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1. Fringe hiatus is killing me - but one week to go \o/. I did give in and check out some of the filming photos (and !!!!) but I'm still very in the dark about what they're doing, as without context (especially with a show as WTF as Fringe can be) its all guess work anyway - so that's something.

2. Vid rec: Mad World by [personal profile] beccatoria - (Fringe, gen) OMG this vid!! The parallels and the sadness and oh, this snow, and Peter and Olivia and Walter. It's so awesomely done.

3. The Green Lantern Wonder-Con footage is actually pretty awesome. After being less than impressed by the trailer, I'm now quite looking forward to it and all its CGI-tastic glory. Also, the GL oath is still awesome.

Kylie's Comic Book Movie 2011 Anticipation Index: (from highest to lowest)

1. X-Men: First Class - despite everything telling me not to. No, Brett Ratner, I still haven't forgiven you.
2. Green Lantern
3. Captain America: The First Avenger - the weedy!Steve CGI is kinda scary (not in a good way), but it does have the hilarious moment in the trailer when it looks like Howard Stark is checking Steve out once he's been Super Soldiered.
4. Thor - I should like it, and yet every trailer and poster leaves me cold.

I think that's all of the main ones.

4. The govt shutdown thing in the US is getting awfully close. I understand why it's happening (and vaguely remember The West Wing ep) but part of me is still "WTF?! You're shutting the federal govt down because you've run out of money. How do you let that happen?!"

5. I should pimp AO3 more on here, or at least mention it occasionally. :p We now have email subscriptions on the AO3! You should come check them out. The coders have done some awesome work on them. :D

6. I've been playing with FF4 recently, but I think I'm going to go back to Chrome for a while. Both of them chew memory in different ways, but I'm at least used to the way Chrome does it and it doesn't seem to aggravate my processor as much.

Now, I have to get up early. Milton Keynes roadtrip tomorrow (long story, it's sort of ironic), and Brighton on Sunday. The sea! What the British call a beach (note: not what a Kiwi would)! I may even get to see it in the sunshine. ;)

I joke about British weather but it was awesome today. Blue skies, sunshine, I walked home at 8pm in short sleeves and sunglasses. Love it. \o/
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I had not one but two job interviews today. Ugh. The first one was okay and the second one (which is the second interview for the job I really want) went well, I think, but the more I think about it the more doubts I have. I am so over this job-hunting thing.

However, I did get to spend the rest of the day just wandering around Central London before meeting a friend for coffee at 5:30. Despite the downpour at about 1:30 (so, so glad I bought a new umbrella earlier on in the day), I was having a very 'I Love London' day. Wandered around the British Museum for a bit, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square. I love it.

I also may have, slightly ill-advisedly, bought the first trade of The Umbrella Academy which I read while killing time this afternoon. Overall, I really enjoyed it and am now, of course, keen to read the next one. Damn. You did well, Gerard, you did very well. This is not helping my developing fondness towards you.

The Fringe premiere is probably airing now (in one US time-zone or other)! And actually my job interviews were timed to perfection as I have nothing to do tomorrow and so can watch it as soon as possible! I am pretty excited about it!

I have been reading many, many positive reviews and people (critics and those on TV/geek blogs) saying awesome things about the show. I hope the ratings reflect the positivity in some way, as I still remain a trifle nervous about its survival given that this is FOX, but then again, they've kept it around this long so maybe it's okay, and apparently it has very high DVR ratings and it is in one insane time-slot. Will be interesting to see how it goes anyway.

Josh Fringe links:

1. Awesome Josh interview: The interviewer it a tiny bit of a fangirl (in a good way) and there's a lot of teasing about Dawson's Creek and the like and at one point he says: 'Some of it was bullshit. But it was glorious bullshit.' <3
2. Cute cast interview (minus Anna, who I guess was filming): Short, but the question about what people are like on set is totally worth it if you're a Josh fan. He's ridiculous.

Other links:

1. Super cute Barbara Gordon fanart. Babs <3
2. Jon Stewart on Bill O'Reilly. He gets some pretty awesome calls in. Also his appearance on Oprah (which sadly reminded me how much Oprah bugs me) was pretty adorable too.
3. They've changed the IMDB profile pages. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this. I will have to investigate further. I liked an actor's whole filmography on the page without having to click, damnit. (It's Victor Garber's because well, he's pretty awesome, and I was trying to figure out why he was in a photo with Kristen Bell).

