Jan. 22nd, 2012

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Fringe: Enemy of My Enemy )

Spent the day with friends - had good Mexican food, walked in the sun, watched The King's Speech finally which I really loved. I also tried a deep fried chocolate bar and discovered they weren't quite as gross as I was expecting and um, kind of great. Which is a bad thing because it means I might feel the need to eat another one.
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Totally avoiding people tonight. I was super grumpy today while at yum cha with friends, but I'm feeling better after some internet, some chocolate and curling up in a warm bed.

Have some Festivids recs:

To Make You Feel My Love (Sportsnight: ensemble)

I wasn't sure about this when I read what the song was (not too big on country songs tbh and a song I dislike can take me right out of a vid) but OMG this was amazing. It doesn't focus on just one relationship but it touches a little on so many little moments of love in the show's run. Just, amazing. It made me want to re-watch episodes and Daaaan. <3

I uh may have watched this a few times and plan to watch it a few times more before I close the tab.

Running Up That Hill (Spooks: Tom, Danny, Zoe)

I loved this show in S1-3 (after that I sort of stopped following it so closely) and it's where I developed my still standing crush on Matthew MacFadyen and this vid does such a great job of capturing Tom, Danny and Zoe's pain and what they went through. All the feelings. Oh, Tom. I might need to rewatch. Great song choice too.

What a Man (Pride and Prejudice 1995: Elizabeth/Darcy)

Yes someone did vid Pride and Prejudice to the Salt 'n' Pepa song. Yes, it's awesome.

Doomsday (Independence Day: gen)

Awesome editing and look to this. I almost want to see this ridiculous movie again now, if only for the nostalgia value.

A Little Less Conversation (Yes Minister: gen)

Yes (Prime) Minister vid! Emphasises the facial expressions of Jim, Bernard and Sir Humprhrey and it's so well done. Sir Humphrey is awesome. <3


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