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Day 07. A song you can dance to

I ummed and ahhed about this for a bit, there was nearly some NZ drum and bass, which I should share at some other point, but in the end I went for this.

Outkast - B.O.B

I really can't remember this coming out in NZ in 2000; I don't think Outkast were that big there at the time (probably not until Hey Ya), so I've only heard this recently, but damn it's infectious and makes me tap my foot every single time. I love it.

Music video and list of days )

Also, there was this True Blood: Bad Blood )

I really should have stretched more after climbing on Sunday. Ow. Ow.
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Yeah, I missed a day. It was inevitable.

05. A song that reminds you of somewhere.

This one was easier than I thought. 'Country House' came up on the iPod and suddenly I was back in my room when I was 12, curled up in bed secretly listening to the radio after I was supposed to be asleep. I was always more of an Oasis girl, but I remember this song coming out so clearly. The era when you taped stuff off the radio. It's kind of amusing now.

Blur - Country House

Country House music video. Linked as I can't seem to find a version that will let me embed it.

List of days )

Coincidentally Blur's documentary 'No Distance Left to Run' is on BBC4 at the moment and it's making me all nostalgic. Even 'Tender' which I didn't even really like that much.

I also seem to have deleted a lot of the Blur I had on this computer, because I swear I owned their Best Of. Grr.

I'm so going to stay up and watch their Glastonbury set from last year now. Their Hyde Park concerts last year looked amazing too. I was wondering when they were because I couldn't remember them happening when I was over, and turns out it was about 10 days before I arrived in London.

Unrelatedly, the Eric clips from the new season from True Blood are not helping my anticipation. Yes, this would be the anticipation I didn't really know I had, but I do apparently.

Mmm, Angry Eric and Eric/Sookie )

Edit: Gah, Glastonbury. I need to go to a festival. Also, I never had a really thought about the guitar work on their songs but Graham Coxon fucking rocks. Oh, it's always the lead guitarist with me, it's true. ;)
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I have been lax about LJ-ing recently (RL *sigh*), but Chrome is not helping right now. Once you're out of beta, you're supposed to be more stable, damnit. Although this could have something to do with the amount of free space on my machine. I need to tidy again.

I have been experiencing something of a Rolling Stones fandom resurgence. I listened to the new tracks on the re-released 'Exile on Main Street' and the love came back. Most of them are awesome, especially the Soul Survivor alternate take with Keith singing crazy lyrics, and just being Keith. <3 This also wasn't helped by the BBC screening Stones in Exile, the documentary about the making of Exile on Main Street, on Sunday. Oh, Stones (esp Keith) I heart you for reasons I can't quite articulate.

On a semi-related note, I was linked via [ profile] ontd_downey to RDJ's Inside the Actors Studio (which is awesome btw) and then ended up (oh, YouTube) at Johnny Depp's, and he was wearing a Keith Richards t-shirt! <3 I love his love for Keith.

I'm a little behind on TV. I haven't got to the latest Dr Who (I've heard varying reports) and I *still* need to watch the pilots of Caprica and Treme which have been sitting on my laptop forever. I do however have The Good Wife, which I think I'll be watching before I go to bed, as I'm really enjoying it and Alan Cumming is incredibly awesome.

I did catch the season of finales of Gossip Girl and Bones, both of which were underwhelming for different reasons. Bones was just, blah, really blah, which it shouldn't have been, and Gossip Girl was just too much drama, which yes, is the point, but it was all a little exhausting and circular.

I also didn't think I'd really missed True Blood, but the trailers and clips I've seen have me quite intrigued. Damn you, Skarsgard, this is your fault.

Also, while I'm going on about random TV, I caught an episode of Glee on Monday. Huh. It was okay, admittedly helped by the fact that Neil Patrick Harris was guest-starring, but I could watch it again. I'm unsure I guess, but I quite enjoyed it.

Okay, the list of tags for this post grew crazy fast. *boggles*

Music: The Rolling Stones - Soul Survivor (Alternate Take)
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On the recommendation of what felt like half my flist, I watched White Collar.

OMG awesome! )

Last week, I saw Metropia at the London Film Festival, which also happened to be the UK premiere. No Alex, (I would have posted something a hell of a lot earlier had there been), but Tarik Saleh was there and did a cool Q&A afterward. He's an interesting guy. He asked to take a photo of the audience, which was cute.