Not a link:

There is not enough time in the day to get through all the awesome Inception fic I want to read. I always have many tabs of fic open I never get to. *sigh*
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Work finished Monday. It was a pretty low-key last day, but nice in a way. Having leaving drinks on Thursday, which should be interesting, because I fly out to Belgium the next day. Thankfully not till 7pm, so hopefully I'll be fine. But I do have to navigate an Apple Genius appointment (laptop needs its trackpad fixed and it's best it goes away while I'm in Europe for a week and I won't miss it too desperately) and getting to Heathrow with clothes for a week on my back. Sounds fun.

My procrastination skills? Especially those in relation to employment. Still awesome. *sigh*

Fixating on the holiday really. Getting really excited about it now. Grand Prix! Amsterdam! Good coffee! Edinburgh!

I caught up on some TV:

True Blood: I Smell a Rat )

Mad Men: The Rejected and Mad Men: The Chrysanthemum and the Sword )


I also keep forgetting to mention that I finally finished Y:The Last Man! It's only taken me two years to read the last three trades. *headdesk* But I remained unspoiled which is a freaking miracle. In the end, it turned out a friend of mine owned them and when I was over at his house for a birthday party I yoinked them and read them on the train to and from Portsmouth.

*draws sparkly hearts around Brian K Vaughan* )

That was a good geeky birthday party actually. I ended up having a long fangirl-y conversation with someone there about Star Wars and Star Trek. Some of my friends have geeky interests but most of them lack the uh, dedication of a fangirl. It was awesome. :D

I also stumbled across Fuck Yeah Dick Grayson and rediscovered my Dick Grayson fangirl. <3 I do love the visual aspect that Tumblr has, but it's a different sort of fandom experience. I should expand on that at some point. Hmm.

Josh: (yeah, he gets a heading)

I've reached the 'going through the back catalogue of movies' stage. Urban Legend (the Blonde!Josh phase), Scream 2 (hardly in it really), Ocean's Eleven (any excuse to re-watch the poker scene, I love it so) and Shutter, which was the only one I watched all of as I hadn't seen it before. It was ... not as bad as I was expecting, but I would struggle to call it good. Josh and Rachel Taylor were gorgeous though, so on a shallow level, good movie. ;) Cruel Intentions is open in another tab, which I actually sort of love. Hi Ryan Phillipe. I will eventually get to his good movies, but they're harder to acquire.

I've also watched more Dawson's Creek clips than I'm comfortable with and yes, even one whole episode with no Dawson, and a lot of Joey/Pacey and yes, damn it, it was cute. *sigh*

You can imagine how unemployment is helping this.

I do have Fringe thoughts as well, but I think they can wait. *yawns*
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Day 03. A song that makes you sad

I don't know why I thought listening to potential songs for this on the way home was a good idea, but I did. By the time I was on the tube I was feeling pretty down, and I had a pretty good day for a Tuesday.

Anyway, I went for an obvious choice, but this was the one that really got me down when I was listening. It's gorgeous in it's own way though.

Johnny Cash - Hurt (Nine Inch Nails Cover)

Music video - I'm sure the first time I saw this I cried )

The Rolling Stones came a close second, with either Sister Morphine or Dead Flowers. The latter if only for the line, 'In my basement room/ with a needle and a spoon/ and another girl can take my pain away.' It gets me every time.

Previous days, songs, things )

Josh Groban is surprisingly endearing and amusing in this episode of Buzzcocks. Actually the whole ep has been awesome. Simon Amstell ended up singing 'You Raise Me Up' sitting on Phil Jupitus' shoulders. <3

Using my Remy icon because I got caught up reading his Wikipedia entry last night and even though he is often the victim of bad writing, I do still love him. Oh, Gambit. I hope this doesn't trigger a desire to catch up on X-Men comics ... that could end badly.

Random link via tumblr: Unaired Big Bang Theory Pilot. It has a couple of vaguely amusing moments, but on the whole, oh Kaley Cuoco, I'm glad you joined the show. So glad.
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My four day weekend is over. *sigh* I got an extra day because my work had an extra holiday. It's been nice, but being home by myself today made me think back to the months I spent unemployed and how I really don't want to go back there. Really. *wills the British economy in an upward direction*

Doctor Who: Cold Blood )

Also, it is quite possible I spent far too many hours watching NCIS episodes this long weekend. I saw a tweet from Rob who writes Topless Robot a cool geek blog, about how NCIS is the crack cocaine of procedural television, and that is so true, dude.

