Mar. 20th, 2012

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I was supposed to be doing productive things this evening, but instead I ended up at my friend's house watching a S1 episode of ST:TNG. I cannot quite believe they did the, 'oh look a mysterious thing is making us all feel drunk and lustful' quite that early on its run, I mean it was like the 3rd episode of the whole show! Of course now I sort of want to re-watch TNG but OMG self not the time. Too many other things.

I did however pick up some UK candy my friend found for me (MiniEggs!) and got my passport renewal form signed, so that's something in the productive and deliciousness columns.

In other news, the hockey thing rolls on. I spent a lot of weekend watching hockey videos, and I have become invested in whether the Hurricanes make the play-offs. (They won today! And Eric scored twice!) I still don't quite get fandom's obsession with Crosby and Kaner though - or okay, I do get it, but I don't share it

You know how sometimes you're just ready for a new fandom? This is totally what happened here.

To top off a sports fan weekend, I went to watch the Australian GP at a sports bar since so few of them are on at a convenient time in NZ, and Jenson won! And he and Seb were adorable afterwards! All the hugs.

I have accepted the fact that Seb is my #2 driver - sorry Lewis, it was never going to happen.

The Good Wife: Gloves Come Off )

I am still quite awake. It was probably the energy drinks my work-mate bought to get us through our meeting this afternoon - after I'd already had two coffees - wasn't it? Yes. That was probably it.


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