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I can now return to the internet as I have seen ....

BSG: Daybreak Parts II and III )

Avoiding a lot of the internet (Twitter, Google Reader, friends list, US news sites) to prevent inadvertent spoilers took far too much effort. Also not helped by the fact that I have been feeling sick most of the weekend and haven't left the house (nothing too serious, just blocked up and with an annoying sore throat) so haven't had a huge amount to do.

However, I seem to have agreed to play indoor netball tonight. Hmm, that might not have the best idea, but I'd feel bad if they couldn't play. Edit: Two other girls were found so don't have to play! However, feel caffeine withdrawal kicking in and none in the house, might have to venture out.
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Let us not look at the time, I don't even know. I have slept, just off and on.

BSG: Daybreak Part 1 )

Can't wait for next week! I am in complete denial about it being the end.
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Mum has been up this weekend, which has been cool, but I've just had annoying thoughts swimming around my head. Work, other things, the fact that I really just need to make a fucking decision about the UK because the wavering is driving me a little insane. Can't someone just make it for me? No?

Also, really hoping the slight tooth-ache I seem to have doesn't mean I need to have the root canal the dentist threatened, because that would put any OE planning right out the window. Urg.

Happier thoughts,

BSG: Islanded in a Stream of Stars )

I've also watched three George Clooney movies in the last 24-ish hours, Ocean's Elven (still awesome), Ocean's Thirteen (yeah, I skipped Twelve as it's not nearly as good) and Micheal Clayton (which I liked the first time, but enjoyed quite a bit more this time around). I was in a George mood, clearly.

Also, I think everyone who is interested has seen this, but I shall link again, Saturday Morning Watchmen. (Have been avoiding really spoiler-y reviews and hope to see it Tuesday.

*blasts Foo Fighters and goes to meet Mum for breaakfast*
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It's really been an awesome weekend. Watched DVDs Friday and Saturday night (Silence of the Lambs, 24 Hour Party People, Breach, Junebug - in order of preference from awesome to good, but not great), accompanied by a vegetarian feast on Saturday, and now going for a Sunday roast tonight.

And to keep with the food theme, I said I'd bring dessert tonight, and I decided to have a go at the recipie [ profile] labellementeuse posted aages ago and I saved in my memories. Cookies and cream cupcakes! And, they turned out really well! I hardly have mad baking skillz, but these might be the best thing I've baked. There are photos here. (I am growing quite fond of the macro setting on my camera). My icing skills could use some work though.

Should have done OE planning, but um, yes, this week, definitely. *nods*

BSG: Someone to Watch Over Me )

I also have got my little hands on the first couple discs of The Wire S1. I've watched 3 eps and I'm really enjoying it so far.
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It's been a wonderful day outside, (I mean windy, but hey, Wellington) but apart from a short walk to get coffee and food I have decided to spend a day being entertained by the internet. It's been a while, and I've been quite social the last few weeks, so it's been nice actually.

Had an insane but fun day yesterday at the Cuba St Carnival. OMG so many people! It was a much nicer day than forecast so everyone was out and about. I did catch some cool acts though (Bonaparte, Olmecha Supreme, Ladi6 and Batacuda) and I watched the parade from a roof above Courtney Place. Which rocked. I really wish I'd remembered to bring my real camera instead of just replying on my okay-but-not-great camera phone.

Also, day #2 of Webstock was as much fun as the first, if not more so as Friday afternoon had many awesome presentations, including one by Matt Jones of Dopplr which I'll seriously consider linking to when it goes online as it was amazing. The geekery continued and I managed to get a hard copy of the cool Google Chrome comic as well. It is a little sad how happy this made me.

BSG:Deadlock )

I haven't got to the second ep of Dollhouse ep, but I'm in no huge hurry. On that topic though, [ profile] musesfool posted a link to what is apparently the original Pilot script and wow, if it is, then it underwent one hell of a re-write. The original reads a lot more Joss than the re-write and I can see why it was done in a way, but on the whole I think the original one was a lot better. *sigh* Fox.