Thoughts, spoilers up to Rule Fifty One )

Random things that have made me happy today:

Amy Pond vid by [ profile] kaydeefalls. Just a gorgeous look at Amy, and it reminded me again what a great songwriter Vienna Teng is.

Hi I'm a Marvel and I'm a DC 100th episode: The Musical: Action figure Iron Man! Singing! About continuity! Anyway, it's awesome. I love the guy who does these, they're so well done. Warning: the song is extremely catchy.
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I went shopping on Oxford Street today, and I didn't feel like killing anyone ... much. It was actually quite nice, blue skies and sun, coffee and sushi. I needed a new winter coat (yes perhaps not the best time of year to shop for one but anyway) and I got a really nice gray one for a reasonable price. \o/ I love coats. I also got a shirt at H&M (that place is dangerous) and ended up walking past Forbidden Planet (just you know, happened to wander past) and spent less than 3 pounds! I prevailed over those three hard to resist words 'graphic novel sale' and all sorts of Iron Man toys but did end with the latest issue of Invincible Iron Man and a Iron Man button because I am not made of stone! So much awesome in one shop.

I seem to be going through a Tony Stark phase at the moment, as evidenced by all the Iron Man talk above. I've been reading more Marvel fic and read Ultimate Human which has Ultimate Iron Man as written by Warren Ellis. Awesome. I should catch up on more recent Ultimate!verse developments but from what I've see of Ultimates 3, maybe ignorance is bliss.

Swapping universes for a minute spoilers for Invincible Iron Man #24 )

Talking of Warren Ellis, I'm reading his novel Crooked Little Vein at the moment, it's pretty good so far. Trix is awesome.

I seem to be watching classic Jerry Springer shows. I blame my flatmate, he chose it. Someone is getting married on the set. Of course they are. There really is nothing else on, except Alexander and no way in hell am I going through that movie again. I could of course go to my room, but I am sort of enjoying it.

I have all my icons back (welcome back, paid account), but I do really need to redo them.

Also, if anyone has a tumblr/twitter/ account they don't think I follow, feel free to pimp it here. I like adding new people. :)
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Spent five hours locked out of the house today. Fail. So, while I was waiting for my flatmate to get home, I spent lots of time reading comics in the library (Balham Library have a surprisingly awesome collection) and then I grabbed a beer. Central London would have been much more fun to kill time in, but I was already on my way home when I realised that my keys were not in my bag.

Didn't get the Tuesday job, but had another interview today, and I think it went fine, but, well, we'll see, I guess. Trying not to think about it too much. Going to Cambridge tomorrow, so that will hopefully be cool. Camera doesn't seem to want to work properly though. Sigh.

Anyway, why I actually posted, comics rambling! (Combined from today and yesterday, when I was at Clapham Library reading comics, it seems to have been that sort of week).

I mostly read Avengers and Iron Man trades, because my tiny Tony Stark obsession rolls on.

New Avengers Vol 3 )

New Avengers: Secret Invasion Book 1 )

Iron Man: Doomquest )

I also re-read Iron Man: Extremis because it, and Warren Ellis, are awesome, and flicked through Ultimate Iron Man 2 and put it right back on the shelf. Orson Scott Card WTF are you doing to Ultimate!Tony>?! I am predisposed to dislike you already because of your wing-nutty politics, but seriously WTF.

And I finally read The Dark Knight Returns as everyone goes on about how it changed comics blah blah, so I thought I should actually give it a look. My usual dislike of Frank Miller aside, it was actually quite cool. Spoiler, of sorts )
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Thank you for releasing extra tickets to your UK (and European) gigs now you've finalised your stage set-up! Instead of flying to Germany to see you (which I was seriously considering and would have been awesome, but pricy) I now have (standing!) tickets to see your ridiculous faces at the O2 on 13 November.

You're my favourite,

*sparkly hearts*



Also, I seem to have another interview. Yay. It's not ideal (not full-time) but it does pay well and is at least something. Fingers crossed.

