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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate! And I hope those that don't had/are having a nice, relaxing day. :D

Today was pretty excellent. We were at at my brother's girlfriend's parents' house for most of the day which could have been a little odd but on the whole was nice. There was sun and beer and wine and three courses of really good food well spread out throughout the day.

Also, a kitten! My brother bought his and his girlfriend's new kitten over when we were opening presents.

Cuteness under this cut )

And then I came home and there was Yuletide!

I got two lovely gifts! Which I really appreciate as I know as I was on the deadline pinch hits list.

fight or wait (1182 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Justified
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Raylan Givens/Tim Gutterson
Characters: Raylan Givens, Tim Gutterson, Art Mullen
Summary: Art makes a shooing motion towards the door. "Unless you are giving a deposition, and I pray to God that neither of you are called to try to be honest about it, I don't want to see you in this building, or anywhere else, until I have a chance to resolve this mess.

Nice bonding moment between Tim and Raylan that really captures the show. <33

Loyalty (1303 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Thick of It (UK)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Malcolm Tucker, Julius Nicholson, Sam Cassidy, Sam (Thick of It)
Summary: A look inside Malcolm's mind during his ouster by Steve Fleming.

Expanding on the Sam scene in 3.07 when Malcolm gets kicked out! Really lovely.

And my recipient liked their fic. \o/

Yuletide recs will appear under this pinboard tag.
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Hope everyone had/is having a great Christmas/holiday celebration of their choice/Sunday! :D

My day was low-key but nice. Got to meet my brother's new girlfriend and had a nice dinner, and then spent the afternoon in front of the TV watching gift DVDs. We had an awesome run actually. X-Men First Class (even more slashy on a second viewing, which I didn't think was possible), 5 episodes of Downton Abbey S1 (Sybil! Anna! Gwen! Matthew! - yes I am getting sucked in) and then the ultimate in Christmas movies was on TV, Die Hard. It was even topped off by TV4 playing 'Abed's Uncontrollable Xmas.'

And now there is Yuletide.

I got given this awesome Carmen Sandiego world-building fic.

Player Status: Offline (2323 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: Where on Earth is Carmen Sandiego?
Rating: General Audiences
Warning: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Carmen Sandiego, Zack (Carmen Sandiego), Ivy (Carmen Sandiego), The Chief

The world doesn't stop running when the Player is away from the keyboard.

So well done, and has little links to let you learn more, and I loved it. I did not expect to get this request and I'm so happy I did. :D Love Yuletide.

One of my recipients liked her fic a lot too. Now, just have to wait on the other. :)

Now, allll the fic. And possibly some Boxing Day shopping.
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Hope everyone had a good Christmas/holiday celebration of their choice/Saturday! :)

Mine was pretty good. Went over to a friend's house to have an orphan's Christmas with 2 Kiwis, 2 Aussies and one of the guy's Argentine girlfriend. The food was amazing, and the company was good. I would have probably preferred to head home at the end of the day, but due to the no public transport on the 25th situation in London, I crashed on the couch. I am quite a big fan of Southern trains today though, as they were the only metro train company that ran services today. So, no 40 minute walk in the cold for me. I do however seem to have lost my debit card. *sigh* Slightly inconvenient, but I have a bit of food in the house, a little cash and no real plans for the next few days other than lazing around the house.

On a slightly related point. Yuletide! OMG Yuletide, I love you! I got a really cool Scott Pilgrim fic The Bed with a spot-on Wallace POV and Wallace and Scott banter.

I also seem to have a treat in Yuletide Madness. *hearts fandom forever*

And my recipient left me the cutest comment on my story! Yay. I do however really need to fix a couple of typos. Eeep.

I have only read a few things, but despite everything that's gone on, I'll probably be using delicious to put recs together, because well, habit mostly and tag groups make me happy.

One other things that Christmas requires. A Dr Who Christmas special!

Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol )

I have been munching through Jaffas all day (mmm NZ candy) and just finished a bottle of L&P. Ah, New Zealand. Missing NZ a little bit, but mostly the weather. I am still used to Christmas with picnics and BBQs. ;)

Had to love UK TV's choice of Christmas movies yesterday. From Madagascar, Shrek The Third, The Polar Express (fairly typical) to Edward Scissorhands (Channel 4, naturally) and Die Hard (lol, though I guess technically a little Christmas-y) and Casablanca and Butch Cassidy (still need to see it). Seeing bits of Casablanca yesterday just reminded how much I love it and need to see it again in full. Also, a remake can never happen. Never.

Random link: Been seen in a lot of places, but in case you haven't seen it. Community characters as Avengers. So awesome. IronMan!Jeff. Vision!Abed. Thor!Britta.

Was happy to see Fringe in many a Top 10 of the year in TV list, but oh, I really need to watch some Breaking Bad, don't I?
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I hope everyone had/is having an awesome Christmas/Friday, I definitely did.

The family of my friend (who I live with) came over and there was soup (which I cooked, and which everyone thought was great, yay) and a full-on roast meal, and awesome trifle, and fruit salad and oh so much chocolate. It was a very pleasant day. There was even sunshine! Okay, it was also 4 degrees outside but still, sunshine. NZ got 25 or something. *sigh*

Haven't talked to my family back in NZ yet, but I think I'm doing that tomorrow, I think. No one has said anything to me yet, and my brother hasn't said anything about his present. Hmm.

As for Yuletide, I've only read my story, but it was awesome! Someone wrote me a Mad Men fic with Roger and Joan, and lots of great banter which was so them. It captured exactly what I find so interesting about them. Mixing the Bitter With the Sweet. <3

Also, my recipient liked her story! Yay!

And then well, there was also this on today:

Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 1 )
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1. I finished up my Christmas shopping after work tonight and was wandering through Leicester Square on the way to a tube station. I saw there was a premiere going on and thought vaguely grumpily, 'Don't really care unless it's the Sherlock Holmes premiere ... ' and um, guess what it was? To be fair, I saw basically nothing, but they had a pretty cool set-up and lots of people were wandering past. Someone was signing autographs for a bit. I don't think it was Robert Downey Jr but the dude signing was wearing a hat, and RDJ is the only person I can see in the red carpet photos that was (and rocking it he was too). Hmmm. Maybe someone who wasn't in the red carpet photos. Anyway, it was sort of cool to see it. I haven't really seen a big movie premiere in Leicester Square as long as I've been here, even though I did inadvertently attend the Metropia 'premiere' at the London Film Festival.

2. The Thick of It finale was a little underwhelming, but still enjoyable.

3, I saw Where the Wild Things Are though, and enjoyed it a lot. It was amazing visually, Max Records and James Gandolfini rocked, and the story was so well done. It reminded me what it so great about movies. One of my favourites of the year.

4. I have a Yuletide idea! And now, words, yes. Deadline, what deadline? I think I'm going to keep away from my laptop after work tomorrow (or perhaps during lunch) and try and get some words down on paper, because the internet is distracting.

5. And talking of distracting, there is a poster advertising The Misanthrope at my tube station as you go up the escalator, and damn, Damian Lewis. Mmm. I have to see that at some point. Also, because, you know, he can act and I like Keira too.

6. Random Muse clip: How so adorable, Dom Howard?

Apparently, it's odd to be a big Muse and Radiohead fan? Huh?! They are the two bands with the most songs in my iTunes Top 100 Songs. Apparently because Muse were compared to Radiohead at the start of their career. I say again, huh? They really aren't that alike. Yes, I was reading mothership ONTD again, why do you ask?

7. I seem to be harbouring an irrational dislike of "Wonderful Christmastime" whenever it comes on the radio at work (which is daily, as the radio station is um, not so wonderful, and even though I listen to my iPod a lot, it always comes on when I'm not wearing my headphones!) God, it's awful. Why, Paul McCartney, why?! (This doesn't apply to the version sung by Martin Sheen, John Spencer and Stockard Channing ... well, okay it sort of does, but I forgive them, because they're awesome).