Also, [ profile] phoebesmum posted a link to the Black Cab Sessions which I'd heard of but never watched the videos. Very cool, especially those of Amanda Palmer ('Creep' with a ukelele) and The National.

The Amanda Palmer one was so awesome I thought it made up my mind re my Kills vs Amanda Palmer dilemma, but sadly I think I have to work late the night of the Amanda Palmer gig, so I think The Kills it is. Last night did remind how much live music is one of the best things ever.

Random embeds:

Awesome economic crisis visualisation and Conan and Stephen dance-off! )

Random link:

James Jean illustrations on wine bottles!

Random music:

This song that is playing now is such a John Sheppard song, I'm almost tempted to vid it, but there are a couple of lines that are a trifle problematic. "Great white hope" hmm, yeah. It's rocketing up my top tracks on iTunes though. Currently third equal with "New Born" by Muse. You should listen to it.
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BSG: No Exit )

I also saw Dollhouse. In short, intrigued enough to keep watching but didn't love it.

Dollhouse: Ghost )

Other than that, day has been pretty good. Had to go into work and didn't fix the problem I had last night, which sucks, but I did end up out at the Island Bay festival in the sun and hanging out at my friend's playing Lego Star Wars on her PS3, which was awesome. Lego Ben Kenobi with his light saber! And the idea of Lego Batman, which I know is coming out, is hilarious to me, because Batman won't be able to help looking just a little cute and god, he'd hate it.

I will not think about how tomorrow will effectively be my 8th straight day at work. I won't.
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Overall, it's been a good day, bar the 4 hours I spent at work. It was all going swimmingly until I hit a big snag and I'm going to have to go back tomorrow. *sigh*

But apart from that, good! I went for a walk to get coffee (so many stories start this way with me) and wandered into the comic store (as is my wont) and well, damn you James Jean and Mark Buckingham and your pretty Fables art, as I walked away with the latest trade, as I am way behind from when I used to buy it regularly, and well, pretty, like I said.

I also really need to finish Y: The Last Man. I should reserve them from the library, though I imagine I will eventually buy them.

I then wandered into what I refer to as the Action Figure Store, but is in reality the Card Stone with lots of guys playing various geeky card games in. Anyway, I go in there every now and then to see if maybe, just this once, there will be a John Sheppard action figure (there never is, if I really want one I should probably just order it), but then I spied, well this:

My trip to the Action Figure Store )

So, um, yeah, geek shopping for the win? It's funny how fast fandoms come back in those moments.

I also went with my recently returned friend to Let the Right One In (which come to think of it is an awesome title), which is well, a Swedish vampire movie, but definitely not your typical vampire movie and very hard to put in a genre box. Well worth seeing though, and gave us a lot to talk about on the car ride back.

Also,I am pointedly, and with some difficulty, ignoring the BSG related posts as spoiler free is serving me well, and despite some of the Dollhouse ones I did read, I'm going to give it a look.

Quite a few RL people have tagged me in that 25 Things Facebook meme now, I might do it before bed, or at some point anyway, but it's very like many LJ memes before it. ;)

Oh, knew there was one other thing. The Kills and Amanda Palmer are going to be playing in Wellington in March! Must go to at least one! (And I'm still on the fence about Of Montreal, which is quite soon).
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] tangleofthorns gave me the letter M. :)

1. Nina Simone - My Baby Just Cares For Me

Must find more Nina Simone as I love this song.

2. The Dresden Dolls - Mandy Goes to Med School

It's the Dresden Dolls, and they're awesome. Lots of fun lyrics in this one.

3. The Flobots - Mayday!!!

Yes 'Handlebars' got in my head so much (still #1 Most Played in my iTunes) I had to track down the whole album, and this is catchy and has some cool lyrics.

4. Muse - Muscle Museum

There had to a Muse song, and this is one of the ones I listen to the most often.

5. Natalie Portman's Shaved Head - Mouthful of Bones

It's not all about the band name, really, although that is a plus, the song is quite catch too.

