edgar Wright. Very cool. Still love the movie and Edgar was adorable, as was the geeky audience. <3

Going out for a few drinks at friends' house in a bit. Should hopefully be a quiet one, but not sure it will work out that way tbh.

Happy New Year, all! Whether it's already gotten to you or will arrive shortly.
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Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday celebration of their choice/Saturday! :)

Mine was pretty good. Went over to a friend's house to have an orphan's Christmas with 2 Kiwis, 2 Aussies and one of the guy's Argentine girlfriend. The food was amazing, and the company was good. I would have probably preferred to head home at the end of the day, but due to the no public transport on the 25th situation in London, I crashed on the couch. I am quite a big fan of Southern trains today though, as they were the only metro train company that ran services today. So, no 40 minute walk in the cold for me. I do however seem to have lost my debit card. *sigh* Slightly inconvenient, but I have a bit of food in the house, a little cash and no real plans for the next few days other than lazing around the house.

On a slightly related point. Yuletide! OMG Yuletide, I love you! I got a really cool Scott Pilgrim fic The Bed with a spot-on Wallace POV and Wallace and Scott banter.

I also seem to have a treat in Yuletide Madness. *hearts fandom forever*

And my recipient left me the cutest comment on my story! Yay. I do however really need to fix a couple of typos. Eeep.

I have only read a few things, but despite everything that's gone on, I'll probably be using delicious to put recs together, because well, habit mostly and tag groups make me happy.

One other things that Christmas requires. A Dr Who Christmas special!

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol )

I have been munching through Jaffas all day (mmm NZ candy) and just finished a bottle of L&P. Ah, New Zealand. Missing NZ a little bit, but mostly the weather. I am still used to Christmas with picnics and BBQs. ;)

Had to love UK TV's choice of Christmas movies yesterday. From Madagascar, Shrek The Third, The Polar Express (fairly typical) to Edward Scissorhands (Channel 4, naturally) and Die Hard (lol, though I guess technically a little Christmas-y) and Casablanca and Butch Cassidy (still need to see it). Seeing bits of Casablanca yesterday just reminded how much I love it and need to see it again in full. Also, a remake can never happen. Never.

Random link: Been seen in a lot of places, but in case you haven't seen it. Community characters as Avengers. So awesome. IronMan!Jeff. Vision!Abed. Thor!Britta.

Was happy to see Fringe in many a Top 10 of the year in TV list, but oh, I really need to watch some Breaking Bad, don't I?
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I tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible because I wanted to leave it uncut, so hopefully it's worked out okay, but I really needed to get this off my chest:

Dear (certain parts of) Fringe fandom,

What is with this Peter vs. Olivia stuff? Seriously. Either its ‘Olivia is too perfect and Peter is being sidelined and trampled on’ or ‘Peter sucks! He should have instantly known! And will never be good enough for Olivia!!’

Can’t we just accept that they are both awesome imperfect human characters who have both been through a lot in the past season? Most of which has been beyond their control?

Yes, Peter was a little stupid.
Yes, I think there are explanations for it.
Yes, Olivia has every right to be pissed, heart-broken and violated.
Yes, Peter has every right to feel heart-broken, betrayed and manipulated.

It sucks to be both of them right now.

Whether you want them together romantically or not, they should be kick-ass and saving the universe(s) together, damn it. No need to take sides. No need to blame. I mean I don’t necessarily like ‘ship wars but I can sort of get where they’re coming from, this I just don’t get. Friends taking sides after a break-up? Is that a good comparison? I don’t even know.

Is it just that I haven’t been in this deep with an open-canon TV fandom for a few years?

Yours in bafflement and exasperation,

K – who is for an awesome kick-ass Olivia and Peter and if they want to make out occasionally then that’s okay too.


I had a Matchbox 20 song in my head for far too long yesterday because of this Fringe vid. It’s awesome though, despite my slight dislike of the music choice (which can sometimes affect my enjoyment of a vid and sometimes not) and it's a happy team vid, which Fringe fandom needs for all manner of reasons.

Also, the always awesome [ profile] obsessive24 vidded to Fringe too. Follow the Cops Back Home. Placebo! Peter/Olivia/Altlivia! Ow, my heart. Awesome vid though, and awesome song.


Community: Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas )


Yuletide? Christmas shopping? La la la la.


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