Now, to finish putting together [ profile] blue_raven's shiny (I'm sending them today!) and do exciting things like grocery shopping and library book renewing.

It is however, an awesome looking day. So I imagine there will also be some having lunch and reading in the Common.


I seem to have fallen into a fic reading hole filled with Tony/Steve (Iron Man/Captain America) ... I may be some time.

Each of my last few posts has been about me mainlining some new (or long forgotten) fandom. Can you tell I have quite a lot of time on my hands? ;)
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So, uh, hi, LJ, how are you? I'm good, kinda scared than in 4 weeks I'll be leaving Wellington for quite some time, but you know, okay, I guess. A freak out is imminent.

I haven't posted or really been around for the last couple of weeks. Was in Christchurch last weekend and the last few days have just been busy and insane. Have a free day today, well, kinda. I need to start sorting out my books into the store in Chch/give away or sell piles. Eeep. I know people who are very anti the book collection pruning thing, but I think it needs to be done every now and then. Let's hope its slightly more successful than pruning the comic collection, which I meant to halve (not as scary as it sounds, and I haven't read some of them in years) .... and let's just say, I didn't. Damn you comics!

I also meant to start this whole process a lot earlier, but spent last night watching State of Play (really not too bad, Russel Crowe, Rachel MacAdams <3, Helen Mirren all awesome, but I spent a lot of time comparing it to he mini-series) and this morning, well, I checked [ profile] rahmbamarama and ended up in a spiral of video awesomeness that ended with lots of clips of the NBC White House special, and the fact that Rahm Emaneul has a photo of him kissing Stephen Colberts's cheek (see icon) in his office. It may have been a gag for the cameras, but does he really have that kind of time? Anyway, awesome.

So, yes book sorting now. Really. Hope you're all well.

Also, the Daily Show this week has been amazing. So many good bits (including them sending Jason Jones to Tehran, OMG) but the high point for me being ...

Napoleon!Jon and Duke of Wellington!John )

Dude, I love them so much.


Mar. 14th, 2009 07:39 pm
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Finally got around to typing up my thoughts on Watchmen )

Also two awesome trailers I've seen:

Star Trek. I haven't been that excited about this movie (J.J always gives me pause) but this was a pretty exciting trailer.

Public Enemeies Mmm, Johnny Depp robs banks, and is hot while doing so.

Just managing to keep away from the spoiler-y BSG posts. *looks imploringly at Transmission*
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Mum has been up this weekend, which has been cool, but I've just had annoying thoughts swimming around my head. Work, other things, the fact that I really just need to make a fucking decision about the UK because the wavering is driving me a little insane. Can't someone just make it for me? No?

Also, really hoping the slight tooth-ache I seem to have doesn't mean I need to have the root canal the dentist threatened, because that would put any OE planning right out the window. Urg.

Happier thoughts,

BSG: Islanded in a Stream of Stars )

I've also watched three George Clooney movies in the last 24-ish hours, Ocean's Elven (still awesome), Ocean's Thirteen (yeah, I skipped Twelve as it's not nearly as good) and Micheal Clayton (which I liked the first time, but enjoyed quite a bit more this time around). I was in a George mood, clearly.

Also, I think everyone who is interested has seen this, but I shall link again, Saturday Morning Watchmen. (Have been avoiding really spoiler-y reviews and hope to see it Tuesday.

*blasts Foo Fighters and goes to meet Mum for breaakfast*
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Overall, it's been a good day, bar the 4 hours I spent at work. It was all going swimmingly until I hit a big snag and I'm going to have to go back tomorrow. *sigh*

But apart from that, good! I went for a walk to get coffee (so many stories start this way with me) and wandered into the comic store (as is my wont) and well, damn you James Jean and Mark Buckingham and your pretty Fables art, as I walked away with the latest trade, as I am way behind from when I used to buy it regularly, and well, pretty, like I said.

I also really need to finish Y: The Last Man. I should reserve them from the library, though I imagine I will eventually buy them.

I then wandered into what I refer to as the Action Figure Store, but is in reality the Card Stone with lots of guys playing various geeky card games in. Anyway, I go in there every now and then to see if maybe, just this once, there will be a John Sheppard action figure (there never is, if I really want one I should probably just order it), but then I spied, well this:

My trip to the Action Figure Store )

So, um, yeah, geek shopping for the win? It's funny how fast fandoms come back in those moments.