However, the lack of 'Snoppy's Christmas' over here is just wrong. It gets played back home all the time. I don't seem to have an .mp3 of it either, which is also wrong. I'm not really a Christmas music person, but that, I need to hear.
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Briefly dialing in as I have the house to myself.

Christmas was relaxed but good, even if the weather didn't come to the party. I've also caught up with friends and uh, taken advantage of some Boxing Day Sales *ducks* (new digital camera, so pretty).

I also got a chance to check Yuletide this morning and OMG, so glad I did.

I got an awesome Vanion/Sephrenia story and also a bonus awesome Vanion/Sephrenia treat!

Moving Forward
A great series of scenes with bonus political bitching, great character voices and a lovely little touches of canon tied in.

Grumpy Vanion is Grumpy. Love it.

I have been making this request since the first Yuletide I particpated in, and now there are two! Yay Yuletide!

Also, quick rec, there's another great David Eddings Elenium series fic, Four Lessons on the Alcoine Order. It's Tynian/Ulath! <3 The other pairing I've always wanted to read fic about, and the character voices are awesome.

I read these books an insane amount as a teenager and it's so cool to have some good fic set in the universe.

Off to read more ...

Random aside: Jon Walker/William Beckett. *dies of the pretty* You cannot have forsaken this pairing, bandom. It warrants some investigation on my part. Damn. ;)
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Tomorrow I head to the Land of Dial-Up otherwise known as my parents' house. I am taking the laptop, and hope to find some wi-fi somewhere, (I'm talking like I'm going to middle of nowhere instead of a city of 400,0000 people heh, well till the 1st, when the middle of nowhere is a little more accurate) anyway, chances are I'll be scarce till the 5th or so when I'm back in Wellington. Will be checking Yuletide and email.

So, hope you all have an awesome holiday season. <3

Also, because I seem to have made a habit of it.

Books read in 2008 )

I recommend ... pretty much all of them actually, but especially The Shock Doctrine, Neverwhere and Soon I Will Be Invincible.

Now, I need to pack. Awesome.
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*hugs broadband connection*

OMG home.

I had an awesome time in Christchurch. Christmas Day was great and I got to catch up with lots of lovely people whom I miss. I also got to chance to relax, do some reading (so many Christmas books), see Little Miss Sunshine on TV, watch some cricket, which I forgot how much I enjoy, and watch all of West Wing S7 (thoughts to come).But it feels so good to be sitting on my own bed with my broadband and munching on corn chips, salsa and Coke right now.

I've only had a chance to read a few Yuletide fics (including the lovely MASH fic written for me) and read e-mail, so let the holiday catch-up begin!

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday and new year.

Also ... people seem to like my Yuletide fic. Yay.
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I am posting this from Wellington Airport, sitting in the sun, watching planes taking off and drinking a beer. It's kinda surreal, but a very good type of surreal. Oh, wireless.

Anyway, I have a point to this post beyond 'OMG free wireless.' I am travelling to the land of dial-up, otherwise known as my parents'house for about ten days, so even though I am taking the Macbook (name pending, as I really am trying to avoid calling it John or Rodney), I will probably be scarce.

So, what I'm taking a damn long time to say is:


Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season.


- Tali

Edit: Hee. Look at that, it posted. Yes, I am new to this wireless thing, shuddup.
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Yuletide: Done!
Work: Done for 12 days! Fuck, yes.
Christmas Shopping: Er ... will be done tomorrow, hopefully?
John Sheppard: Awesome beyond the telling.
Joe Flanigan: Still the prettiest.

Also, I just re-downloaded Google Earth. Oh. Oh. See this is why I both love and fear Google.

However, I do have a January to-do list for work. Yes, already. I'm really trying not to think about it.

Not at work for 12 days. OMG YES. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me. I don't hate my job, but I was just at the limit of what I could stand. I need to plan big leave for the middle of next year. Oh, yes.

I could totally get used to this surfing the net while curled up in bed thing ... oh, laptops.

I kind of want a SGA moodtheme but I don't know if I could part with the Doctors.
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I probably should have worked late tonight, but I came home because I am determined (determined) to get my [ profile] yuletide fic finished tonight, if not completely edited.