6. Placebo - Miss Moneypenny

James Bond themed Placebo B-side.

And uh yes, there was 6, I couldn't decide.


I was away over the long weekend in Blenheim, which was fun (as well as sunburn and hangover inducing) but I've felt a little weird ever since I've got back and I'm not sure why. Just hyper-critical of myself and having no motivation. Ugh.

Anyway, first thing I did when I got back (after catching up with The Daily Show) was catch up on BSG.

BSG: Blood on the Scales )

I am pondering whether to keep the Twitter updates going to LJ, so I've stopped them for now. If you do want to follow my occasional randomness (usually when I'm at work), you can follow me at aworldinside. :)
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BSG: The Oath )

Not much else happening with me, tried to do OE related things yesterday but that seemed to make me even more scared about the whole thing, so I went and read comics in the library, walked around in the sun and went to see Slumdog Millionaire, which was definitely worth seeing. I haven't seen a Danny Boyle movie I've disliked yet.

But today will be more productive? Yes? No, probably not.
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I am still cutting down to stop Telecom robbing me blind with extra GB charges, but I am not made of stone! At least when the internet isn't working you don't have the option, but when it's right there and you're on your laptop anyway, yeah, I have no willpower. Also, you realise how many different applications and add-ons you have (well, okay how many applications and add-ons I have) that send or get information from the net in the forms of reminders, alerts, tweets etc.

Anyway, why I decided to post anyway:

BSG: Sometimes A Great Nation )

I can't wait for next week!

I did also catch the SGA finale. (I accidentally caught in on YouTube early actually, because I was looking for the promo and well, it was just there). But I did watch it again properly, and I have a couple of thouhgts.

SGA: Enemy at the Gate )

Also, despite my earlier thouhgts on 'Vegas' I've found if I just watch the last half, which has a lot less of the annoying 'style' moments, it becomes an awesome episode.

Long weekend, and I've done very little with it, bar tidy my room, show people around our flat and attempt to read many books I can't seem to get into. *sigh*
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I was sitting on my porch with sunshine and beer and the internet before. Oh wireless, never leave me.

Semi-successfully Christmas shopped. Got my brother's present anyway ... and a few things for me. I have got to stop going into shops where know for a fact I will not find presents for my family, but which I love. Ah well.

No more Daily Show this year. :( The episode they went out on was pretty awesome though. Farewell to Alan Colmes!

Embedded under the cut )

Heh. I am officially seven episodes behind on Heroes. Must procrastinate using that watch those at some point. I hear it's gotten better.

I did however watch the most recent CSI. *ducks* I just want to see how Grissom goes, I swear.

At the moment I'm working my way through S4 BSG and, I'm enjoying it, but not loving it.
Liking Helo a bit more though, which is odd in and of its self.

ETA: I take that last comment back. Just finished. *FLAIL* Show! Those last four eps were awesome.
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Cannot say I achieved a lot over the long weekend. I watched Body of Lies with a friend (not bad but Ridley, you've done better), caught up briefly with [ profile] china_shop and watched a lot of Outrageous Fortune (which I also have to thank China for :p). I am quite addicted. I don't quite know how many eps I watched yesterday but I think it was over ten. *sheepish look*

I am also slowly making my way through S4 BSG. Oh, unhappy fucked up show.

I've been feeling kinda blah in the last week. Lots of little things adding up, I think, and probably a lot of me being hard on myself for no good reason. Hopefully this week will be more productive and well, less blah. (Eloquent, me?) I have a lot more on, which might help.

And I'm only going to say it once but I do wish I'd been more organised and gotten to Armageddon in Auckland. Fail, self. It sounds like those who did had an awesome time. :D Hewlett!

Also, I have seen no comment on my friends list about the latest SGA ep? I haven't acquired it yet. Was it that bad? Has fandom decided to wipe it from its collective memory and pretend it didn't happen?

Random links:

Pencils Down: An Evening with America’s Funniest Writers - Video | Indecision2008 - video of a panel with a current and former TDS wrier, a blogger for Indecision2008 and the web editor for The Onion. Quite interesting if you have the time.