I also went with my recently returned friend to Let the Right One In (which come to think of it is an awesome title), which is well, a Swedish vampire movie, but definitely not your typical vampire movie and very hard to put in a genre box. Well worth seeing though, and gave us a lot to talk about on the car ride back.

Also,I am pointedly, and with some difficulty, ignoring the BSG related posts as spoiler free is serving me well, and despite some of the Dollhouse ones I did read, I'm going to give it a look.

Quite a few RL people have tagged me in that 25 Things Facebook meme now, I might do it before bed, or at some point anyway, but it's very like many LJ memes before it. ;)

Oh, knew there was one other thing. The Kills and Amanda Palmer are going to be playing in Wellington in March! Must go to at least one! (And I'm still on the fence about Of Montreal, which is quite soon).
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Tomorrow I head to the Land of Dial-Up otherwise known as my parents' house. I am taking the laptop, and hope to find some wi-fi somewhere, (I'm talking like I'm going to middle of nowhere instead of a city of 400,0000 people heh, well till the 1st, when the middle of nowhere is a little more accurate) anyway, chances are I'll be scarce till the 5th or so when I'm back in Wellington. Will be checking Yuletide and email.

So, hope you all have an awesome holiday season. <3

Also, because I seem to have made a habit of it.

Books read in 2008 )

I recommend ... pretty much all of them actually, but especially The Shock Doctrine, Neverwhere and Soon I Will Be Invincible.

Now, I need to pack. Awesome.
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It hasn't been the best last couple of weeks, with work stress and general eh, but the last few days the big things I'd been worrying about all seemed to work their way out for the better and I've had a really cool last few days hanging out with friends, going to a gig, watching From Hell (which is far from Johnny Depp's best movie, but I still enjoy it) and finishing the very awesome Soon I Will Be Invincible by Austin Grossman and the also awesome Buffy S8 comic trade written by Brian K Vaughan. <3!

Random fic rec: I might be coming later to the party on this one but, okay, SGA fic doesn't tend to make me cry, don't know why, but I squee and get really into them, but I don't cry. [ profile] rheanna27's fic Teenage Kicks made me cry, a lot, but in a good way? Oh, boys! And it has bonus awesome John and Rodney backstory, and teenage!John and Rodney. It's awesome.

Random meme: And I think this may have made it's way around LJ, but I caught it on my tumblr dashboard, and I liked the result so much I thought I'd share.

Type your answer to the questions into flickr search
-Using only the first page, pick an image
-Copy and paste each of the urls in the Mosaic Maker

1. What is your first name?
2. What is your favorite food?
3.What high school did you go to?
4.What is your favorite color?
5.Who is your celebrity crush?
6.What is your favorite drink?
7.What is your dream vacation?
8.What is your favorite dessert?
9.What do you want to do when you grow up?
10.Who/ what do you love most in life?
11.Choose one word that describes you?
12.What is your Flickr name?

Mosaic under here )

Random link: Brad Pitt and George Clooney at the Burn After Reading premiere in Venice looking both hot and vaguely slashy. I am really looking forward to this movie. Brad and George together in a movie again!
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The Emmy nominations were kinda eh. Oddly enough, I find the huge list of nominations far more interesting, and have for the last few years, because it has the writing and directing awards and all the other little awards for shows I care about more. I am intrigued that Imaginationland is up against Family Guy's Blue Harvest, because while I do like Family Guy and especially that special (though Seth McFarlane, how were you so lucky to be sleeping with Eliza Dushku, are you that funny?), Imaginationland was genius. Pure genius.

However I do kinda wish I'd kept watching Mad Men now. I wonder if I start watching on Sunday again it will make that much of a difference. I have a strange thing for John Slattery. Yeah, I don't even know.

Also, on a post about the Watchmen trailer, it was pointed out to me that Watchmen is only $13 US on Amazon right now and I really mean to read it this year. I've tried once but kinda stopped hald way through (also see: V for Vendetta and From Hell, yes, I know). That's like $20 NZ dollars, maybe less. I think the cheapest I've ever seen Watchmen here is maybe $35, more likely $40. So, yeah. Also, the chances of me just ordering Watchmen is slim. ;)

On the topic of comic book movies, the Dark Knight hype is kidna insane. I will absolutely be seeing it, and I haven't seen a Nolan movie I haven't really enjoyed, but I remain a little wary of it all. However, I do think I'll track down a Batman Begins DVD sometime this weekend because it's been something I've been meaning to buy for ages. I also need to pick up, and I realise this is an odd comibination, 10 Things I Hate About You, because it's been too long, and I was linked to this which, just <3

Have quite a social weekend planned, which started with a beer and awesome Satay Kindgom (best and cheapest Malaysian in Wellington) with a friend who has just come back from overseas. However, I do also have to work for 4 hours. Damn.

