Aug. 21st, 2012

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On Sunday I was achieving things until about 2pm when I fell down a Harvey and Donna feelings hole on Tumblr and never recovered … yeah I don’t know either. Stupid S2 and their stupid faces. I need hockey to come back and distract me.

blah blah feelings )

Seriously Season 2, this is all your fault. I was not prepared for this!

The little snippets I'm hearing about the summer finale has me all '!!!' too.

Talking of hockey, Marek and Wysh were back (and geeky and talking a lot about London), and I might actually be legitimately disappointed if Mike Richards doesn’t turn up in Jeff Carter’s ‘day with the Cup’ photos or vice-versa. I do find the fact he did actually give the Cup at lifejacket pretty adorable though.

And to relate these two topics! Because I can, watch me. There might be some words in a GDocs near you where Donna is a Rangers fan and her and Harvey discuss what a good/hot goalie Hank is? You know, MAYBE because this is apparently what my brain does now.

I blame Sarah Rafferty and her tweets with Michael Del Zotto.

I also just saw posts with VividCon recs on my flist. Oh dear. There goes my evening. Heresluck made a Wire vid? *squeak*

But I will apply for that job first. I will. Already applied for one today and I have an interview on Thursday, which is a good thing. Would love to have something sorted before I go to Europe ... which is in three weeks today! \o/

Okay, lies I watched this Tony vid (which I don't think is technically a VVC vid so shush) because it's set to a cover of maybe my favourite Radiohead song and well ... Tony. All my Tony feelings. It's a really great vid.

And if you haven't seen it yet there's an Avengers gag reel out and it's pretty great.


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