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Emmy nomination thoughts )

Overall: eh. There's some good there don't get me wrong, but eh. I do need to watch Justified and Friday Night Lights though. And Breaking Bad. And Luther. And ... lots of things.

The closer Comic-Con gets the more sad I am it's currently Josh-less. After a period of relative calm I'm back to over-thinking all things Fringe. *headdesk* I'm probably worried about nothing, I realise that.

Now if you'll excuse me I have some TV Tropes tabs open. I may be sometime.
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Had a relaxed weekend. Our Kiwi Contingent met on Saturday at a pub in Hammersmith. We arrived at 2pm, we left at 10pm. So yeah, it was a nice time. Half-watched us win over West Ham. There are worse things. Today I went to the Science Museum, which was pretty cool and uploaded some Flickr photos. I have now finished Edinburgh! I trip I took in September (despite what the dates on the photos say). *sigh* Still a way to go. Looking through them has made me really keen to go traveling again. Must sort out Paris.

Today was fine, but tiring because I decided I'd stay up to watch this.

Award Shows that are inexplicably entertaining to me!

Golden Globes 2011 - yes, this finished at 4am my time. Contains rambling and fangirling - so much like the rest of this journal )

Josh! (mostly)

Amusingly, two of my more longstanding celebrity crushes now have pregnant girlfriends (Matt Bellamy, David Tennant, and congratulations to them both and their respective partners) and I was thinking idly the other day "... Diane? Something you'd like to say? ;)" But instead there are photos around of her and Josh subtly wearing rings on their ring fingers, so um maybe something else went on over the holidays?! I mean, not really fussed if they're married or not (I mean, their choice and they're adorable and wonderful either way) but still, I can't help but grin ridiculously about it. Also, if they managed to do that under the radar? That's fucking awesome. But I still want details! Conflicted.

... somehow this has become my life. I don't even know. But, Internet? They do not need a portmanteau name. Do. Not. Need. It. Okay? Okay.

And talking of Tennant, I now have tickets to Much Ado! Looking forward to it. :D


Someone found one of the Violet Sedan Chair LPs and uploaded the music here! God, I love this show that they do random stuff like this. "She's Doing Fine" is totally about Olivia. All the songs there are actually catchy and pretty awesome, quite apart from the fact they might have possible Fringe easter eggs.

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I've watched some really cool vids recently:

Hurricane by [ profile] laurashapiro (BSG/Farscape, Aeryn/Starbuck)

I think constructed reality vids can be a little hit or miss but this is one of the best ones I've seen, the two sources are weaved together so well, and it really brings home the similarities between Aeryn and Kara. Also, hot.

Still A Rock Star by [ profile] damned_colonial (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson)

Just made me laugh in delight and want to see the movie all over again. Technically a break-up vid, but a very amusing one. Pink works surprisingly well with the clips.

Fever by [ profile] talitha78 (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson)

Another fun Sherlock Holmes vid. Oh, they're pretty.

Also, as a result of this vid I had to go and find the song. I paid money for an Adam Lambert single, are you happy now, internet?


I didn't really mean to, but I did stay up and watch some of the Oscars, my next day at work suffered a little, but it's the Oscars, and I always watch at least a bit. This is one of the downsides to being in the UK instead of NZ; in NZ the Oscars at least happened during the day when I was at work and could keep an eye on them without losing sleep. ;)

Brief thoughts )


Iron Man 2 trailer came out on Monday!! I could not have wished for a better trailer. Well, okay, a little more Natasha and Pepper wouldn’t have hurt but still, so, so good. And RDJ looked goooood. I am so amped for this movie, in case that was subtly hidden. ;)

Embedded below with squee and exclamation point abuse )


I am amused that a majority of the comments on this Muse twitpic are about Matt's new coat, which is also admittedly, the first thing I noticed about it. Also, he seems to be growing his hair out, I approve of this, so much.

Now, I have White Collar and House waiting for me, and maybe I'll finally get around to watching the Caprica pilot.
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I did stay up and watch the Golden Globes last night, for reasons passing understanding, but I bailed after the Best Series Drama because sleep was quickly becoming a more important need. I survived relatively well today considering

Brief thoughts )

Note to self: Just, don't read the ASkars/Kate Bosworth threads, there lies the crazy comments.