How Nate Silver Went From Forecasting Baseball Games to Forecasting Elections -- New York Magazine - Interesting article on Nate Silver the guy behind the cool US poll site,
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Finally, about six months since I watched my last episode, I've finished BSG Season 3. (Thanks again [ profile] yous_suxes!)

BSG Season 3: 3x13-3x20 )

Also, King Lear was awesome. The stage design, the costumes, Ian McKellen ... so glad I went.

Now, I really should be asleep. I have to work tomorrow (yes, on a Saturday), admittedly not till 10, but for some reason I seem to be treating this like a normal weekend when I'd get up at noon. *headdesk* There will be coffee. However, I do get to work in sneakers and jeans. What? I've got to look at small things.

Yes, sleep now.
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So, it was Armageddon time again (Wellington's answer to a sci-fi con, but mostly a way to separate geeks from their money) and I spent about five hours there today with my 14 year old cousin, which was really cool. We don't hang out that much, but it was really cool to spend the day with her and she held up under my geeky ramblings very well. ;)

Armageddon 2007: Brian K Vaughan, Aaron Douglas, Don S Davis and other geekery )

So, yeah, good day and now I have to get ready to go out for Indian. Mmmm.

Also, I saw Sunshine on Thursday and I really recommend it if you like your sci-fi a little more psycological than action packed. It has a few cliches but overall it's well worth watching. The direction and soundtrack are also very cool.
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Random thoughts on the two latest episodes of good television I saw. (Well, okay, there was that one episode of House too, and it was pretty good, but I really don't have anything to say about it).

Heroes: Godsend )

Battlestar Galactica: Taking A Break From All Your Worries )

Also, I watched The Shawshank Redemption tonight, as I just recently got the DVD and bawled like I always do. It was nicely cathartic. God, I love that movie.

It's a beautiful night out there. I just love warm summer nights with hardly any wind (which yeah, is a bit of a feat in Wellington) and clear skies so you can stare at the stars.

Finally, John Campbell really is very endearing. I just felt the need to say that.
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So, Big Day Out and Auckland was pretty awesome. Muse rocked my small brain to all hell. Honestly, I think it was the best hour of live music I've ever heard. The Killers were good, but Muse played after them and (in my opinion) just totally owned them. I was also impressed by the little bit of Tool I caught. I'm a kinda casual fan, but they sounded really good live. Kasabian were also well worth seeing.

In the end though it can really be summed up with ... god, I love Muse. They ended their set with 'Take a Bow'! *loves* My friend and I were right in front of Matt Bellamy! *loves*

Yeah, I may have walked away with a bit of a Muse obsession.

All in all though, the weekend was very enjoyable but now I'm home and at work and ... eh. Home is nice but at the same time there's some stuff I have to deal with. However, a woman I used to work with just text me to say she's in Wellington and we're going to get a drink after work on Thursday, which should be great. I'm really quite touched she texted me actually.


BSG 312: Rapture )
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Just a couple of things quickly because I really should be in bed.

Battlestar Galactica Season 3 Blooper Reel. (link via [ profile] daygloparker) Just, OMG awesome! So, so hilarious. (And thanks to a lovely Firefox extension, I could save it in iPod format. Whee! Yes, that may have made my night, shush).

I was really resisting Heroes ... and then I watched the 4 most recent episodes yesterday and now I'm kinda hooked. Also, somehow Claire became my favourite character (possibly next to Hiro because he really is just too adorable) and I don't quite know how that happened. However, I do stand by my assertion that it's this year's Lost, and I don't quite know what that means for its future, or my interest level, past this season. Peter's totally grown on me too. I was never a fan of Jess on GG, but yeah, Peter's grown on me.

RL: Sill weird ... but I'm accepting that.

Also, I caught the Patrick Stewart and Glenn Close Lion in Winter mini-series ... and it really was pretty awesome. It was a little different from the movie - less yelling - but all in all I really enjoyed it. Patrick Stewart was definitely the highlight, but Johnathon Rhys-Meyers surprised me with his Philip and the guy who played Richard grew on me.