The movie itself was really cool. The animation style was unlike any I've seen, and the story line was an interesting dystopian sci-fi. The voice work was also excellent, especially Alex, but I would say that. ;) Interesting to hear his voice alongside his father's.

Dr Who repeats on BBC Three for the win. "Journey's End" is on, which is well, insane, but I love it so, and it still makes me cry apparently. Random spoilery thought )

The trailer for Green Zone (Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass's newest film) looks pretty good (and as Film School Rejects said looks a little like Jason Bourne meets the Iraq War), but uh, it's based on Imperial Life in the Emerald City? Unless the book changes a lot in the last third I haven't read yet, I'm going to assume its a quite a loose adaption.

Job search: Ongoing. Bound to step over the Hospitality Line soon. *resigned shrug*

Edit: TV is being nice to me. First Dr Who, now Ocean's Eleven. I still love that poker scene an unbelievable amount.
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1. Flash Forward: Black Swan )

2. The last two episodes of Ugly Betty I've watched have actually made me feel for the characters, quite a lot. Interesting. Also, Eric Mabius is pretty.

3. I'm really enjoying the Dr Who repeats on BBC Three. 'Forest of the Dead' seems much better on a second viewing. Also, David Tennant is awesome, which I say just because, it's been a while since I have.

4. Jenson Buton won the F1 drivers title! \o/ Brazilian GP was insane, but awesome to watch and he drove damn well, and was adorable when he won (kissing the cheek and hugging the BBC reporter, hugging and having his arm around Jake when being interviewed by him, Eddie and DC), although he may regret the singing of 'We Are the Champions' over the radio. I may have spent some time right-click-saving on Monday afternoon, and he may need an icon.

And uh, for those keeping track at home, heard about second job today, and uh, not so much. Am not cheerful and outgoing enough for retail, which is okay, sort of true, but have you met some of the people who work in your own store?! Anyway, rant over, feeling okay-ish. Emailing CV for all sorts of things. I've been trying, but I've also been lazy, and that has to pretty much stop now.

UK television seems to be full of New Zealand ads tonight. Not helping, TV. Not helping.

Going to see Metropia tomorrow as part of the London Film Festival, which has ASkars voice! (No that's not the only reason I'm going. Sort of).
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GMail: You're pre-order of "The Resistance" by Muse is ready to be downloaded.
Me: Yay! *runs to iTunes* *clicks prompts*
iTunes 9: You must have Safari 4.0.3 installed to run the iTunes Store ...
Me: Fuck *goes on install Safari 4.0.3* (I was still running the public beta for unknown reasons)
Safari installer: You must have OSX 10.5.7 to install Safari 4.0.3 ...
Me: Fuck.
Software Update: You must have 5.7G free space to update to OSX 10.5.7 ...
Me: *reaches for second HD muttering*

Moral of the story: Don't put off Software Update because you can't be bothered restarting your laptop and moving files to your second hard drive.


Why I am posting this instead of actually running Software Update I do not know.

Also, as a Muse related aside, due to a long tube ride to and from Hampstead and an interesting post at [ profile] ontd_muse, I listened to all of "Absolution" and "Black Holes and Revelations" in album order, and while there are some songs I love on BH&R, "Absolution" really is a much tighter, cohesive album experience. It's definitely my favourite. I worry that what I have listened to of "The Resistance" is more like BH&R than A. Ah well. I do like most of the songs I've heard so far.

And also to be fair, I rarely listen to a whole album in order. Usually it's just when I buy a new one for the first few listens. I prefer a more jumbled, haphazard approach to my music. Shuffle is my good, good friend. But after today's "Absolution" experience I might. It really was awesome.

ASkars aside: It's been confirmed he's definitely not going to the Emmys. *sigh* There will however be new True Blood when I wake up, so I guess that's something.
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I went to the library the other day to return Generation Kill (which I loved for many reasons which I'll go into later) and to look for The Yiddish Policeman's Union which I'd started reading in a bookshop and had heard good things about. I specifically wasn't looking for Nate's book One Bullet Away because it's not a huge library and I didn't think it was all that well known, and lo, sitting on a shelf which I nearly didn't look at, there it was. \o/

Also, over at [ profile] ontd_askars someone linked to a guest DJ mix Alex did for a radio station. This? Did not help. Alex, stop being so awesome. He included "Mother's Little Helper" (Stones!!) because he used to sing it with his Dad, and "Ever Fallen in Love" and a really cool Iggy Pop song. You can even download it as an MP3 and hear him being awesome. I have fallen far, guys. Far. (This is also the first time in a while I've been involved in an actor-specific fandom flavour of the week and oh, fandom, you're awesome, but sometimes just batshit insane as well).