Sherlock Holmes: Not amazing, but a hell of a lot of fun to watch. RDJ and Jude were all sorts of awesome and I loved the soundtrack, but then it was Hans Zimmer, whose soundtracks I seem to be drawn to. It had some very similar notes to the PotC soundtracks actually.

Dollhouse 2x12 )

Avenue Q: Some friends and I went to see the Saturday matinee and it was so, so good. I already knew some of the songs (and omg 'The Internet is For Porn' is so good live) but the rest was just as great. I would definitely recommend it.


This meme amused me. Gacked most recently from [ profile] musesfool

1. Bold the names of guys you'd definitely sex it up with.
2. Italicize the names of guys you might do after a little persuasion.
3. Leave the guys who don't do anything for you alone.
4. Put a question mark ? after the guys you've never heard of.
5. Strike the guys you wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole.
6. Add THREE more guys to the list.

Um, there's a lot of bolded text under here ...  )


I got offered a month extension on my temp contract, which is good, I guess, but I think I do need to look for something else. I really like the crazy people I work with, but it's not really what I'm interested in, and I keep watching my friends book holidays in Europe and with this current job, I'm just not going to be able to do that. I came here to live in London, but also to see Europe, so I'll have a look around and maybe talk to my recruiter. *sigh*

The episode I just watched of Law and Order: UK was actually pretty damn good, and there was Jamie and Freema. Very pretty.

Also, wow the ITV News reports from Haiti are just, yeah. Need to remember to donate when I get paid.
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So, for reasons not exactly passing understanding, I stayed up till 4am to watch a live stream of the Emmys, with the AV Club's live-blog open (which was actually pretty entertaining) and for the last hour or so chatting away to [ profile] tangleofthorns.

Emmys 2009 )

Had a pretty good weekend. There was quite a lot of alcohol on Friday and Saturday nights, but omg, caprioscas at The Big Chill bar off Brick Lane are awesome.

Small TV obsession of the moment: I seem to be back to watching NCIS. Oh, McGee, Tony, Gibbs and Abby, I love you.

I really have to get around to watching Dollhouse. I've had it for ages now and just never got around to it.
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Every year I tell myself I don't really care, but I always read the list anyway:

Full list here.

Golden Globe Nominaitons )

Right, I should really go to work. Friday! Only one week of work after this!
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For a Monday, it's really been a surprisingly good day.

1. I saw the second part of the Helen Mirren Elizabeth I mini-series last night and for a while there I was wavering a little over whether it was as good as the first part, but in the end, um, yes it was. Helen Mirren rocked all before her, but I was surprised by how good an Essex Hugh Dancy played. Ian McDiarmid and Toby Jones as the Cecils were also really good. And randomly, Toby Jones was according to IMDb the voice of Dobby in CoS. I find that amusing for some reason.

2. I know it's Oprah and to at least some degree it's staged, but Julia Roberts and George Clooney interviewing each other on her Primetime Oscar Special was actually rather cute. That have some great chemistry, which is odd when you consider how little they had in Ocean's Eleven and to an even greater extent in Ocean's Twelve. Also, I admit to being a total sucker for George Clooney and Brad Pitt interaction.

Relatedly, I saw the trailer for Ocean's Thirteen and ... eh. I don't know what it is, but it left me feeling rather cold. Admittedly, it's only a teaser but this movie has no Tess, no Isabel and Al fucking Pacino and I have high hopes. (Okay, the end with George rolling his eyes is rather cool, and I do like that they included all 13 in it).

3. I'm not even watching the Oscar telecast this year. I feel kind of weird about it, but I have to be up early tomorrow (*looks at clock* no, really) and I figure the good bits will be on YouTube soon. In terms of the winners, I'm pretty okay with them. However, saying that, I have seen a grand total of one of the nominated 'best film' pictures and very few of the ones nominated in other categories. Inexplicably, I feel bad about this.