The Helen Mirren and Jeremy Irons Elizabeth I mini-series really needs to get to NZ now. I'm almost tempted to see if it's online somewhere.
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I might make a goodbye 2006 post later today. I have no plans for tonight and to be honest, I'm really fine with that. A lot of the people I know in Wellington are away and just, eh, a quiet night will suit me fine.


Battlestar Galactica S3 reaction through "The Eye of Jupiter" )


I've also seen the pilot of 'Dexter', the pilot of 'Studio 60' (finally) and the second ep of 'Heroes' (the first did not want to work for me) that I want to comment on in more detail at some point, but quickly, I liked Dexter the most, Studio 60 was good but not as good as I was hoping, and I think I need to give Heroes a couple more eps but Hiro is adorable and Mohinder is mmm.


And becuse I feel like it, here are some songs I've really been enjoying recently.

I've never been a huge Radiohead fan. I like some of their songs, but I don't own one of their albums, and some of their later stuff got a little too techno for my tastes. However, I have sort of fallen in love with Thom Yorke's new solo album. I love the lyrics and the sound and I keep going back to listen to songs from it. I haven't felt like this about a non-Rolling Stones album for quite a while.

These are the twothree songs I just keep going back to on my iPod:

Thom Yorke - Harrowdown Hill
Thom Yorke - Black Swan
Thom Yorke - Skip Divided

I remember the Regina Spektor squee way back when and never really giving her a chance. Anyway, due to a song of hers appearing in VMars and a friend with some of her songs, I'm really wondering why I didn't. She's adorable and has some great lyrics.

Regina Spektor - Consequence of Sound

I've done a Thea Gilmore pimp post before. She's wonderful. I picked this cover up on an MP3 blog and I really love it.

Thea Gilmore - Ever Fallen in Love? (Buzzcocks Cover)

And I include these because they're hilarous, cute (maybe just the first one) and just a litttle bit geeky.

Animaniacs - Countries of the World
Tom Lehrer - Oedipus Rex

Okay, so maybe a lot geeky. ;)

Look, no Stones! (Though Dear Doctor is hilarious and awesome. *cough*)
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Christmas was quite a low key affair but very pleasant and I am now the proud owner of an 160GB external hard-drive, a copy of 'Exile on Main Street' and a lot of sugary goods.

However, I finally got online to check the Yuletide archive (1000 stories OMG) and um, someone wrote me, Bound to Follow You Down, and it's Rolling Stones fic, and it's Gram/Keith, Keith/Mick and it's awesome. So much love to my Yuletide Santa, so much love.

Also, much love to all the organisers of Yuletide. I am awed.

I also now have all of the eps so far of BSG S3, and all the eps so far of Heroes due to some lovely RL friends. *glee*
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Wow. My last post in here was about buying these DVDs and this post is going to be my reaction to them two weeks later. I should post more.

Battlestar Galactica Season Two - spoilers )

I also really need to sort out my tags because they really are all over the place. Happily LJ has made this easier, but that's not a task for tonight. I have a whole long weekend to avoid it. ;)

I've hardly been reading any fic recently. It's odd. I used to read so much. Maybe it's the fact that I've been mostly reading LJ on my 'no community LJs' filter and I don't see as many fic posts. Maybe my life has enough drama at the moment that I don't feel the need to supplement it with fic, but then saying that, fic is at least partially about escapism. Or it could be that my main fandom of late is rather bereft of fic in general. (C'mon people, I might have to start writing the Stones fic myself). Saying that, I'm getting back into VMars and BSG so that might get me to read some more. Hmm. Just pondering.

And a meme, because it's been a while:

Comment with the name/title of a fandom I'm aware of, no matter how obvious you think the answers will be, and I'll reply you with the relationships -canon or not - from it I ship. I'll give favorite romantic relationships as well as favorite platonic ones. Also, you're free to reply in subthreads and ask me why I ship or don't ship something.


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