It's just one thing on the long list of things that I am procrastinating about at the moment (including, uh, all my Christmas shopping) and I just need to stop. God.

Also, uh, the people I said I'd send Christmas card to ... they may be more like Happy New Years cards. ;) Sorry!

On a happier note, on my whirlwind ride through SGA seasons I seemed to have missed out 'Sateda.' Wow, that was an oversight. Oh, JOHN. Oh, RONON. Oh, TEAM. Oh, boys sitting on the floor!

Finally, I've been surprised by how long it's taken, but damn, I miss Jon Stewart something fierce right now.
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Christmas was quite a low key affair but very pleasant and I am now the proud owner of an 160GB external hard-drive, a copy of 'Exile on Main Street' and a lot of sugary goods.

However, I finally got online to check the Yuletide archive (1000 stories OMG) and um, someone wrote me, Bound to Follow You Down, and it's Rolling Stones fic, and it's Gram/Keith, Keith/Mick and it's awesome. So much love to my Yuletide Santa, so much love.

Also, much love to all the organisers of Yuletide. I am awed.

I also now have all of the eps so far of BSG S3, and all the eps so far of Heroes due to some lovely RL friends. *glee*
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*conquers flist catch-up*

I haven't checked it since I uploaded my [ profile] yuletide story at 2am on Wedneday morning (yeah, there was a little bit of a freak-out) due to circumstances involving Christmas parties, travelling, and broadband connections acting up.

I walk away and we get a Book 7 title and everything. *shakes head*

So, anyway, I'm in Christchurch for a week.

It's good to be here and catching up with people has been awesome. However, it does mean *winces* the land of dial-up. So, I might not be around so much. Also, I'm compiling a list of links I have to explore at home, because the idea of opening YouTube or a picpsam right is not a happy thought. Oh, broadband how you spoil me.

I have pretty much completed Christmas shopping. Go me! Not that I had a lot to do, really. And let's not dwell on the fact that I bought myself a few presents too. :p (PotC2 on DVD, 'Beggars Banquet' and 'No Security' by the Stones, and a DVD of the A les Abattoirs '76 show! Oh, boys).

I also keep meaning to post a 'Casino Royale' review which I saw quite a while ago now. So good.

I doubt I'll post again before Monday, so I hope everyone has a wonderful day, whether they're celebrating or not and has a great holiday season! *loves you all*
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Christmas was very relaxed. We visited in the morning and then just basically veged for the rest of the day. We watched movies (Shrek, Monty Python's 'The Meaning of Life' and then parts of Jurassic Park and As Good As It Gets), we ate and we drank. It was pretty good actually. My cousin from Australia stayed with us for a couple of days and that was pretty cool. Presents wise, I did okay. (Shoes, Foo Fighters album, 'Finding Neverland' 'Family Guy' S1 - dude, I love Stewie - and 'Monty Python's The Meaning of Life' on DVD and some other stuff). The weather was very 'eh' until about six pm when it was just beautiful. I went for a very nice walk and just lay under a tree for a while.

Due to my cousin visiting and other stuff I haven't read as many [ profile] yuletide fics as I'd have liked but I've got a slew of bookmarked fics, so that should be fun.


Also, I've seen two very cool movies in the last two days:

Howl’s Moving Castle )

King Kong )
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I had a very nice night yesterday. My friends had a bbq and there was salmon and beer (thank you, fomer job) and catching up with people I haven't seen in ages. It was a wonderful night actually. Just, low-key and a lot of fun.

Today I got up and walked to my computer and I haven't really left yet. *sheepish look* However, I'm thinking I might go for a walk since the sun is out. I just hope it stays like this for tomorrow as we're supposed to be going for a picnic of sorts but I don't know if I like our chances.

Anyway, I can't see me posting again before tomorrow, so I'll take this opportunity to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season, whatever you do (or don't) celebrate. You guys are wonderful. <3


I didn't participate in [ profile] yuletide this year, for mostly pretty stupid reasons, but I can't wait for the archive to open. So much good fic. Last year's rocked and I'm sure this year's will be just as good, if not better.


And, just because. I love my iPod.


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