4. I finally got around to reading [ profile] naominovik's Temeraire and I was impressed. Now I just need to track down the next two.
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So, off to Auckland for four days tomorrow to visit friends and go to the Big Day Out. Really looking forward to seeing Muse, but also the Violent Femmes and while I seem to be in a bit of a 'eh' phase about them, I'm sure The Killers will be worth seeing ... along with Tool, and I get the feeling I might be dragged to My Chemical Romance. *looks in [ profile] asknicer's and [ profile] yous_suxes direction*

Anyway, it should be awesome. I really loved the time I spent in Auckland last year and the weather is supposed to be good. My brain totally went on holiday a day early at work today though. Wow. I got next to nothing done, it was insane, and this is after yesterday, when I was in no way checking Golden Globe results at my desk. No, don't know what you're talking about. *cough*

Golden Globes reaction in short )

Also, randomly, I love the internet. It serves my history-geek mini-series needs admirably.

Edit: Finally, I realised that I actually haven't mentioned which Yuletide story I wrote. *cough* Almost Home (Gosford Park, Mary/Robert, PG-13) for [ profile] sirikit.
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I caught the end of the BAFTA awards last night and I was going to turn it off after I saw that Brokeback won but I was comfortable and had a cat on my lap so I kept it on - I'm really glad I did.

Now I admit I usually watch award shows to see who won and see the pretty and (sometimes) talented people in their pretty clothes but the speech that Lord Putnam (the Academy Fellowhsip recepient) gave made the night for me - and not just because of his shout out to George Clooney, although that was both cool and cute - it was that he actually made me feel positive about the media of film and reminded me of how it can touch people's lives. I readily admit that I'm a sap, but it actually made me tear up a little. It was really a beautiful speech. Usually the 'lifetime acheivement' recepients are when you go for a walk to the fridge but this really rocked. I didn't even know who David Putnam was until last night.

One other thing, I know I just recently said I really don't get the Jake Gyllenhaal thing (and I still don't get the OMG, hot!) But, the surprised look he had on his face when he won was very cute.


Grey's Anatomy still rocks and was part of a rather awesome night of TV last night - thanks to my friend's subscription to UKTV. 'Yes, Minister' (Nigel Hawthorne *sniff*) followed by 'Judge John Deed' (still can't get over the Martin Shaw obsession and still don't really know why. I'd seen this ep before too and still watched the whole thing despite the small overlap with Grey's), and then Grey's Anatomy. I just really love all the characters ... with the exception of Meredith, who's okay but annoying, but does stragnely get less annoying in the proximity of McDreamy. Why? I don't know, but she does. Also, Alex has started to grow on me. Damn it. I knew it was going to happen.


Couch Baron's latest VMars recap? Left me grinning like the obsessed girl I am. Random thoughts )


As for RL, things are going okay. Flats are really hard to find this time of year, which I should have predicted, but it's going okay. The weather's been, for the most part, beautiful (warm summer nights *loves*) and Wellington is awesome.
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I leave in 12 days! *freaks out, more than a little*

I actually applied for some jobs today and the clean-up continued - albeit a little slowly. I started tackling Uni notes and that was a little depressing. I still look back on my University career (and I do hope to continue it at some point) with a lot of dissatisfaction. That last year still leaves a bit of a bitter taste in my mouth, for more than one reason. I could have done so much better and the way I handled the studying overseas thing just annoys me to think about. Gah. Must let it go.

Going to a wedding this weeked. The first one I've been to since I was about 10 and the first one that actually involves friends of mine. It might be a bit of a weird weekend but promises to be interesting if nothing else.


1. Oscar noms reaction - because I've always cared and I don't really know why )

2. I really don’t get the Jake Gyllenhaal love. Not that he’s a bad actor (although dude, The Day After Tomorrow was way boring – but that wasn’t his fault) it’s just the ‘OMG, he’s so hot!’ I really don’t get it.

3. Rescue Me finished up tonight *sniff* It's a show that's really grown on me. (Lou, Franco <3) Also, if Logan Echolls ever needed competition for Suckiest Life of a TV Character, Tommy Gavin could give him a real run for his money.

4. However, next week is when all the 'good' shows are coming back/debuting! Lost, Grey's Anatomy (George!), Commander in Chief (which I'm going to give a go), Desperate Housewives (to try again this year, or not?), and most importantly, House! (Though I may *cough* have seen rather a lot of the new season already). All I'm waiting for now are the new season of BSG and to see if TV2 are going to play VMars S2 at some point this year.