Finally, Jack and Ianto seem to be making themselves at home in my brain, and John and Rodney are looking at them funny and bitching about having to make room.

Oh, okay one more thing. The Daily Show is back! \o/ And I've started more regularly watching Colbert Report clips now too. Much love.

Edit: Finally, I can edit this entry. LJ was being really annoying last night and only half loading. *glares*
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David Hewlett and Michael Shanks are both confirmed for Armageddon in Auckland? I missed this somehow. I thought David was likely, but Michael as well? I am not as big a Daniel girl as I once was, and really Hewlett is enough to make me want to go, but I am so unbelievably there. Have to make up for missing Joe last year.

They're writing a Serenity comic about Book's origin. \o/

I must track down the new Serenity comics. They must be in the city somewhere.
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I kinda felt compelled to embed this as I watched it this afternoon (yes, at work, shush it was Friday) and OMG. Seriously.

OMG new Iron Man trailer! )

Other than that, work has been eh, but flat is going well. It's just so cool to come home and talk to people, even if it just about nothing, or just watch DVDs or something. I never realised how much I missed it.

Also, I totally relented and grabbed 'Midway.'

I have only one thing to say ...  )

How is it March already? How?
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Flat now has a wireless connection! *dances*

I am having a mini flist catch-up (hi fandom!) now, but I don't know how far I'll get. I popped in occasionally from work, but not often.

I'm also trying to be considerate of the limit on the connection and not be all 'OMG missed SGA episodes!!' but, it's only a matter of time really. Damn you Joe Flanigan SGA and your pretty and addictive qualities.

The new flat is going well. Flatmates are friendly and relaxed; my stuff is all here now (and kinda unpacked) and the flat is in a good location. Despite all the craziness in between, I do think this has been a move for the better.

I even spent too much money on comics today. I haven't spent money on comics in months. But there was a new Age of Bronze trade and Brian K Vaughan, Joss and Tony Stark and crazy Marvel plotlines compelled me.

Anyway, yay internet!

*bops off to see Juno*
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My day did not suck at all! Go me!

I didn't do the big year sum-up post that I have done in previous years, mostly because I was quite a way from a computer that wasn't insanely slow and while I don't feel the need to do the year-end meme (although some of the answers could have been interesting) or the writing sum-up (not a long list), I do like to keep a list of books I've read in the year.

Books, Comics and Short Stories of 2007 )

More than in previous years, but still less than I'd like.

Comics, I do still love you, really. Well, if you're written by Brian K Vaughan or Warren Ellis. I should try and get back into them this year, or at least finally get around to finishing Watchmen.

I'd have to say that I really enjoyed almost all that list, with the exception of The Lighthouse, which was just a big eh.

ETA: Shit. I just went back and looked at this list at the end of 2005. That's a list of mostly fantasy books and a hell of a lot of comics. Huh. The non-fiction kicked in in the last couple of years. Why am I not surprised.

And I seem to not have posted one at the end of last year.
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If the 2008 Candidates were Superheroes via Indecision 2008. A couple of those are inspired (Osnlaught, Galactus, Phoenix and Wolverine especially), and put together by someone who knows their geekery.

I'm sure I had something more meaningful to post, but right now I really can't remember what it was. Other than the random thought that I seem to be really good at getting my hopes up, even when I tell myself it's pointless and often times, irrational. *sigh*

I actually had a good day today (far better than yesterday and with the added bonus of free dinner) and not in nearly a bad mood as this post might imply.

*goes back to staring at percentages*

Edit: And here I thought there wasn't a mood icon that would suit impatient. Hopping!Doctor. Perfect.

Edit II: I really do love Google Reader.

Also, Evo Morales is going to be on The Daily Show tomorrow. Craziness. The second TDS head of state interview! That should be really interesting.


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