And now is later, clearly:

Generation Kill by Evan Wright )

I also have *counts* at least three GK fic bunnies and a possible vid idea. Possible. I'm still not sure the song works, and it's a little on the long side.

EDIT: Also, this years Emmys includes many GK nominations! Yes, an actual reason to watch the Emmys, and Gen Kill stars is suits! Hopefullly. But I did hear it clashes with Alex's filming of Straw Dogs, which is saddening, but maybe, just maybe he'll be there as well. A girl can hope.


- I've watched the pilot ep of Leverage, and while it certainly wasn't bad, I wasn't blown away. Well, not enough to go back and watch another ep yet. Am I just comparing it unfairly to Hustle and it not having Adrian Lester? Maybe. Might give it another couple of eps.

- However, after reading this crossover fic, I am intrigued by Burn Notice. Hmmm. Spies. I like spies. I was an Alias fan, until it got truly ridiculous.

- I'm really missing The Daily Show. There's been so much US politics crazy these last three weeks! And only some it coming from Glen Beck!

- I was reading about Obama's speech about health-care this morning and the Congressman who heckled him got to speak to Rahm when he rang up to apologise. Hahahaha. That would have been an amazing phone-call to listen to.

- Muse's new album is out this weekend! (Admittedly I've listened to a lot of it, but still, it's worth an exclamation point).

Stuff must get done today. Which is why I'm sitting here on the couch ...
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I went out last night with some friends and it was just supposed to be dinner and a couple of drinks, and then my friend's boyfriend just kept buying drinks ... and then there were vodka shots. *facepalm* Needless to say, I've had a pretty low-key day today. I meant to leave the house and that hasn't happened, instead I watched the Belgian GP am practice (which the 5Live guys did, and it was quite entertaining, far more so that the pm practice), slept, read an epic and amazingly researched and written Gen Kill AU set in East TImor and spent a long time reading the comments of this ONTD post. Oh, ASkars, how so awesome?

However, the ONTD post did bring back my Thor casting rage (WTF Branagh and Marvel, seriously), and this was rage I had before I developed this "interest" in him. Someone had a theory that he could get called up for Captain America if they can't find a suitable US actor (which would be awesome, and sort of amusing) but I'm just not sure they'd go for a non-US actor for such an iconic role, and well, to be self-centered about this, I've never been a big Cap fan, while Thor is kinda cool, and if they went an Ultimate-vesre inspired route (as they sort of have with Iron Man and Nick Fury), a little insane, but has an awesome relationship with Tony. ASkars and Robert Downey Jr together, on the same screen! *brain implosion* So, yes, the rage came back a little.

I also find myself really liking Florence and the Machine at the moment. Pimp post to come perhaps.

And just when I thought I couldn't be surprised by Glen Beck anymore there was this clip. Fucking hell. At least teach people correct spelling if nothing else. *sighs*
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It's nice when you have a new fandom, it really is. The fic, the constant re-watching/re-reading of the source, the hunt for YouTube happiness and picspams, the slightly obsessive screencapping of Walts* but sometimes it's to the detriment of other things, like job hunting. I'm looking at you Generation Kill (and to a lesser extent True Blood)! Must do things tomorrow.

However, I did join a library today, because I found Evan Wright's book and then started reading it. (Which is enjoyable and extremely readable, btw). *headdesk*

But while I'm here, I watched a mostly Eric-free episode of True Blood and enjoyed it. So, it's not all about Eric. Really. However, the preview for next week does look awesome.

Preview and sightly spoilerific thoughts )

I seem to be very susceptible to ear-worms at the moment. I had one from a freaking Home and Away promo just before. That has now been exorcised, by one from Gen Kill. ;)

*may only apply to GK
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Things that were reiterated in the latest True Blood.

1. Alexander Skarsgard has serious acting skillz.
2. *brain shorted out by the hot*

That's really about it.

Okay, not really )

I may have just watched all of Eric's scenes in True Blood again.

Also, Bill? A lot less annoying in S1.

Anyway, stuff to do. Really.


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