5. Death Cab's 'Brothers on a Hotel Bed' could almost have been written about Remus and Sirius, Post-Azkababn. It's really quite eerie how well the song fits.

6. I think Veronica Mars (character or show) subconsciously led to me choosing a particular top for the wedding when I was shopping the other day. The connection is pretty tentative but it's there.

7. I sat down to watch maybe two episodes of Sports Night to cheer myself up after watching Apt Pupil (way unsettling, and it takes quite a bit to make me feel like that when watching a movie) and ended up watching an entire disc. 'Neigbourhood park all covered in cheese' just never stops being funny.

8. I know a lot of House crossovers have been done with characters coming to House in the clinic but has anyone ever considered doing one with House and Logan? The snark. Oh god, the snark. I shiver happily just thinking about it.

9.TV2 have been playing Gilmore Girls repeats at 5:30 each weeknight and really, why was I not watching this show before?
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I bought the BSG mini-series on DVD today. I still love it, but it’s not quite as good as the series has turned out to be. Still, much love. I still don't really get the Helo love though.

Also, I watched the small documentary that came with it and developed rather large crushes on Jamie Bamber (eee, the British accent! So cute!) and Katee Sackhoff.


Golden Globes 2006 )


And now, for some Top 5 lists.

That last one turned out to be the easiest to write, it was the 'shippy one that gave me the trouble. ;)

Top 5 TV 'shippy moments )

Top 5 songs you will sing loudly along with, no matter where or when you hear them )

Top 5 Shows I watched when I was a kid )

Top 5 Shows of All Time )

which got me thinking ...

Top 5 Shows of Right This Moment )

If anyone has any more, let me have them. This was fun.
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I spent more of my shift today being hugged and saying goodbye to people than actually working, I think. *sniff* I wasn't quite as choked up as I was on Tuesday for some reason but still, it was sad. Catching up with people turned out to be far easier than I had imagined and the goodbyes went well, all things considered. Still. *sighs* I'll miss them. It's been a pretty good five years.


I am now hopelessly spoiled for S2 of Veronica Mars and I'm happy with that. I might have some thoughts later but really, I haven't actually seen anything, so I might just hold back. I believe I became even more of a Logan fangirl in the process. Not that I'm complaining. ;)

And although Veronica Mars fandom does scare me a little (the acronyms and abbreviations alone - LoVe o.O), I must admit I am a total Logan/Veronica 'shipper, with some dabbles elsewhere.


Golden Globe Noms Reaction )
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Shows currently on NZ TV that I am interested enough in that I will try and tape them:

Veronica Mars
Doctor Who
Grey's Anatomy
Without A Trace (as of next Tuesday)

Shows that I am interested in but don't really feel the need to tape:

Desperate Housewives (Stephen Culp, Felicity Huffman <3)
Angel S5

Shows that aren't airing at the moment but I have enabling friends:

Stargate: Atlantis S1 (*in the middle of a total Stargate thing*)
Battlestar Galactica S1

Shows that aren't airing but I am renting DVDs of:

Bablyon 5 S1

Conclusion: *headdesk*

A few thoughts on Grey's Anatomy )

NCIS 202: The Good Wives Club )

Bed now. Oh yes. I have to be up far too soon.

Edit: Hugh Laurie won a TV Critics Award. *dances* So much love.

German GP Briefly: I'm not his biggest fan, but you have to feel for Kimi. It is interesting that Montoya's (grr) is far more reliable and that three of Alonso's six victories have come from races Kimi has been leading. Yay Jenson. Michael ... well, what can you say?
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Slightly Delayed Emmy Nomination Thoughts )


Dear DVD Unlimited,

I love you, I really do, but um, Tim Burton did not direct Batman and Robin. It was all Joel Schumacher's fault.

Shameful secret: I actually didn't mind it that much when I saw it at the movies. Bearing in mind, I do like George Clooney and knew little about Batman when I saw it. I haven't seen it since but part of me almost wants to, just to see how bad it actually is.

*ponders adding it to her DVDU queue just for humour value* *does*

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